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July 2002

Fiction: "The Paper Game"

Chapter one of a serial novel about a White man starting a social-justice home-delivery service targeted at our jewish Ryan McMahon

West Nile Comes to White House

More proof that "diversity is our GREATEST strength." West Nile Virus (which causes encephalitis, a potentially fatal swelling of the brain) was totally unknown in the Western Hemisphere until 1999. That was before hordes of black mambo-men from the Mud Continent were shoved down our throats by our jewish Immigration & Naturalization Service. With Africans comes disease, crime and pestilence, simple as that. West Nile Virus (WNV) is NOT indigenous to AmeriKwa. It's from AfriKwa. Just the other day (Tuesday, July 23rd), 12,000 unemployed and unemployable black Somalian niggers were crammed into the country by "our" INS. The first outbreak of West Nile Virus hit Jew York City in 1999. Since then, thanks to more and more nig-nogs courtesy of our jewish/zionist occupied government, it has spread to thousands of counties in dozens of states across the country. YET YOU CANNOT FIND MENTION OF THE WEST NILE VIRUS'S ORIGINS IN ANY MAINSTREAM MEDIA OUTLET. Why? Doesn't fit the jew template. They WANT more AfriKwan tribesmen, cannibals and mBulu-boyz In dA HOoD... Hell, you even buy the wrong things, the feebs will come sniffing after you.

Russians Know Jews = Evil

Jews have done more damage to Eastern Europeans than any group of people has done to any other group in history. More here on jews toppling their own tombstones.

Israel Knew

Hate's Homeland must be stopped. People are catching on to the nature and invidious purpose of the international kike. Here on ending Posse Comitatus. What mess the jews have made for us. How much easier life would be if we got rid of them. Here jewish cunt Charen celebrates kikes' murder of children. $10 MILLION A DAY TO ISRAEL OUT OF WHITE POCKETS. The world knows that Israel was created by deception, lies, and terror. And if it exits by the same route, no one will cry for it, just a bunch of kike columnists. This is classic kike puling, just like one of those birds feigning a broken wing and chirping piteously to draw you away from itz nest. Yes, the free world has really forgotten poower little Israel, our gallant "democratic" ally that only receives $10 million a day in funds stolen from White men who earned. Fuck off, kike cunt. Why don't you move to Israel. Boy, the kike klassics follow, toe to heel. Catch this exceptionally rich one: "The Israeli nation grieves over every innocent Arab caught in the crossfire..." I mean, untoppable hutzpah, itz! It had to be hard to type that one through the tears of laughter, eh, Mona? Fuck off, kikess. You can't handle that the world sniffs the feculent kikes for what they are. ITZ COMING.

Niggers and Their Murderous Hijinks

What do niggers who are too short to play bubbleball in the NBA do for a living? Crime. Here in Britain. Here on Nigger Spellman, another bonob with bucks who acts jes' like dem bonobs what don't have bucks. Here jigs shoot possible humans for no reason. Jigs don't need reasons. Jigs ARE the reason. Just as it doesn't matter whether they have millions or an orange soda to their name, so does it matter nothing that the jig's feet be grounded in the U.S. or Britain. Here the jews rejoice that another White college girl has been raped by one of their pet coons. Never blame the nigger. The nigger can't think and is not responsible for its actions. Blame the jew at the ADL who let this nigger loose in your house.

nIGZ NiGGin in WHitie's HoOD

You'll only find mention of this one at the crimestoppers website -- NOT REPORTED IN THE INDY STAR-JEWS. Notice that even the cops are reluctant to give the color of the suspects: the 5 - 7 armed thugs who broke into the apartment through the balcony door, raped, robbed, mugged and beat the two 19-year-old whites, are HoMIEz FLUm Da HoOD, bruh. But the cops do mention the color of their getaway car: BLACK Az Da ACe Ob SpADez.

Incredible piece of non-reporting by the Indy Star-Jews

Notice how gingerly the alleged "reporter" tap dances away from any kind of physical description of the wanted bankrobber, save his height and weight. No hair color or type, no eye color, and definitely no skin color, lip size or nostril configuration mentioned here. Oh, no. The reader must go to for an actual photo of the suspect. See the monkey-at-large here If he were white, we'd know all about it in the first paragraph. Don't believe us? Keep reading your daily jewspaper....

Jews Let Mexican Rape, Murder White 5-Year-Old

Jews are dangerous to our kids. And they've constructed a legal system such that, as a reader writes: Samantha's mother had better be careful: such anger at one of the preferred minorities could get her branded a "hater," or -- curse of curses -- a "racist." Far worse than the abducting, raping and slaying of a toddler by one of the Mudmen.... Don't wait for the Dixie Chicks video on this essence of spic culture (scroll to "Tulare man...").

"Hate" Crimes Are Hoaxes

You read about them in every paper, but they're usually made up.

Mexicans Are Shit

They should all be kicked out. Here a nigger-hating dog is offered a home. Here the shitskins are busted as johns. Here a supposed "hate" crime. Kill a White, get early parole.

Kosher Convicts Kvetch Over Kasrut Kibble

These dirty kikes should be stood up against a wall and shot, not fed special pet food.

Do Go There

A review of Carol Swain's book on White Alex Linder

Instant Nigga

Here, what happens when nasty, excitable little Filipino boys buy themselves a White man's computer and some Jew-promoted nigger gang culture -- everything is a mere consumer product by the time the Ants find out about it. Copycopycopy, these "Azns." You could sell them bottled urine if the commercials were flashy, jerky enough. "BLUE RAG HANGIN OUT DA LEFT SIDE OF MY PANTS...... FUCC DA B diS C-NUTT ..BK(2-11)Rk(18-11)sLOB kiLLa Roach kiLLa.... PINOY CRIP Till da CAsCiT DROp..PIRU KILLA." Remember -- "our strength and our progress lie in our diversity." The web is full of crap like this. That's because the former America is full of crap like this. Thanks, Jews.

