The New Manifest Destiny

by Sean Devane

July 23, 2002

When I was in 6th grade in 1968, my history textbook had a picture in the margin on one of the pages. It was a drawing of the continental United States with eyes and a smiling face and arms reaching out to the east and west. I still remember the caption: "Our Manifest Destiny, not a boast, meant we'd expand from coast to coast."

Throughout my grade-school education, I learned about American history from the perspective of White Americans. I learned about Washington and Lincoln, about Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence. I learned about the Boston Tea Party, Nathan Hale, Patrick Henry, Betsy Ross and Paul Revere. I learned about the Minute Men, Valley Forge and the Battles of Yorktown and Bunker Hill. I learned about Benjamin Franklin, the brilliant American statesmen, philosopher and scientist respected throughout the civilized world.

In 5th grade, I learned about Charlemagne (Karl der Groß or Karl der Metzger auf Deutsch), the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation and the Hanseatic League. I learned about the Magna Carta and the Battle of Hastings. I learned about lords and ladies and serfs and fiefs and guilds. I learned about the Dark Ages and the Renaissance. I learned about Galileo, Michelangelo, Titian and Da Vinci.

In later years, I learned about Shakespeare and Byron. I learned about the ancient Greek philosophers Aristotle and Plato, and about Socrates and Socratic logic. I learned about Newton and Kepler, about basic laws governing our world and our solar system. I learned about Athens and Sparta and the great Roman Empire. I learned about the Punic Wars.

But mostly I learned the good about European peoples and cultures. I learned Whites had created the greatest civilizations in history, and, bearing "the White man's burden," had brought our superior culture and civilization to the darker races of the world.

Although I learned about the civil-rights movement, about Martin Luther King Jr., about Jesse Jackson and Operation PUSH, I had only one teacher in my school who preached about it. This is the same teacher, an ultra leftist named Chapin, who told the story about how when he was in the army in WWII, he saw the gas chambers and the still smoldering ovens at Dachau. Well, even the most ardent holocaust believers now admit there were NO gas chambers for killing people at Dachau. Because my other junior high teachers were dedicated and rational, including a couple of the best teachers I ever had, it was easy to ignore Mr. Chapin's proselytizing.

I recently talked to my young niece, an intelligent young lady and an 'A' student who had just gotten a 'C' on a history test. She was learning about Mexican 'culture' in school. I asked her if she knew who Nathan Hale was (no). Patrick Henry (no). Ben Franklin (yes, but not through school, but because of my brother, her dad).

But she DID know Zapata. Who? A leader of the Mexican revolution. (To paraphrase the old saying, the Mexicans revolted in 1911 and have been revolting ever since. The blacks and the Jews on the other hand, have always been revolting.) Does Zapata have any relevance to White people in America, or to American civilization in general? Of course not! But our children "need" to know about him, just like they "need" to know about black "culture".

Our people will quickly tire of the multi-culturalist drivel which our children are being force-fed. Why? Because it is destiny, soon to be manifest.

Our new Manifest Destiny will come in two parts. The first part will be the awakening of the race. Our people will wake up because providence demands they do so. Even now, they are beginning to stir. The second part is victory: the victory which sweeps away the hostile Jewish control of our media and the Jewish influence in our art and culture. In the very near future, America will become White again. It will probably be a hard and bloody struggle, but it will happen. It MUST happen. It is our New Manifest Destiny.


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