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VNN Gives Big "Thumbs Up" To "Bar Rechts"

Copycopycopy, these madcap Orientals. Some enterprising ant, in search of novelty, has opened a Nazi-themed bar in Pusan, South Korea -- "one of a number of recent adopt Nazi motifs." Since Jews, as God's Chosen People, have the right never to be offended by anything, anywhere, ever, the vast, coordinated, professional Jewish outrage network has swung into action, pressuring the ants to shut the joint down. Yids are already gloating that they got the Japan Times to pull its "glowing review." Good luck getting VNN to knuckle under. Here it is -- " basement bar with a very stylish interior, great mood lighting, artistic use of motifs and a pleasant laid-back atmosphere. So what's the problem? Er, only one: Rechts' motif is the Nazi swastika. It's hard to dislike the place, but it's still uncomfortable being there. The barmaid was clad in black leather and even had Aryan blue contacts. You've got little Nazi signs on the toilet doors, some well-placed Nazi neon lights, some understated black motifs, a pretty velvety Nazi menu holder and cute little Nazi napkins." VNN's all for it -- as long as we don't have to listen to grinning, robot-jerking ants karaoke-parroting the Panzerlied in their thick Korean accents. Crank up Die Gotterdammerung on the jukebox, splash out the Danziger Goldwasser, and let's have a ball!

The Horror of Multiculturalism Personified

Canada's Governor-General, a Chinese refugee who, in her travels, acquired the name "Adrienne Clarkson." Here, she sucks up to the President of Israel (and the 1% of Canada's population which is Jewish) with ugly remarks stereotyping Whites. "Ottawa, where I came as a child, was a cold, white place in a cold, white country. In my lifetime, in the past 60 years, it has become a place of enormous diversity and energy and a successful experiment in the new kind of pluralist country that Canada has since become." Ah. Perhaps you can't say this in Canada anymore, due to its "progressive" Jewish curbs on free speech, but we can certainly say it here at cold, White VNN -- and we don't intend to let the opportunity go by. Fuck you, you slant-eyed, jabbering, bowlegged slop-gobbler who grew up on some overcrowded sampan near a sewage outfall and then screwed and schemed your way to the top in a White man's country, riding White people's coattails and stealing a White woman's pretty name. There. We feel better now -- and you're still Chinese, and not popular with your own, either. That's usually the fate of those who work both sides of the fence...they suggest, subvert, steer, suborn, but end up spurned by all.

Jewish Names

Jews endlessly circle, sniffing carefully like dogs. "Is he Jewish? Is he Jewish?" Race comes first, last, and always to these people -- who teach us that we shouldn't even blink when we see niggers from 10,000 miles away taking over the house next door. We dirty shaygets may say "Daniel Pearl," but Jews know him as "Daniel ben Yehuda Pearl, Hashem Yinkom Damo: Daniel, son of Judea Pearl, may God avenge his blood." For public, goyishe consumption, "Asher is shaded off into Archer, Ansell, Asherson...Baruch is touched up into Benedict, Beniton, Berthold..." Here, one of our favorite articles on the subject, from Henry Ford's paper in 1921 -- from the Old America which is still within living memory. Spot the Yid, win an attractive salad bowl...

The Lutheran -- Mortal Enemy Of The White Race

Remember when do-gooders took up collections to "help the natives?" That's not good enough anymore. Now they have to bring them here. One church, blackening a town. Look at the map. "Our Nuer came from here." Aren't they ever so sleek and shiny? "How many Nuer does your church have, Myrtle?" "I'll bet we've got more than you!" "Well, we'll just have to see about that!" The Beanie Baby craze is over, and the cabinet is all filled with Precious Moments, so idle housewives need a new hobby. First niggers come, then they organize to compete with us for resources. Let's not forget this student organization. Then subsidy-sniffing fags, Jews, other nonproductive oddballs rush in to provide NEA-subsidized "art" to make the nigs feel at home. More money is needed for studies on how to spend still more money on translators, legal assistance, sensitivity training, publicity to calm a growingly skittish White population, and free health care. Here, thirty Sudanese families appear en masse before the people of Iowa City to state, "We're here. Love us." Here, the "Lost Boys" begin to flow into Sioux Falls. "Their adjustment has been eased by volunteers, such as Cherri Johnson, a spirited woman who meets new arrivals at the airport and makes sure each receives new socks and underwear." After all, there are no elderly White people in Sioux Falls who could use a ride to the store or help fixing their house, no White children who need help with their homework. Sane Iowans detest their governor, who supports this cheap-labor discolored flood. The infection is spreading to Omaha as well! Of course, Lost Boys never commit rape after only six days in the U.S. We have to stop for now -- as we search, there are more than 500 links just under "Sudanese - Des Moines," and over 22,000 under "Lutheran - Immigration!" One church, blackening a nation.

Izzy Attacking Journalists

Israel essentially believes it should be able to kill anyone who takes a direct look at it. It's the Jewish way. Non-Jews are simply animals, and may be safely killed. In fact, it's immoral not to use and discard them, according to Jewish religious law. Is Judaism a sicko racist hate cult? Why, yes, yes it is. Good old-fashioned Harvard-kike lying here. Here the yahoodis shoot and kill a defenseless journalist. They probably mistook him for a nurse. Or a playgrounder. Free-lance photographer Raffaele Ciriello, who was shot several times in the chest, became the first foreign journalist killed in the conflict. He had worked in many of the world's hot spots.

Cop Spying

Denounced by ACLU... Stop the evil empire -- with bumper stickers! Here on biometrics in Kansas. Here the hijackers get belated visa approval for flight school. H. Rap actually convicted.

Want Wings?

Dr. Rosenrosen will implant them, for a few thousand quid.

Niggers are Sub-Animals

Here on that coonessa who, ecstasy gript, left the White guy bleeding to death in her windshield for theree days while she fucked her boyfriend and ate bags of Doritos. "The two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government." But Doritos-eating negritudinous she-murderers are merely a symptom. JEW is the DISEASE. Help us get rid of Jews, White man, and we can easily clean up these niggers. Any Lutherans reading this: quit your church, join the National Alliance. Martin Luther hated Jews -- he knew what a dangerous and evil race they are. But your church today is scared of them, and it imports neighborhood-destroying Somalis by the bushel-barrells. Quit the Lutheran Church and put your money and time into the National Alliance. Do something good and moral for a change, White man. Quit subsidizing -- voluntarily for chrissakes! -- the forces that are destroying our neighborhood. Even Jesus hated kikes.

And the Answer Is...

There is no civil, legal way to achieve our aims within the Judeo-Establishment's System. The revolution will be violent. The alternative is American Whites going the way of White Rhodesia and White South Africa; mobocracy by 70-IQ black baby-rapists fronting for Jewish ideologues and Victor Gerhard

Book Review: "Hold Back This Day"

Despite its flaws, Hold Back This Day is an intelligent, exciting novel that all White racialists should J.B. Hood

SPLC's "War on Women"

Pro-White women are a pretty feeble lot, by Kool Mo's Angry White Female

New Fitz cartoon here.

Wolzek's latest promo here. Nice new animated jew gif here. Sven's latest promo here. And in Portugese here.

Injuns Pick White Mascot

This beats all...

Censor Censored

Dish it out, but can't take it, these Jews. Here, Egypt bars ADL kike Foxman -- leading proponent of all-encompassing, Jew-protecting censorship -- from meeting. "It is sad that a country...that claims democracy and dialogue...imposes restrictions on who it will meet not willing to listen to those who are critical," blubbers this inhuman, pasty-looking, fluorescent-light-grown fungus-in-a-swivel-chair, with that disgusting, bifurcated turkey-wattle under his chin quivering with pretended outrage. Ha.

"Jewish Culture" or, "Where's My Revolver?"

"He argues politics with the porter and stands in the lobby reading Yiddish newspapers. Worst of all, she says, is his constant stream of visitors -- old men with beards who smell of herring. 'I'm telling you, it's like a regular synagogue around here,' she gripes." Congress in session? No, just a priceless moment from Yiddish radio, from a box of old records some Jew tripped over. Here, the eternal Jewish self-promotion; anything Jews do is far more real, more interesting, more valid than pale, inadequate "white bread." "'There's also a noir, crusty, very realistic tone to Yiddish radio,' he said. 'This was when mainstream radio played cowboy stories and superhero dramas -- escapist stuff. The Yiddish audience didn't want to escape from their lives. They wanted something that brought them into their lives, into the problems that mattered.'" Niggers are also good at acting like they know something you don't -- and it doesn't mean a thing coming from them, either. Whites produce cathedrals and steel mills, sonatas and Saturn boosters. We don't need Jews. Go be "earthy, yeasty, seething, bubbling, fermenting" under a thick layer of friable, well-drained, firmly-tamped topsoil, willya?

Jewish "Culture," Take 2

Our cup runneth over with filth, abnormality this week. Thanks, Jews. Here, a film in which "an ostensibly heterosexual 'Jew from Scarsdale,' answers an intriguing 'women seeking women' ad...The uptight Jessica soon finds herself in an intense romantic relationship with Helen Cooper, a laid-back downtown hipster...we won't give away the ending, but let's just say that Jessica's boss, who also happens to be her ex-boyfriend from college, expresses a latent desire...the film's Jewish sensibility 'was a color we shaded in' once Jessica was identified as a neurotic, Woody Allen-type...the result is a distinctly Jewish movie." Sure sounds like it. "In addition to dancing lightly around flashpoint issues like sexual identity," which is not an "issue" for normal humans, "'Kissing Jessica Stein' also addresses interfaith relationships. Jessica's relatives appear less concerned about Helen's gender than her religion; more than once, they ask her, 'Are you Jewish?'" Oi, Gott! Such a people, God's Chosen.