Anti-Globalists Embrace NA

Here, Canadian anti-NWO forces link to National Alliance. This terrifies the Yids of the ADL. Remaking-the-world Jew rats like George Soros, financial manipulator extraordinaire, in danger of being flushed from cover, you see, identified for what they are. Notice that Soros' "Open Societies Institute" just held a forum on "hip-hop activism." "Hip-hop culture in the U.S. has given voice to a new generation of activists. OSI convened a group of these activists, as well as other philanthropists, to discuss how hip-hop can foster social justice and policy reform." Bad for White Nationalists to have dialogue with anti-globalists, good for Jews to exploit dumb whigger kids spinning around on their backs on a piece of dirty cardboard, jerking like dying roaches as a silly-looking CD player thud, thud, thuds. ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR EVERYBODY ELSE.

The Never-Ending Smear

The world's 14 million Jews are experts on absolutely everything; the ADL "provides material to law enforcement," and lends official weight to its hand-wringings by filing them as "friend of the court briefs." Here, a frightening paper about anthrax, (Acrobat reader required) covered with biohazard symbols and blaming White "extremists" for everything. Look! Look, Zayde! The crazy goyim have guns! Bombs! Weimaraners! Etc. Even the ADL says that "there is only one documented instance -- albeit very dubious -- [sic] where right-wing extremists considered using the agent." No matter. One sentence doesn't interfere with 22 pages of standard-issue Jewish harum-scarum. Imagine living in a world without these miserable people and their eternal carping. It's easy if you try.

Why We Fight

The mission? Destroy the Controllers. The prize? The salvation of the White William Pierce

Arab Ban Proposed In Jewish Areas

...and that's it. That headline passes unremarked. Now, imagine what would happen, the horrible outcry if "Negro Ban Proposed In White Areas" was emblazoned across a front page. ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR EVERYBODY ELSE. We're getting hoarse repeating that -- but God's Chosen People rub our noses in this double standard each and every day.

Jewish Supremacist Groups Oppose School Vouchers

One standard for jewish kids, another standard for Robert Ericsson

Jared Taylor is Not a White Nationalist

He refuses to name the Jew as the disease killing America, and that disqualifies Kevin Hannan

Tale Of A Suicide Bomber

What could make a quiet man interrupt his studies for a master's degree, strap explosives around his body, and blow himself up to kill Jews? Jews.

March Of The Tweezermen

KA-BOOM! What race is so hated that they must employ a cadre of men with tweezers to pick guts out of the treetops after desperate suicide bombings? Why, it's God's 14 million Chosen People, of course -- thus, this Zihui Korbanot Ason, ZAKA, to clean up the mess. The kosher picker-upper! "The group became more organized after an incident in 1995. At the time, one of the volunteers neglected to hand over a leg collected at a bombing scene. Only the following day did the volunteer bring it to police." Wife complained about that nasty thing on the coffee table, did she? "Diligently, they separate the larger body parts -- hands, fingers, feet and toes -- into separate plastic bags..." Eeny, meenie, minie -- Oi! Look! It's Moe! Here, they rush to air disaster in which 78 died. "If even only one Jew had been there, we would have had to come and do what could be done." So good to know! "Even fruits and vegetables that are splashed with blood at a marketplace bombing have to be gathered and placed in a grave." Kaddish for a radish! These madcap Tweezermen -- ya gotta love 'em!

Normal Is Abnormal

Stable White culture has been overwritten by Semitic Sheisskultur. Thanks, Jews. We owe you J.R. Colson

A Practical Way to Help Advance the Struggle

Get involved in your Vibeke Østergaard

Poison On The Big Screen

From Hollywitz, the toxin, ridiculous movie in which street niggers speak Hebrew and evil globalists named "Scheck" turn out to be goyim. Think of all the bright, shiny ammunition you'd have piled up by now if you hadn't wasted your hard-earned dollars looking for "entertainment." Idiots.

Jews Everywhere You Look

Jewish humor -- "How did the Jews get to England? The boat from Russia pulled up at London Docks. Someone shouted 'New York!' and all the dumb ones got off." America richer, better pickings, you see. Here, Jew with book to sell about the Jewish cancer in England. Only 14 million of these miserable people in the whole world -- yet the forests will be cut, cut down and cut again to make paper so that they can keep writing books about themselves. It's Good For Jews!

Jewish "Philanthropy" -- Based On Swindling

"There wasn't a dry eye in the room at the October 2000 opening of Manhattan's Center for Jewish History as philanthropists dedicated a building named for two Holocaust survivors and built with money pledged by their successful businessman son. 'Here's a man and a woman who survived the Nazis, flourished in the United States, gave back to the community and raised three wonderful children,' said the chairman of the center's board of directors, Bruce Slovin. "That Jewish story is our story; that's what we all talk about. It's the American dream...' The Jack and Sabina Waksal Building was built with a generous donation by ImClone CEO Samuel Waksal, who now stands accused of insider stock trading after his company's cancer treatment drug, Erbitux, was denied approval by the Food and Drug Administration in December. On June 12, Waksal was arrested by federal officials in his Soho loft. He is free on $10 million bond but faces millions of dollars in fines and a prison sentence, if convicted...The story's leap from the business pages to the gossip columns thanks to the scrutiny being applied to Waksal's friend Martha Stewart is also troubling news for institutions like the Center for Jewish History, where the plaque remains in place. 'They've given a lot they would have given more who knows what the right thing to do is?' Slovin said. 'As far as I'm concerned, they're not guilty yet...These are good people who served Judaism and mankind very well.'"

