Do Go There

A review of The New White Nationalism in America: Its Challenge to Integration by Carol Swain

[Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2002, 526 pp.]

by Alex Linder

July 26, 2002

Give Swain credit. She really is a poor black child, a negress from backwoods Virginia, who pulled herself up by her bootstraps. Now she's an internationally published, award-winning Vanderbilt law professor. That's the Republican version. The reality is that while her education continued through Ph.D., her ability tapped out in community college. To say this book is trite and turgid and a mish-mash of rehash is...accurate. To say that no white male could get this boring and pointless a book published is close to the truth. To say that she's a jewish product -- editor, publisher, publicist, etc. -- is obvious without knowing it. She's a flower that can only flourish in the greenhouse of jew-controlled academia and media. In the real world, she'd be ripped to pieces by anybody with a grasp of the ideas she imagines she's playing with.

Yes, Swains are what the System is geared to produce these days. Genuinely brilliant guys like, say, Jim Goad, aren't loaded up with scholarships and glowing recommendations, subsidized by government and private foundation alike. No, they're working at widget factories and getting up early to crank out their world-changers while Swain's poshly cosseted steatopygian posterior is turtle-slowly, lip-movingly going over interviews and research compiled by graduate assistants. At the end of the day all this wouldn't matter if the beef were there, but, as D.W. pointed out, in a book ostensibly about White Nationalism, Swain never confronts a single one of its arguments.

You regular readers are well familiar with Jefferson's Truth: "The two races, equally free, cannot live under the same government." At the very least suffice it to say that White Nationalism has substantial intellectual weight and history behind it. There are very good reasons that people disbelieve in racial egalitarianism and declare integration a false and impossible goal. Swain never raises, let alone confronts, a single one. The only point in the book she approaches the fundamental question - whether nature has indeed drawn indelible lines of distinction between the races, as Jefferson put it, she quickly draws to a halt and turns to warn the others, with her one attempt at borrowed wit: "Don't go there," she says. Wow. Write a 500-page book about "White nationalism," sell it to some guy intrigued into wondering what these curious WN folks have to say for themselves, and all she gives him is..."Don't go there." I can't even smirk at that. I can't even bring myself to repeat the obvious, that There Is No Intelligent Opposition to White Nationalism. Our opponents don't even bother to try to rebut us anymore. Itz all smears 'n' suppression, all the time. They know they can't. They think they don't need to. For a long time they've been right. I believe that is changing. There are many angry people out there, and the Internet is propagating the truth. People turn off CNN. People turn on VNN.

So if she's afraid to get in the ring, what does she dance around with in her hundreds of pages? Mostly a rehash of affirmative action, and some not-real-interesting selections from interviews she had someone conduct for her with prominent White Nationalists, including William Pierce. This part of the book was what I thought would be interesting. If nothing else, maybe a little new would peek its head through the editing. Nope. Literally nothing here that anybody who reads VNN and visits associated sites won't have seen 1,000 times before. It's not so much that this book is bad, as much as it's a boring trudge through thoroughly explored terrain. The book is full of labored descriptive material, like a high-schooler's book review. Yawn. Lady, you don't even understand what the heck is going on. You don't understand yourself and your ironic position in the scheme of things, let alone racial politics as itz played in jew-run United States.

Her illogical case could be mapped out in a few paragraphs rather than 500 pages. In a nutshell, she believes racial problems are headed our way because "we" -- read: anybody who supports integration and civil rights -- are shutting legitimate arguments out of the political arena. These should be let in, where they will easily be trounced, thereby somehow averting a revolution. Make affirmative action a class thing rather than a race thing, scale back immigration, and above all do something about black crime. She concedes these are all real issues. And they all should be admitted to the arena. But nobody should be allowed to doubt the Holy Premise: that Integration is a Good Thing. In other words, she calls for a debate without a debate. She would not admit Jefferson, one of the founders of the country, perhaps its ablest mind, to her debate on race. Perhaps she should apply for a job at National Review, where they once famously refused to post Jefferson's Truth because they would get in trouble!

Here's how the situation actually works: everybody believed in White Nationalism until Jews under Franz Boas bought up the papers and took control of the classrooms and spread the lie that "race does not exist." The same jews launched the NAACP based on that myth of racial equality to use it as a crowbar to smash in the windows of Normal White America. No journalist is allowed to talk about this in our current McCarthyism x 100,000 because he finds himself blackballed out of food and house and doesn't own his own newspaper to fight back. Only on the 'Net is any resistance possible. In short, White Nationalism is shut out of the debate because it carries implications that are extremely dangerous to the hypocritical jews who control this country; men whose canting mouths preach section-8 housing for White America in their left-hand column, even while their right-hand column talks about Jews-only housing in Israel. These workaday double standards and hypocrisies have grown so brazen and obvious that even dolt-Americans are beginning to notice. That bodes ill for the jew.

Swain doesn't seem to have a ghost of an idea that any of this is going on. It is not clear that she understands that jews were behind the 1965 Immigration Act that made immigration such a problem. Nor that Jews were behind the "civil rights" that made blacks the violent scourge they are to White Americans today. She will go so far as to admit that yes, black crime is the number-one problem that must be dealt with, but her solution, a return to the Bible, can't work, not least because she ignores the fact that the destruction of segregated America let the blacks escape the niggers, and with them went any hope of taming without tasers the wild beast that is the nigger community.

You can appreciate the ironies if she can't. Her Jewish publisher, editor and publicist let their pet blacky go on about a return to the Good Book -- the one unique twist this book features -- snickering up their sleeves at her myopic inability to see that Jews were the ones who drove Christ out of the public square in the first place, just as their civil rights laws drove blacks out of niggerville, and their "race doesn't exist" lie led directly to the immigration now depressing the black wage rate. Many can see the symptoms but are afraid to name the disease -- this woman can't see the disease. Those who can are denied access to the libraries and schools and Waldenbooks where her work will be widely distributed. The jew-created political climate is such that their works can never be published, or can only be published privately and circulated in small numbers. That is the way things work today. Only the jew-safe is put on the purchase-lists, the promote-lists, the publicize-lists -- the jew-unsafe is squelched stillborn as "hate." Swain, baby, you're a kitten and they love you, and have fun making you jump after their paper on a string. They certainly don't consider you their equal.


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