On The Current Pathetic Crop Of American White Females

Get "With Baby" Yesterday

by Frank W. Mimms

July 20, 2002

Are you a member of the current pathetic crop of American White Females? If you are, you deserve no sympathy, no consideration whatsoever. I suspect you're eventually gonna get what you deserve. You're not much, but you're all you think about. You're barren. You're worthless. You've failed.

What do I see? I see that the current crop of American White females has forgotten or ignored 350 years of American generational knowledge and squandered America's heritage. What don't I see? I don't see strong, wise, young, proud white MOTHERS.

Here's a natural FACT. You're Anglo Saxon and female and you aren't "with 'white' (non-miscegenated mongrel) baby." Well then, you're a jewthink race traitor.

Hello failed current generation American White Female. How old are you anyway and do you have or have you had a baby in your womb? If the answer is no, then, what's wrong with you anyway? A healthy, full-blooded 22-year-old white female should have already had at least two children and have one cooking and more coming. Some of you claim to stand up for and love your people. What? Yet, You remain barren. You hypocrite. You are ignorant and worthless and suicidal. Without your very own little army of pure white babies you are nothin'. You need to be "with baby." Then and only then can you be an American WOMAN. If you aren't already too old, you're getting older every day. The quality of your eggs declines with each cycle.

The unique, "one and only" current generation (Current Crop American Females) of careerist feminazis, to one degree or another, has sided with jewthink. You made your choice. Now. Consider for an instant ONE possible downside scenario: The wave of jewthink influence of careerist, feminazi race traitors has crested, has peaked along with jew influence in America, the world stock markets and your 401K. ZOG goes bankrupt. Counting on social security? Medicare? Free drugs and housing. Right! If you survive the beatings of minorities, you'll be lucky to be eatin' beans out of a can, driving a grocery cart and livin' in a cardboard box. The tide is going out not coming in. They're all headed for a crash, a fall. So are you. Jews have been chased out of every place they've inhabited for 3000 years--most recently Great Britain, Russia and Germany. A perfectly reliable track record. It ain't been pretty. Their fellow-travelers (That means YOU -- CURRENT CROP AMERICAN FEMALES) have been stigmatized and have suffered an identically sorry fate. The jews were chased to America. They're here now. But, remember, there's only 6 million jews in all of America and they don't care about you anyway. They care about jews. If you are 30 years old (or older) and barren when the time comes and the jew-owned lawyers, judges and politicos are gone, where do you think that leaves you? Probably in the same boat as Hillary and Janet Reno. Not a comfortable place. Where do you think you will end up? Who is gonna' need you and for what?

Or, look at it from another wise and more profound angle. Many American children (generation after generation) have played a childhood card game -- "OLD MAID." Get stuck with the OLD MAID and you're the BIG LOSER. For those who wear single-generation historical blinders and who mistakenly project present societal moods and values into the future, once again, I suggest you read a little American social history. Apply the dialectic of historical change. Get the big picture over time. If you are ignorant and lazy, then study for instance just the life -- the daily round -- of an American institution -- the OLD MAID -- over say the last 350 years. Careerist, feminazi race traitors are a one-time generational anomaly somewhat akin to the short-lived "free-love" generation in Russia between 1917 and 1923. Check the ultimate fate of the participants of that experiment. Or, move over to Germany: What was the fate of Rosa Luxemburg? Or, gettin' back to America: What was so onerous, so terrible, that except for the current generation, the OLD MAID was chosen as witch, monster and consummate social leper in a childhood card game? C'mon, Harvard Women's Studies program graduates. You're smart. Analyze OLD MAID. You got all the answers. What's the answer?

Want "career" and money? That's fleeting jewhaze. Won't happen, never lasts, will leave you marked and vulnerable when reality takes its vengeance. It depletes prime child-bearing years. You say you want to build your "earning power"? What? "Career" and "earning power" ain't nothin' but direct participation in a genocidal Planned Parenthood jewcon to get you to self-mutilate and flush your eggs. You can't hide. You'll be recognized immediately for what you are and which side you're on (Where are your kids?) and have always been on. In the long run all that counts is "borning power."

Forget principles. You have none. Well then, get self-interested. It may be your last chance. Better at least cover your butt. Ask yourself the right question: What kind of "MOTHERING POWER" have I got? From the beginning of American history up until WWI, all fourteen generations of American Women were universally wise and strong and fertile. They were "Mothering Power" incarnate. America today stands on their shoulders, not yours. Out of 14 generations, you're the first to corrupt and fail. For the ignorant (most of you), try on some historical perspective, learn a little of your heritage. Begin to remove the jewfog. Talk to your grandparents. Discover your family history. Trace your family tree.