Swindling -- A Jewish Fairy Tale

Like mothers' milk to Jews, are these charming little anecdotes of malfeasance. Hebes have a couple of languages they use to conceal their business. Caught selling an adulterated product? Clam up! "'Don't daber [talk] about your akhi [brother],' a Jew says to me in a Yiddish mixed with Hebrew to keep the cop from understanding." Another Yid runs to advise. "Motl! Take your yad [hand] from the yovon's [Christian's] and pick up your ragloyim [feet] and make a pleyte [getaway]." Yeah, we know. "Anti-Semites" make all of this up.

Jewish Nothing

We selected this piece of lint pulled from a Jewish navel, studied as though it were of interest, because it's so typical of the way many Jews earn a living. Write this dreck, a paycheck comes, it's. Yawn.

Jewish Fashion

While your tattooed, lip-ringed shiksa of a preteen daughter runs around in hooker makeup and low-cut tops with her thong underwear showing, Jew designs modest clothes for Jews. "The skirts run about $75 to $90 and are marketed under the refreshingly improbable slogan 'Show off your personality, not your body.'" ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR EVERYBODY ELSE.

Jews Are, Aren't

Jews like Joe Slovo and Helen Suzman helped destroy South Africa. There's more! Here, Yids make sure to "remain a dynamic component of South Africa's multiethnic and multiracial fabric." There must still be some diamonds down there, hm?

Jews Must Live

Here, 88-year-old professional-victim Yid sues paper for daring to doubt a word which drops from his lips. Murdered fifty times, I was, and still invented radio, cured cancer, and founded Standard Oil! "The Los Angeles Times article...[noted that] many of his claims are impossible to prove -- or disprove'...Thomas's accounts of the liberation of Dachau don't match other historical records, nor could Thomas provide a military ID number." Just the usual.

Jews Want Docile Slaves

Here, Massa Gelbfisz whups dem ol' darkies. Yassuh! Niggers employed to wipe up Judenscheisse at nursing home intimidated by Yids when they attempt to unionize. "The union says its attempts to organize the mostly black, female workers have been met by what an organizer calls 'an abnormally vicious campaign of terror, intimidation and illegal firing' by the Jewish Home." Jews -- ya gotta love 'em!

Jews Raking It In With Both Hands

Only 14 million Jews in the whole world, and yet "the endowments of American Jewish charitable federations have exploded in the last 11 years, growing from $2.38 billion in 1990 to $8.18 billion in 2001, for a compound annual growth rate of 11.9%." All out of your pocket, out of your community, White man. Did you think they were printing all that money in the basement of the synagogue?

Jews Set Up, Jews Knock Down

Here, the usual frenetic put-up show of intra-Jewish controversy, affecting to squabble over nigger Congresswoman they rammed through in the first place. "'I don't think AIPAC singling out a candidate is good for the Jews,' said Lois Swartz, the leader of Bubbes and Zaydes for Peace in the Middle East, a pro-Israel, anti-occupation group in Philadelphia." Pro-Yid, anti-kike. Pro-sheeny, anti-mockie. Spare us. A Jew is a Jew is a Jew. We Aren't Listening Anymore(TM).

How Jews Think

Here, executives of cable TV firm arrested for the grab-with-both-hands corporate looting that has become routine, unremarkable in an America whose values have been "clarified." Everything "relative," you see. This story, while posted on the ABC News web site, is not the story we just saw on the air. The broadcast version carefully identified the Rigases as "Greek" -- three times. "Rigas? Ree-kus? I-I-I dunno, people might think they're Jewish. Better say something." Ha.

Jews Love A Good Mess

There's nothing Yids enjoy quite so much as a good case of the confused values and screwed-up provenance they work so hard to promote. Here, they frolic, splash in the gene pool they've muddied. "Felton -- now standing trial in federal court in Boston on charges of conspiring with his girlfriend to blow up Jewish targets -- [is] half black...his mother was one-fourth Jewish, a lesbian and former nun who counted radical priests Philip and Daniel Berrigan as friends. It wasn't so long ago that the man accused of trying to 'rid the United States of a multiracial society' attended a Martin Luther King memorial with his mother and her lover, proudly sporting a T-shirt with the slain civil rights leader's picture on it. Felton's story reads like a real-life version of Henry Bean's film 'The Believer,' in which a yeshiva student becomes a Neo-Nazi." Some mulatto mental case with a tattoo proves precisely nothing; it's Whites that Hymie has to worry about. The world's 14 million Jews must go -- and we don't care where or how. No Jews. No Niggerfucking Part-Jew Lesbian Radicals. Just Right, say we.

Blat! Such A Bubble The Rabbi Blows!

While goyim are supposed to fuck niggers, live uncomplainingly with fat, tire-changing Mex and jabbering Hmong, and eat any sort of filthy mess that can be ground up and stuffed into a bun, Jews sweat over the manufacture of chewing gum. Is it pure? How pure? Pure enough for God's Chosen People? "A great deal of concern was expressed as to the Kosher status of gum base containing a synthetic rubber which was made in a factory that uses ingredients of animal origin. Could any non-Kosher ingredients or equipment have compromised the Kashrus of the gum base rubber? The Sheila which were posed and the Tshuvos given are instructive as to a whole series of Halachic concepts." We'll just bet they are. ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR EVERYBODY ELSE.

