Cherry Bombs and 747s

by Billy Roper

July 19, 2002

This last Fourth of July, celebrations held across the country were different from most previous Independence Day events that I can remember in several important ways. First of all, last year's attacks by Arabs upset with the continuing policy of unilateral U.S. support for Israel have necessitated a higher degree of security and fostered a higher sense of unease than ever before, as many Americans seem to expect more attacks to occur at any time. Actually, the government seems to be acting much more afraid of another proverbial shoe dropping than the general public. In fact, already the public has to be regularly whipped back into pseudopatriotic war fervor with weekly terrorist threat warnings and teasing innuendoes about a coming attack on Iraq, to keep Sally Soccermom and Joe Sixpack from forgetting that we're supposed to be at war. The whole country seems to be behaving like a classroom of eight-year olds with attention-deficit disorder, all losing focus and wandering off to pursue their own egoistic pursuits. It must really be hard to be a government spinmeister, trying to keep the lemmings focused on waving the flag and supporting more foreign wars against the enemies of Israel.

So far, the Pavlovian controllers and media manipulators are doing a pretty good job of keeping most Americans in line with their agenda, even though polls indicate that more and more persons who are capable of independent thought are beginning to exercise it and question why the September 11th attacks occurred to begin with, and how we can keep similar attacks from occurring again.

Well, as Dr. Pierce has discussed with you on these programs before, it's obvious to any rational and logical person that the September 11th attacks occurred because U.S. taxpayers put the bullets into the Israeli guns which murder Palestinian women and children, and sometimes when you facilitate the slaughter of innocents, their friends and loved ones come after you. That's to be expected, even though most Americans could claim ignorance of American foreign policy and have no idea what their government is doing in their name.

Radical Muslims correctly see the United States as the number-one supporter of their number-one enemy, Israel. And, they know that it is we, the taxpayers, who finance the U.S. government's aid to Israel, as well as vote for pro-Israeli politicians like Bush and that pack of race traitors and shabbos goyim in Congress. Every year the United States government gives more than six billion dollars to Israel. That's more than ten million dollars a day of our hard-earned cash that George Bush and his cronies give to that rabidly racist little mini-state -- more than to any other country in the whole world. In terms of foreign aid recipients, the second-runner-up is Egypt, and can you guess why Egypt receives billions of dollars every year from our government? The answer is simple: it's bribery, just to make sure that Egypt stays friendly with Israel. The jews who dominate American foreign policy do this exact same thing all across the Middle East, either bribing or bullying the governments there into being at least somewhat cordial with the jews in Israel, so that really there is a widening gulf between the governments of Middle Eastern countries, and their citizens, who overwhelmingly oppose American-sponsored terrorism carried out by Israel, as well as Israel itself.

Instead of spending our Fourth of July holiday worrying about planes coming down out of the sky, or bombs exploding, we should have been able to spend the day remembering our founding fathers, who bravely risked their lives, their properties, and their sacred fortunes to stand up again the strongest empire in the world. Using first their speech and then their firearms, they rebelled against their own government in order to secure the blessings of liberty for themselves and their descendants, not the descendants of Asia or Africa or Mexico, but their own kind. That's what they were fighting for, the most basic of human interests: the desire to leave the world a better place for their children. And that, of course, is the purpose of our struggle today, too. We don't believe that an America that is more like Mexico or Africa will be a better America for future generations of Americans, and we don't want our children to have to grow up in a country that has become just another third-world cesspool of "diversity." The father of our country, George Washington himself, warned us about the dangers of entangling foreign alliances. I believe that he would agree that our entangling foreign alliance with Israel is the direct cause of the current unease our country faces, and I also believe that he would have some very choice words to say about the vacuous simpleton who currently occupies his former position.

Bill Clinton did enough damage to American strength and foreign policy while he was in office, and the Neo-Conservatives tell at least a half-truth when they talk about China becoming a nuclear superpower, but the whole truth is that China only has nuclear weapons technology because the jews steal it from us and then, through Israel, sell it to China, just as they do with other weapons technology which the judeophiles in our government give them access to. That's why there is currently only one nuclear power in the Middle East, and it has refused to sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty or allow international inspections of its facilities of the kind that are demanded of Iraq and used as a part of the so-called justification for the sabre-rattling against Iraq that is now resounding over Washington. I'm not a prophet, but I predict that the bought-and-sold politicians who infest our Capitol will not be satisfied with completely destabilizing the region and rolling over Afghanistan, they also will want to brutalize the people of Iraq and further attempt to overthrow the Iraqi government. They really are corrupt creatures, much worse than the kind of bureaucrats who the Sons of Liberty beat up and rode out of towns tarred and feathered on rails 225 years ago. In fact, it's obvious that the quality of our leadership has declined sharply over the last two centuries, but there is an old saying that a people gets the government it deserves. Some would say, in fact, that the decline in the quality of American leadership has only reflected the general decline in the quality of the American population as a whole. Why has this happened? Have our people slipped a bit in our climb up the evolutionary ladder? Well, it is true that in the civilized Western world, life has gotten too easy for most people over the last two centuries or so, and that has made us too soft, both physically and mentally. The advent of modern technology and medical science essentially means that the slow-witted or dull or "challenged" who would have been eugenically removed from our populations by an unfortunate encounter with either a tar pit or a saber-tooth cat in the past, now survive to reproduce and pass on their defective genetic material to the next generation. Generally, the modern welfare state coddles the least fit and works in direct opposition to the forces of natural selection by marshalling the resources of the fit for the benefit of the unfit. This kind of ‘genetic communism' has, coupled with jewish media propaganda encouraging the feminization of our society and our people, produced a White population which is much duller, more docile, and lemming-like than were previous generations.

