Using Their Fight As Our Own

by F. Lee Conscious

July 15, 2002

It probably seems natural to view the Arab-Jew conflict in the Middle East as something we should throw our weight behind. After all, the Jew is our enemy, and the enemy of an enemy could very well be a friend. In this case, that idea is folly.

Arabs, as someone once stated, are "the new Germans." The American masses automatically think of them -- especially the proud Arabs, the fundamentalists -- as "terrorists." "Terrorism" is now almost equal to "racism" in terms of the psychological impact the term has on the public psyche. We racially conscious Whites have a hard enough time convincing our racially ignorant brethren that we are not the ultimate evil, that racism is not the ultimate evil, but to associate ourselves with the folks who kill "innocent" people in Israel, and who killed several thousand Americans -- to associate with "terrorists" -- is an almost suicidal move on our part. It's a double whammy against us in their minds (Terrorist Nazis; by golly, Satan isn't as evil!) -- and it'll be double the work on our part to undo their conditioning. The policy of the National Alliance, to emphasize this one group in particular, is to appeal to the independent-thinking minority -- the non-lemmings -- in an effort to build all-important alternative media, among other things. But we will need, as the policy of the National Alliance recognizes, to appeal to the masses, eventually, if not now.

We racially conscious Whites may know the true story, the reason behind the attacks, the reason why the Arab freedom fighters have taken their fight to America, but the masses don't. The relatively high pro-Israel poll numbers, the indifference to the government's ignoring of the rights of "suspected terrorists" here in the U.S. (even though they shouldn't be here to begin with), and even Comrade Bush's high approval rating are all testament to this fact. When I read about the May 11th National Alliance (and other groups') rally in D.C., I was pleased to note the pathetic appearance of the opposition, and pleased that the message was successfully delivered. Then, on an Internet forum involving disgruntled Whites who are somewhat awakened -- but still too full of conditioning to do anything of substance -- reality struck. The consensus opinion was anger at the fact that too much of the rally was spent on pro-Palestinian (remember, pro-terrorist in their minds) issues. They, like the majority of White Americans, view Israel's fight as our fight, Israel's enemies as our enemies.

"So what," one might say, "who needs these lemmings anyway? You've already stated the policy of the pro-White group the National Alliance is to attract the independent-thinking minority. We can worry about the masses after we have that minority in ideological lockstep with us, and after we've built our media." My response would be: why wait? Why make things tougher in the future by alienating ourselves further from the public? It's not that we should "pull a Jew" and use deception, even if we could get away with it, rather, we should focus on pro-White, pro-American issues, and put an anti-Israeli/Jew, rather than pro-Arab, spin on Middle Eastern affairs. The only non-racist White Americans who are on the Palestinian side are the 80-pound-soaking-wet-haven't-bathed-in-a-week-self-hating commies, so if Pals get gunned down by Jewish snipers, the White masses don't care (more dead terrorists in their mind) so why should we? We sure as hell aren't trying to win over those commies, are we? When we take the stance that Israel should be bombed, without giving concrete examples of why, we make the masses believe that we're on the side of "them": the terrorists. When we state, "9/11 happened because of our pro-Israel stance -- Bin Laden himself warned us to end our support," a typical lemming response might be: "So should we bow down to the demands of terrorists?" The masses are angry, and, in being angry, have closed their minds. They want those responsible for 9/11 to be severely punished for their actions; they don't care about addressing any root causes, or pursuing what TV says are "conspiracy theories."

"How do we," one might respond, "get the masses to see that Israel is not our ally, and the way they treat the Arabs is not good in a humane sense, and, more importantly, is not good for Whites, if we refuse to call a spade a spade?" We should call a spade a spade; only, we shouldn't focus on the pro-Arab particulars. When Jews gun down babies in Occupied Palestine, don't say: "More dead Palestinian kids." State: "Israelis/Jews ruthlessly killed more children today." When a suicide bomber hits an Israeli target, don't say: "More dead Jews! Yee-haw!" State: "The freedom fighters struck back against their oppressors."

The mainstream media use this method very well. They have the majority of Americans convinced that whenever Israel uses American-supplied tanks and helicopters against stone-throwers, it's "a defensive move." Whenever a suicide bomber strikes an Israeli target, even if it's a military target, it's "a massacre." When the Jews round up hundreds of Palestinian males after a suicide bombing, a move that would be decried by "our" media as "racial profiling," it's "in retaliation for..." And so on. I know, it still seems like I'm advocating using Jewish techniques to win our struggle, but keep in mind that we are not lying or deceiving, we're just shifting the emphasis of a particular situation to one that suits our stance.

In conclusion, the Arab struggle against the Jew may outwardly seem to be similar to ours, but to overly associate ourselves with them will mean alienating ourselves even further from the White masses -- the very people we will eventually need to win any kind of revolution. While it is true that civilizations are made by a minority of a minority of the people, without the masses, that minority of a minority will not be able to accomplish much -- certainly not the goals of groups like the National Alliance.


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