Jew Hoogstraten

An exceptionally repugnant Jew asshole who's a close friend and heavy funder of Mugabe and other ape Meister Eckehart

New classifieds: Illinois IT professional seeks new position here. And here is a house for rent in Indianapolis.

Jew Timmerman Spews Hate

Austria is the victim of Hate Hebrew persecution...


Power battles...

Emigration for a Better Nation

Join the party....


Another review here. One less would-be rapist nigger here.

White Sites

Title link to Tennessee girl's site. Here to White Struggle.

Technology: JPGs Not Free?

Move to charge for everything these days...

Dr. William Luther Pierce, R.I.P.

A time for sorrow -- and Billy Roper

Dr. William Luther Pierce Dies

An obituary for the most prominent leader in White Victor Gerhard

We Repeat: There is No Intelligent Opposition to White Nationalism

A review of Carol Swain's The New White Nationalism in America: Its Challenge to Integration shows a mediocre intellect that never comes to grips with its D.W.

Playing Marxists' Bet-Your-Life Lotto in America

When jews sic niggers on Whites, everybody's a loser. Well, every White is a loser. The jews and tools do just Founders' America

The New Manifest Destiny

Great tasks Sean Devane

The Hornets Nest

The hard way is usually the right Marc Moran

On The Current Pathetic Crop Of American White Senior Citizens

Senior citizens have a lot to answer Toni Brian

Israel to Deport All Illegals

Immigration isn't "inevitable, necessary and good" in Israel, it's a problem that can be logically dealt with to protect the nation. ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR THE REST OF US. Jews are racists who resent racial consciousness in others. Jews are the most hypocritical race in the world.

Former Juror Flips on Traficant

Set-up by the feds... Here on the Amish. Here freepers on Alex Jones video on 9/11 advertised on Newsmax. Here on TIPS.

Stalin: Jews' Best Friend

Communism was made by gangs of jewish criminals. Here on Bushy's AmeriKwa, a USSR in training. Bush's Civilian Corps is an invitation to snoop, and for personal vendettas to be turned into federal cases. That's quite right. Anonymous phone numbers are perfect for gutless pieces of shit, of which there is no small number in America, to try to "get" their enemies behind their backs. What dork Dieteman doesn't understand is the racial animus behind all this: the Jews are tightening their grip on the remnant of Whites that understands what they are up to and is capaple of resisting. All this has played out before in Eastern Europe, and the only folks to defeat the kikes, temporarily, were the German Nationalists dullard Dieteman denounces. The nazis offer the way out of our "Security State." Theirs is the way of racial sanity AND personal freedom.

French PM Condemns Jew Critics

Ever hear anyone say, "There is no room for Jewish hatred"? Nope. More here. Here on the war Jews are prosecuting in the media against Hussein, and his possible reaction: "Israel, which keeps threatening nuclear attacks on us and our Iranian brothers, developed its secret nuclear and biowarfare programs with covert American aid." America is hated because of Israel. Here from Buchanan on possible war on Israel's enemy Iraq.

Kike Kasino

Down and staying down...

Are We Niggers? Is This Inglewood? and yes. Here on "metrosexuals," sound like Salon readers.

Female Brain Made Differently

Women's brains are wired both to feel and to recall emotions more keenly than the brains of men. And look at the Jew Halpern contending against the obvious truth that this difference isn't built-in. The article doesn't give you the flip side, that women are natural myopics who can't see long-term consequences as well as men. Here on feminist fraud Gilligan. Here on the Green Party.

Freepers Are Dolts

Suckpoop Joe Farah allows his site to be used to stir up hatred of Muslims. How much of that $10 MILLION A DAY TO ISRAEL is kicked back to the turdeater? Here on Gramsci and cultural hegemony and China. Here on culture from New Criterion. Here on postmodernism. Here on distinctions between light fiction and literature. Here on grammar.

Canada: Dopes March to Support Nigbian "Activist"

Allen was one of 30 people who protested the Heritage Front-linked group's meeting in Halifax a week ago. Her image, including her car's licence-plate number and a photo of a house incorrectly identified as hers, was later posted on the group's Web site, which also called the other protesters with her "terrorists." The Canada First Immigration Reform Committee links AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, illegal drugs and terrorism to Canada's immigration policies. About 80 people marched from the Halifax North Commons to Spring Garden Road yesterday, denouncing the group. Here foreign nurses halt an operation, as English doctor can't get them to understand what he wants. Naturally, he's up for "racism." The White man is always the evil hater. The nigger is always the innocent victim. The Jew is always the moral tutor. Here niggers just being niggers in London. No racism, though! Here a jew says we must preserve rural America, even as his co-racists destroy it by open borders.

Another Naughty Negro Multimillionaire

Blame the buck, not the buckz. Here on Seattle non-doon coons apily aping. Some negroes need food. They say.

Iran Blew up Jew Center in Argentina?

Who knows? Here Jews flee America. We won't miss you. Jews murder innocent children daily. Here Jews are harassed by other jews. May you both lose.

Reconstruction II?

Let the military patrol the streets? Here on UN feminism garbage. Here on female-dominated universities. Here INS goes after British aliens the way it never does after Mexcrement.

Snakeheads in Seven States, Gooks in All Fifty

Both species should be chopped up and deported. The fish came to light this summer after several snakeheads were found in a Maryland pond. The so-called Frankenfish were dumped there by a local resident who had initially imported them to make soup. This is the part of "diversity" they never tell you about. Gooks make things worse, not better. "If they got into the larger (water) system, they could alter the food chain and displace other species," said John Surrick, spokesman for the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. How come they never say that about Mexicans?