Terrorism Redux

Terrorism? Not all of VNN's readers are old enough to remember life right after the Civil Rights Act of 1964 unleashed the nigger on White America, when the "Long Hot Summers" of Negro rioting struck fear into White hearts. Huge palls of smoke rising in the distance, police cars screaming through the streets twenty at a time as the all-night thunder of African drumming resounded from city parks. Garden hoses connected to put out fires, pistols purchased, shopping bags of clothing and essentials kept ready by the door for hasty evacuation in case one's home or building was torched. Who was responsible? White "haters" like those of us here on VNN obviously can't be trusted; everything we say is a "crackpot conspiracy theory," an "anti-Semitic canard." Let's ask a reliable source -- a "young black city councilman from Newark." "There's a long history of black-Jewish solidarity, of working together to make the world a better place," Mr. Booker said. "Martin Luther King had close Jewish allies. A lot of folks in the Civil Right [sic] Era did. The freedom rides and sit-ins had tremendous Jewish involvement." Ah. See? Sure proves us wrong. Here, the resultant "better place" -- the death of one block in an American city, from busy neighborhood to "urban prairie." The Jews were the first to run, and here are the synagogues they left behind for the schvartzers to do with as they might. Sometimes we think Jews do this just for amusement.

Star Dreck

Equation -- American mass culture = Jewish culture. There is no other. "As he had been preparing the Spock character in the early days of the series, Mr. Nimoy, who had been raised in Orthodox Jewish surroundings in Boston's West End, had thought of the eternally exiled Vulcan as a sort of cosmically Wandering Jew cast among that otherwise homogenous crew. Called upon to invent a ritualized greeting gesture for his Vulcan alter-ego, Mr. Nimoy related how he suddenly recalled one of the most charged moments of the services at his local synagogue when he was a child: how the Kohanim, the representatives of the priestly tribe, approached the raised stage and formed a semi-circle, their large shawls draped over their extended arms, and their fingers outspread in that four-fingered V-configuration." Just the thing for a TV show about crazy spacemen. Nothing sacred to Jews, as long as there's a buck involved. After all, Jews Must Live, nu? Kill your Televitz, White man.

Neo-Nazi Hotline Phones Quiet

BERLIN. A hotline established to help neo-Nazis quit extremism has not received a single call since the end of October, according to a news report. A spokesman for the federal agency running the program said the hotline would continue anyway, the newsmagazine Focus reported on Sunday. Established last April in response to a rise in far-right extremism, the program was designed to reduce hate crimes by helping neo-Nazis start new lives. Assistance provided includes help in moving the person out of their environment and possible leniency in court cases. The hotline has received 740 calls so far, most of which were from journalists. About 140 calls were from people looking to leave the radical scene, the spokesman said.

Every Jew a Pearl

Headless Yid eulogized at Wailing Wall. "In this ceremony the cosmopolitan, neutral and professional 'American journalist Daniel Pearl' was transformed into a more atavistic, beloved creature, 'Daniel ben Yehuda Pearl, Hashem Yinkom Damo': 'Daniel, son of Judea Pearl, may God avenge his blood.'" Is vengeance an integral doctrine of your religion, White man? If you get hacked by some nigger with a machete, will your boy-fondling, "forgiveness"-spouting priest, your pale, soft minister with his doves and "angels" and church basement full of trendy illegal aliens cry out for your blood to be avenged? Don't make us laugh. Thus do the adherents of the New Testament shrink, lose ground before the followers of the Old. But wait! Let's keep this quiet, OK? "His cousins, Raz and Amir Pearl and Yaniv Ranen, politely explained that Judea and Ruth Pearl had asked them from their home in California not to speak with journalists. 'We don't need any more headlines coming out of Israel, okay?' Yaniv said. 'I'm sorry.'" Oh, dear, there goes VNN, being insensitive again.

Jews Frolic in Our Blood

Misery loves company. Again and again, we encounter this pathological Jewish theme. "Expulsions, pogroms, burnings at the matter how tightly we seek to squeeze into the protective cocoon, we are exposed; that's life -- or, at any rate, Jewish life." Nothing to do with Jewish behavior, of course. Now, after America's vastly expensive "protective cocoon" for Israel brought the hate of the world, and the terror attacks of 9/11, Jews have the chutzpah, the sheer brass, to remonstrate with us! "This is America, and America was supposed to be different" -- even with Jews doing everything they can to destroy it! "[Jewish] safety [in America] was not a delusion; it was a stipulation" -- even with Jews weakening the immigration laws to let in terrorists! Jews rush forward to embrace the assault, wave it on into our living rooms -- and teach us to love the killers! "Welcome home. Welcome back to Jewish history, welcome to the human condition, welcome to anxieties that are the norm for most of our planet's billions, some of them victims of terrorism, so many others of poverty, plague, pestilence of one kind or another," they say to what was once White America. "I never promised you a rose garden," warns the tick, the parasite, the aphid, as it spoils our roses. Unless you want your blasted, burnt corpse to become part of "Jewish history," like the Jews in "Ma'alot, the 1972 Olympics, the Savoy Hotel, the Coastal Highway, Sbarro's, the Dolphinarium, and on, and on," there is only one way to stop this maddened, destructive tribe that is hell-bent on dragging White America down with it. No Jews. Just Right.

Slashing Somali Is Only a Symptom

Scene in the former America -- it's March, 2002 in what was once clean, White, safe Minneapolis. A crazed Somali runs up the street waving a machete and shouting "Allahu akbar!" Insensitive police open fire! Enough Somalis here to form "crowd," enough to band together in "association," protest! They have "executive director" now! As Yggdrasil says, "The central characteristic of all multicultural societies is that groups use the central government to compete for resources." Not bad for aimless, dusty nomads, stick-waving wanderers who didn't even have a written language until 20 years ago. The Jews who engineered this immigration disaster call it "re-making the world." Lutherans call it "bringing new life." While Whites are hacked to death, burned alive in Zimbabwe, abducted and locked away to prevent them from voting, Lutheran race traitors like Ralston Deffenbaugh turn their backs, concentrate on importing lots and lots of niggers. This Judeo-directed-Christianity, this suicidal "religion of civility" with its TV-hallucinations about "angels" and its cute little logos of peace-doves with olive branches, is guaranteed to kill itself off -- but will take the White race with it. Wake up, Christian! Either haul that race-mixer down out of your pulpit, cut your ties to anti-White terrorist groups like LIRS, and run your church to benefit your community, or shout "NO MORE!" Startle the sleepers! Spit in the collection basket, stand up with your family in the middle of the soft, spineless, sickly sheep-sermon, and walk out the doors into the fresh air like a man -- like a White man. You'll feel a foot taller by the time you get to your car.

Is, Isn't, Is, Isn't

We're all dizzy! Is she Jewish? The first, the only question for neurotic Jews -- who paradoxically disguise themselves with nose jobs, name changes. Here, hand-wringing that Jewish press might have missed some profit, some publicity for Jewish skaters. "It's not as if there were a lack of clues: Her name is Sarah; she comes from Great Neck, N.Y., she has had dreams of becoming a doctor.16-year-old Sarah Hughes has a Jewish mother, Amy Hughes nŽe Pasternack." Skater Sasha Cohen "reportedly never had a bat mitzvah, but her family belongs to a Reform congregation." So good to know! There's humor here, too, about Irina Slutskaya...there were "assurances from Jewish communal leaders and government officials in Russia that Ms. Slutskaya was Jewish. So the wire service included her on a list of Jewish athletes sent out before the Olympics, only to see the figure skater cross herself on television at the end of each routine." That's always like garlic to a vampire, isn't it? Watch 'em gasp, recoil from a crucifix as though wooden-staked through the heart! Why so touchy, we wonder? It's one of their own nailed on there. Jews-- ya gotta love 'em!

Data Implants To "Increase Privacy," Say Jews

"The fate of kidnapped Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl is an example of how safety issues may override privacy concerns." Seelig, Isaacson, Jacobs, Silverman all nod, agree -- what silly goyim fear as the Mark Of The Beast will soon be all the rage. "It's kind of like Star Trek," they say. Every Jew A Pearl, we say.

Fucking Kikes Are Going to Kill Us All

If we don't kill them first.

Just Plain Funny

What do you get when you take a small nig, paint him orange, and make him sing?

Save Now, Buy Later

Almost nothing is more important, young White people, than staying out of Kevin Hannan

Movie Review: 'The Time Machine'

If anyone has invented a time machine, please go to March 7, 2002 and warn the world not to waste their money on this Mark Rivers

Majority-White Environments Are Worth Preserving

We need to nip World War III -- the Jews 'n' Oil War -- in the bud, and get back to energy-saving George Cabot

Off-White Like Me: Those Who Don't Learn From Past Mistakes Of Black Nationalists Are Doomed To Become Future White History

VNN's house she-nigger goes off on the kikes and their foul System, which destroyed communities White and black through the Jew-empowering dystopianism of "integration." Miss Ann Thrope

The New Feminism

Not all feminists are hairy broads, but even the cute, sophisticated ones suck from the same Jewish J.R. Colson

Computer Security for Home Users with Internet Access

The lowdown on protecting your data and browsing information from prying governments and K. Thompson

The Orwellian Tidal Wave: Bush's New Police State and WP Activists

On the many forces at work destroying your liberties in the name of anti-terrorism and in the furtherance of Semitical William Randolph Royere III

Who Is To Be Master Of The World?

