Degrading Christians, Women: Is It Good For Whites?

by F. Lee Conscious

July 21, 2002

If someone went up to you and called your mother a whore, would you reply: "Well, let me look that up and get back to you?" Your reply would probably be a little more angrily constructed, right? So what do you think happens if you call someone's god a name, or defile someone's religion? He will react defensively, closing his mind, and become hostile to you and all that you represent. What happens when you tell women "Make babies now, bitch, because that's all your good for"? In the case of recruiting for the racialist Cause, you will have turned potential recruits into definite, although hopefully just temporary, enemies.


While it's true that modern-day mainstream Christians are a truly moronic bunch, whether it's importing Africans to White neighborhoods or proudly siding with Israel and the killers of Christ, pro-White Christians should not be subject to insults from non-Christian pro-Whites. Ask yourself: "Is insulting these Christians good for Whites? Is it good for our cause?"

While the question of whether Chrisitianity historically has been good or bad for the race is open to debate, the fact that there are Christians who are helping our cause is not. David Duke, for example, has been immensely important in helping racially ignorant Whites take that first step: thinking on their own. For me personally, it was reading Mr. Duke's My Awakening that helped me to overcome much of my conditioning, and become the racially conscious person I am today. Mr. Duke's racial beliefs stand side-by-side with his Christian beliefs to make him the force for our cause that he is.

Non-Christian racialists look at the worship of a Jewish figure, and Jewish god, and react in disgust. I can't say that I, being an atheist, disagree with that disgust. However, as Christianity spread throughout Europe originally, it took an Aryan form. Aryan ideals of goodness and fairness together with a "revisioned" Aryan Jesus defined the Christianity that ruled Europe for centuries. This "Aryan Christianity" is what exists today, at least for racialist Christians. While this religion may, at its roots, be alien, the fact remains that pro-White Christians are fighting the good fight with the rest of us, and should for this reason be embraced, not ridiculed.

I'm not trying to sound like some kind of individualist ("...but there are gooood Christians too! Waaa"); I have no problem expressing my disagreement with Whites worshipping an inherently Semitic religion, but that's all it is: a disagreement. It's a different way of viewing the world. And, again, since we're on the same side with regards to race, it's a disagreement that can be put on the back burner.


After reading the article: "On The Current Pathetic Crop Of American White Females" by Frank W. Mimms, I get the impression that some White men are a bit upset with our women (genius that I am). Is "laying down the law" on women good for Whites, good for our movement?

We know all about the feminist/liberal culture that encourages women to be as manlike as possible, and that greatly discourages motherhood, but don't forget about economics.

A generation ago, women really didn't need to work -- the paycheck brought home by the man was more than enough to provide for a good middle-class existence. With our present economic system, for a typical middle class family, it takes two parents working full time to maintain the lifestyle of a generation ago. Not everyone is cut out for "roughing it": having four or five kids and living in "slum-like" conditions, and we must realize this fact. Disrespecting women, telling them that they should only be mothers and nothing else, telling them that they are unable to be anything else, will only work against us, against our cause.

Motherhood is so very important, but women can do much more if they so desire. I thought Raina Wilhelm's piece "Children: The More, The Merrier" was right on the money. We should encourage our women to have children before having careers, not one at the expense of the other. Like she stated: "While many women choose to wait for children, I chose to wait for a higher education and career. After all, my chances of earning a degree won't be cut in half when I reach age 35, but my fertility will be. My children have the advantage of having parents young enough to get down on the floor and play with them. As I near thirty, I find myself losing patience more easily and am thankful that by the time I'm 40, my child-raising days will be over."

We need to end this "have children or you're nothing" nonsense and recognize the fact that women can be more than barefoot, pregnant, and chained to the stove. After we achieve victory, and a responsible economic system is in place, the need for women in the workplace will naturally decrease, and, as a result, the family unit will gradually go back to the way it should be.


Class warfare is a successful tactic of the Communists. Slamming Christians and women is a derivative of class warfare -- pitting White men against women and non-Christians against Christians. Are we not playing right into the hands of the enemy by waging these derivatives of class warfare? Have we not enough enemies? Religious- and sex-based infighting among us will get us nowhere. We have NO time for this kind of "weeding out" of "un-Aryan" types -- the demographic warfare being waged against us will be over -- with us losing -- within a century. Once the System lies firmly under our control can we begin the educational process of "weeding out" the mentalities, as well as other conditions, that lead to feminism as well as the worshipping of gods, if that's desirable.


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