A Practical Way to Help Advance the Struggle

by Vibeke Østergaard

July 24, 2002

One of the most common questions that comes up that is almost never answered in Eurocentric circles in countries that lack a viable pro-White electoral option, such as the U.S.A., is what a normal person can to do to help advance the struggle by reaching out the general public. While no "miracle cure" exists, well-founded hope does. I should state at the outset that the nature of the struggle is long term and requires real dedication equivalent to a part-time job rather then just the occasional leaflet run, heading to a gig, or helping out a demo. As a result, I understand that plenty of people that actually are part of the struggle or simply view themselves as such are simply not up the method I will detail shortly but I am hopeful that some will give this proven method a serious effort.

First, a bit about what does not work. Leafleting is, to my mind, not productive. I say this because the results of such efforts are hysterical articles in the local misinformation rag about "hate literature" that always fail to present the material in question in an accurate fashion while suggesting that such literature is illegal, or at least that it should be, while giving the ADL the chance to blather about the need to stop "the hate." The consequences of such coverage include the local police harassing area activists, the confiscation of distributed literature, and the local forces of diversity, love, and tolerance assaulting the proponents of unfashionable ideas. Chances are that if the agents of harmony and progress attack a "hater" the former will not be prosecuted by the courts while the later will. Such events tend to discourage new recruits and increase the defeatism that is already rife in American racial circles. Most discouraging of all is that when a lemming is confronted with a single sheet that contradicts what the Talmudvision tells him he simply rejects the message out of hand. In my experience, leafleting seldom results in more then 5% of the recipients attempting to contact the group. Worst of all, at best only half of such respondents are responsive and fewer still are likely to become active in the struggle.

Rallies are less then fruitful due to fees as well as time and space restrictions placed by the authorities, if they allow them at all, thereby preventing nationalists from using a venue that provides decent access to the public at large. Naturally, such events also draw the attention of the masked proponents of humane understanding who strike a blow for human rights via crowbars, balloons of urine, rioting and such forms of debate favored by groups like the ARA. Naturally, media attention varies from mildly negative to visceral condemnations the groups that organized the rally. In any case, a couple of hundred confrontational demonstrators carrying flags produces little tangible benefits in terms of PR or recruiting as can be readily seen from 30 years experience in the states as well as the recent history of the UK's NF.

Electoral efforts in the states have been rare and are doubtlessly fruitless beyond a local level. In part this is due to the institutional strength of the anti Occidental establishment in both parties, the high costs associated with even a Congressional primary bid, the lack of a viable nationalist electoral party and a controlled media. Worst of all is that in the states all electoral districts are represented by a single winning candidate rather then by proportional representation as is the rule in parliamentary based systems. What this means is that if a racialist candidate wins 49.9% of the vote in some local election racialists receive exactly zero representation. Any electoral bid with a reasonable chance of success can only happen on a Congressional or local level in an overwhelmingly white and conservative district blessed with an articulate, dedicated and PR conscious nationalist/populist candidate.

In any case, given the current political climate, if the occasional local candidate does achieve the rare breakthrough it will require well over a decade of work to establish an electoral party with the staying power that the third party "personality vehicles" that have always characterized alternate politics in the states consistently lack. Excepting a profound, systemic crisis occurring prior to the total dispossession of Occidental America the outlook for major Eurocentric electoral gains seems slim as can be attested to by dismal outlook for even the near term survival of neo-con treason by the GOP as stated at: http://www.vdare.com/sailer/gop_future.htm , http://www.vdare.com/pb/election.htm and http://www.vdare.com/pb/swept_away.htm.

However, if you are fortunate enough to live in a locality that is genuinely conducive to a realistic electoral foray such as Bill White's LSN network in Montgomery County Maryland or Mr. Giles's bid in Mississippi I would urge that you provide such attempts with your full support if for no other reason then to get some first-hand experience with real life electoral politics.

Having talked about what has not worked I want to present an approach that has provided encouraging results many times in the past. I refer to simple community activism combined with a low-key but sustained local presence. By sustained I mean nearly every weekend for no less then several months involving no less then 3 local activists.

I first became aware of this tactic about 1984 or so when a skinhead chum of mine from Northern England who wanted to find a way for members from numerous squabbling nationalist factions to do something productive that they could all agree on rather than hawking A4 sheets outside the local or getting screamed at and attacked by ANAL/Antifa scum at marches and demos. What such an effort entailed was spending their weekends gathered together for the purpose of fixing up the homes of local pensioners and the disabled, raising a bit of cash for strapped community programs, mending neglected parks, providing services to shut-ins and the like. All the while having small, professional-looking, non-confrontational banners up at the site with a literature table near by encouraging the locals to take up community service with a contact address at the top. The literature should be suited towards the project underway by for instance pointing out the plight of our war pensioners and what a nationalist government would do to help them or how gangs of immigrants have over taxed and ruined the park, youth center or what have you that you are currently fixing and how nationalist policies will help reverse such decay.

A personal favorite is a flyer stating the damaged home/park/school/church you're repairing is how we help our dispossessed kinfolk deal with the consequences of rampant crime caused by government housing schemes designed "diversify" a formerly safe neighborhood. Another is to organize an effort to help out at a local rape crisis center while pointing out how the establishment has failed to protect the females of your community and what a nationalist government would do differently.

This remarkably simple and pleasant program had several short-term benefits not least of which was that it stopped local activists from rival organizations endlessly splitting ideological hairs which helped to make nationalist unity more then a slogan. Within a few weeks local media coverage cropped up that instead of having a screaming headline about "hate" talked about how odd it was that the local "yobs" were helping the community and addressing issues of genuine local concern. Of course the usual insinuations were made about the sinister intents of such efforts but such coverage was far better then any mainstream coverage given to some flag-waving demo. In my experience, such efforts provide better PR then anything else I know of.

Another upside is that while the typical lemming finds logic and common sense unconvincing in terms of race, politics and culture he does often respond to personal experience. While the dedicated "anti-racist" will despise you no matter how you behave many apathetic or reflectively leftist types respond quite favorably to the nationalist that proves by his actions to be the antithesis of what he has been portrayed as by the establishment. If one behaves in public like a Hollywood Nazi he helps the enemy insure that the 14 Words are nothing more then a dream. If one proves to the public that he is the opposite of what the media claims racialism is all about public perception will often change accordingly.

While handing out flyers tends to attract lots of hostility from the defenders of leftist-defined tolerance, mending the roof of a pensioner, clearing a rubbish-strewn lot to make way for a garden or repainting a youth hostel tends to attract favourable interest by almost any well-adjusted person, many of whom will gladly pick up your leaflet and often read it as well. Often some passerby stops, finds out what you're doing and joins your little project, providing the near perfect opportunity for recruitment that extensive one-on-one contact provides.

I have seen this method time and time again be used to promote a more benign or even openly positive public reaction to what our struggle is all about. It provides an excellent contrast to unwashed, narcotic-fueled mask thuggery one finds among the ranks of "anti racist" militants. By having nationalists be seen as a socially responsible force it makes it much easier to canvass votes for a local election or ballot proposition favorably inclined towards our cause.

This method is no panacea by a long shot but it has consistently yielded better long-term results than anything else I have seen, provided you're willing to make the time commitment. If the readership expresses some real interest in trying this method out I can provide plenty of tips and such on the details of making a go of the approach. Those interested in acting upon this method are encouraged to discuss it at: http://www.polinco.com/forum/ under the "Unreported News" heading.


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