In Case of Jewish Co-Option, Break Glass

by Karl Kammler

The recent American Renaissance conference has attracted "mainstream" media attention, and revealed some potential pitfalls the White Nationalist movement would do well to avoid. As some friendly critics of Jared Taylor's approach point out, one of these traps is the tendency to succumb to "Semitical Correctness," including the encouragement of Jewish participation in our Movement. There are sound philosophical and practical reasons for resisting the urge to put the Jewish Question on the back burner.

In his classic tome, White Power, George Lincoln Rockwell points out that it is impossible to "out-Jew" the Jew by using deceptive, sneaky, clever and crafty methods to achieve our political goals. Were Rockwell alive today, he would likely view the desire to forge an alliance with "renegade" Jews that besets some White Nationalists as a disguised attempt to out-Jew the Jew. That is, if this flawed tactic is not attributable to a mere lack of understanding of the Jewish Question.

White Nationalists are given to the human urge to seek the path of least resistance, as much as their ideology specifically condemns such a move in the name of upward racial progress. Some may be frustrated with our apparent slowness in gaining traction and making political progress. These souls may view cooperation with the Jews, who come ready-made by ties of blood with a conduit to influence in the current Establishment, as a quick-fix or shortcut to political power for White Nationalists. Patience, however, remains a virtue with which we best reacquaint ourselves. The desperate are prone to err, and the continued existence of White Americans as a unique and identifiable people is at stake.

Newhouse News Service, a fount of the usual Semitical swill which runs across and seeps into the American body politic, ran an article titled, "Brighter White Nationalists May Emerge From Shadows," under Jonathan Tilove's byline. The subject: the 2002 American Renaissance conference, which hosted a clientele that clearly and publicly refutes the "ignorant, low-IQ hateful bigot" image of White Nationalism the media have long promoted. A string of books on White Nationalism will soon come into print, Tilove notes. He quotes a number of Establishment lackeys who suggest the Movement is gaining influence, addressing White concerns that have long gone unanswered, and who even believe that our arguments are legitimate in an age in which Whites have been rendered a despised minority by official policy.

That article is great cause for hope, because it shows that our Movement has graduated to the level that it is now a true threat to ZOG. We have forced the Jews, long accustomed to ignoring or belittling us, to the point they now seek to contain and, if necessary, appease us. Rejoice, for the Jews have just laid in their course for oblivion: their defensive concession of ground is precisely what destroyed the conservative movement and the GOP in the United States.

The Newhouse article also gives great cause for concern, however. We have all heard the saying, "if it looks too good to be true, it probably is." Why then, do we not apply this cautious wisdom to Newhouse News' virtual showcasing of American Renaissance? If we did, the other side of the "contain and appease" coin the Jews just handed us would be apparent: the possibility of co-option. The Jews may "befriend" us, join our Movement while giving their NAACP stooges the heave-ho, and then conveniently squelch discussion of the Jewish Question, so as to save their own skins and maintain their parasitic hold over the United States.

The Steinlight piece (which suggests that current immigration levels are bad for U.S. Jews, swamping the political playing field and disrupting their influence) that has crossed many a desk in the Movement indicates that the Jews may be planning this back-up strategy for the future. This recent Newhouse piece on the AR conference fits the pattern and confirms this suspicion.

The Jews are masters at thinking several moves ahead. We must do the same, if our Movement is to avoid being co-opted in the future. We must not allow outfits such as American Renaissance to become the new "neo-cons" of the White Nationalist movement, in which Jews hijack the Movement and render it inert in the same way they stole conservatism in the 1970s. White Nationalism five, ten, or fifteen years from now must not degenerate into another fake opposition to the multiracial Left, in the manner that the current Republican Party lulls Middle Americans to sleep.

For the moment, the issues raised here are academic, because the Movement as a whole is not yet at the point where Jews actively court it in significant numbers. One day, though, the savvy denizens of the Middle Eastern bazaars will expect the goyim to accept the first move they make. Instead, we must accept no "deals" that serve the interests of the Jews, for their interests and ours are permanently irreconcilable and incompatible, due to evolutionary genetics and a long, painful cultural and social history. We can never lower our guard, so keep the points made here in mind for the long-term. Treat this article much as you would the trusty red fire-alarm panel on the wall. Go about your business, but in case of emergency, break glass.


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