Brainwashing Whites

Public schools are public indoctrination centers, where Whites are taught beliefs that are kosher-certified by Hate Hebrews. Nothing against the Jewish agenda is ever taught in a public school. Yet another reason to home-school your kids. Here on Hannibal, no nigger. Here on lies about AIDS in Britain.

Aussies Hear Mimms

Popping out kids at 15 and younger.

Media: AOL Has Problems


Jew-Created Crime and Immigration Turning Europe Right

The EU is a bad idea.

Only Jews Want to Attack Iraq

Americans don't want it -- only Jews. Jews make America hated. jews don't mind if pregnant women fight their battles.

Learning Undesirable in Masses, Say Jew Curriculum Controllers

Obey orders is all you need to know in the Jew World Order. Spending money on psychics -- Jew owned or operated -- iz desirable. Here on the worldwide anti-capitalist movement, if such a thing exists. Here on negro child care.

Why the Media Suck 101

The Tribune's numbers - 8.4 percent overall, with 5.03 percent blacks and 4.7 percent Hispanic - reflect the reason for the mantra heard from newsroom managers here and in virtually every major city in the United States. ``We must make the hiring and retention of minority journalists a No. 1 priority.'' Diversity is a Jewish value, not an American one. And it's a Jewish value for NON-JEWISH nations only. Diversity is hated like plague in Israel. The jews just use it to destroy your non-jewish country. Here Mikey Blarnicle fibs again. Detestable twerp. Here niggers think they can decide what everybody else says. Not enough nogs in papers, not enough nogs in management, not enough nogs on televitz. I say, not enough nogs strange-fruiting, not enough nogs under swamps, not enough nogs walking on moon in nog-designed suits sucking nog-flavored air from nog-packs, sipping poon-tang.

Country Music's Steve Earle Praises Johnny Walker

Nothing controversial about the Dixie Chicks slutting it up with Mexishits in their latest video, "Long Time Gone," which shows Mexicans INVADING the U.S. But: Music-industry heavyweights are already expressing outrage over the controversial song, and many predict it will be banned from the majority of radio playlists when it is released in late September. "Controversial" means contrary to the Jewish agenda. The Lindh ballad is on Earle's forthcoming album "Jerusalem," which contains other songs that touch on political and social issues, including the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. ... "This puts [Earle] in the same category as Jane Fonda and John Walker and all those people who hate America," said Nashville talk-show host Steve Gill. Say you, punk, who have to keep your job in Semitically Correct Nashville, where Jew Sumner Rothstone's Country Music Television (CMT) can make or break careers, just like his MTV. Jews specialize in simulating diversity while enforcing uniformity. Nothing cross-message will ever appear in Semitically Correct, Semitically controlled media.


Authoress of new book on "White Nationalism," will be reviewed here before long. Swain's in over her head: ''They're much more dangerous when they're spinning and presenting their ideas in one-sided forums where they can't be countered,'' she said. ''One of the ways to neutralize them is to bring them out in the open and also dispel the stereotype that we're talking about a bunch of blue-collar guys, high school dropouts who work in filling stations.'' She appears not to realize what's actually going on. Whites are shut out of the debate because the truth is on their side. The danger is not in shutting them out, the danger is in letting them in, as the jews recognize. Here more on WN in ingenta article. Poower negroes, they just aren't as healthy. I'm sure it has nothing to do with their actions, behaviors, choices, or genes but is entirely due to white racism.

Degrading Christians, Women: Is It Good For Whites?

On the need for respectful intra-group F. Lee Conscious

"Wish of Tomorrow"

Fiction about Europe in the near Fredrik Haerne

Israel Punishes Innocents for the Actions of Others

Wunnerful, wunnerful, these Israelis. $10 MILLION A DAY TO ISRAEL. How many of you out there voted to give $10 MILLION A DAY TO ISRAEL. Here dung sniffing Christians disembark in Israel, gapping, stretching, looking for red heifers, picking polyester out of their ass-cracks, looking for Mary or a tasty Russian whore.

Whites Getting Screwed in Ft. Lauderdale

The way to deal with niggers is known. Lock 'em in their own communities and lynch if they get uppity. Jewish lawyers have loosed them to run amongst us to the tune of literally tens of millions of rapes and robberies and murders -- the extent and details of which are 99.9% hushed up by media jews. That's how AmeriKwa works. And that's why there is no solution but White Revolution, and the first thing we do, let's kill all the jews. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT.

Ten Reasons Why Repatriation of Blacks is a Good Idea

Dey gots ta go, and here's Jack Halliday

On The Current Pathetic Crop Of American White Females

Get "with baby" immediately, or you are useless and on the road to Frank W. Mimms

Race: a Living Organism

An awakening, a leader, a rebirth -- or an Dave Neesan

Dr. Laura Endangers White Girls supporting interracial marriage. Dr. Laura, of course, is a Jew, which is to say, a member of a race that condems exogamy among its own while preaching multiracialism and diversity to Founders' America

Paper Tiger vs. Zippo Lighter

Mockery is a great way to subvert media values in the minds of the Jasa Petrovic Slovjanski

Why They Won't Allow Ordinary Whites Any Exclusive Living Space

On the need for Whites to control a space and demonstrate the virtues of New Hardness, thereby attracting attention and new adherents. New Harmony failed, New Hardness will Andrei Kievsky

Love Groups Cause the Hate They Decry

Tying the symptoms of our decline to "Leftist" thinking, wink, Founders' America

Cherry Bombs and 747s

The big picture, and where you fit Billy Roper

"Holocaust" Lies Inescapable in "Public" Schools

Don't expose your kids to Jewish lies. Home-school them.

