Jared Taylor is Not a White Nationalist

by Kevin Hannan

July 24, 2002

Jared Taylor's appearance on the July 23rd broadcast of the Hal Turner show proved he is not a white nationalist, and he is not on our side nor is he to be trusted. If anything, he is in my opinion working for our enemies. Do no allow yourself to be misled by this man. He is a Shabboz Goy, or as the bloody old Jew Lenin might have described him: "A useful idiot." Which is not to say I think he is unintelligent or uneducated. He possesses all the pedigree and erudition of a George Will or William Buckley which makes him all the more of a threat to genuine White Nationalists.

The first hour of the show was basically a reiteration of Jared Taylor's essay "What is Racism?" About 45 minutes into the first hour Hal turner brought up the subject of the Jews and their control of the Mass Media, which Mr. Taylor did his Ivy-league best to play down and circumnavigate. I was able to speak with Mr. Taylor around 40 minutes into the second hour and spoke with him for about ten minutes. It was during those ten minutes he most revealed his true intentions and who he is working for.

The first hour of the show Mr. Taylor showcased his talent for pointing out the double standards and hypocrisy of Multi-Culturalism. He is truly great at pointing out the inconsistencies and contradictions of America's new religion. He is also willing to broach the subject of inherent racial differences between Blacks and Whites or Mestizos and Whites. He even went so far as to criticize the new religionists for being disingenuous when it comes to the concept of "Cultural Relativity." He said they could not seriously believe in the equivalence of "African tub thumping" to the beauty of Beethoven's fifth. He also went on to state that Whites are in grave danger of becoming racially extinct, and that our apparent racial self-destruction is quite unprecedented in history. He did not detail anything that any savvy and aware White Nationalist did not already know. Mr. Taylor runs into trouble when asked why we are in this situation and how it all came about. The best explanation Mr. Taylor could come up with was very vague at best. He said we are self-destructing and allowing ourselves to be dispossessed because of some intrinsic flaw Aryan people seem to suffer from collectively. He implied we must have some gene that triggers in the White consciousness a desire to become doormats for third world invaders.

Towards the end of the first hour Hal Turner raised the issue of the mass media and the powerful influence it has over the minds and opinions of the public. Hal suggested that the mind controlling influence of the media was the cause of our sickness. He went on to further point out that the media was overwhelmingly under Jewish control or ownership and that this put a tremendous amount of power in the hands of a 2% minority. Hal stated his belief that the role of the Jews in our destruction was the salient fact that needed to be examined. There was a long pause on the part of Mr. Taylor before his response. The first part of his response was to tell us that the Jews did not control all the Media although they are disproportionately represented, and he made the earth shaking admission that Jews do influence the public discourse. He then tried to steer the argument safely away from the chosen ones by stating his belief that if Presbyterians replaced the Jews in control of the media that nothing would change due to the liberal nature of the Presbyterian Church. Wow, just brilliant, he put a great deal of thought into that one. How did Presbyterians get to be so liberal? Are they some how unaffected by the larger cultural trends? Are they immune to the TV brainwashing machine? Maybe no Presbyterians watch TV or read the papers. I suppose their self-destruct gene detonated during their cultural isolation the way it has for the rest of us. Mr. Taylor then went on to say that too many White Nationalists just want someone to blame. Blaming the Jews as the root of our problem was an "over simplification". In other words White Nationalists who raise the Jewish question are just simple. He then went back to what would become his mantra for the evening: that we have something wrong with us and don't blame the chosen ones.

I got on the show with Mr. Taylor well into the second hour. I told him that his dismissal of the White Nationalist doctrine that Jews are a disease as being an over simplification was itself a vague and egregious over simplification. I said we don't have time to enumerate all the facts and rhetorical reasons for our belief in Jewish culpability, but that there are real and verifiable reasons for that belief - cultural, behavioral, historical. I told him that if people like myself are too low brow for him to read the works of Professor MacDonald. He said he has read all three voluminous works of Professor MacDonald. Amazingly enough he returned to his "over simplification" mantra when I pointed out that these works detail how the destructive nature of Jews has been bred into them culturally and genetically. He grew nervous and began to grasp at further straws stating that Europe is in the same boat as we are and yet their media is not in the same Jewish grip. I told him that is just not so. I told him to read Frederick Haerne's essay on the Jewish domination of the Swedish and Finnish media and their ownership of media in other European countries. I pointed out for instance that Boris Abramovich Berezovsky owns two of the largest television networks in Russia. I further told him that his explanation of our inherent self-destructive nature was a nebulous and unsatisfactory argument. At this point Mr. Taylor used one the oldest and most fallacious Jewish arguments in the book. He told me that yes many Jews do support things that are destructive for whites, such as non-white immigration, but there are Jews on our side and they do not welcome all these things. So, I was told, I am oversimplifying the matter by saying all Jews are bad and are the cause of all our misery. I was wrong for excluding Jews from "big tent" White Nationalism. It was then that Hal Turner jumped in and told me my time was up and we had to move to the next caller.

Mr. Taylor's defensive arguments concerning Jews are full of fallacy and easily animadverted. I did not have a chance to respond to his last point, but I will do so now. In his last argument Mr. Taylor used the old exception argument. If I can find an exception to what is generally true for the majority, then what is true about the larger majority is somehow nullified. Now I can say that not all Jews are bad. Not all Negroes are stupid. You are operating under stereotype. This argument can be refuted two ways. First, finding an exception to what is true for the larger majority does not negate that truth. No we can not say all Jews are bad, just most of them. If I find one Grizzly Bear mother who won't tear my head off does that mean I should not view Grizzly Bear mothers as dangerous to humans? Second, if Mr. Taylor needs proof that the majority of Jews in this country are bad and support all that is destructive of us I suggest he ponder this: According to statistics gathered by Jewish organizations 75-80% of all Jews in America support the goals of organized Jewry. I dare say, not one of the major Jewish organizations opposes these destructive policies but actively supports them. In fact you can go to the ADL website and see that they believe any White opposition to policies such as affirmative action and third world immigration is tantamount to anti-Semitism.

In conclusion I do not believe Jared Taylor is a White Nationalist at all. Anyone who claims to be a Patriot and refuses to acknowledge the Jewish problem is not being sincere. There is just too much evidence to the contrary. Not only does he avoid the Jewish question, he works very hard to steer any criticism away from Jews any way he can, whether it be a grotesque fallacy, dishonesty, or some ridiculous non sequitur. In my opinion he is nothing more than a front man for some Jewish organization. His job is to try and steer the White Nationalist movement away from the truth. At the very least he will siphon away perceptive people who might otherwise join with real White Nationalists. The Jews were very successful with this strategy in their campaign to inoculate the conservative movement and move it to a position that was amenable to Jewish strategy. We can never attain victory by just pointing out the symptoms of our disease as Mr. Taylor does. We have to kill off the disease-producing organism, and that organism is called Jew. I urge any aware thinking people who are on the fence not to be taken in by his urban Giorgio-Armani version of White Nationalism. Don't be impressed by his adenoidal Ivy League accent. Instead listen to the words of a good old boy who had a southern accent and an education Mr. Taylor could never possess. Join the National Alliance and God Bless Dr. William Pierce.



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