We Repeat: There is No Intelligent Opposition to White Nationalism

A review of The New White Nationalism in America: Its Challenge to Integration by Carol Swain

Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2002, $30.00

by Douglas Wright

Black law professor Carol Swain has just published a book titled The New White Nationalism in America: Its Challenge to Integration, which right away lets you know where she's drawn her line: about 100 yards inside the Semitically Correct zone. The reader hasn't even opened the cover and already he's reminded that "integration" is a value not to be questioned, and for the purposes of this book, won't be. Nowhere does Swain explain why, as I must presume she believes, White Nationalism is wrong or immoral. It just is, and that's that. Really, that's all you need to know about the book: Despite a few bones tossed our way, Swain doesn't budge from the great American hope that multiracial harmony is just over the horizon, if only we'd all Try A Little Harder, and Give It Some More Time.

You know the routine. Just a few more after-school specials and the sun will break through. Here's one of Swain's big plans for multiracial nirvana: Subsidized car loans for blacks. Seriously. It's policy recommendation No. 12 on page 441. This is the caliber of intellect we're up against. With the time I spend threshing out the issues of White Nationalism in my own mind, I'm almost pissed that there wasn't more of a battle to be had. Swain loses by forfeit. Her little black brain just isn't up to the task.

I overcame caveat emptor and bought the book thinking that A) If Professor Swain's actually got a chin-rubbing intellectual challenge to White Nationalism, I'd like to hear it, so as to sharpen and strengthen my own position, or B) If she doesn't, I'll be reassured that indeed, There Is No Intelligent Opposition to White Nationalism. In any event, maybe I'll pick up some new information about my own cause, albeit from the enemy. I did learn, for instance, that Michael Levin, the Jewish author of Why Race Matters, says that it's White IQs that drop when the topic of Jews comes up. (Yes, Mike, with academic rigor of the highest quality you've demonstrated that blacks are less intelligent than Whites, but the second the microscope swings upward, you dismiss opposition to Jewish influence with same "well, that's just nutty!" that racial egalitarians use to dismiss the scholarship on racial difference.) It appears, however, than Swain herself never actually interviewed any White nationalists, leaving those tasks to graduate student researchers -- and leaving me wondering just how hard Her Royal Negress worked on the project. In my experience, black female "journalists," "academics" and other professionals are almost as work-averse as their male counterparts, yet more numerous in the office because the absence of black testosterone makes them less objectionable to have around and more apt to sit calmly at a desk for a longer period of time, thus creating the impression they're actually doing something. Except when they're asleep at their desks, of course.

Given the moderate heft of the tome and impressive Cambridge University Press crest on the inside of the book, I was all set for some dense reading, despite my bias that blacks are typically unable to pull off heavy-duty scholarship. Not that I can myself, mind you, but trust me: precious few blacks can, and Swain ain't in the club. Her book amounts to a series of newspaper-and-Internet culled recitations on White Nationalism that read like high school book reports, each chapter capped with sections headed "Conclusion" or "Discussion" that contain such earth-shattering insights as, "A number of issues affect churches, synagogues and mosques in contemporary America, including the proper treatment of poor people, homosexuals, and racial and ethnic minorities." Wow, Carol. That's hitting 'em between the eyes. In cautioning conservatives not to broach the topic of blacks' inherent criminality, we're treated to this burst of erudition: "Don't go there!" You go, girl.

If you're in the bookstore and looking for a quick example of what I'm talking about, flip to the epilogue where she discusses September 11. Swain helpfully informs us that the World Trade Center was destroyed by Islamic militants, that a man named Tom Ridge is the new head of homeland security, and that nasty ol' David Duke blamed it all on American support of Israel. No refutation is offered. But the connection is made to the National Alliance, which, we are told for the umpteenth time, is "an organization that the FBI considers one of the most dangerous in America." Oh boy. FBI! Dangerous! Why think when you can put those two words together in a sentence? "In conclusion, I believe that America is more vulnerable to heightened racial and ethnic tension stemming from the aftermath of September 11 and its potential for exploitation by sophisticated white nationalists who may use the events as proof that governmental officials are not doing enough to protect American interests here and abroad." Why Carol, you've covered it all. We thought of "here." But you thought of "abroad." That Carol. What would we do without her? But Carol, just for craziness' sake, could those sophisticated White Nationalists be...right? If they're wrong, I'd like to know why. In detail. Really. Let's debate it, break it down and toss it around. Unless you don't have anything to say, which I suspect you don't. Swain's book tracks the rest of our opposition perfectly: These White nationalists are BAD PEOPLE, so we don't really have to examine their ideas critically. Hands over ears, I can't hear you!

The book's critical failing, one that might even be pointed out by a mainstream reviewer (but don't hold your breath), is its scrupulous avoidance of the underlying beliefs of White Nationalists. I don't expect Swain to say that she personally supports White Nationalism, but I do expect a head-on, point-by-point confrontation with the fundamental ideas of the movement. She doesn't deliver. Let this be a challenge to a real intellectual who opposes us: step up to the plate. How about you, Noam Chomsky? Got anything to say? Swain doesn't. Why the desire for a White living space is morally wrong, Swain doesn't say. Why Whites shouldn't determine their own racial destiny, Swain doesn't say. Why our belief in racial difference isn't valid, she doesn't say. Take her treatment of the racial IQ debates: "Is IQ really destiny, as most of the white nationalists seem to believe?... The answer here... is an unequivocal 'no!'" That's right, Carol. If you just punctuate with exclamation marks, maybe the facts will go away. Just look at the intelligence variations in the successful people around you, she insists. I have looked around me, as it happens. And what I've seen is that blacks are indeed unintelligent, disinclined to work, poorly spoken, messy and likely to start screaming incoherently for no apparent reason. I just got back from a run where I saw one defecating behind a tree, for God's sake. They're a race of children. That some are well-behaved does not mean they can all come in to the White house.

