Paper Tiger vs. Zippo Lighter

by Jasa Petrovic Slovjanski

July 19, 2002


First, I feel compelled to assure you readers that this title is not indicative of a natural gas leak in my living quarters. These cryptic terms serve as an analogy that describes our struggle against the mainstream media. The media are represented by the paper tiger: it looks intimidating but it consists of vulnerable material. Add the Zippo lighter (that's us), and the paper tiger is reduced to ash within seconds. This is what can happen if we adopt new methods of undermining the media monopoly.

In National Alliance circles, it is often said that we must reach the independent-minded minority, perhaps 2% of the national population. While the Jews managed to rule over Russia as 1% of the Russian population, they have historically used the masses to consolidate their power. Simply reaching and recruiting that 2% is not enough when the Jews still control the masses. For us, simply courting the masses can be a fatal tactic. When people are just "doing what everybody else is doing," they are not the 100% loyal supporters our regime depends on. As soon as trends change, so does the average lemming. So turning their lemmings into our lemmings may gain some ground in the short run, but further down the road disaster may await. A better plan calls for expanding that 2%.

As stated before, this 2% consists of independent, reasonable thinkers. These are people who may not be on our side at first, but when given the facts they turn them over in their heads and inevitably conclude that we are right. Facts are useless against the lemmings. The lemming gets his or her ideas from ideological peddlers. These are usually the mainstream media, the educational system, and various political action groups on both party lines. The mainstream Christian church has also fallen into this category, preaching heresy to avoid criticism. The result is that if a lemming hears facts that don't come from those sources, or the facts contradict ideas he is fed by those sources, he will simply dismiss them. So how does one turn a lemming into a reasonable person? Simple: Attack his ideological mentors. In this article, I will focus on one of the most potent: Television. Using no racial arguments, one can tear down the idiot box by simply attacking its obvious lack of quality. Observe!


Is there anything more pathetic than the average sitcom? I predict that every 26 seconds, a studio produces another moronic sitcom in a pitiful attempt to make us laugh. With me they are failing miserably. The only show left on television that makes me laugh today is The Simpsons, and sometimes the national news. Can you remember the last time the average sitcom made you laugh out loud? Probably not, considering that such shows usually consist of nothing but dialogue like this:

Wendy (ditzy female): Hey Greg, I have a problem! I'm sleeping with this one guy, but now I found a better guy! Should I sleep with him too?

Greg (crazy male): Let's have sex!

Wow! Sounds like we're on a collision course with wackiness! A show like this is certainly worth thirty minutes of my time! But as long as we are taking on televised comedy, why not sink our claws into an old lemming favorite: Saturday Night Live?

Chris Kattan: Look, I'm a MAN, but I'm wearing a DRESS and acting FEMININE! LAUGH DAMMIT!

Random Celebrity Guest: Go see my movie that just came out!

I am sure many of you out there can supply your own similar examples. The poor quality of comedy these days could fill several articles, and I have many more victims to attend to. Next up is our dear old friend: "reality" television.

Personally I think the term reality television is an oxymoron. It used to be that reality television meant shows like COPS (the first show to regularly feature blacks), and specials like: America's Scariest Police Chases Part 96 and When Office Equipment Attacks. Generally these shows feature police- or home-video footage of cars driving erratically and Xerox machines catching fire and cutting down innocent bystanders in an explosion of toner and staple shrapnel. In other words, these are things that one can see just about every day. Now reality television pushes the envelope of boredom with different kinds of shows, most of which can be explained entirely on a bar napkin. Tell me if this sounds inaccurate:

PEOPLE IN RANDOM LOCATION: We've put five women and six men inside an abandoned shopping mall equipped with cameras. Who will be the last person left at the end of the season? Watch as people stab each other in the back and stay tuned for possible partial nudity! (Nudity is of course covered up so you really wouldn't see anything that can't be found in a SEARS catalog. But it's NUDITY for Christ's sake! NUDITY!)

-- Harvey Weinburg, Director of CBS Reality TV show production dept.


That describes reality shows so well I would not be surprised if I were to be sued by a group of network writers claiming I got the idea from their bar napkin.

Notice how there is not a single racial argument in my observations, and thus there is nothing that might cause your average lemming to suddenly clam up in the face of reason. Our enemies spent decades slowly convincing Aryans that they appreciated values and ideas that were utterly foreign and despised by their ancestors. The Jews didn't undermine Christianity by attacking it in a philosophical arena, but rather they simply mocked its values. And that is precisely what they have done to all forms of European society: mocked it and made it appear weak, outdated, and stupid. Young Aryans today listen to rap because MTV and their radio stations say they like it. Young white kids think that listening to European classical music is feminine or nerdy, regardless of how contradictory this idea is. We have to cut off that voice that tells our youth to embrace rap and black "culture." While it may take a long time before we can build up our own media to counter that voice, we can become a bigger threat right now by mocking the current establishment as much as possible. Your white co-worker may have a heart attack if you tell him about the Jew-run media, but you can out-flank his defenses if you mock and belittle his media masters solely on the poor quality of their product. Keep at it enough and maybe he'll be watching less TV and spending more time reading or be involved in some other intellectually stimulating endeavor. Either way, the former lemming is on the path to reason.

In case you the reader are wondering, I am planning to attack the other major forms of the media establishment with the same method used here. Next we will finish up television by taking on both the national and local news. After that, targets will include music, movies, and mainstream Christianity. Yes folks, no form of the Jewish establishment will be allowed to escape my comedy gas chamber, where we serve up a lethal dose of Sarcasm B!


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