Jews Warn About "Hate" Press, LOL!

Hymie's mouth -- two, three, four -- as many sides as needed! Our aid to Israel not only goes through with no conditions, it is paid up front -- not true of aid to any other country. Izzies are special. Ordinary rules don't apply to them. Then they wonder why men commit suicide to kill them. I don't. Here on whether a loner can be a terrorist.

Jewish Business Ethics at Work

Like bonobos rioting, jews behave according to genetics. It's not Mz Steiner's fault she stole -- er -- borrowed the money. She was simply behaving according to plan. That's the way yids are wired. It's her employer's fault for putting her into a position where her wiring might compromise her job. And we'll bet any money that the cops investigating her are white racist violent anti-semites, too!


Mexicans are shit. They belong in their septic tank, not in Whiteland.

Media: More Niggers Needed

Every few months we read this story again: not enough niggers and coloreds on tv. Apparently they've never seen a commercial. How many proud Whites are on tv? Only on A&E and History, to a backdrop of spook music.

Spy State

Tapping the Internet in Britain...

Jews Persecute Innocent People

It never ends with these Jews. $10 MILLION DOLLARS A DAY. That's the price Israel charges to fill our lives with enemies. Note that Jim Nob allows a post advocating murder of the terrorists' families. You can't cite FACTS about Israel on his fake forum, but you can advocate mass murder of innocents.

Hammerin' Hank James, Hell on Hymie

A correspondent to VNN recently mentioned that the text of Henry James' 1907 book, The American Scene, is to be found nowhere online. He seems to be right. The best we could come up with is this self-referring Jew with -- so what else? -- his own book to sell, calling James (gasp) an "anti-Semite!" The dangerous genuine item -- even though nearly 100 years old -- is best left in safe, steady Jewish hands; goyim are supposed to be content with these earnest Jewish descriptions of the forbidden material. Jewish media control a myth, you see.VNN proposes to rectify this unhappy situation, and will post for the world James' "famous report about the east European immigrant Jews of the Lower East Side" as soon as we can obtain a copy. Eat it, Hymie.

Groundwork for Mass Panic Laid

The kike karousel's about to spin off its moorings, spraying feckless parties into the drink. Here a patsy sounds off, half-not-getting it.


Jews should be kept far, far away from any type of cops, given their race's history of using secret police to commit genocide. Here on the connies cheering John Walker's conviction. VNN is the only source in America that will tell you the truth, which is that they switched to calling him Lindh because they want to associate his "treason" with Lindbergh, the better to grease the skids of the kike snowmobile. It is a lie that Lindh "took up arms against his own country." The Taliban did not attack the U.S. The U.S. attacked the Taliban. Peace = absence of Jews. Words from Vidal and others about the warmongering jews and suckpoops known as neo-conservatives. Here on government accountability, namely for the actions of the counterfeiting, jew-controlled Fed, or goysuck central, as we think of it. Here on Republican terrormongers. Here on Farrakhan. He's an evil hater. Oh, well. At least he doesn't control our media and foreign policy.

Shakespeare and Standards

Taki... "Stand with Israel," bleat the sheepmasters.

Invasion of Ireland

These douches will try anything to slip in the dirty nogs. Since Irish emigrated in the past, Ireland owes it to the world to import ragheads, burrheads and practitioners of Muti until the Emerald Isle is as screwed up as everywhere else. Ireland ought to stay as far away from the EU as humanly possible. Here the U.S. version of the Jewish disease. Here Combat 18 praises Chirac would-be attack.

Why Jews Must Die

Here, 44 White physicists and other highly skilled, educated, and creative men, singled out and tortured by Judeo-government in the cruelest manner possible -- by forcing the intelligent to sit, fold their hands, and do nothing, year after year. This, in an effort to drive them out and make room for niggers. Hooting critters who hold their offspring's hands on the hot stove as punishment -- who shit on paper plates and throw them out the window -- are uniquely qualified to deal with nuclear energy, wouldn't you agree? Jews and their insane "diversity" must depart our shores, and we don't care how -- through the El Al departure lounge or up the chimney, it's all the same to us. We Aren't Listening Anymore (TM).


Nice Cantrell piece on the way the world actually works, in academia. The lesson is: you will be feared and, if you do not begin to toe the line fawningly, hated and hounded for showing that the Emperor, or even one of his loyal bootlickers, is running around buck nekkid. Yeah! That's how it iz... Here an anti-Southern survey, after the fashion of the noble sheenies at ADL.

Remember the Liberty

Thirty-four Americans killed by jews. Covered up by Congress. Covered up by the media. And we still pay this tiny, sick, vicious nation of haters and killers $10 MILLION DOLLARS A DAY. Remember the guy Mumiac murdered, Faulkner. Latest Klamath Basin fight here. Here Taki on ragheads polluting the Mediterranean. Would be nice to see him generalize about Jews, but he's very careful to stick to individual criticism, because the repercussions would be greater if he wrote like we do.

Intel and Israel

Very interesting... Here a Jew Jacoby classic, bursting with lies, misleadings, half-truths and not-tell-yous. Here on Israelis selling arms to Pals.


Whites don't like to live around niggers. Niggers prefer to live among themselves, as long as Whites are taxed to support them. Think how much safer, cleaner, quieter, more tasteful America would be without niggers -- or the jews who dumped them on us via "civil rights." Here promiscuous use of "neo- nazi." Here on Hmong invading Green Bay. Here on invaders' foreign IDs being accepted more widely. Here an account of Whites defending against Indians, with possibly a few mexiturds thrown in as well. Hear tearful groids sue Pizza Hut. They ordered a pig's-foot topping 'Bama-style deep dish, were chagrinned to learn no such thing exists. Oy! Racism, itz! Here on niggers drinking on the job. Here drive-by dart attacks. By...NI-ggers. Racism's bad. Yeah? I know something worse: niggers. Here on the hood ornament.


