Why They Won't Allow Ordinary Whites Any Exclusive Living Space

by Andrei Kievsky

July 19, 2002

A gathering together of White nationalists, creating a racial sanctuary for our People, is the single worst fear of our enemies.

Why? Things catch on pretty quickly in modern society. The mass media hypes a pop figure, and within a few weeks this "hot new thing" is in the minds of millions. Marketing spreads quickly, but likewise ideas can spread quickly.

A White racial sanctuary will create desire among the Whites of America to live in such a sanctuary. The existence of a White racial sanctuary will provide a spark of hope in the demoralized White people of this country.

Our enemies' greatest fear is any spark of hope on the part of the White people. Maintaining the desperation and resignation of the Whites for another few decades is the single-minded goal of our racial enemies. As Dr. Pierce is fond of saying, "They've got a tiger by the tail, and are afraid to let go." And this is what Carole Swain's book "The New White Nationalism and its Threat to Integration" is about. Swain's central thesis is that marginalized White nationalists are the only group willing to have a frank discussion about racial issues and their impact on White interests, while the Establishment refuses to allow any frank discussion about the State religion of diversity and multiculturalism. She cites former president Clinton's Soviet-style task force on race, and how it only allowed pro-diversity views. My own wife says that the United States is the "new Soviet Union."

We need to push the envelope of our freedoms and cluster together somewhere. Ogden, Utah is apparently a White nationalist town, and if anybody has information on Ogden, please write to me at rfreez@gte.net The most important thing is a supply of water for agriculture.

There are plenty of Whites with a soft, passive solidarity, but we need to cluster together Whites who have a hard, fanatical solidarity. Hard Whites will create the sort of town that others want to live in. Whites who practice universal resistance against any Jews or other non-whites living or doing business or having any influence on the people of this area will attract other Whites, and spread the New Hardness. Only one town need be a cluster of the New Hardness, and we do film and written documentary of this White town, and spark the hopes of the rest of the Whites out there. This town can earn money with "racialist tourism," basically offer White families to come to the White town for their summer vacation, and have their children associate only with White children -- moreover, racially conscious White children.

Whites desperately need guidance. The White town can attract the best White talent at low pay to offer tutoring, a weight-loss camp, sports training, and training in the trades and professions.

The Jews know that this is the one thing that must not be allowed to happen. That's why we need to make this happen. It will spread like wildfire through White society, it will destroy the anti-white ideology by setting an example of White solidarity and togetherness and the New Hardness. It could happen now if there was a White tycoon willing to buy the acres to start it.


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