Our Racial Enemies: Ugly, For Your Protection

by Douglas Wright

July 15, 2002

Human beings avoid eating shit. This is because it smells awful. The avoidance phenomenon comes in handy, evolutionarily speaking: Shit has no nutritional value. If we tried living on it, we'd die. Early man didn't have the scientific knowledge to explain all this, but the putrid fumes were enough to steer him toward better eating habits. Nature, it seems, propels us from the bad and toward the good.

So it is for the blacks, Jews and other races so unfortunately occupying our space. You can pile up statistics all day long about black crime and Jewish media control, but when you get right down to it, the proof's right in front of our faces. Our racial enemies throw off the visual equivalent of shit fumes. All we need for guidance is the eye-to-brain signal we get upon sighting the specimens. It's for our own protection. Blacks: Danger! Don't go near! Potentially violent! Jews: Warning! Do not trust! Will lie! Something deep inside tells us we should avoid them, and their physical appearance plays a larger-than-acknowledged role in sending that message.

This phenomenon is unquantifiable, of course. You won't see an article in American Renaissance about how non-Whites look like shit, because you can't get a multi-degreed scientist to assemble the statistics on it. So, I, D.W., am here to spell it out for you, in explicitly non-quantitative terms. But you don't have to take my word for it. Take a look-see for yourself. Just head out to any non-White area in America, stroll around, and lay your peepers on the parade of creatures passing before you. If you live on the East Coast, I suggest getting off the New York City subway system at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. Then walk up the hill toward the Grand Concourse (not so grand these days, thanks to mud invasion), down a few blocks and back. If you live in or around Detroit, just head downtown. If you live in or around Washington, D.C., just hop on the Metro. The human filth you will see will disgust you right down to your marrow. If it's not enough to convince that There Is No Intelligent Opposition to White Nationalism, you've had a section of your gray matter removed by Big Brother. Which, come to think of it, most White Americans have.

Are there ugly Whites? Of course. Having just returned from a trip to central Pennsylvania, I can confirm that. Please, no offense meant to the normal-looking Whites of central Pennsylvania, especially the racially conscious ones reading VNN. But let's not forget a racial truth so basic it eludes description: White people are esthetically superior. By far. Not just subjectively, but objectively -- in a way that everyone, White and non-White, intuits. Glowing white skin, fine hair, bright eyes, strong cheekbones, defined jaws, pleasant noses, commanding heights -- you name it, we've got it. We are White and we look good. Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the finest race of all? Nor should we overlook the contrasting, but equally basic, truth: Blacks, Hispanics, Jews, most Arabs and many Asians look, as I've said, and for lack of a better word, like shit. Shit, packed onto a skeletal frame of some sort, however crooked and malformed, and locomoting about, accomplishing little but the annoyance of Whites. I see it as Nature's way of keeping the races separate, even for those Whites lacking advanced degrees.

Take any example of a black or Hispanic celebrity considered physically attractive, and you'll come to find that their attractiveness is really a function of how White, or European, they look. Think of Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, and every other local television news personality in the United States. Really, now. Light-skinned blacks must have the lowest unemployment rate of any demographic group in America. The partners at the law firm stick Winston Hinton in the firm brochure as proof of their commitment to diversity, knowing that he doesn't look so much like a field nigger that clients would be upset. I remember reading once that Mexican politicians wear big mustaches to accentuate their European ancestry: the bigger the mustache, the more European -- and thus less Indian -- they are. And therefore more desirable. But of course. And nobody loves the rubios like south-of-the-border tv.

White nationalists took notice of the story of the green-eyed Afghan girl featured on the cover of National Geographic so many years ago who was recently tracked down by the photographer for a television special. Proof of Aryan presence in the Middle and Near East, they said. I believe it. Looking into the eyes is the kind of believing only a Jew would deny. Not for no reason do they call eyes the window to the soul. Looks like the non-White windows could use some Windex. So, folks, why was it that the Afghan girl's light green eyes were so "haunting" and "beautiful," as the mainstream commentators put it? Well? Nobody's ever described a Jew's eyes as "haunting and beautiful." Ditto for a nigger's eyes. What's going on? I have an answer. It's the White race that's haunting and beautiful. Not Jews. Not niggers. But us. The proof is right there for everyone to see. Just take a look. See? The five senses are all you need to tell you: Whites, good. Others, not so good. What could be purer? Learn to deny what your senses tell you, and you're cleared to be Bar Mitvahed.

Jews, it ought to go without saying, are hatefully ugly. Their long noses droop below their lips or balloon from their faces. Their sallow skin has a sort of yellowish tinge to it -- not the fresh happy pink of an Aryan, but the oddly jaundiced pale of an alien. Their eyeball colors are typically lighter than a black's but still carry a beady, rat-like shiftiness that fairly screams, "Not your friend! Be careful here!" I sat on the subway once with two particularly egregious specimens before me, trying to identify what made them so damn foreign, while at the same time white-looking, emphasis on the looking. I determined that it was in the drawn-down eyes. The eyes, especially, had a sort of Asian cast to them, and pulled down at the outer corners. Aryan eyes seem to pull up at the corners, I've noticed. It dawned on me that these two revolting kikes, even without their beards, strong body odor and Orthodox costumes, would still be identifiable as Jews. That's not always the case for other Jews, of course, but with sufficient training and careful attention paid, most can be visually identified.

Blacks, meanwhile, are hideous monstrosities of Nature. It's not necessarily their skin color, though, that dooms them, though having skin the color of shit is probably not a good start. There are fashion models with dark black skin who have an alluring appearance, owing mostly to the bone structure underneath -- which is well-defined and European, naturally. They typically have light eyes, as well. But just look at the vast majority of blacks, both male and female. I don't have the space to catalogue the ugliness. From stupidly inflated lips to gargantuan flared noses, their faces are a study in distortion. Their bodies are no better. Butts that seem to protrude unendingly, arms that hang gorilla low, body cavities contorted in all manner of bizarre and unsettling shapes. Heads either too large or too small, and topped with that ridiculous-looking frizz, which females always seem to treat into something straight and European-looking. They're creatures from a different time and space. I think the best proof of this is the front-set teeth. If you look at monkeys and apes, you'll notice that the teeth are set forward, almost as if they aren't a part of the head, pulling that space between the bottom of the nose and the top of the top lip way out and down. Blacks often have the same characteristic. Disgusting.

So who tells us we're not seeing what we're seeing? The media, for one, followed by schools, government and the legal system. And you know who controls those institutions. Here's a hint: They've got big noses and put little beanie caps on for their anti-White ceremonies. Me, I don't control anything but the words I'm writing right now. But what I'm telling you is this: Don't listen to the Jews. Don't listen to the blacks and the rest of the muds, either. Look at them. Seeing is believing.


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