It's racism, the dolt helpfully informs readers. Yeah, like judaism and negrism. Here on NA-related stuff in Canada. Fuck niggers, get AIDS.


Raimondo reams it... Here Croat dicksuckers demand recognition. Here Iran deals with fags the old-fashioned way. Here Post Office says it won't spy. Don't bet on it, history suggests otherwise. More on TIPS from SC Roberts.

Jailed for Acknowledging Nigger

ACLU defends disturbed "Nazis," little else. Here a survey of international travelers finds British the worst. Civility and incivility have their spheres. Poor little shitskin invaders. Attack on Irving here.


By Angry White Female... Breast-feeding lowers cancer risk. Decreases noise pollution too.


Read what the lying yid Horowitz writes about his site being virtually the only one to report it. What's happening is, the kahnservatives are going to take our arguments, clip off the all-important jew-explanation, and sell them to the masses as their own, thereby growing their power and prestige while stealing our thunder. They think. It will only work with guys like Jared Taylor who openly consort with Jews. Comments here.

Media: Phil Donahue

Put down by The Weekly Standard... Here Paglia on queers. Faggotry, like criminality and everything else, ain't what it used to be. Here on Time Warner taking over AOL. Why newspapers suck: you can't write anything funny because jew-trained Americans are crybabies and lawsuit-filers.

Jewish Wit

The American Spectator (Prowler, whatever) could be publishing White wit. They prefer this. The way of the world, itz! Get this: Everybody knew Henry Ford was an anti-Semite, so much so that he even bought a newspaper to spread his beliefs. And what are you if you declare that jews bought, say, NYT and WP to spread their beliefs? An anti-Semite! They get you coming and going. The jew laughs up his sleeve when he uses the term, and you should laugh when you hear it. NEVER respond to it, only to what it means. All these "hate" terms are ways to claim power over you without fighting or arguing. They are ways to manipulate you morally into giving up before the fight's even begun. They are ways to win -- and keep winning -- without fighting. Here the smurf on Camus.

We Are Stronger

We're slow. Not real smart. Sluggish. Often our eyes are closed. We can be duped. Usually are. But in the end, the mill grinds slow...but it grinds. Now we're coming to. And what we say about jews, and about what jews did in Eastern Europe being the worst thing in the history of the White race, and about the brothers of those jew-criminals being in control today and intending the exact same thing -- is true. And one day the world will acknowledge it. And that will be the day they remove the plaque on the "Holocaust" museum in Washington, D.C., and replace it with a simple sign reading...'Museum of Jewish Crimes.' Itz coming, you can bet your bottom stolen dollar, Hyman. More on NA rally here. Discussion here.

The Jewish Lobby

Weber article... Here on the origins of political correctness, which is of course Semitical Correctness. Here a bit of story on Ireland's "flag wars."

Big Poofter

Hey, Timmie, come back to my tent for a special game of catholic-rules foosball! Jebediah Bushy's daughter jailed. Noelle Bush was arrested in January at a pharmacy drive-through window for allegedly trying to buy the anti-anxiety drug Xanax with a fraudulent prescription.

Jews Destroy White Marriage

Thanks, you dirty kikes. Yet another reason why ITZ COMING. Paul Craig Roberts backs up what Fred Reed says: the courts are ridiculously tilted in the female's direction, as part of the jew's drive to set class against class, break down and destroy White society, strengthen Jew-controlled central government. PCR is wrong that there's no clear solution. Killing Jews is "indicated." There is no social problem in America that would not be 80% alleviated by the overnight disappearance of jews.

Izzy-kikes Destroy ISP

Hackers have repeatedly crippled pro-Hamas and Palestinian Authority Web pages. Almost exactly a year ago, the site of the official Palestinian news agency, Wafa, was shut down by such an attack, and an unofficial Hamas site was replaced with a link to porn. Keep this in mind when you see moist-eyed Ralf and Leghound Bauer going on about judeo-christianity. Partners in profits, they're!

Mike the Kike

As I confidently predicted, not a single Christian coward columnist would tell you that Newdow's a jew, but would blame his Pledge attack on "atheists" and "secular humanists" and those gosh-darn "liberals," peskier than termites. It takes a really perverse form of cynic to be a public christian these days. Jews want Christianity dead. There's no simpler, more accurate way to put it. Jews and jews alone are behind the driving out of Christianity from the public square, as turncoat Neuhaus put it. Everybody in conservatism knows this, not one of them will say it. For fear of the jews... Where's big strong Irish Catholic Believer hard-hat construction worker Sean Hannity to tell us the truth about this attack on the One True Faith? He's down on his knees tossin' Berman salad like Joe Fairy. How can anybody watch these guys and not laugh. I gave it up years ago. All you can hear when you watch them is what they're not saying. Any public Christian who refuses to stand up and name the jew as the destroyer of Christianity is no better than and in fact exactly the same as the peter that denied Jesus.


Dumb-asses educating retards... D'oh! I mean... I'm just wild about Harry. New comments at Jew "Poe"'s site. Check out the way he jews the truth. Oops! I forgot. Jews had "to jew" removed from the dictionary! Oy! My mistakowitz! Get this: If indeed I am entitled to Israeli citizenship -- as you claim... Oh, that beats all. As "you" claim -- the writer just quoted the f*ing Israeli law to him, and he's trying to act like "Chaz E. Poof"'s making it upowitz! Come on people, help drive po' boy's traffic. God, the amusement value alone is worth it! Of all the jerkass expostulating eminently executable exponents of useless kikery, jew Prager comes pretty close to the top, echt vomitorious, he'z.

