Playing Marxists' Bet-Your-Life Lotto in America

by Founders' America


This scribbler plays the Virginia lottery. My odds of winning are 1 in 7,000,000.

I play because I think I can win, just like so many other millions of optimistic players across the nation who play at games of chance, believing it can happen to them.

There's another kind of lottery played in America. I call it the "Bet-Your-Life Lotto." It's played in every community, each day, year-round.

It's a game played not by choice but by government edict.

Whites are forced to play it against their will.

It's a game no one tries to win.

The prizes are numerous, varied and deadly -- to be avoided!

The most unlucky winners are white women, white teen-age girls and elderly white men and women.

Whites suffer assaults by blacks at a rate that's off the charts, as compared with blacks being assaulted by whites (law-abiding blacks who play the game at the hands of other blacks notwith- standing).

If you're a white female and win this game of chance, you'll be either raped, robbed, car-jacked or killed at the hands of a black man between the ages of 15 and 35.

The Marxist-driven elites, who make up the rules of the Bet-Your-Life Lotto in Washington, don't have to play because they can afford security and/or remote housing -- far away from the black prize-distributors.

And they, those well-protected liberal elites, readily call white conservatives "racist" and "bigoted" and "prejudiced" for even raising any concerns about blacks moving into white schools and white neighborhoods.

The rules of the Bet-Your-Life Lotto are simple:

The federal government, using regulations and laws it deems necessary for encouraging racial mongrelization, force white communities to "welcome" blacks (and other minorities) into schools, businesses, and organizations while whites test their survival skills by living with the danger blacks pose, or by scrambling away to protect themselves and/or loved ones from black culture.

Liberal elites seem not to understand why whites use racial slurs to keep blacks out of their communities, even though their placing their own children in private schools and living away from black culture is effectively a masked form of racial slur.

Which is the worse social offense, racial slurs or rape and robbery and murder?

This scribbler has had to move twice to escape black culture (I list crimes I've witnessed blacks commit in my two previous commu- nities within the text of my "Gautreaux Project" essay, mentioned below).

The neighborly and moral thing to do would be to welcome blacks into white communities. But the awful criminal reputation of the black race, here and abroad, precedes them.

Why would whites not take the risk of inviting criminally inclined folks into their communities? Because whites believe that they c-a-n win millions of dollars against i-n-c-r-e-d-i-b-l-e odds, and could -- by logical extension -- become a crime statistic at those even far "better" Bet-Your-Life Lotto odds.

In other words, for whites to avoid winning any of the prizes -- to avoid being raped, robbed, car-jacked or murdered -- they must keep one step ahead of the federal government, by placing their kids in private schools and/or moving to where blacks don't live.

The 1995 Uniform Crime Reports tabulation on blacks arrested for various crimes is mind-boggling -- stunning! Blacks commit most of the crimes in America, and they're only 12% of the population!

The black male is a very busy criminal, in deed, when one considers that only 1 of 10 perpetrators of crime is ever caught!

So, if 1 out of 4 black males in large urban centers is plugged into the wrong end of the criminal justice system, then the number of black males who've never been caught raises the question of whether blacks can ever abide the degree of high culture in any white civil society.

And Hispanic males are playing catch-up to match black males' rates of crime at an alarming pace, even in this "good" economy! Yet our Marxist-oriented federal government, in its tyrannical mongrelization scheme, is working hard to force the integration of legal and illegal Hispanics into white civil society.

Here are the incremental steps Marxists took to apply the Bet-Your-Life Lotto agains white civil society:

1) It all began with the special Civil Rights Act of 1964, which provided Marxist social engineers (mostly progressive Jews) a legal means to force blacks into mainstream white civil society (progressive Jews' primary purpose in aiding blacks was to put another minority groups between them and WASPs, to shield themselves and avoid another expulsion for taking control of a host culture).

2) Then the 1965 Immigration Act was passed to begin shifting America from a white nation to a racially diverse one (even after liberal Democrats, especially Marxist/Senator Ted Kennedy, had promised it wouldn't be used to change America's racial mix from white to "other").

3) The next step was a stiff application of "fair housing" regulations, which forced apartment owners and realty companies to place blacks and other minorities in white apartment complexes and in houses within white neighborhoods. At the same time housing was being force-integrated.

4) And affirmative-action quotas were forced upon both white businesses, public organizations, government agencies and schools' staff -- forced to accept unqualified and/or under-qualified minorities to meet federal racial mongrelization demands (feds in the Seventies and Eighties even secretly had altered white males' test scores so that minorities and women could be hired over them, for which administrative crime no public official has ever been punished).

Marxists' latest scheme -- after whites have been ap- plying the pack-'n'-move-to-survive tack to escape black culture for nearly four decades now, trying to beat the odds by settling down in outlying suburban and rural communities -- is to take poor minorities out of inner-city projects and place them in white middle- and upper-middle-class communities.

I call it "The Gautreaux Project."

It's a scheme to fully integrate the races and effect total racial mongrelization in America; a planned model for the New Socialist Order, to effect a genocide of the white race and Western culture in America -- for the sake of a U.N.-directed, one-world government, which planned genocide is now occurring at an alarming rate because anti-white minority men are flooding into the country, legally and illegally, then targeting white females for seduction, impregna- tion and/or marriage (most of them, especially black and Latino males, try impregnating white teen-age girls, then abandon them if they succeed; they even hold contests -- a gang initiation rite in many cases -- to see who can father the most children with white girls).

Of course, white males are impotent to stop the thing because their women have turned against them, because of radical feminism, which actually is Marxist/socialist/feminism -- women being Marxist by nature (Note: Read Marx and Engels' plan, the "Communist Manifesto," to learn how perfectly progressive Jews, liberal Christians and secular humanists in the Democrat Party have followed Marxism's tenets for toppling meritorious capital- ism in white Christian democracies).

When women of a race of men betray their own men, betray their race and culture, just as white women are doing to their men and Western culture in America, that race and culture are doomed. And the Bet-Your-Life Lotto keeps playing without any serious challenge from men on the the Right.

Why? -- Marxist/socialist/feminism has emasculated them, as well.

We're witnessing the murder of a civilization by ANTI-WHITE/ANTI WESTERN people of color and their PROGRESSIVE-JEW handlers. And whenever a leading, high-culture civilization is in decline, it bodes much, much ill -- warring and hardship -- for the rest of the world.

History teaches that fact.


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