An introduction to the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche, and very nicely Anthony M. Ludovici

Movie Review: 'Queen of the Damned'

What an awful, awful Mark Rivers

Pim Fortuyn

Fortuyn, like Haider, has tapped popular discontent with political parties that have ruled for ever - and has upset traditionalists with extreme comments on immigration. More here. People pay more to adopt Whites. Why? White babies are better. Who would want a kike or nigger or mexcrement or gook when he could have a White baby? Here on war-criminal Sharon hearings. Good site here for info on various kikes and their scams and history of their depredations against White folks in Eastern Europe. Jews are victims? No, Jews are persecutors. Portraying themselves as victims is a neat little side benefit that comes with tv control.

Those Kooky Kikes: Now They're Bombing Blind Kids!

And we're paying for it! These hebes really take the bundt cake. They leave bombs in sewers, bombs on playgrounds -- and now they're expending the ammo we bought and paid for to take out baby Pal Helen Kellers! Bad God. No donut. What kind of sick 'holes are these Izzykikes? WE PAY FOR ALL THIS, WHITE MAN! Here on "bombing Iraq to protect Israel." Quite right. Iraq is no threat to you and me, White man. Why is our country used to carry out Israel's agenda? Because it's not controlled by the race that founded it, but an alien one of: PodhorETZ, PerETZ, HorowITZ, WolfowITZ. These hebes are using us. It's that simple. Besides blind kids, jews also like to target ambulance personnel. Jews pretty much prefer shooting at anyone who can't shoot back. Here the U.S. transfers more advanced tech to Israel, so it can defend itself, sell it to China, trade it to Russia for military secrets. We put the work in developing the products, the kikes draw the profits. But Pals retaliate against the vicious Hate Jews' aggression: The cafe was teeming with dozens of people at the time of the attack. "There was an explosion of atomic proportions; the whole cafe filled with smoke," recounted witness Eran Schechter. "People began screaming. I saw 10 to 15 people lying unconscious on the floor of the cafe. I have never seen such horror in my life." Big piles of dead jews -- good for you, good for me, good for the entire world. You deserve it, Jews. You deserve it, Israel. No Jews. Just Right. Here on Colombia, where the warmongerwitzim may plan a new war soon.

Kike Fraud

When kikes aren't bombing blind kids or shooting nurses, they like to kick back with a nice telemarketing swindle. Kikes: we don't need them. They do need us.

Pro-White Places Ad in Weekly Planet

Kind of funny. Who do you hate most? I asked. Rank the top five. "Organized Jewry," he said. "You can put that at the top. No, put organized Jewry in all five places ... We have to disenfranchise the Jews. At some point, I would deport them. To Uganda, not Antarctica, because cold weather makes their genes stronger ... I want them outta my country. They are like a cancer." But, it all starts and ends with the Jews, said the 54-year-old man who said he is an Army retiree. "We have all these hassles at the airport and nothing but problems because of the Jews. We cannot keep making American interests subservient to Jewish interests." The majority of Americans don't get it because we are duped by a "propagandized," "kosher view" of the world that's so tainted by the media, which are controlled, distorted and manipulated by Jews at every level, he said. Here on Whites becoming a minority.

Latest from Bananamanland

She won't admit it's racial, even as her world goes down in flames. This is your future, White man, whether German, Briton or American. This is what the Jews intend for us, whether liberal, kahnmunist, or kahnservative. This is the future manipulators and liars and schemers -- David Horowitz is the perfect example -- intend for you. The jews want you to be raped, stabbed, humiliated and degraded right into the grave. IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME, READ UP ON THEIR HOLIDAYS: ALMOST EVERY SINGLE ONE CELEBRATES JUST SUCH A GENOCIDE. Jews, people, are a race: a parasitic race that sucks blood out of the bodies of its host until the host dies. Then it moves on. They are ticks and leeches in human form. They are vermin that must be destroyed BEFORE they destroy us. It really is that simple and brutal and elemental. Don't kid yourself that I say these kind of things out of some desire to sensationalize, or because I "hate" more than the next guy, or because I'm a big fan of violence. The truth is the opposite. I like reading book reviews, not garish reports about the latest hush crime. I say these things for only one reason: because they are the truth. The Jews intend White genocide. That is why they rolled back our carefully guarded national borders. That is why they loosed the niggers on us with their laughable "civil rights" -- white slavery act, more like it. Jews must be rooted out and destroyed, or they will murder all of us by the simple means of letting their colored monkey-charges circulate freely among us. NO WAY OUT BUT THROUGH THE JEW. The Republicunt won't tell you that. He's a bought beachball bouncer. The kahnservative won't tell you that. He's been gelded by the Semites who write the planks. Only the open White Nationalists will tell you that. Join the National Alliance and work with men like Dr. Pierce and Roper and Kievsky to make a difference. Be Big. Sign up with Us. We have the way out. The yids like kahn Horowitz bar Lying-Kike will only lead you into the grave.

Laws Against Race-Mixing

Marry a nog, wish you were dead. If the nog doesn't O.J. you in the first place. Here on Ron Angle and the Semitically Incorrect comments. If we said otherwise, he is in fact White, not black. Here final report from Durban conference in support of anti-White racism. Monkey Marion Barry wants to get back in the mix. Living in D.C. when this nigger was mayor persuaded me that conservatism was a scam, and racism was right. To see a nigger like this day-in, day-out is to realize that, as Jefferson said, there's no way we can let these monkeys live among us without destroying ourselves. The cons will try to con you about all the good niggers, the smart ones, the decent ones, but Marion Barry is where anything niggery ends up in very short order. They just aren't ready for prime time. Tweeeet! Line up for evolution practice, jigaboos! BET 'boos on profiling. Here on education, pookie-style. Anglo-Saxon justice only works for Anglo-Saxon; it didn't evolve to fit an extremely stupid, violent population like that of niggers. Here on Somalis in Twin Cities. Here another gookish piece of vermin kills a White woman. We don't need these nogs in our country, and they wouldn't be here except for the jews. Here on a nigger sex predator in San Diego. Funny how they always go on about "news you can use," but they carefully admit the most pertinent detail.

Texas Part of Izzy Spy Ring

Listen to ranting jewbitch here. I suspect this is a comedy shtik, though. Egyptian cartoon here. Only the ADLpates are stupid enough to reprint a cartoon that most Americans would agree with. Here on Dems and Mexes in Texas. Don't Mex with Texas! Bushio speaks in Spanish, says America needs to smear itself with Mexcrement. Here a corrupt shitskin is appointed N.J. state police superintendent.

ANAL in Britain

It's so racist in Britain a panoply of nogs invades every way possible. And some that aren't. They're discovered, smothered and stinking, later. Nothing stinks like three-day-old chinaman with belly full of rat-dog stew. Government reconfirms anti-White policy is top priority.

Media: "Professional" Journos Not Privileged

Everybody has rights... Here on revision of domain-name dispute methods. They're working it all out in Ghana. No, I'm not kidding.


Jews' favorite supply-drug... Here a site calls Aguilera "white trash." Being called "trash" by a Mexican, now that's un chiste grande.

The New "Patriotism"

It used to mean blood ties, now it's empty Jew-media Dr. William Pierce

Israel Knew. Now She Must Die.

It is time for us to bomb Israel with nuclear weapons. The suggestion of an Israeli connection to the events surrounding 9/11 did not spring, full blown, like Minerva from the head of Zeus. It had been hovering in the background, implied in odd accounts such as the one about the group of Israelis picked by the FBI after they were spotted in Liberty State Park, Jersey City, NJ, laughing and giving each other high-fives as the World Trade Center burned on the other side of the river. That is exactly how the kikes feel about you and yours and your country, White man. From Davey Horowitz, to Norman Podhoretz, to Irving Kristol, they see America as nothing more than a wallet and weapons factory for Israel. All Jews care about is what's "good for Jews." They are willing to sacrifice your last son and last dollar to protect their racial interests. There is only one policy toward Jews that works: No Jews. Just Right. The Jews knew that thousands of Americans were going to die in WTC. Now we should declare war on Israel and destroy it. The anti-American kikes controlling our media and foreign policy should be hanged for treason.

Death to Israel

Israel, under intense strain from the Palestinian intifada, soon could face a second front in the north. Hezbollah's Sheikh Naim Qassem this week denounced the peace proposal from Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah and demanded the forthcoming Arab summit "stand firmly against attempts to force compromises with regard to the occupied lands and Arab sanctities." Hezbollah, heavily rearmed by its Iranian patrons and fully mobilized for war, is poised for "an explosion of violence," according to Lebanese security sources. The Lebanese Daily Star reported Thursday a Hezbollah plan to seize an Israeli border settlement and take hostages, and Hezbollah routinely uses the pretext of anti-aircraft fire against Israeli overflights to rain 57 mm shells onto Israeli villages. "Israel is exploding from inside. Tel Aviv is turning into a city of ghosts. The Israelis have lost confidence in their leaders and army," claimed Hezbollah southern commander Sheikh Nabil Qaiouk. "Israel is down on the ground and bleeding at political, military and security levels. All we have to do now is to finish it off." The entire world would be better off if jews and Israel ceased to exist.

Easy to Get Guns in Israel

Jews only support White gun OWNER control. Guns are fine if they're in kike hands. Jews are murdering innocent Palestinians right and left. The media makes it sound like all Jews do is retaliate, but that's a lie. Jews are bloodthirsty, and they specialize in murdering entire families. They kill Pals at a rate of more than three to one. The kike producer blowing in Gunga Dan Rather's ear won't tell you that.

France: Anti-"Cult"

Anti-Semitically Incorrect is more like it. Good news here as Italian navy lets invaders suck water.

