Dr. Laura Endangers White Girls

by Founders' America


Today, April 3rd, radio talk-show host Dr. Laura explained to a Jewish woman that it would be a mockery of the sacred to baptize her children into the Catholic faith, then raise them Jewish (the father is Roman Catholic).

When the mother was asked if she had discussed the matter with her husband before their marriage, she said she thought it had been settled, to which response Dr. Laura said:

"That's why I'm opposed to interfaith marriages."

In past radio programs, Dr. Laura has explained that interfaith marriages "PUT CHILDREN AT RISK" when there's a battle over which faith will instruct the children, often risking much rancor in the family if not fomenting divorce.

Dr. Laura has said many times that her first concern is the welfare of children, but, curiously, she supports a marital relationship that PUTS CHILDREN AT FAR, FAR GREATER RISK than any INTERFAITH MARRIAGE:


BLACK-MALE/WHITE-FEMALE marriages pose the highest risk for offspring, for these reasons:

  • SPOUSE ABUSE (black males physically abuse their mates at off-the-chart rates, as compared with men of other races);

  • RACIAL SLURS (are frequently used by fighting, mixed-race parents);

  • LOSS OF FAMILY CONTACTS (immediate and extended family members on both sides may shun the mixed-race couple to some degree, cutting off children from vital support);

  • EXPOSURE TO CRIMINALITY (black men's rates of crime make children's exposure to felons and criminality a near-certainty);

  • EXPOSURE TO DRUGS (black men's rate of use of recreational drugs is the highest among all the races, increasing the probability that children would be exposed to it);

  • EXPOSURE TO VD (black men's rate of infidelity ensures higher rates of exposure to HIV and other venereal diseases):

  • NEAR-INEVITABLE DIVORCE (black males' rates of infidelity and spouse abuse make such marriages a near-certain failure);

  • SOCIETAL SHUNNING (a majority population in each race are opposed to mixed-race marriages, which discrimination necessarily impacts the children).

Yet, whenever Dr. Laura gets a call from (or about) white parents opposing their children or grandchildren marrying into the black race, she resorts to the name-calling terms "bigot" and "racist," painting white parents' LOGICAL CONCERNS as a skin-color-premised prejudice!

Not judging a book by its cover is good advice for selecting books, but it fails LOGICALLY to apply when judging race-based proclivities and their possible impact on marriages, children and at-large society.

Blacks are not judged by the color of their skin, but for the content of the character of their race (both racial history and current social character), which skin color or other physical features may identify.

Blacks' social/cultural character is the issue for whites --not skin color.

Just the violent crime statistics for black males (including spouse abuse and rape), as compared with, say, white males, ought to give white parents pain upon learning that their daughter is dating and/or marrying a black man, which relationship nearly ensures a breakdown of the white nuclear and extended families -- and an inevitable, child-harming divorce caused by racial incompatibilities.

Why is there no concern voiced by Dr. Laura?:

Left-wing POLITICAL CORRECTNESS rules her on the issue -- not the TRUTH.

So: While Dr. Laura frequently makes claims about PUTTING the MENTAL and PHYSICAL WELFARE of CHILDREN ABOVE A-N-Y OTHER CONCERN, she LIES -- and betrays her good cause -- whenever she chastises white parents for raising any fears about having a son or daughter dating and/or marrying in the black race. There's also the fact that she's a Jew.


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