Race: a Living Organism

by Dave Neesan

July 20, 2002

People of European ancestry share more than a common cultural base, they share a racial spirit. Populations have easily intermingled through the generations. Italians move into France and melt into the French population. Huguenots in Brandenburg quickly assimilated into the German populace. Germans in America quickly become Americans. In fact, Germans are the largest ethnic group in the United States. Englishmen become Canadians, Norsemen became Irish and so it goes.

The reason for this great ease of assimilation is all European cultures are descendants of one family: the family of Alexander, the family of Caesar, the family of Percales. The spirit of the ancient Greco-Roman civilizations is the driving force behind all western culture. Yet if a Spaniard moves to Cuba, for example, he becomes a resident of Cuba, the cultural and intellectual elite of the nation, but he cannot ever become a 'Cuban' because the inhabitants of the island are of a lower level of culture, civilization and humanity. The Spanish Cubans left a prosperous Cuba following the Castro revolution and to this day, Cuba, deprived of its European soul, is an impoverished third-world backwater.

Differences arise within western societies for various reasons. Italian culture still has a great artistic and culinary base, but with the exception of a couple of decades in the 20th Century, Italy has lacked the discipline to be a great nation. France is similar. A culture of great food, great wine, great art and great appreciation of beauty is what remains of the glory days of Napoleon when France was the greatest nation in the world.

The tiny island nation, England, rode discipline and a work ethic to become the greatest empire the world has ever known. Art flourished under names like Shakespeare and Crowley, science with names like Newton, philosophy with names like Bacon and military genius in names like Wellington and Drake. Following two fratricidal wars, this great nation voluntarily gave up the empire and allowed thousands of non-Whites into the country to degrade the nation and lower the level of discipline which gave the world a great empire.

Perhaps the greatest achievements occurred in Germany. Art and culture were expressed by the likes of Beethoven, Bach, Wagner, Bruckner, Goethe, Nietzsche, Schiller, Schopenhauer, Dürer, Breker and Thorak. Science flourished under Leibniz, Heisenberg, von Braun. Military genius arose in Clausewitz, Schlieflen, Ludendorf, Hindenburg, Guderian, Manstein, Rommel. Most important, it developed the self-discipline, both individual and national, to reach mastery of Europe and bring it within a hair's breadth of being the world's dominant power in perpetuity. But, after the two fratricidal wars of the last century, the German Reich was brought down. Great men were murdered by the victors. Soldiers and civilians were starved to death. The German Reich, in the words of Crowley, "was pulled down and broken into pieces by provincialism and democracy, so that neither individual excellence nor civic virtue has yet availed to raise it again to that majestic unity which made so bold a bid for the mastery of the race of man."

Look at America. American greatness came about as a result of true, positive diversity. America has people from every European nation and so has gotten the best of all Europe ever had to offer. As Americans, we all know the greatness of which this nation is capable. Unfortunately, America also got the worst parts of Europe and the entire world as well as the good. Look at America today. Now the chaff buries the wheat. Look at any European nation. All have shown flashes of racial brilliance. Currently, all are lacking in discipline and racial spirit. The greatness of Italy, France, Britain, Germany, America, indeed of Poland, Sweden, Lithuania, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Russia and all European nations is still extant. It is merely dormant, buried beneath a muddy sludge of Jew-instigated third-world filth. The cleansing is coming. All that is lacking is the awakening force.

The Renaissance spread across Europe like wildfire. The industrial revolution did the same. The imperialism of the 1500s to 1800s and the staunch nationalism of the early 1900s all struck our people at the same moments...this, in an era before mass media. Television and Madison Avenue didn't make our people react as one; the racial spirit did.

Now, throughout the White world, our race faces extinction. The enlightened few look at the examples of Rhodesia and South Africa and see no reason to expect a better fate if our nations are submerged in a flood of non-Whites.

Our enemies would like to believe the spirit of surrender shown by many of our race and the indignation which those possessed with the spirit of surrender show when White patriots speak proudly on behalf of our race are signs of a death rattle. Such a thought could not be further from the truth! What we are experiencing is a series of spasms leading to a birth, the final teeth clenching moments of anticipation before a glorious orgasm, all leading to a new birth, a RE-birth, of our people.

Our enemies take great pleasure in the knowledge that the great American lemming can be stirred to outrage by politically incorrect speech. They believe such outrage on the part of the masses will keep our race in line. They believe that such outrage will intimidate the racially conscious among us and keep future leaders from stepping forward while we go quietly like cattle to the abattoir.

But leaders are emerging! In every White nation, men of honor, men of vision are standing up like men, like White men, and preparing to fight for the future of their race. Leaders are appearing. Many are good men. A few are great men. The truly GREAT Man is out there today. He may currently be a leader of our race, he may just be beginning his involvement, he may even still be 'sleeping' racially, but he is alive today and he will emerge soon. The Great Leader doesn't merely assume the mantle of leadership, he seizes it with both hands. He realizes that providence, that destiny has placed him here, in this place and at this time, for a reason, and he rises to the occasion! In the words of the philosopher Karmen, "Reality will yield to the force of an iron will." The coming Great Man will have the force of will, and shall appear as the awakening reaches the next step, in other words, really soon!

The sleeping giant, the White race, the living racial organism, is finally awakening and none too soon. Within the next few years, we will see White victory and the assurance not only of our survival as a viable racial entity, but our return to being the dominant force in the world! A reunification of all of Europe, including America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, free from the deadly influence of the Jewish parasite, will make the 21st Century the most dominant yet for the White race. How can I say this with such certainty? The alternative is our extinction.


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