Jews Control Hollywood

Oft-cited Jew Lapin is used by the right to make it appear Jews aren't in cahoots. YOU try to get what he says published as a non-Jew. The con cowards will laugh in your face. Here Kike Horowitz's kike Kantor's latest attempt to smear pro-Americans by calling them leftists. Kikes H&K's relatives were the real anti-Americans back then, the red-diaper kikes, just as they are the anti-Americans today. America "goes not abroad in search of monsters to destroy," one of the founders said. But today it does, thanks to Jewish control of the government. H&K provide media cove for an America coopted to serve Israeli interests. Jews are a race, not a religion, and if a Jew tells you something, he is lying. All jews care about is whether something is "good for jews." They by definition cannot be good members of any other nation. That is why we do not want them among us. And why we say, No Jews. Just Right.

Compulsive DNA Registry?

For pols, maybe... Here on attempts to foist a global tax. Florida asks to bust illegals.

Not Out of Africa

Neanderthals live...

Utter Nigger Depravity

Has to be read to be believed... "The two races, equally free, cannot live under the same government." Thomas Jefferson. Kike Horowitz and the kinky jewboys over at Frontpage won't tell you that. They're jews, which is to say hate-filled racist liars. Here on the Frog Alley Posse, attacking Whites, like the niggers up in Virginia.

Slob-Liar's Book a Hit

Michael Moore makes a few good points, carefully packaged in an anti-White title... Here EURO will welcome Whites to South Carolina.

Books: George Lincoln Rockwell

Review by Eric Thomson.... Yanked cartoon here.

Penis-Kissin' Mo and Hate Radio

Mo sucks. But then, you already knew that. Today, an estimated 1,100 hours are sold every month to the radical right.

Intimidation One

Jews at the Boston Globe and god knows what other Jewish hate groups try to intimidate Kievsky for speaking up at public forums. Jews can't handle the truth, only suppress Andrei Kievsky

The Jew-Spies

Their "art" company was pure paper. Translated LeMonde story here.

CNN Loath to Report on New Jackson Book


Serve the Monkey

And whatever's in it...

Media: Disney Wants Copy-Control

Proposal would essentially neuter computers and most chip-driven devices.

Censored at Free Republic!

Jews celebrate mass-murderer Baruch Goldstein....

Does Racial Nationalism Trump "Xenophobia"?

American nationalists don't need to go abroad in search of models to imitate. As foreigners like Rosenberg have noted, White Nationalism is our truest Karl Kammler

Movie Review: 'The Lords of Discipline' (1983)

The South existed to chew bubblegum and hate niggers. No other N.B. Forrest

Closing the Gap Between Conservatives and Nationalists, Part Two

Understand the true nature of the J.R. Colson

Male Circumcision: An Idea So Bad It Has to be Jewish

And, of course, it is. Just because your forebears were lemmings, don't YOU be. Circumcision is not cleaner, not healthier, not better; its widespread practice is mostly Anglo-snobbery aping Victorian prudes. The same impulse that drives scared middle-class Whites to name their subdivisions "Foxwood Glen Terrace Grosvenor Way" drives them to cut the dicks off their sons. Let it end with you. Stop the insanity. Think. Don't jew your male baby. Uncut is better. You know how usually I'm joking? Now I'm not. DON'T CIRCUMCISE YOUR KID! White men, do not allow your neurotic wives to slice up your sons because they think it's "nice," the same way they put crap on top of a toilet. HUMANS AREN'T BORN WITH SPARE PARTS. For chrissakes, people -- THINK.

Circumcision Is Evil

Numerous studies have confirmed that children and adolescents who experienced circumcision were terribly frightened during the assault and exhibited behavior problems after their circumcisions. Among the symptoms were stuttering, obsessive compulsive reactions, ticks and aggressive behavior. Psychological trauma also included the development of night terrors, temper tantrums and rage. In many children, suicidal impulses developed. Fear of authority was also greatly increased.

Net Censorship

Europe leads the way. Thanks, Jews. Here's the sad result of a libertarian female trying to think. Racial identity, group feelings are natural things, and are no more something that can be got beyond than eye color. These libertarians have a real blind spot. They're forever going on about how the right wants in your bedroom and the left wants in your wallet, and how they alone favor freedom and don't want to impose morality. But their morality calls it Evil for a person to act as anything other than an atomized individual. No one has any rights to value his community more than the velleities of the next guy down the block, and to seek to preserve it by working with others as a race is immoral to the libertarian. Another reason libertarians never win. "Common humanity" is laughable. I have nothing in common that I wish to preserve with the swarthy Ethiop bathing under a cow's tail. He ain't a human in my book, sister. Unhindered by contradictions in my approach, I would go one step farther. The broader category -- the shared humanity of men and women, black and white -- is more significant than any secondary characteristics of gender or race. We are, first and finally, all human beings. How do the Whites in Zimbabwe feel about your groovy ideas, dumb bitch? Funny how libertarians universally harp on individual differences being Huge and Overridingly Important, but they make room for not even double-rhinocerous-sized differences between races. It takes a certain type of stupidity to be a libertarian. And shuttered eyes.

New Anti-White "Hate" Poster Out!

Kikes and other tolerance-haters have a new wall-hanging. Note the prominent display of the Confederate flag on their graphic. By no conceivable stretch does the South represent hate. And by no conceivable stretch does that matter. Nazis, Southrons unite: we are all White Rattlesnake-Americans. Death to Jewish Hate! Whether you're a neo-confederate, or a confederate-neo, dead kikes is one thing all decent people can unite on. Here on tribalism and boolie worship.

Mexcrement Stabs White Student, Guess Who's Suspended?

By decree of the yahoodi, Whites are third-class citizens. They may be stabbed "eight or nine times" with impunity by citizens, second class, which include niggers, Mexcrement, gooks of all flavors, handicrippables, JimNob, farm animals and... No need to put up with this. Let's just get rid of the kikes and retake the country. That's all that stands between us and freedom. A handful of lousy, crooked, dishonest, flabby, paunchy, middle-aged kikes. This is truly outrageous, I mean, read this: "Evidence suggests the boy who was attacked made some serious racial, racist comments toward the Latino boy," Principal Sam Willsey said. "That's against the law, that's against school policy and that's something that resulted in serious punishment." One kid stabbed the other 9 times! And the kid who said a forbidden word is the one who is punished! Who died and made the Mexican two-legged turd king? Check out the reader reaction comments here, and note for the umpteenth time the huge disconnect between Kikemedia and normal Whites. Unfortunately, the only term -- the term all these folks use -- that has been Semitically legitimized for use in public discourse criticizing what we term ZOG is "political correctness," far too limp and flavorless a term to capture the Jewish race-hate for Whites at the bottom of it. Call your problem what it is, White man. Not liberals. Not 'political correctness.' Jews. Plain and simple. JEWS.

Jews Control the Media

Not VNN though. Let's test our freedom: Jews suck! Indubitably true, it's! Death to the kikes! Ahhhh...that felt good. Right. Natural. Why do kikes like to kill children so much? Mmmm, that's a very interesting question. All their holidays celebrate holocausts, so I guess it's in their bloodthirsty, anti-White nature. Good point, that's! When grown, adult, intelligent, not-otherwise-unduly-fearful men write me that they "can't" talk about Jews and can't even "link" to VNN, then, hmm, I'd say there's something going on. Wouldn't you? You're writing your own death sentence, kikes. It's just a matter of time. When it comes to Israel, though, the Jewish political establishment that you officially represent will not tolerate a breaking of the ranks. There may be fierce debate inside Israel on government policies toward the Arab/Palestinian world, but once decisions are made, there is no further debate permitted here. In order to ensure this support of Israel, the Jewish Establishment has bought both political parties with campaign funds and with its Enforcer, the Anti-Defamation League. There is not a single member of the government, either executive or legislative branches, who has the nerve to speak out for the Palestinian point of view when it conflicts with the point of view of the presidents of your organization. It just does not happen. Why do you think I spend so much time and energy trying to get you to sit down with Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam? He is the closest thing the Muslim world has to an American leader who is capable of representing their point of view. If they do not have such a person, they can yap all they want from afar, but eventually they wind up committing suicide while taking the lives of others to get our attention. We must destroy the kikes who are destroying the White West. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. The one Jewish policy that works, it's. And note what else Wanniski says: the Wall Street Journal clears anything touching on Jewish issues with the editors at Forward, the internal Jewish publication. Kind of the way shitlicker Buckle-y submits everything to Kike Podhoretz for approval. Not here at VNN, though. We're free men. We aren't subservient Catholic ass-lickers. We aren't Zionist-Christian Arab Israeli apologists; we aren't calico-cat fearing pinhead WASP security-statemongers. Can you feel it coming, White man? We ARE GOING TO WIN!! These kikes are nothing but a bunch of pitiful clowns. They are a thin, thin scum atop a raging sea of normal people, and they are about to get drowned. More here on kikes controlling the media.

Propaganda from Kike Podhoretz

The withered old kike calls it "World War Four"; enjoy the shifty-eyed yahoodi attempt to link this "going abroad in search of monsters to destroy" to the true American tradition. Which is the true kike tradition: claiming a thing is its opposite. The "one thing needful" is: NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT.


"I'm from the government, and I'm here to tag you, take your gun, and tape your mouth. And I'll need half of what's in your wallet to provide these needed services." You don't need government, White man. Government sure as hell needs you, though.... Microchips and databases and national IDs -- these are a few of its favorite things. The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) is pushing hard for a scheme cooked up by Bill Clinton to convert your driver's license into a high-tech national ID card. Under this scheme, all state driver's licenses would have to conform to new federal standards and include "biometric identifiers" such as your fingerprints or iris scans. Here on kikes self-sabotaging. But it never matters; there are always enough golden parachutes and hardened concrete to go around for the chosen few. The rest of you can scrap like rats, like the shaigetz you are! Death to the kikes! Hail the New Cossacks! Uncorrupt government is impossible because every man thinks he gets less than he deserves, and political control always affords perks and benefits angels couldn't resist. It's a question of degree. What is possible is an all-White country ruled by genuine, more or less honest, White elite. That's as good as it gets. Let's get it. The masses don't really care whether they have the vote or not -- either way they instinctively sense they're not running things. And they're right. What they really want, what they deserve, is strong, competent, reasonably honest leadership by superior members of their own ethnic group. The rest is kike-tv tomfoolery.

