Majority-White Environments Are Worth Preserving

by George Cabot

Modern civilization is growing itself in the manner of a Ponzi scheme -- without any plan or consideration for even the nearest future, so long as the great RIGHT NOW is a heyday.

The present political climate holds that majority-White countries should absorb the population overspill of non-White countries. There is a drive to create a Global Equilibrium, to average out the quality of life between developing nations and developed nations. Just when White people began to reproduce at an environmentally sustainable rate, we were rewarded with massive immigration of people who are unlike us and more fecund than us. People of European descent are being systematically replaced.

Enron is a microcosm, a model, for the whole System, which I like to call the Imperial Corporate Regime. The path of Enron is the path of the America's Imperial Corporate Regime. Where Enron was a gram of the reactive chemical combination, the Imperial Corporate regime is a ton of the same chemical reaction. The results will be similar (though the ICR will fall with far greater repercussions). Eventually, the chemical reaction will end. The only thing that sustains the System is its size and power. The System needs an ever-growing supply of oil and water to continue at all (which is of course an impossibility), and it looks like it needs a victorious World War to make it last another five years.

The Enron Ponzi scheme came and went. So did the e-commerce Ponzi scheme, with its "irrational exuberance."

It is profitable to set up society to need lots of resources just to survive. It is profitable to make people totally dependent on a massive amount of external resources. But it is VERY DANGEROUS.

The Imperial Corporate Regime is planning 20 years ahead, looking to subdue Asia and grab the oil fields of the Caspian.

The treasonous White elite and the Jewish-controlled media are ready to sacrifice a generation of American soldiers to take these oil fields and continue the Ponzi scheme.

I am prepared to speak out now against sacrificing a generation of our young people to the greed of the few. Bicycle paths and electric cars and the expansion of mass transit can prevent the necessity of a bloodbath for more oil.

There is also an excellent chance that we will not win World War III. Do not imagine that Asia will simply wither from us. There are major nuclear powers in Asia, as well as a hell of a lot of soldiers and potential conscripts in the People's Republic of China. We have also imported millions of people from what will be "enemy countries." America is going to have to be one hell of a Police State to deal with all of our recently imported diversity. Even if the global elite can run to a safer place, to their chalets in the mountains of Europe, I am not speaking in the interest of the elite, I speak in the interest of the country I grew up in -- America as a majority-White nation with a few pockets of non-Whites.

I grew up believing that America is great because of its European civilization and heritage. I knew that in some pockets of America there lived non-Whites, but that didn't bother me because Whites had their living spaces and their reproductive isolation, which maintained our race.

I have, first of all, a feeling of kinship to people like myself, and second, I believe that living in a society where the vast majority of people is of European descent is a better place than one in which we are a minority. I have seen the sort of environment created by non-Whites, and I have lived in majority-White places. Places where there was a majority of Whites were better places, and not because of "exploitation" or any of that. These places had White people of modest means. But White people simply behaved better, and crime statistics bear out this assertion ( -- The Color of Crime). I like White people, I like the civilization created in a majority-White environment, and I think that majority White environments are worth preserving.

But right now, preventing World War III is the pressing issue, and I think that every American, whether or not he or she agrees with my racial or political views, should speak out against World War III loudly and repeatedly. By World War III, I mean an expanded war in the Middle East. To use the vernacular of my generation, World War III will suck big time.

We need to prevent World War III right here at home, by demanding that our government radically reduce our dependence on oil with every technological and civil-engineering solution available. America consumes 25% of the world's oil but has only 3% of the world's oil reserves. Most of our oil consumption comes from the personal car. It is my personal opinion that we could drastically cut down our use of automobiles by providing more bicycle paths and bicycle lanes, especially along major highways. Many people object that a bicycle path would take away too much space from automobiles, but there would be far fewer autos on the road if people were able to make the choice to ride a bicycle to work and to errands. There are car-free towns already in Europe, and there is a whole movement based on liberating cities from autos The only reason I don't ride a bicycle everywhere is because of the danger from motor traffic. In Boston, morning traffic jams keep the commuter's average speed at about the pace of a bicycle anyway, and I could easily ride 30 or even 40 miles to work on a recumbent bicycle or utility trike The utility trikes can haul 200 pounds, and two passengers in addition to the pedaler, and they can be outfitted with electric motors to supplement human power. They can also be outfitted with fairings to keep out the inclement weather, and all-weather tires for light snow. They might not work in heavy snow, but bicycle paths can have heating elements built into them to melt the snow, and this would still take far less energy than is used to power automobiles. Obesity, high blood pressure and heart disease are at epidemic levels in America, and setting aside road and highway space for bicycles would make for a healthier, more productive nation. Obesity is also a principal cause of a race-mixing, and healthier, happier, thinner White girls would be far less likely to date outside their race.

Another major source of oil consumption is food production. Agribusiness uses petroleum-based fertilizers, gas-guzzling machinery, long-haul trucking, and illegal-alien labor. Also, organic tomatoes are flown in from Israel! If we had a responsible policy for our food supply, as much food as possible could be supplied by smaller-scale, local farmers. I know for a fact that organic farmers can yield 10,000 pounds per acre. Wendell Berry and Gene Logsdon are "old time farmers" and agricultural writers who use draft animals instead of tractors, and they say that it's reasonable for a full-time farmer to farm 50 acres and no more. This is a half-million pounds of food per farm. A centralized food supply, the way it comes out with agribusiness, is very insecure.

Being able to say, "I told you so," will be no satisfaction to me. That is why I am speaking out so aggressively right now.


George Cabot


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