Conservatives Misunderstand Nazism

by J.R. Colson

July 14, 2002

There is a giant obstacle lying in the road toward the mass acceptance of a certain aspect of White nationalism known as "Nazism." That obstacle is only a word, but it is a powerful one: "socialist." Such a word assures that American conservatives will continue to spout naive Madison-and-democracy slogans instead of embracing the only idea that will preserve the White domination of America, and of the West as well.

I cannot fault America's modern Minutemen for being suspicious of Nazism -- or of any movement that has the word "socialist" in it. After all, socialism means a large, leftist, egalitarian welfare state based on the idea that the government's job is to make everybody "equal." Socialism can also mean Communism, since true Communism supposedly does not occur until "the state withers away," and no state ever withers away. But the irony in that description of socialism is that the U.S. is already a country that has a large government dedicated to making all Americans "equal." What American conservatives fear has already become a reality -- all that is missing is socialized medicine and [more] government control of industry.

It is time to clear up a few facts about the WWII-era Nazis -- the NSDAP, short for National Socialist German Workers Party, named such in 1920 [1]. The NSDAP collectivist ideology is generally hated by conservatives, even though Nazism "conserves" more aspects of White Western culture than any other ideology in recent history. Indeed, Mosse's book Nazi Culture [2] shows that the key element of Hitler-led Nazism was to preserve the White culture of the people. [3]

Does Rush Limbaugh's ideology "conserve" America's White culture? No, it simply slows down the leftist assault on that culture slightly, while aiding Jewish racial goals by default. Indeed, our White American culture is still doomed by Limbaugh-type advocacy: under such beliefs, non-White immigrants would still flood into our country, feminism would still go to work in high heels, and Jews would still dominate our media.

Let's look at the facts about Nazism, shall we? First, the inclusion of the word "socialist" in the NSDAP title was not wanted by many Nazis of the day, who feared that their image would be tarnished by the use of that word. Yet the word was included anyway, as a way of competing with various other political groups for much-needed populist/worker support. Including "socialist" in the title was, in my opinion, a key reason for the rapid growth of Nazism in Germany, in line with the political adage "appeal to as many people as possible."

Second, thinking tribally -- in other words, protecting your fellow Whites in most or all areas of their lives -- is actually not a leftist idea at all; in fact, that idea existed long before there was a political Left. But the idea of thinking tribally has been consigned to the left side of the political spectrum due to our Founders' views on individuality and private property. Note also that "individuality" and "privately-owned property" are actually relatively new, therefore "liberal," concepts.

Third -- and very important -- any time one puts a political label on a racial movement he's courting trouble, since there is a large difference between thinking only politically -- e.g., Democrat, Republican, Libertarian -- and thinking racially. e.g., Nazism, Klan, etc.

Fourth, during the WWII era, America had Nazi-style racial laws, two examples being the racial segregation of Blacks/Whites and limits on non-White immigration. In fact, American rightists such as Henry Ford Sr. and Charles Lindbergh were fond of the Nazis; they saw Hitler as a person who might save Europe from Jewish Marxism.

The thrust of this essay is this: it's time for conservatives to let go of the Jew-encouraged idea that "Nazism = socialism = leftism, so shun that idea at the cost of your White culture." If Nazism were indeed leftist, hard-right racialists would not embrace that ideology and would instead remain in the paleoconservative camp where most of them came from, never acknowledging that Big Capitalism/Finance and Marxism are two Jewy ideas cut from the same Yiddish garment to ensure the complete Jewish domination of the West. Get it, paleocons? One of those Jewy ideas uses money to dominate White culture -- Big Capitalism/Finance -- and the second one -- Marxism -- uses murder, oppression and class-and-race-bating to herd goyim into cultural pens, the gatekeepers of which are Jews. In other words, the same race that brought you Communism also brought you Wall Street, conglomerates and the Federal Reserve.

Could culture-wrecking Jewish Hollywood exist in Nazi Germany? Nope. In Fascist Italy or Franco's Spain? No. What about the Jew-dominated media? Nope. What about corporate feminism-posing-as-average-working-Moms? Nope. None of that would exist in a Nazi-type state. There would be no feminism, no Jews dominating your television, no negroes shooting innocent White store clerks for $60, no non-White invasions across the borders of our country.

Conservatives must let go of the innocent Washington-and-Jeffersonism of yesteryear. Those days are gone. The people who ran America in the late 18th century are not the same people who run it today; in fact, the people who run it today would never have been allowed by our Founders to immigrate into America in the first place. Our republic is based on the idea that WHITES will run it, in an honest fashion. As soon as Whites are no longer in power -- i.e., now -- the system our Founders created is used against us, as no "democratic" laws can prevent non-White people from dominating Hollywood, the media, banking, politics, etc.

It is time to embrace a Nazi-type belief system not only in America, but throughout the West, as a means of returning that West to White rule. We need not embrace every single aspect of the old Nazism -- we might want to tailor it slightly to suit our American needs. But Whites created the West, and so Whites must determine its destiny by thinking and acting racially. Conservatives are thinking only politically, and since race alone will determine the future of the West, conservatives must abandon their individualist/big capitalist ideas -- ideas that came from Jews in large part; ideas that only help Jews dominate White culture.



[1] The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, by William Shirer; Simon and Schuster, 1959/1960.

[2] Nazi Culture, by George Mosse, the Universal Library/Grosset and Dunlap, 1966.

[3] Note that there is a distinction between the early political/nationalist Nazi Party of the 1920s and Hitler's rule of Germany, the latter focusing much more on race/Jews/"total culture" as a key feature of Nazi ideology.


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