Kike Kagan Screams for Perpetual War

The lucubrations of these type-kikes are beyond belief. All history is scoured for bogus examples jammed into the mold-du-jour (today isolationist vs. global democratic crusader) like Procrustes' bed. And that results in some kid from Joplin, Missouri, dying because Izzreuuuhl benefits.

What Is Marriage?

Let me suggest that beneath the popular support for marriage there has slowly developed, almost unnoticed, a subversion of it: whereas marriage was once thought to be about a social union, it is now about personal preferences. At one time law and opinion enforced the desirability of marriage without inquiring into what went on in that union; today law and opinion enforce the desirability of individual happiness without worrying too much about maintaining a formal relationship. Marriage was once a sacrament, then it became a contract, and now it is an arrangement. Once religion provided the sacrament, then the law enforced the contract, and now personal preferences define the arrangement. This is the inevitable result of Jewish lawyers rewriting the law to encourage, subsidize and promote the destruction of the White race. They support colored immigration -- Jews alone made the '65 immigration act possible -- they supported the tearing down of racial barriers within the country -- the Jim Crow segregation that protected White Southerners -- and they support the atomization of individuals by destroying legal supports aimed at protecting long-term, stable marriages -- easy divorces, subsidies for single mothers. Jews are a wickedly evil race of people, and we must destroy them. A large part of adulthood is realizing that much less is changeable than appears to be, but destroying Jews is entirely possible, and more than that, essential.

French Report on Izzy Spy Network in U.S.

French only. Here MSNBC report... "No one's been charged with espionage with regard to this matter. That's the bottom line," an FBI official said. ''I'm unaware of any great interest in this here." Nothing to see here, just move along, folks! Disgusting Sharon may be literally sick too! The pasty human-dead-sea-cucumber look is IN! Kikes don't believe in an afterworld of usury and honey, so this kike nonpareil may expend a few nukes as a parting gift. Death to the kikes! Here on the curious case of the disappearing microbiologists. Here Vidal on our nutty foreign policy, subject of his new book. More on the craggy old poofter here. Here a classic. We've got a nutso Christian in this Ashcroft. This guy, Jew-gript pens patsy songs 'ployees must sing! It's a kooky little place we like to call the United States of America. You're gonna love it! What the fuck happened to us, anyway? We used to produce Washingtons and Jeffersons; now its Wolfowitz and Horowitz and Peretz and Podhoretz. Steep decline, it's. Til the kikes are pushed into the drink, nothing'll change. This freak Ashcroft actually believes Calico cats are a sign of the devil! They don't call it Christ-inanity for nothing.

Fired for Criticizing Jews

A caller described the reparations controversy as a ''media-created issue.'' Angle then reportedly asked, ''Who controls the media? And who controls the financial world in America?''''The Jews definitely dominate,'' the caller said, according to the newspaper. ''Thank you,'' Angle replied. They didn't fire him for lying, folks. They fired him for speaking the truth. Kudos to Mr. Angle for his courage. The Day of the Rope is coming, kikes. You're throwing wood on your own bonfire, hebes. Sutterlin campaigns on "back to Africa" for monkeys ticket. Here the kikes are pursuing nazis in Norway. Apparently they're making illegal arm motions from their wheelchairs.

Francis on Charlottesville Hush Crimes

Another jerk-job. Don't cons like Francis ever get tired of this stupid coitus interruptus? Why Canny Sammy, why won't you mention WHY the crimes are covered up? Any particular Semitic segment whose interests are at stake? Huh? From now on, unless VNN has awarded him a special moniker -- a la Suckpoop Joe Farah -- cons who refuse to treat with the Jewish issue will be called J.J. "J.J. Francis," for example. If they reform their cowardly careful ways, the JJ will be removed. I demand that other writers begin using the term "hush" crimes to describe these things. It's economical and precise and the reader instinctively "gets" it.

ARA: York Dorks

Lawsuit? Are we really the land of the free? Free to kiss kike ass, and that's about it. Free to work half-time for the U.S. government to subsidize the niggerization of our neighborhoods. Death to the Jews!

KGB Disinformation

Linking CIA to Kennedy assassination...


The "great man" approach to history has become the Straw Man of historical theory - something people refer to nowadays only in order to jeer at it. And the reasons for this are not too hard to seek. The cult of the all-seeing great "leader" may go back at least as far as Napoleon, but to modern ears "leader" here conjures up, inescapably, two other terms: "Fhrer" and "Duce". The Great Man theory has become morally suspect. Even Thomas Carlyle, the Victorian sage, is now viewed as a sort of proto-Fascist, because he thought that history was made by great individuals.In any case, the whole tendency of modern socio-economic and social history has been to shift the focus away from individual human beings towards social trends, statistical patterns and long-term, impersonal causes. Never mind what Hitler was planning when he wrote Mein Kampf; what really matters is the pattern of socio-economic factors that made small-town Germans join the Nazi Party. Kikes teach that forces trump men. VNN teaches that culture comes out of the man. WE make the culture.

White Archaeology: Kenosha Dig Shows Early Americans Came from Europe

Whites were here first. The proof is mounting, and soon enough will be overwhelming. Only you can denounce red genocide and prevent kike koverups.

Media: Blogs and the Future

The fag shows how the winds are blowin' these days. Good for VNN, where Jews have no say. The political meaning of the Internet is Jews need not apply. They're working to change that, but they can't stop us. The anti-kike revolution is on. EVERY JEW A PEARL. Here Gitlin on the Propasphere. Here a few interesting thoughts on language. Here the Jews and assorted kooks at Reason celebrate vulgarity. If the market buys it, it must be right. Here, as elsewhere, the middle path is correct. The opinions of the mob should neither be flattered nor abused. If a great many people like something there is usually something to it; on the other hand, the very best things are reserved to the elite. We all know where we rank on the hierarchy, and one of democracy's flaws is the spreading delusion that anyone can be anything. That noxious nostrum probably prevents more people from being happy and simply improving, step by step, than anything else. Here on Jew Kubrick's " 2001." Here a guy's building the Greek-language OED. White culture must be preserved and advanced. The way we do that is to restore the biological basis of our nations by destroying the Jew who is destroying us. "Greek may be Europe's oldest continuously spoken language, and the language that gave birth to letters that signified vowels, but it is also surprisingly poorly researched," he says in his neoclassical offices at the foot of Athens' holy hill. And yet we live in a world where beautiful young girls are running around ashamed to be White. What a tragedy. We need to stick jews in ovens and get back to White Kultur. Here on Gunga Dan and ADD drugs and quack reporting.

Literature: Steinbeck

What did you read in high school? I bet most of these: Steinbeck's Grapes of Wrath, Miller's Crucible, Salinger's Catcher in the Rye, Hawthorne's Scarlet Letter, Frank's "Diary." Everything that wasn't Shakespeare or safe Dickens was intended to condition you for the kike agenda. Grapes of Wrath pushes drabbest socialism; Salinger's book denounces hypocrisy, by which is meant ordinary White adulthood. Crucible and Scarlet Letter and Jackson's short story The Lottery" (also very commonly assigned) are meant to teach you that small towns are full or weird, hypocritical religious freaks. Just the way Ben Stein described in Paradise Boulevard: small towns seem earnest and honest on the outside, but inwardly fester with racism and brutality; big cities seem nasty and cold on the outside, but inwardly blossom with warmth and humanity. Frank's "Diary" is meant to inculcate White guilt and jewish innocence and victimhood. And, in our unfree "land of the free" the same disgusting menu is served to virtually every single student. Maybe throw in a nigger writer like Morrison, and I doubt things have changed much since the '80s. Everything is Semiticized for Jews' protection. Jewish control over publishing pretty much insures that anything decent has to creep in through the back door. The only crap mass-promoted are jewish maunderings and safely obscure precious stuff, usually about writing, produced by MFAs. And hyperflat Semitically Correct section novels by the Koontzes. Here the claim that Shakespeare was actually Marlowe. Actually, Shakespeare fronted for the Earl of Oxford. I take that on Joe Sobran's authority, and in fact am now reading his book Alias Shakespeare, en route to reviewing it. Very interesting book, recommended. Direct parallel to "Holocaust" in that huge Semitic souffles are built on a tiny pinch of yeast-fact.

Orangutans and You

They're disappearing thanks to third-world shitheads. No Whites, no animals. The colored man only cares about selling, eating or mating with animals, not preserving them. There's only one species' preservation that matters: the White man. Without him, the rest will disappear. Here the first-ever giant squid caught alive turns out to be a jumbo shrimp. [O'Shea's] research shows that the creatures have a "spectacular" growth rate: from smaller than a shrimp to their full adult length within 18 months. The nigger would try to fuck this squid. The gook would pour acid on it. The Jew would try to sell it an aquarium on credit. Only the White scientist would try to understand it, and feed it, and help it. Whites are like that. Help save them. VNN says yes to kraken and big heaping piles of flaming yahoodis, strewn tastefully with niggers julienne. VNN salutes the good work of Dr. O'Shea! Argentina is going the way of the orangutan. Pay attention to this: some of the most important racialist news isn't overtly racial. It is hard to exaggerate the economic and political conditions in Argentina. With the economy in the grip of a paralysis, with unemployment soaring to depression levels, and with street rioting killing 28 people just before Christmas, the country is on the brink of civil war.

