Jewish Supremacist Groups Oppose School Vouchers

by Robert N. Ericsson

July 24, 2002

On Thursday June 27, the United States Supreme Court, in a historic decision, ruled that a school voucher program in Cleveland does not violate the Constitution. In a close 5-4 ruling, the court affirmed that the concept of using taxpayer funds to pay for education at private schools is not unconstitutional. Despite the fact that there will still be opposition, this was an important hurdle for school voucher programs nationwide. Opponents of vouchers have challenged them on a number of grounds. Their contention is that vouchers would drain funds from public schools, widen the disparities in education, etc. The strongest legal challenge, and seemingly the most desperate is a claim that vouchers are unconstitutional because they violate the establishment clause of the First Amendment. The relevant portion of the Amendment reads:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof...

The challenge to the Cleveland program claimed that the possibility of parents using a voucher to send their children to private religious schools violated this principle. The court rejected this claim on a number of legal grounds.

President Bush hailed the ruling, stating that the Supreme Court had offered the hope of an excellent education to parents and children throughout the country. He went on to say that the decision clears the way for what he called innovative school-choice programs so that "no child in America will be left behind."

Reaction from other sources was not as positive however. A spokesman from Jewish Supremacist group The Anti-Defamation-League (a staunch opponent of school vouchers) criticized the ruling, voicing intense concern over any weakening of the separation of church and state. The ADL web page contains an article titled "School Vouchers: The Wrong Choice for Public Education" in which the author criticizes voucher programs on the usual grounds, concluding, "School voucher programs undermine two great American traditions: universal public education and the separation of church and state." The article also voices the intense concern that voucher funds might end up going to fund schools run by "extremist groups" such as the "Ku Klux Klan" or "Nation of Islam" and further an "anti-Semitic" agenda.

Other pro-Jewish groups such as the racist American Jewish Committee have stated that "This [Supreme Court] decision represents a troubling endorsement of unsound public policy..." and that "AJC is undeterred and will continue to fight vouchers...". Not surprisingly, the vast majority of pro-Jewish groups who have publicly addressed the issue agree.

Their claim of course is that they oppose vouchers because they want to stop anything that could undermine the quality of our public schools, equal education for all or the Constitution. Their interpretation of quality is obviously far removed from the majority of Americans. There is almost universal agreement that our education system is in trouble and "something" needs to be done to halt its descent into mediocrity. From the Jewish perspective however, everything is just fine with public education. When the real quality of the educational system, or really its lack thereof, is given a careful examination, it is clear that "public school quality" is an almost laughable oxymoron. Given that our public schools are in serious trouble, and that the ADL and other pro-Jewish groups are strong supporters of that miserable status-quo, the real reasons for their opposition become apparent.

Certain groups in the United States have exercised the freedom of school choice for decades: namely, the very wealthy. These Jewish groups know that their wealthy members and supporters can generally exercise school choice without voucher programs. There is therefore no incentive to support voucher programs, and every reason to fight an idea that will help remove the children of non-Jews from the miserable brainwashing factories that the Jews have helped create.

There are really three interrelated reasons for Jewish-Supremacist groups to fight school vouchers. First, they oppose ANYTHING that would interrupt the stream of politically correct propaganda that American children are subjected to. Heaven forbid that children might be freed of the pro-Jewish, pro-race-mixing, multicultural garbage that our schools now sell as "education."

Secondly, it would be a dual blow to their racist and elitist agenda if children could acquire an unbiased or even pro-White perspective on the world. Finally, and despite their supposed goal of "equality" in education, they fear anything that might close the educational gap between their children and "other" children. After all, our public schools have little time to teach such minor skills as reading, English, science and math after the kids get their daily quota of political correctness. A "fair" and "equal" system of education would threaten the competitive advantage that privately educated Jewish children have. This is obviously the real terror for them when it comes to extending school choice to more and more people. A fair and equal system might actually shake up their disproportionate representation at top schools, and break their stranglehold on the legal and medical fields.

The American public education system was fundamental in bringing us to a position of power and influence in the world. Our vision of America should be a bright one where our children grow and flourish and an America is reborn more brightly and more beautifully than ever before. Contrast that with the Jewish vision of America in which their ruling elite preside over a mass of racially mixed serfs. This is an exciting opportunity to rescue our schools and our children from this future oblivion. Anything that Jewish Supremacist groups oppose this vehemently is sure to be a benefit to the masses. The fight will be difficult as they use their money, influence, and almost limitless legal resources to prevent educational parity. However, this is a fight we can win if we put our support and our votes behind it.


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