Love Groups Cause the Hate They Decry

by Founders' America

July 19, 2002

The evil mind that f o r c e d the integration of a minority race of black Africans into white civil society through forced busing, affirmative-action quotas and "fair housing" regulations -- but after promising that the 1964 Civil Rights Act would not be used to apply quotas or to discriminate against whites, and after promising that the Immigration Act of 1965 would not be used to alter America's racial mix -- is the same mind that brought human slaughterhouses ("pro-choice" clinics) to every city; and now tries to mainstream adult/child sex (pedophilia) through the auspices of the American Psychological Association, which used its power in the Seventies to convert homosexuality to normalcy.

Leftist love groups foment evil -- not love -- because they're unable to think through to the logical, bad outcomes of their social engineering. Or they are Marxist/socialist/feminists who knowingly work for the destruction of America's founding race and culture of white civil society (the latter case being more substantial).

For example, many members of love groups lack the mental wherewithal to link growing illegitimacy in America to declining morals and to welfare handouts. They can't link teen girls having babies to schools' removal of instructions about right vs. wrong, or to government funding of apartments, food stamps and medical care for teen mothers.

And some members of love groups -- like in the ACLU, ADL and Planned Parenthood -- love the vile and bizarre while hating any traditional values; hate the racial, religious and cultural foundations upon which this nation was conceived and built; hate whites' "supremacist" position in their own civilization; hate Christian morality, which term simply means the conscious distinction between right and wrong; and hate white Western civilization's influence throughout the world. They are Marxist/socialist/ feminists.

Left-wing love groups destroy rational sense in all aspects of personal and social intercourse in America, elevating emotion over logic to bring chaos to America's high-culture white society.

Left-wing love groups are immoralists (libertines) who foment the hate they decry by creating social conditions that moralists can't tolerate (the Founders wouldn't tolerate).

For example, when federal government began the FORCED busing of children to effect perfect racial equality in education -- an impossible goal since the races are heritably unequal in intelligence potential -- it made otherwise law-abiding whites hateful of their government, causing them to either forcibly resist the tyranny ("massive resistance" and Boston riots) or flee and begin anew, escaping to another community to harbor their children in white public schools or private ones.

Those who have studied the Founders' writings know that they would have gone to war to halt forced busing. But there is so much about this tyrannical federal government, past and present, that our Founding Fathers would not have tolerated but warred against.

They certainly did not intend for emotion to trump reason and usher in FORCED INTEGRATION (leftist liars use the innocuous-sounding terms "desegregation" and "integration" to mask that awful tyranny), which evil effort during the Fifties began all the rest of what's wrong with American civilization. How?: After whites were made to submit to black culture -- the vulgar and/or violent music and drugs and sexual promiscuity, all coming out of black ghettoes into white schools -- by federal edict, why would whites feel any allegiance to the rest of the moral culture their white predecessors had built?

Forced integration has eroded whites' r a c i a l connections for keeping their society's moral and cultural underpinnings. So why would whites care about moral virtue and good civil society after being so thoroughly demoralized by this Marxist/socialist/feminist federal government, in having their white race and white communities ripped apart, which social engineering remains one of the most evil -- not to mention most undemocratic and unconstitutional -- acts in history? It has been (is) a GENOCIDAL attempt to MONGRELIZE the white race.

Many pro-Civil Rights conservatives can't make the connection between the evil mind that engineered FORCED INTEGRATION and those human slaughterhouses -- and broken families, abandoned children, dumbed-down and dangerous schools, kids killing kids, ubiquitous pornography, deadly STDs, and our unprotected borders and communities.

Too many rightists can't see that that evil mind, always disguised as a "loving" do-gooder, spews forth this cultural sewage washing over the Founders' America.

Add to the evil of forced integration this unrelenting importation of anti-white tribes from around the world to see that white Western civilization is doomed, so long as rightists deny reality and do nothing; they deny how the "Civil" Rights Movement directly relates to this cultural sewage spilling over America, and sit red-faced in the midst of it all, afraid to write or speak the truth for fear of being labeled "racist" or "bigoted."


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