Read DeTocqueville's 1836 description (see it below -- read it now -- learn and grow)* of the strength and essence of America as American Woman. American Woman crafted the American soul. American Woman stayed home, they made HOME, they were HOME. They built American character into their children. They built America's future. They didn't dabble in mundane business and politics. They did the important stuff. They pursued their true and crucial mission. American WOMAN mothered America to greatness. The authentic Anglo Saxon American WOMAN had real influence, real power, real wealth -- her first child at age 16 (Yeah Stupid, really) and then the FIVE or SIX more babies that followed -- healthy, young, good eggs -- good genes, nurtured professionally at home to maturity. Generations of Americans prospered. Generations of Americans excelled. They honored and protected their MOTHER. American Woman made America great.

What's your problem today, White Female? Your generation has failed and is still failing. The very first to lose their way. Do something smart, quick and easy. Throw out the murder pills. Take 5 intimate minutes TODAY with your favorite genetically-sound Anglo Saxon MAN. Turn yourself into an authentic American WOMAN. Your Anglo Saxon babies will love you for the gift of life and genius and bravery and honor and creativity and civility, and posterity will bless you, I promise you that -- it has never failed before and never will. Try looking 14 generations behind you. And, ignorant as you are, nevertheless, try looking at least one generation ahead. Get reality. Your personal career and wealth and all that the future and posterity and the destiny of America and the world (and the bane of jews and slackers everywhere and forever) will ever have reason to care about YOUR miserable self, as AMERICAN WHITE FEMALE, is solely dependent upon one single thing: Did you, or did you not, MOTHER your own little army of Anglo Saxon white babies?

Current crop jewthink infected White females are always gettin' ready to get ready. Career planning. Schooling. Shopping, College. "Experiencing." Flirting. Posing. Styling. Traveling. Saving. Acquiring cheap material-trash. Waitin' to buy a car or get your own place. Waitin' to get the career going. Waitin' for the right man. Waitin' for a "promotion." Waitin', consuming and following the jewthink herd. Wasting time. Just Waitin' and Waitin' and Wasting. Cycling good and sometimes genius eggs and sperm down the toilet. Squandering everything of real worth and lasting value. Waitin' to die. This is how a potentially glorious white female gets to be an old, worthless, over-the-hill, broken-down, barren, helpless, exposed, booted-around state hag -- ward -- with a legacy of death -- no more value to her white race than Gloria Steinem or Susan Sontag. How will your obituary read?

"Demography is destiny." You forgot the one eternal truth. Here's the nub White female: You are what comes out of your womb. There alone resides your potential for greatness. But, current crop good and proper and slim and beautiful and successful and "caring" and "giving" (pieces of worthless shit) Majority American females WAITIN' for white babies translates simply as: You ain't foolin' no one. We see you. You stink. We won't forget to forget you. You will be abandoned in the same manner as you have abandoned the glorious AMERICAN WOMAN heritage to whore to the tune of jewthink vomit.

White female. Get "with baby" yesterday. Do it by age 18 as nature intended (look at that pathetic, in her forties, Madonna tryin' to grunt out another egg -- funny stuff) or at least do it now if you missed prime time. This is your career. Your Profession. There's none higher or better and there never will be. I repeat. For 350 years up until 1965, the average number of surviving offspring for American Anglo Saxon MOTHERS was SIX. Can you count? How many are you short?

We're watching YOU. WELL, Stupid. You gonna' do it or not?

Straight-Shootin', Fourteenth Generation American, Anglo Saxon White Male


*DeTocqueville "Democracy in America" around 1836.

(text located at http://xroads.virginia.edu/~HYPER/DETOC/ch3_12.htm)


I have shown how democracy destroys or modifies the different inequalities that originate in society; but is this all, or does it not ultimately affect that great inequality of man and woman which has seemed, up to the present day, to be eternally based in human nature? I believe that the social changes that bring nearer to the same level the father and son, the master and servant, and, in general, superiors and inferiors will raise woman and make her more and more the equal of man. But here, more than ever, I feel the necessity of making myself clearly understood; for there is no subject on which the coarse and lawless fancies of our age have taken a freer range.

There are people in Europe who, confounding together the different characteristics of the sexes, would make man and woman into beings not only equal but alike. They would give to both the same functions, impose on both the same duties, and grant to both the same rights; they would mix them in all things--their occupations, their pleasures, their business. It may readily be conceived that by thus attempting to make one sex equal to the other, both are degraded, and from so preposterous a medley of the works of nature nothing could ever result but weak men and disorderly women.

It is not thus that the Americans understand that species of democratic equality which may be established between the sexes. They admit that as nature has appointed such wide differences between the physical and moral constitution of man and woman, her manifest design was to give a distinct employment to their various faculties; and they hold that improvement does not consist in making beings so dissimilar do pretty nearly the same things, but in causing each of them to fulfill their respective tasks in the best possible manner. The Americans have applied to the sexes the great principle of political economy which governs the manufacturers of our age, by carefully dividing the duties of man from those of woman in order that the great work of society may be the better carried on.