Why Does VNN Exist?, #306: The Jewish Newsroom

Because newspapers like this won't hire competent pro-White writers. Read this letter to Vdare and get an instructive glimpse behind the scenes.

Kike Spies Deported, Get off Scot-Free

Authorities have arrested and deported dozens of young Israelis since early last year who represented themselves as art students in efforts to gain access to sensitive federal office buildings and the homes of government employees, U.S. officials said. A draft report from the Drug Enforcement Administration - which first characterized the activities as suspicious - said the youths' actions "may well be an organized intelligence-gathering activity." Immigration officials deported them for visa violations; no criminal espionage charges were filed. If they weren't spies, the story wouldn't have been covered up. Assume the worst possible motive, triple it, and that should put you on the kike's trail. More here. Here Buchanan on why Islam hates America.

What Is This Fascination Jews Have with Murdering Schoolkids?

Dirty race, yahoodis are. A medium to large bomb set in a sewage pipe exploded in the schoolyard. Jerusalem police chief Cmdr. Mickey Levy said sappers have not discovered any other explosive devices. ... The casualties - a teacher and seven schoolchildren - are listed in light to moderate condition. Only a kike would be low enough to plant a sewer bomb at an elementary school. Only a kike. Moses: So I'm saying, that we'll give you a 20% kickback if you declare us "Special" people, elevated beyond all others. God: That's choice! Moses to brethren kikes: Oy, we're the "chosen" people!

"Hate" Games

ABC chips in, as directed by ADL. The kikes are right. There's little they can do about it. What can you say, yahoodis? The market has spoken. People hate kikes. Deal with it.

Berkeley Cons Under Attack by Shitkins

White Power is the only solution. Conservatism won't do it, not because there's something inherently wrong with it, but because it's being led and dictated to by the wrong type: the kike. The kike will let you write about economics, but not Realpolitik, which is race. Members of the Berkeley Conservative Foundation said the current issue of California Patriot, the conservative monthly magazine, included a story that challenged statements made by members of a student group called "Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan (MECha )" who, in a flier, used the word "gringo" to describe white people and called for a revolt against them.

Polish-American Speaks Truth About Jew Rahm Emanuel

Reality is "anti-Semitic." Truth is an anti-Semite. Emanuel, said Moskal, was "backed by huge sums of money, this millionaire carpetbagger who knows nothing about our values, our causes, our expectations or our heritage, is claiming he deserves to be our representative. "As many in our community perhaps don't know, he is a citizen of another country and served in their armed forces for two years. It is a reasonable guess that he ... didn't throw spit balls at the Palestinians, but the country from which Poles came struggled for democracy was the country certain elements to which he gave his allegiance defiles the Polish homeland and continues to hurl insults at the Polish people. Sadly, there are those among us who will accept 30 pieces of silver to betray Polonia,'' Moskal said in the speech.

Jews Gear Up for Full-Scale War

"We must stop playing around, and we must deal with the Palestinians with an iron fist -- no games. And if that doesn't help, we have to use even harsher steps and declare a full-scale war against them, and what will be, will be."

Yggdrasil: White Cattle and the CPI

The fundamental falsehood of the CPI has produced a perpetual and enormous tax increase aimed largely at the middle class - a tax increase that has allowed the imperial government to dramatically reduce its outstanding debt. This huge tax increase has created a vast and permanent fiscal drag on the economy which our imperial government has managed to counteract by convincing the consumer to do the opposite of what the government is doing, namely, to pile into debt, thereby vastly increasing his risk profile. Here on a White working in the heart of darkness.

Jewfag NYT on Militia's Would-Be Power Grab

What Project 7 was gearing up for, said the defector who tipped off the sheriff, was a round of assassinations in early summer. The sheriff's department discovered a list of what appeared to be targets that included local judges, the county prosecutor, the Kalispell chief of police, members of a police swat team and the dogcatcher.

Jews Scared of Pieces of Paper

Factual criticism of jews on paper -- Oy! Terrorism, it's!, cry the kikes.

Irving's Supporters

Guardian hack job... Here brownwogs make themselves at home in Britain. More on Irving.

Israel 5th Largest Nuclear Power

With between 200 and 500 thermonuclear weapons and a sophisticated delivery system, Israel has quietly supplanted Britain as the World's 5th Largest nuclear power, and may currently rival France and China in the size and sophistication of its nuclear arsenal. Although dwarfed by the nuclear arsenals of the U.S. and Russia, each possessing over 10,000 nuclear weapons, Israel nonetheless is a major nuclear power, and should be publically recognized as such...

Izzy Preps Mossadist as Next Ambassador

Get out, Jews. Milky Way for Whites. Per jew instruction, vato Bushyo plans to attack Iraq without declaring war. That's illegal, but hey, dropping 15,000-lb. bombs on foreign countries who haven't attacked us isn't like leafleting lawns or anything. I mean, let's be reasonable people -- the latter is terror, the former is wise policy. I've seen the light: Every Jew a Pearl is my new slogan. Executive unaccountability is popular with Reps and Dems alike. No need to declare war, no need to 'splain yo'self, just do them. Here perhaps a bit more pressure on Bushio. Here it seems we're still at war in Afghanistan, getting White boys killed daily. Why are we at war that far away, in a country that never attacked us? That's right. Silly me. America is controlled by Jews. No other reason. Here a Jew named "Chosen" explains the Pearl mystery. He was hated for being chooish! IRS doesn't want to explain itself either.

Jews Smoke a Bunch of Kiddies

They don't move very fast -- perfect for preemptive retaliatory strikes, they're!

Zim Sim Calls Fruit Blair Racist

In bananaland, the laffs never stop coming. It ain't pretty in Sim City. The Bananaman's henchman have their hoses out, and the whipping runs 'round the clock. Faced with defeat for the first time since his party came to power in 1980 after overthrowing white minority rule, the 78-year-old President is turning on his own people in an orchestrated campaign of violence and intimidation. Rule by monkey, the inevitable denouement...

Black Councilman Criticizes Jews

Jews cry. New book on Jesse the Spitter out.


Thank god we're protected from Al-Qaida's nukes. Here on linking "environmental," whatever that means, lawyers around the world. Here on Saudi schools.

Complete Government Control of Everything

Gov wants greater control of the net. Because mean people like VNN are allowed to speak the truth. Hey...listen up...we...don'

The Pill Is Bad News

Just a way to destroy White society, open it up for fecund colored invasion. And make jews better off. The Jew is your enemy, White man. Here Semitical Correctness trumps truth.

'A Beautiful Mind' Hates Jews!

Oy! Vat's not to love about zee kike?

SS and S&M: Legocaust

Ever since the 1970s, critics have noted this fixation on what Susan Sontag famously called "fascinating fascism." She was talking about the sexual allure of Nazi iconography, especially in the '70s, a decade that made sadomasochism chic. The SS pinup was the perfect emblem of pop s/m, and Sontag deduced from this connection that fascism is far more effective at tapping into the darker currents of desire than Communism, which, she concluded, just isn't sexy. That may be one of its virtues. The real key to the enduring appeal of the nazi is the truth at the core of the doctrine. There is better and worse in humans, just like peaches, apples and horses. Equality is a lie, and makes for a poor religion.

New cartoon here.

Legos and Laughter: Tools to Defeat the Jew

A new "Holocaust" exhibit reveals the nature of the Jew: he can only dish it out, not take it. Laugh at him and be Karl Kammler

An Intro to the Jewish Question

Vital information on the race trying to destroy yours -- including links to sites and information to deepen your understanding of this threat most Angry White Female - A Search Engine and Home Page for White People

Announcing the world's first search engine exclusively for White Victor Gerhard

Movie Review: 'We Were Soldiers'

This movie made me so angry I put my thoughts R.C. Leather

Movie Review: 'We Were Soldiers'

I don't know what it was, but it wasn't Vietnam. Watch now, and be amazed, as I tear the guts from "We Were Soldiers." Bill Anderson

Integration Doesn't Work

Yahoodis out, and take your nigger mutts with you. Botswana beckons, beanie babies. Disgusting Hmong seek special marriages. Nigger cop fondling White women, thanks to Jewish barrators. The Jew is your enemy, White man. The Jew is a sick, sick sicko. He can't hide the fact even in his controlled media, which is pretty sad if you think about it. A former DeKalb County rabbi pleaded guilty to child pornography charges. Rabbi Juda Mintz, Jr., admitted to storing the illegal pictures on a temple computer in New Jersey, where he last worked. Nasty, nasty yids. Keep them away from your kids. Democracy, like kike kid-lovers, stinks. What if America were run in White interests? More anti- democracy. Even limpertarians can figure out rule by dolt is a bad idea. Typical, libt; can't say what he really thinks -- that's freedom for you, baby! Only us professional freedom "haters" actually use it. The world advances by irony, as my old gaffer used to say.

Jew Goldberg Kicked in the Nuts by Angry Sailer!