Speech Crime

This one's scary, folks. On the word of ONE negress (whose companion did NOT hear the N-word), two white men are rrrrrrrousted by the cops. The word of two white men cannot stand against the word of one negress. Further, note how the spookette claims she "flagged down" a detective.... How does one "flag down" a detective. Are they simply wandering about, waiting to be summoned by biscuit-lipped nigbitches on the prowl for racial slights? Sounds suspiciously like a put up job. So, for allegedly saying (not screaming, mind you, a la Mike Tyson last January), but for saying simply "nigger," this guy gets 30 days in jail and a $200 fine?! Dey be's somep'm rotten in Denmark, bruh.

Bitching 'Bout Blotchy

Grand Old Party, sure is...

Booga Nights

Look out, Indy, hyeah come Booga Nights an' Boolie Days, as de Black Expo be layin' waste to yo' streets, homey. De bros be's celebratin' 32 years ob Black Power, Black Pride and Black Body Oduh. Whoooooey, kin youse imagin what de smell ob all dem boolie bodies be like after a long, hot day ob watuhmelon, ribs, an' riotin'? Don't eben think about comin' downtown fo' de nex' week, honkey. The apes be runnin' de zoo now. Merely one of many Nig-Fests in downtown Indy each summer -- almost as many as Cincy, de New Black Bonobo Billage (which features de Black Fambly Reunion, de Kooool Jazz Festibal, Ujima Cinci-bration, and numerous other semi-contained nigger riots masquerading as "black kulchuh.") Here for "Black in de Day" -- Indy's Vaunted Negro History.

Russian Politics

Here, instant asshole, just add badge. Here on "forgotten" Jews. Oy! A second, a third! "Holocaust," itz! No jew forgotten while izzy tunes the amplifier.

Jew Genes

A tasty genomecopia full of jewish diseases, itz! Here a pdf on facial beauty.

Hot White Chicks!

These girls are beautiful; easy to see why other races consider Whites a step up. But only White sperm can produce White beauty. Keep that in mind, you of either sex. And here are some fine specimens of White masculinity. I'd like to say, for the record, that I like trashy and classy women. Without the one, how would we know the other? Everybody needs somebody to look down on, or, as I once heard a girl sneer in a local honky tonk, "What is, Iowa?" Here Elisha denounces the silicon set as part of a set-to with Tsun, whose WorldSexDaily has given Suckpoop Joe the sniffles (see reader mail 172). I'm trying hard to be offended by all those big fake boobs. And failing. "That ain't no kid. Itz a cocktail waitress in a Dolly Parton wig." "I know, Dad -- that's the kind I dig!" -- Travis Tritt. Quoth Elisha: Even though no proud woman could conceivably be jealous of such unnatural imagery... Word to the wise: when you start using adverbs, you're throwing in the towel. The fact is, fake tits are a good investment for plus-sized minus-looked women. If you can't lower your weight by careful eating and exercise, flesh out your chest with saline. Most males are too dim to notice the difference, and that won't change anytime soon.

Ziggy Chester

Reader writes, "These apes have every reason to behave; why can't they, I wonder."

Hush Crime

Yet another you'll never hear about. The sick jews that repealed segregation need to be lynched down to the last hooknose. THEY are responsible for this, far more than the bonob itself. Nigger rapist is the symptom, JEW IS THE DISEASE. Here on banned books.

Thanks, Jews

When Jews control the government, this is the predictable, inevitable result. "Men" dressing up dogs in women's underwear, fucking them. How'd you like to be the DNA retriever on this job, Officer Friendly? Did you know Jesus was a liberal jew? Here more on that Jew Epstein book on snobbery.

Definitely not a Spike Lee joynt, itz Victor Wolzek's "History of the Jewish Assault on the World," based on a timeline compiled by CPTWC's J.R. Colson.

New personal up from Scott, sick of mindless liberals, seeks a fit racialist in the Dallas/FW area, blondes preferred!

New personal up from Ryan, a 25-year-old, small-business-owning SWM seeking a hot, smart, race-aware chick like you.

The "Suckpoop" Responds to Village Idiot

Pull up a lawn chair and watch the sparks fly, as Whites debate proper revolutionary M. Adams

Using Their Fight as Our Own

Whites must be careful in the way we phrase and frame our F. Lee Conscious

Movie Review: 'Men in Black II'

Aliens are invading AmeriKwa -- thanks to aliens like the makers of this movie. Time for Aryans in White, The Cat Lady

Our Racial Enemies: Ugly, For Your Protection

Who ya gonna believe? A bunch of lying kikes at Fischrap Daily? Or your own nose and eyes? D.W.

Children: The More, The Merrier

Have a bunch of kids young and you'll never regret it. You can educate yourself anytime. Filling a crib with White babies is more fun, profitable and useful than filling your White head with jewish Raina Wilhelm

Conservatives Misunderstand Nazism

Conservatism has been racially neutered by jews to serve their own racial interests. Nazism points the way back to J.R. Colson

Nationalism: The True Anti-Globalization Movement

Leftist opposition is jew-fostered sham; nationalism alone offers a logical, substantial basis to fight the Karl Kammler

National Alliance Marches in Gainesville

Controlled media claim sixty attendees against forty counter demonstrators. Indymedia claims sixty-plus here. Here on candidate Giles, the guy who says we should end all support for Israel.

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