Now, that would be bad enough, the effect of those causational factors on our people would be cause enough for alarm and concern, even if we were a completely homogeneous society living on a planet which was blessedly free of jews or other nonWhites. However, we are not yet so lucky, there are still nonWhites living on our planet, because the process of natural competition between the different subspecies or races of the homo sapien species has not yet completed its natural development to completion.

When the fullness of this evolutionary cycle has been completed and the different races of humankind have competed for territory and resources until only one of them remains, that surviving subspecies will then of course become the new de facto species, which will then subdivide again due to climactic and other environmental adaptations, until there has been sufficient specialization and differentiation that distinct new subspecie or races have developed. These new subspecie will then compete for resources and territory until only one remains, because that is how natural selection works, that is how evolution occurs, it is an eternal honing process carried out by internal struggles within each species, between the component separate races of that species. If that wasn't the case, our Cro-Magnon ancestors wouldn't have made their Neanderthal contemporaries extinct twenty-thousand years ago, they would have interbred and instead of you reading this text or listening to this broadcast on a computer, we'd have to be grunting at each other over a campfire in a cave. What this all means, really, is that multiracialism destroys the true diversity that nature loves, and which is necessary for human evolution to continue. Let me repeat that, because I think it's crucial that we all understand it very clearly: Multiracialism destroys diversity. Multiracialism undoes evolutionary processes which have taken tens of thousands of years to develop. Multiracialism reverses all the struggle and sacrifice that your ancestors endured to make sure that their own genetic material would be preserved and passed down from generation to generation.

If you are White today, it is because all of your ancestors, going back thousands of years, were, according to the modern definition of the term, racists. They fought off more primitive competitors, endured hostile climates, invented and created and waged wars and built civilizations and crossed oceans and continents, so that you could be who you are and where you are, today. They many times died, so that you could one day live. And this day, you live. Within you flows their blood, within you they live, through their genetic material. A part of all of your White ancestors, flowing backwards to time unremembered, is in you. To throw all of that away, to give up on all of those generations of conscious and unconscious evolution simply for the sake of a conformist fad, or fear of being called a "racist", should be unimagineable to you. It should enrage you that any person or group of people should suggest to you that it is okay to throw your bloodline and thousands of years of evolution away without a fight. It should enrage you that, through their control of the media and the government and educational system, your children are being told in school and on t.v. and through the movies that the sacrifices of their ancestors count for nothing, that the thousands of years of struggle and hardship which our people have endured to get where we are is nothing to be proud of or to preserve, and that what they have inside them is no more special than the evolutionary-dead-ends who were never able to invent a written language or the wheel on their own carry. Let me tell you something, something that the jews and their collaborators are very afraid that you will be reminded of: we are special. We are different. We are unique among all of the other races of homo sapiens. No nonWhite race has ever emerged from the stone age on their own. Never. Not anywhere. No exceptions. And, I don't want a bunch of ignorant liberals writing in to tell us about how advanced the ancient Chinese were, unless they first research the contributions of the White Tocharians six thousand years ago, long before the first dynasties, who established the silk road trade and brought the domestication of the horse and weaving and metallurgy to China. I don't want to hear about how the human-sacrificing, blood-crazed Aztecs or Mayans almost had a civilization, either, unless you can tell me about the source for their Quetzalcoatl and Kualkan legends. And please, none of this drivel about how the Egyptians were black, because they weren't, not for the first twenty-five dynasties during the time when all of the classical pyramids and great architecture was being built, anyway, and there were no Black African kingdoms anywhere that developed independently. Ever.

No, we are unique among all people, we are the inventors and creators, we are the explorers and conquerors, we are the civilization builders. We are the best hope that the human species has of ever getting off of the confines of this planet and spreading our seed among the stars. If we fail to have the will to survive as a race, then the human species will not continue to evolve, and it's back to the drawing board, and maybe we'll see how sharp the dolphins really are.

But it's not yet time for us to throw in the title, regardless of whether the overall quality of our people and our leadership has declined markedly in recent generations. We still can win, we still can secure the existence of our people and a future for White children, if we have the will to do so. Inspiring that will and awakening our people both to the threats which endanger their very survival as a race, as well as to their potential to regain control of their own destiny, is the task of the National Alliance. If you are a White person who agrees with us that the sacrifices of our ancestors are worth honoring and that the future of our children is worth protecting, then perhaps you should consider joining the National Alliance today.


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