Jew Goldbug stinks worse than a retarded woman's forgotten tampon, and it's about time the chunky punk got his comeuppance. Here the too-nice P. Brim chips in against Pudge the Jude. Let's keep the bottom line in mind here; no matter how fun the personal attacks are, at the end of the day, we are suffering a tidal invasion of scrubhumans THAT WE CAN'T TALK ABOUT PUBLICLY because of kikes like Goldberg and rotten network of yahoodisease operating out of New York. There is only one policy that can guarantee Whites a future. Brimelow won't tell you, but it's No Jews. Just Right. I didn't say he doesn't agree with it, I'm sure he does, I said he won't tell you. Kick over the kikistocracy, White man, and the world is yours. Here's the youthful yahoodi himself: "Race isn't the point, so drop it. Now." -- syndicated columnist and National Review Online editor Jonah Goldberg Sound scared to you? Yep. Race is the key to the Jewish Question, that's why they cry and tremble whenever you go near it. No Jews. Just Right. This kike is probably all of about 20 years old, but he still speaks to his gentile readers like a kindergarten teacher. And they respond like students! Get the point, White man? You're the dirty-unclean-piece-of-meat-whore-animal, he's God's partner. Get the point? He's a kike. Kikes hate Whites. Kikes fear White racial consciousness. That's where our strength lies, not in moderate words and beachball politics. Banding together and destroying the Jew is what it will take. That's the price of our freedom. Anybody who tells you different either has money at stake or is a fool.

The "Holocaust" Is a Fraud that YOU Pay For, White Man

Jews lie. All the time. About everything. The "Holocaust" is just another Jewish swindle, like Enron and Global Crossing and WWII Swiss bank accounts and Milken's bonds and New Square subsidies and diamonds and... And there are many other things we know that just ain't so. More dead White men, died fighting the latest Jews' war. Thanks, Jews. Here jews cry that Euros are encouraging violence against them. Why is every Jew a totalitarian? That's how the rabbi-race has always done it.

Ten More Kikes Won't Shoot Any Kids Tomorrow

Remarkably competent shooting... Folks aren't anxious to invest in Israel. Nationalism works. State armies full of Mexicans, nigger sarge rapists and pregnant white girls don't. ISRAEL'S leading military historian has a bleak message for the country's generals: the army is winning the battle against Palestinian armed groups, but the final result can only be defeat - and perhaps civil war at home. I believe the jews will nuke Palestine. I also believe Suckpoop Joe has either pondered or written and filed the apologia to appear the next day. Some nice Iranian anti-kike and anti-warmonger cartoons here. The top one is brilliant. In their media, which is unfree, you can criticize the Jews. In our media, which is free, you can't. Any questions? Oh, and we're making violent, aggressive war on them and murdering millions of their kids and paying hundreds of billions to their most hated enemy. It's a good thing we're always right because we're Americans, eh? Just what's going on in your name, White man? Do you really know? Care?

Anderl von Rinn

Just the way many things you think are true aren't, many things you don't think are true are. Could Jewish ritual murder fit that category? It certainly could. Here on Leese and JRM. Due to his insistence that Britain not engage in war with Germany, and thus save millions of lives as well as the British Empire, against the wishes of the Jews, he was imprisoned without charges or trial under Reg. 18b. One of the great hidden facts about WW II is that the "democratic" powers ("Allies") imprisoned people for political speech in a way little different from those of the "Axis" powers. So what's the difference? "Cui bono, cui bono . . .". More here.

Kikes Flee Kikistan

It may be the Holy Land, but the swindling's better elsewhere, young yids decide. Increasingly anxious about their children's security, tired of paying exorbitant taxes to support what they consider "religious parasites," and pessimistic about the future, a growing number of young Israeli professionals are looking at the possibility of leaving the country. For good. Kikes can't sustain a working country. Without American subsidies, the whole crooked kike enterprise would simply disintegrate. White revolution is inevitable because our country is controlled by Jews, who force us to subsidize -- against the expressed will of the majority -- the tyrannical, lying, swindling, murdering desert kikes of Israel. You deserve everything you get, Jews. And more.

Jew Goldstein

It's not a pretty picture. Here on flight school link to CIA. An excellent letter here regarding Nixon story and Jewish control. Jews alone bear responsibility for the third world invasion. Jews enjoy and profit from destroying White communities. Here some of the shitskins harass a kahn paper. Not that the kahns object, or anything, holding their Golden State Latino Summits as they do. Beachball-bouncers led by beanies, that's our Republican Party! Here Canny Sammy details the invasion. Louima cop convictions overturned.

New Lynn Book Out

IQ and the Wealth of Nations... IQ and the Wealth of Nations. is a brilliantly-conceived, superbly-written, path-breaking book that does for the global study of economic prosperity what The Bell Curve did for the USA. Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen examine IQ scores and economic indicators in 185 countries. They document that national differences in wealth are explained most importantly by the intelligence levels of the populations.

Europe's Right Turn

From In These Times...

New cartoon here.

Jewish Hate, the Media, and the ADL

On Resistance, Redstone, VH1 and Dr. William Pierce


Thoughts from German nationalist Stark... Polish site here.

White History: Recurrent Paganism

There is ample evidence that pagan sensibility can flourish in the social sciences, literature, and arts, not just as a form of exotic narrative but also as a mental framework and a tool of conceptual analysis. Numerous names come to mind when we discuss the revival of Indo-European polytheism. In the first half of the twentieth century, pagan thinkers usually appeared under the mask of those who styled themselves as "revolutionary conservatives," "aristocratic nihilist," "elitists"-in short all those who did not wish to substitute Marx for Jesus, but who rejected both Marx and Jesus : Friedrich Nietzsche and Martin Heidegger in philosophy, Carl Gustav Jung in psychology, Georges Dumezil and Mircea Eliade in anthropology, Vilfredo Pareto and Oswald Spengler in political science, let alone dozens of poets such as Ezra Pound or Charles Baudelaire-these are just some of the names that can be associated with the legacy of pagan conser-vatism. All these individuals had in- common the will to surpass the legacy of Christian Europe, and all of them yearned to include in their spiritual baggage the world of pre-Christian Celts, Slavs, and Germans.

The State Owns You

Lock, stock and barrel. You are a slave, fit only to earn the money the Jews will pay the niggers and Mexishits to breed you out of existence, while pocketing a healthy middleman's fee. Either the Jews are desytroyed, or you are, White man. It's that simple.

Another new cartoon here. Main cartoon page here.

Do-It-Yourself Movie Script

They told him, "If you hate Hollywood movies so much, why don't you write one of your own?" He wrote Mark Rivers

You've Gotta Be Yidding Me: The Semitically Correct Limits of Satire

The cutting edge never seems to slice Jewish interests. Mockies shall not be mocked; it's the commandment they didn't tell you Victor Wolzek

California Republicans: Murdered by Kikes Like Horowitz

You have to be pretty stupid to listen to the anti-White 'colorblind' advice of a dirty old kahn like Dave Horowitz. But the gentile cons do. Then they wonder why they lose all the time. Real politics means dealing with the jew. Otherwise you just lose, quickly or slowly. Jews are the enemy, White is our party. Anything else is beachball bouncing. Here Christian Suckpoop Joe Farah allows his site to be used by an ugly kikess to promote hatred of Christianity. That's what Christians are made of these days.

Dangerous Stupidity

The flat personality types that dominate the ranks of freeple and Republicans are led about by the nose. By the Jews dictating policy to the Republican Party. They redefine America as third-world socialist, the fat buffoons like Limbaugh tag along, munching lite food while gawking cow-eyed at the Holy Land during their repeated free tours of Israel. Then they come home and start pie-holing the morons about poower little Isreuuhl. They fall in line as one denouncing as treasonous traitors anybody with a ghost of an understanding of what America was before the kikes queered it. Labeling and denouncing is all the pinhead's capable of; it exhausts his powers. He's a non-thinking, cowardly team player, and that's good enough for him. Not enough brains to ask who's leading the herd, just follow the cow ahead of you. Moo! You're all dopes! You're all pre-hamburger! Impugning patriotism is an American tradition. During the Civil War, Northerners who didn't want to kill their fellow Americans in the South were branded "copperheads" and "traitors." The Lincoln administration prosecuted many of them, or simply jailed them without charges -- though we should note that Lincoln always refrained from branding the enemy as "evil." Fedgov/military incompetence here. Quit murdering people, creeps.

Jews Try to Censor the 'Net

Here's an academic "study" that is the sort of undergirding kikes use to promote the idea that any criticism of their evil group is out of bounds and ought to be criminalized. It was an earlier "Kallen" that thought up the bullshit but jew-useful ideology of multiculturalism. New century, same feculent kikes. The presence of Jews, plus time, equals White genocide. There is only one policy toward the kike. We all must follow it: No Jews. Just Right. Don't be misled into philo-Semitic quicksandtraps. Judaism is the original "invalidation ideology." It teaches that non-Jews are non-humans. The kikess writing the paper doesn't mention that. Here behold the kike censors and freeple Christian cowards on Graham's accurate observation that kikes stink and control the media. Here on smoke Mfume.

Upping the Pressure in Denver and Mass.: NA on the Move

Residents in Lakewood and Centennial called police after anti-African-American fliers were distributed in those cities. Among other things, the fliers say that blacks are likely to riot when getting together or go on a rampage against whites. The fliers were placed throughout the Pine Creek subdivision in Centennial on Friday and again on Saturday in Lakewood. "It makes me sad. It makes me angry," Centennial Mayor Randy Pye said, adding that leaving fliers in neighborhoods rather than coming out publicly is "the coward's way out." Nothing like hearing pols talk about cowardice. Join the NA, remake your world. Join the Republicans, bounce beachballs while the Jews take the real decisions. There is only one policy toward the Jews that works: No Jews. Just Right. Here's NA's Massachusetts guy writing MetroWest re Framingham meeting coverage. Here's a classic, this dumb broad state senator calls distributing leaflets an act of "terror." People really do thing that way, partly native stupidity, partly Jewish media indoctrination.