Swain's lame method throughout the book is to present a White Nationalist idea, then tack on a substance-free conclusory dismissal loaded with words like "disturbing," "threatening" and "alarming." Nowhere does she lay out the analysis. In law school, they trained me to explain myself by saying why something is so or isn't so, an exercise that forces you to use the word "because." Despite her law professor status, Swain doesn't give us the "because." Hey, no big deal. If you're black and up against evil White Nationalists, we'll let you use your spears against their firearms and politely applaud your native spirit.

Constantly, Swain trips over herself with contradictions. In one sentence, she'll say that White nationalists' ideas should be given respectful forums. But only, of course, to expose them for their idiocy. Whites, she says, should be allowed to express their "deepest convictions and concerns" about race. But discuss the inherent criminality of blacks? Don't go there! In the introduction, in a section titled "The Need for Honest Dialogue," Swain makes the bewildering statement that White nationalists believe as they do because they have "such little exposure to alternative viewpoints." Gee, Carol, how about every channel on television, 24 hours a day, every news magazine and newspaper in the country, every movie made, every commercial shown, every class taught, every political speech given and every other possible media save shortwave radio and the Internet?

Scrutinize the book closely and you'll see that mostly what Swain's doing is championing the black cause: Her support of curtailing immigration, for instance, would benefit blacks because it would leave more low-wage job opportunities for them. Her opposition to affirmative action seems to spring more from concern about the harm it does to blacks than the harm it does to Whites, i.e., the benefits to be gained by blacks are outweighed by the effects of the White backlash affirmative action causes, including the potential for violence against blacks. Don't worry, Carol: When the Big Eastern Daily wouldn't let me into their minority internship program because I was White, my first reaction wasn't to go out and smash blacks in the head with a brick. I just said I was a member of the Black Student Association and applied to Vanderbilt Law School. It was only when the dean flew out to my house by chartered jet to meet me that the plan fell through. But in championing the black cause, Swain can't even muster original ideas in support. Take this objection to affirmative action: "Such policies carry a subliminal message of doubt and uncertainty -- a message that says, in effect, that you, as woman or a member of a minority group, are less capable than a white male..." Stunning insight, Carol! Don't think I've ever heard anyone make that observation before. But as a black authoress, Swain need not be original. Just black. And voila, the book's published. Wonder if the irony is lost on her.

One sucker-review on the jacket commends Carol for her "brave" book. Nauseatingly, Swain presented herself to the Tennessee media as "willing to die" for her "beliefs." Right. Mild criticism of affirmative action is boldly going where no one's gone before, alright. And Carol's risking life and limb standing up to those crazy neo-Nazis without a thought about how it's bound to derail her academic career and stymie her social life. "Carol, did I read that you think racism is a bad thing? Listen, I'm afraid I'm going to have to cancel your invitation to our Vanderbilt faculty garden party. I'm all for free speech, but I think you've stepped over the line with this one." It's easy to see what's happened here. Once again, a black "academic" with moderate intelligence but nothing original to say is given a prominent forum and hailed as a genius, all because Whites feel guilty and jews submerge their own hyper-critical natures because they realize that the outcome will benefit their race. It reminds me of how the great black "scholar" Cornel West, a shameless shuck 'n' jive fool whose most profound proclamation to date is that "we need more love in the world, y'all" finds himself courted by Princeton and Harvard alike. Meanwhile, countless White academics far more brilliant find no Ivy League institutions battling for them, and will live out their lives in anonymity because our society deems the Allen Iverson-with-a-suit-on antics of stupid niggers like West to be worthy of front-page coverage in the New York Times. Oh, for the light of day.

One of the stronger indicators of Swain's ignorance of racial reality is her belief that the different races in America today get along just fine. "This book is about the growing threats to peaceful and harmonious race relations in America and the best ways of dealing with them," she says, declaring elsewhere that our multiethnic society exists in "repose." I don't know what planet Swain is living on to make this blissfully uninformed statement, but it isn't the one I'm living on. Daily, I see races NOT getting along, evidenced by violent street encounters and other criminal behavior, voluntary segregation in high school cafeterias and on college campuses, severe communication failures in the office, television shows and radio stations exclusively for blacks, politicians who demand attention to "black interests" and too many others to mention.

But the bigger point Swain misses is that White Nationalism is about something much bigger than the issues of the day. White Nationalism can't be reduced to a list of grievances about crime, immigration and college admissions that can be addressed by multicultural symposia and legal tinkering. White Nationalism is about the eternal bond of blood. White Nationalism is about a people and its place in the universe. It's about what's good, right and just under the sun and stars. White Nationalism is indeed a "challenge" to integration. It is a challenge to a sick society, to a perverted way of life, to the hateful, forced and unnatural, to the murderous assaults on our people, to the mockery of our people, and to the dispossession of our people. It is a challenge to the use and abuse of a kind, noble and beautiful race by those who care nothing for its future. Too few White people are convinced of their racial peril, but that will change in time. In the meantime, laughable books like Swain's can only help the cause.


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