In no country has such constant care been taken as in America to trace two clearly distinct lines of action for the two sexes and to make them keep pace one with the other, but in two pathways that are always different. American women never manage the outward concerns of the family or conduct a business or take a part in political life; nor are they, on the other hand, ever compelled to perform the rough labor of the fields or to make any of those laborious efforts which demand the exertion of physical strength. No families are so poor as to form an exception to this rule. If, on the one hand, an American woman cannot escape from the quiet circle of domestic employments, she is never forced, on the other, to go beyond it. Hence it is that the women of America, who often exhibit a masculine strength of understanding and a manly energy, generally preserve great delicacy of personal appearance and always retain the manners of women although they sometimes show that they have the hearts and minds of men.

Nor have the Americans ever supposed that one consequence of democratic principles is the subversion of marital power or the confusion of the natural authorities in families. They hold that every association must have a head in order to accomplish its object, and that the natural head of the conjugal association is man. They do not therefore deny him the right of directing his partner, and they maintain that in the smaller association of husband and wife as well as in the great social community the object of democracy is to regulate and legalize the powers that are necessary, and not to subvert all power.

This opinion is not peculiar to one sex and contested by the other; I never observed that the women of America consider conjugal authority as a fortunate usurpation of their rights, or that they thought themselves degraded by submitting to it. It appeared to me, on the contrary, that they attach a sort of pride to the voluntary surrender of their own will and make it their boast to bend themselves to the yoke, not to shake it off. Such, at least, is the feeling expressed by the most virtuous of their sex; the others are silent; and in the United States it is not the practice for a guilty wife to clamor for the rights of women while she is trampling on her own holiest duties.

It has often been remarked that in Europe a certain degree of contempt lurks even in the flattery which men lavish upon women; although a European frequently affects to be the slave of woman, it may be seen that he never sincerely thinks her his equal. In the United States men seldom compliment women, but they daily show how much they esteem them. They constantly display an entire confidence in the understanding of a wife and a profound respect for her freedom; they have decided that her mind is just as fitted as that of a man to discover the plain truth, and her heart as firm to embrace it; and they have never sought to place her virtue, any more than his, under the shelter of prejudice, ignorance, and fear.

It would seem in Europe, where man so easily submits to the despotic sway of women, that they are nevertheless deprived of some of the greatest attributes of the human species and considered as seductive but imperfect beings; and (what may well provoke astonishment) women ultimately look upon themselves in the same light and almost consider it as a privilege that they are entitled to show themselves futile, feeble, and timid. The women of America claim no such privileges.

Again, it may be said that in our morals we have reserved strange immunities to man, so that there is, as it were, one virtue for his use and another for the guidance of his partner, and that, according to the opinion of the public, the very same act may be punished alternately as a crime or only as a fault. The Americans do not know this iniquitous division of duties and rights; among them the seducer is as much dishonored as his victim.

It is true that the Americans rarely lavish upon women those eager attentions which are commonly paid them in Europe, but their conduct to women always implies that they suppose them to be virtuous and refined; and such is the respect entertained for the moral freedom of the sex that in the presence of a woman the most guarded language is used lest her ear should be offended by an expression. In America a young unmarried woman may alone and without fear undertake a long journey.

The legislators of the United States, who have mitigated almost all the penalties of criminal law, still make rape a capital offense, and no crime is visited with more inexorable severity by public opinion. This may be accounted for; as the Americans can conceive nothing more precious than a woman's honor and nothing which ought so much to be respected as her independence, they hold that no punishment is too severe for the man who deprives her of them against her will. In France, where the same offense is visited with far milder penalties, it is frequently difficult to get a verdict from a jury against the prisoner. Is this a consequence of contempt of decency or contempt of women? I cannot but believe that it is a contempt of both.

Thus the Americans do not think that man and woman have either the duty or the right to perform the same offices, but they show an equal regard for both their respective parts; and though their lot is different, they consider both of them as beings of equal value. They do not give to the courage of woman the same form or the same direction as to that of man, but they never doubt her courage; and if they hold that man and his partner ought not always to exercise their intellect and understanding in the same manner, they at least believe the understanding of the one to be as sound as that of the other, and her intellect to be as clear. Thus, then, while they have allowed the social inferiority of woman to continue, they have done all they could to raise her morally and intellectually to the level of man; and in this respect they appear to me to have excellently understood the true principle of democratic improvement.

As for myself, I do not hesitate to avow that although the women of the United States are confined within the narrow circle of domestic life, and their situation is in some respects one of extreme dependence, I have nowhere seen woman occupying a loftier position; and if I were asked, now that I am drawing to the close of this work, in which I have spoken of so many important things done by the Americans, to what the singular prosperity and growing strength of that people ought mainly to be attributed, I should reply: To the superiority of their women.


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