On The Current Pathetic Crop Of American White Senior Citizens

by Toni Brian

July 23, 2002

Let's face it - White women squeezing poop machines out of their vagina, by itself, isn't necessarily going to solve all the dilemmas we face. Can we wait until the next generation is grown up before any action can take place? Is Mimms a procrastinator here -- leaving it in the hands of the next generation to solve all the fucking problems our grandparents and great-grandparents created for us? How fucking convenient.

I know lots of old fogies got their bankroll locked up in the Indian's casino, got their IRAs invested at the local loony church -- hoping to buy their way into heaven. We got senior citizens living it up on the Florida beaches -- without a care in the world, all the while forgetting about their grandchildren they need to be nurturing and help raising. So what's up with that? Why aren't old people -- specifically WHITE old people speaking up and getting with the program? They have the money, time and voting bloc to bring immediate CHANGE -- but no, they don't do jack shit.

SO GRANDMA AND GRANDPA -- you only got a few good years left, speak out -- buy up television stations and newspapers. Organize yourself to shut down MTV. Quit kissing Bush's ass and we can see immediate change and not some murky distant future.

It seems to Mimms that White woman aren't doing enough -- apparently not getting pregnant fast enough, not popping out enough babies. Can we compete with Mexicans and Blacks who bed down any stranger to get that "welfare"? You know the White women, as a collective whole, are a lot smarter than these sistas, and competing for the "Who can pop the most babies Award" is not really the answer here.

First of all, who let the DOGS IN? Who let these sistas come over so we can subsidize THEIR poop machines? The Jews. But the question is - Who let the Jews do it? Our White grandparents/great-grandparents -- they failed to name the Jew, they elected Roosevelt, they fell for the Uncle Sam hype they fought the Nazis, not me, they did.

They are the ones today who sit around, drawing on that social security, playing the bingo, go RVing while leaving the rest of us here to take hits of our Jewish-dominated society. Yes, I am blaming them and I think they are a much sorrier crop of White Americans than any White childbearing-age woman today.

Look at Billy Graham -- he had a chance to redeem his traitorous soul. Did he redeem it? No, he cowered and shriveled up when allegations of anti-Semitism were made. He knows the truth. What does he have to lose? He only has a few good years left. He could have given a sermon about the evils of Judaism and the blood thristy Christ-killers, but did he? No, he sold his soul to the devil, just like the majority of old White people today. When given the chance to do right or make amends for the years of failure, our "Golden Era" retirees would rather just slide back on the ol' rocker and NOT SAY A WORD. What do they have to lose? Jail? Prison? Public Embarrassment? Harassment? How about some respect.

But isn't this what life is all about? Doing the right things, helping your descendants, righting the wrongs -- going to your death knowing truth was on your side and you did the right thing even if was just at the end of your season?

NO...instead you turn on your CNN and complain about your arthritis to your children. You annoy the hell out of your grandchildren and your great grandchildren run away from you screaming. Your gaudiness shows and everyone knows it.

White grandma and grandpa, time to get off your rocker, click off the TV and name the Jew. Do it today!


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