More Jews Pay for the Sins of Their Evil People

You're getting what you deserve, Jews. The world hates you, and the world is right. You are wrong. You are guilty. You deserve to die. Here Jews celebrate the teaching of lies about the "Holocaust" in Polish schools. What the Jews have done to the Poles through history is far worse than anything Poles have done to Jews. Here the kikes cry that French media in Canada are biased against them, even as they hold a holiday celebrating a genocide their repugnant, filthy people committed thousands of years ago. ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR THE REST OF US.

Free Speech Is Not a Jewish Value

Guy thrown in jail for waving a poster saying that WTC was payback for what America's doing to Islamic countries. Nobody truly believes in free speech. If you've ever used it, you know what I mean. Like "education," "free speech" is primarily a slogan slung by morons. Here on Jews whining about anti-Semitism at elite universities. Of course, now that they are in power, they return the favor.


Fleming. Interview with nationalist Serb here. Scottish nationalists acting up? More on the weird Haider-as-Arab story. Here on revisionists meeting in Moscow in January.


Candidates debate in Spanish only. Special treatment for gook wife-beaters. Hmong belong in the jungle, not Minnesota.

Latest from Graham

The kikes wrote out an "apology" for him. Of course he didn't really apologize, the kikes just threatened him behind the scenes. That's how it works. Everybody knows that what Graham said is true, and that he believes it. "Anti-Semitism" is anything the parasitic swindlers don't want you to say. It never was anything more than that. Just a way for them to hide and escape accountability for their actions. Because they control the media, they are able to make it stick. Destroying the kike is the key to saving America and the White race. More ass-kissing here, as Graham backtracks, proving his point. You can slur any other race but the kikes. Except at VNN, where we're...f...r...e...e... No Jews. Just Right. That's the way out, folks.


Elena Haskins' policy. Here on how the financial media work you for their profit. Don't be suckered, White man. You can trust VNN. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't think hard about what we say too. More here.

Pentagon Attack

Casting doubt on official explanations... Here something called Holy War. I don't know what it is, but some of you will like it. Here on historian McCullogh, apologist for power, like most. Here on government in waiting. More here.


Good review of new translation of this important thinker.

What Is Purim?

Celebrate of hate, like virtually every Jewish "holiday." Read and educate yourself in the wily ways of the kike. More Purim "themes" here. Judaism is a sick hate cult. When you dig into what and who jews are, it's a sick, sick thing. Which wouldn't matter, except they're committing genocide against our civilized White race. We must do unto them. No Jews. Just Right.

Media: Grammy Viewership Low

Good news, whatever the reason. Here on a kahn mag at Berkeley. Rosey's a big fat dyke! Rosey O'Bese anywhere is a threat to donuts everywhere. Here firemen forced to ride in sodomy parade.

Sophisticated Homespun Advice, Column #4

All about VD and its horrible effects. This is must-read information, folks, especially if you are a virgin. Don't blow it people. Almost literally nowhere else will they tell you this essential information. All the rest of the world will give you is lies about "safe sex," which is just another Jewish plot to encourage White promiscuity and thereby White genocide. Protect future generations by responsible behavior now. One stupid night and you can throw it all away. It is that serious. Parents reading VNN should print this article out and show it to their preteen -- yes, preteen -- Elizabeth Bennett

Nixon and Graham: Jews Control the Media, and the "Stranglehold Must Be Broken Or the Country's Going Down the Drain"

Just as we say, just as everybody knows, kikes control the media, and even the president is afraid to cross them. As we often say, NO WAY OUT BUT THROUGH THE JEWS.

Sophisticated Homespun Advice, Column #3

Advice for Unhappy Bay Area Computer Elizabeth Bennett

Sophisticated Homespun Advice, Column #2

Advice for a German Elizabeth Bennett

Between the Lines

A black man praises the "strong" black race. It ain't pretty. A soupçon from the vast turreen of ignored A. Randolph

In Case of Jewish Co-Option, Break Glass

We must beware Jews infiltrating -- neutering -- White Nationalism the way they did Karl Kammler

Nigger Sharpton for President?

That greasy, lying nigger couldn't run a roach motel. Farrakhan is the only nigger we at VNN support. I dig his funky insights into our modern condition: "The number pregnant." That is the kind of numerological wisdom America has wanted for oh too long. These useless booliecoons belong in Liberia with the rest of the grubeaters. Niggers out, America for humans. Here a nig "thinker" ponders out the truth about AIDS. Everybody knows that niggers are to be worshipped. The Jews have set them above us, on a pedestal, like a giant golden nog-calf. Niggers. Valuable niggers. Niggers at college, "studying." Niggers running for president. How lucky we are to have niggers. Nothing beats a nigger, I always say. I wish we had 30-40 million more of the cute little suckers.

Detained for No Good Reason

Over 2,000 since 9/11... Don't wait for the con commentators to mention it. They blather about "freedom" but, as with JimRob, it's just marketing. How jews operate. Here a survey that purports to show that 40% of Americans think the government should ban WTC and similar humor. Let history record that America was murdered by Jews, who refused to allow the border to be controlled, left it open to shitskin invasion from the south. Government is not just a crook, it's a greedy crook, happy to enslave the dopey masses in the name of "public service." Anybody who can say the words "public service" straightfaced is by definition a crook.

Jews: Unpopular Everywhere

Firebombed in Canada.

Free Speech in America?

Not unless you're pro-mockie. The tempest began at the end of September, when Bill O'Reilly invited Mr. Al-Arian on his Fox News show and virtually accused him of being a terrorist. People here in Tampa were horrified to learn of a terrorist in their midst and flooded the university with complaints and a few threats. (Florida has the most pious death threats: a couple of them invoked God and one ended by saying "God Bless!") That's "no spin" Milquetoast O'Reilly. Does Dell support gun control? This article pretty well captures the sorry state we've fallen into. The wrong things done for the wrong reasons, nobody with even a glimmer.

Canada Submits to UN Witch Check

This takes the cake. Some ooga-boogundian from the nether reaches of Anterior Bophuphuupsalamaland is going to, between gorging on luscious caterpillars, search Canada for "racism." Is it me? No...I don't think it is. Brave Nogalicious New World...

Killer Kikes Attack Pal Camps

Guess who paid for their weapons? You! But of course they hate us for our "freedom." Bushy said it. I believe it. That settles it.The Israeli military attacked two West Bank refugee camps with helicopter gunships, tanks and paratroopers Thursday in a high-stakes attempt to break strongholds of Palestinian militants. An Israeli soldier and 12 Palestinians were killed - pushing the Palestinian toll past 1,000 in 17 months of fighting. More here.

NA Hopping and Popping in Va. While Left Gnashes Teeth

"It's not against the law to put a flier on a car," Summers said. "There is no violation of the law yet. This is not a bias incident. He noted that the flier "was not geared toward any group; it was given to everybody." The fliers dropped on Feb. 19 were distributed between 7:30 and 9:05 p.m. The whole idea of "hate" speech, the idea that it's something apart from any other speech, is a bullshit concept developed in the bowels of one of the Jewish hate groups. It's a way to plant a false category in people's minds, that sheenies may yet again criminalize any opposition to their racist lying and swindling. THE JEW IS YOUR ENEMY, WHITE MAN. ALL THAT IS NECESSARY FOR HATE JEWS TO TRIUMPH IS FOR WHITE MEN TO DO NOTHING. Here a letter re the NA material. Here DeLay crits NPR for attacking Christianity. "NPR's conduct," he continued, "is outrageous and ignores their basic responsibility as journalists -- presenting the facts to the public accurately and without bias." Here more on Winnick, the Jew swindler Pierce spoke about last week.

U.S. Monitoring Domestic "Extremists" with "Links" to Foreign "Terrorists"

In English that means: The kike-run government is illegally investigating anybody the kikes don't like. Try to find a fact in this article. It's basically a reprint of the same garbage circulated in Reynolds' Playboy piece, which is nothing more than rehashed kid-lovin', penis-kissin' Kool Mo Dees garbage.

Jews: Free Speech's Worst Enemy

Jews think they are beyond criticism. They are wrong. Here's a good example of Soviet reeducation, American style. Which means, Jew-style. Jews hate the idea of privacy. They really don't understand it at all. It's completely foreign to them, as John Murray Cuddihy points out in "The Ordeal of Civility." Jews think everybody should be emotionally outed -- forced to reveal his innermost feelings in front of a group, that the group, led by kikes like Ms Wiseman, may shame him into the "proper" view. The idea of respecting others, leaving them alone, letting them develop and refine their unique approach to the world -- totally foreign to the groupthinking kike. And that is yet another reason that kikery needs to be destroyed.

Anti-Semitism Grows as the Jew's Nature Becomes Known

It's just another "faith" when the original hate race is trying to pull the wool over your eyes. What's the clever term for kikes who killed, oh, ten million Ukrainians or so back in the good old days of Lenin? That's right -- there isn't one. The kikemedia covers it up. More here. Feeling the pressure, sheenies? You will. The blackest day in world history came when Lenin and fellow Jews took control of Russia. But the Whitest day is coming. More kike whining here. Anti-Semitism is cool. Jews suck. Jews destroyed America. Now it's Jews turn to suffer.

Northern Border

Holes there too. Here on new strategies to ensure colored incompetence prevails over White quality. Ah, "racism," it's the garden weasel of explanations. Here fun chips for you. Here on emigration from South America. Here they're celebrating Mexican Flag Day in California. Here on Bushy's anti-White policies. He's four-square for merit and colorblindness, unless somebody complains. Somebody always does. Here on the little brown vote, and the brownosing bushies pursuing it. Here another spicano "professor" bleating about taking back the night, or something. Here amnesty insanity. Here on Unicef relief workers exchanging rice for blowjobs. Collect those nickels, kids! The boogas get horny! Here on Colombia's new soldier.

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