Children: The More, The Merrier

by Raina Wilhelm

July 14, 2002

Dear Abby recently advised a woman who said she switches off her electricity in order to pull her husband away from the TV to beware, for a record number of children were born nine months after NYC's infamous blackouts. The implication was that children being born is something to avoid if possible. This kind of negative attitude towards children is not unusual today. Whether it's little bits of "advice" like Abby's, televitz portrayals of long painful labor, or derogatory jokes about children, subtle and not-so-subtle "warnings" about children and pregnancy are rampant.

Everyone who watches TV knows that giving birth is akin to squeezing a watermelon out of your nostril, that labor can go on for days, and that the mother will be cursing the father the whole time, vowing that she will never have sex with him again. It's also common knowledge that children are very expensive, usually demanding, and will doubtless become surly teenagers in just a few short years, turning your hair grey overnight. On top of it all, the world's so overpopulated that more children just take away valuable resources from existing children. And let's face it: children cramp your style. This way of thinking among Whites is proving deadly to our race, and it is no coincidence that these myths are perpetuated by the jewish media.

The truth is that children are only expensive when their parents try to live up to the lifestyle pushed on us by the jewish media. Greed and love of money are jewish traits; Whites would do well to abhor them. You really don't need four vehicles and all those electronic toys. Do yourself and your race a favor by leaving something besides junk and debt behind when you exit this world.

It's common for young women today to seek a career and education before starting a family. They tell themselves and everyone else, "I will have children when I'm a) financially able, b) done with my schooling, or c) mature enough to raise them right," and that sounds all good and well until you consider the following: a woman's fertility rate peaks at age 30 and drops by 50% by the time she reaches 35. By the time a woman is in her early forties, she has only a 3% to 5% chance of becoming pregnant. This "career and education first" attitude is a contributing factor to the low White birth rate. By the time many women feel "ready" to have children, they often have to seek medical help just to become pregnant.

I sometimes am made to feel as if I'm some sort of underachiever; I have no degrees and no job outside of the home. While many women choose to wait for children, I chose to wait for a higher education and career. After all, my chances of earning a degree won't be cut in half when I reach age 35, but my fertility will be. My children have the advantage of having parents young enough to get down on the floor and play with them. As I near thirty, I find myself losing patience more easily and am thankful that by the time I'm 40, my child-raising days will be over.

Some women are afraid that bearing children "ruins their figure" and is so painful that death would be preferred. This is nonsense. While pregnancy may in fact change your body, it only "ruins" your figure if you're not motivated to take care of yourself. Pregnancy and childbirth are merely excuses that unhealthy, overweight women fall back on to excuse their laziness. Having borne four children vaginally (with no drugs) myself, I can assure those of you who have not yet experienced it that it is not half as bad as it's made out to be. You can and will get over it just as soon as you see that adoring little face looking up at you.

There is no shame in having a big family, though some people would have you to believe otherwise. Large families are stereotyped as "white trash" -- six toothless kids in an old log cabin with goats and chickens sharing one bed is the mental picture people form in their minds upon hearing of a large family. When people find out my husband and I have four, they often say things like, "You are hillbillies, aren't you?" (yes, thank you), or, "Are you Catholic?" (no!) Some people express admiration, others just shake their heads in amazement. I always tell them what my own dad told me when I was on #2 and people would ask us if we were "done" yet. He said, "Tell them you're just doing your part for the White race." Thanks, Dad!

Simply put, White couples have a responsibility to their race to bear children and to educate those children on the importance of White racial survival. It's time to say, "We're Not Listening Anymore" to the jewish liars who would have us believe that children are a burden when in fact they are a valuable contribution to our race.


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