Normal Is Abnormal

by J.R. Colson

July 24, 2002

If you watch American movies or television shows -- and who doesn't? -- you may have noticed that one social theme in Western entertainment seems to stand out from all the rest; one social message is consistently driven home to you, the viewer, time and again.

The message? It's a simple one, really: "'Normal' is a bad thing." Or, put another way: "Right is wrong."

Almost every movie that I have seen in the past 20 years contains a variation on the idea that bad things are really good. Most of the movies that I watch inform me, in one way or another, that having a steady job, a normal family, a pretty, homemaking wife, and no urge to smoke pot is weird and abnormal. Suffocating. Unfulfilling and backwards. Sick.

Yes, that message says, you should bail out of your button-down life, Mr. Joe Salesman, and instead take up with a care-free, drug-using mulattess named Kasheena. Ditch that robotic, Protestant, White wife! Screw that well-paying job -- nerd city, man! Go 'find yourself.' Read Sigmund Freud's Jewish crapola about how sexual morality is a form of mental illness. Meditate. Learn an Eastern philosophy. Lose your uptight Christian attitudes and embrace all peoples and ideas. White, suburban culture is your enemy.

This message is so common in today's films and TV-shows that I will bet that many people do not even notice it. Sorta like your own body odor when working out at the gym: your awareness of it is minimal.

Further, this anti-normal Hollywood message began early. I remember seeing the movie "The Wild One" (1953) with Marlon Brando, and marveling how that film -- produced by a Jew named Stanley Kramer -- who'da thunkit? -- glorified outlaw motorcycle gangs and bad behavior. Not a good idea. Yet that movie remains popular even today, and I admit that, as pure entertainment, it is worth watching, but only if you understand exactly what you are seeing. [If your older children watch that film, be a good parent and do a Marc Moran: explain to them what is happening in the movie, and why].

At any rate, there is a good reason for the existence of this "bad is good" message that Hollywood pumps out. Actually, there are two reasons for it: 1) Hollywood is run by a certain race, and Jews are not happy in a moral society that they did not create. They feel alienated by our squareness, our family ideals, our honesty, and so they want gentiles to feel alienated, too; 2) polluting the host culture with bad ideas serves the Jewish agenda: to make America pliable for Jewish domination of it. They want to limit "anti-Semitism," which thrives in a cohesive culture, and what better way to weaken American's cultural cohesiveness than to convince Joe Salesman that his happy life sucks, that his domestic style is the pits, that he should shuck it all and begin smoking pot and having group sex with mulattas and Mexicans? That message leads to a weak country, and such a weak country will not notice, and therefore will not fight, the Jewish takeover of it. Clever, it is.

My argument above is bolstered by the honest Jewish authors Rothman and Lichter, in their book Roots of Radicalism, where they admit this subtle "normal is weird" attack on Western values by Jews: they note that the Yiddish have led the movement to portray normal, stable, White Western culture as "sick." That admission by Jews about their own is a powerful one, and you might want to take notice of that book.[1]

Also important to this topic is that Jews do not follow their own advice to the gentile community. Jews advocate race-mixing and drug use for Whites, but they rarely engage in such activity themselves. This dual standard has been noticed by many people, including Dr. Kevin MacDonald, who mentions it in his trilogy of books about Jews.[2]

The upshot of this essay? Our Jew-heavy popular culture says that "normal is not normal," that "weird is cool" and that traditional family values are a joke. Don't you believe it. It is the Jews who are not normal -- they are the sick people, not us. America is a pretty flower that Jews stomp on because it's beautiful and it was cultivated by Whites; Jews did not produce that pretty flower so they must destroy it.

De-Jew your life, and help others de-Jew theirs. America is a White country, not a Jewish one. It's time to say "no more" to the Juden. As VNN says, "Itz coming."


[1] Roots of Radicalism: Jews, Christians and the Left, by Stanley Rothman and S.R. Lichter, 1982/1996, Transaction Publishers, page 120, softcover. See it here.

[2] Trilogy by Kevin MacDonald: A People That Shall Dwell Alone, 1994; Separation and Its Discontents, 1998; and The Culture of Critique, 1998, by Praeger Publishing. Best books ever written about Jews.


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