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Sophisticated Homespun Advice

Column #3

Dear Miss Bennett,

Thank you for writing the marriage manual. This is tremendous information. Not only is your logic strong, but I FEEL that you are right. Our culture pushes feminized men and mannish women, but it's nice to know at least one Quality Woman likes masculine, dominant men. I'm trying to be more dominant and self-confident. That brings me to my questions:

I am very sad. I am a total Type I, like you describe. Practically everything I see or read about repels me. You say learn to dance. I don't think it's what it's cracked up to be. You go to the clubs, and the music is deafening or nigger "Hip-Hop" and it's filled with cigarette smoke. The media is controlled by Jews and that means everyone's mind is poisoned. Even the most intelligent and independent of us are poisoned. Like I said, I'm sad and depressed.

I'm going out with a woman now (but not sleeping with her) just because she's beautiful. But she doesn't have a complex thought in her head and neither understands nor shares any of my values. She's only a body with a smiling, pleasant, blank face.

I disagree with you about masturbation. It's very depressing for men. And it gets boring. I've always felt guilty about it, because I should be having sex with a woman, not having sex with myself. I asked my friends about it (single men aged 35-45), and they all laughed endlessly and agreed it was pathetic, because you should be doing it with a woman. Pornography is also awful. I know I shouldn't look at it, but I do, and feel worse each time.

Smoke and drink?? That's like saying, "Don't worry, be happy, kick back and smoke a little pot, Dude!"

[... endless complaints for pages and pages, about the low cultural state of America... ]

Sincerely yours,

Unhappy Computer Programmer in the Bay Area


Dear Unhappy,

You are a Useless Wimp right now. All your complaints boil down to "poor me; I'll make excuses so I won't have to put out any effort and try hard." Life is full of horrific difficulties -- what else is new? It's your job to surmount them. Like Alex Linder says, "Remember, Vikings, People, Vikings, Stop the Whining!" Millionaire entrepreneurs have an average of three business failures behind them. As a group, they fail a lot and keep trying. Then they win, because the giant sucking sound you hear is a giant power vacuum -- waiting for you to step into it.

I repeat: If you can just get your act together, you have no competition. The feminized state of the culture is the biggest factor working in your favor. With the right tools, knowledge, and phlegmatic caution, you can climb K2. Valhalla is at the top.

Your problem lies not with the culture, but with your own lack of motivation. Motivation comes from taking action (in small steps at first) and getting your emotional needs met. So, follow my Sanatorium Treatment Program for Type I's. Read VNN, but don't read too much other serious stuff. Get out of your mental library. Sign up for activities like martial arts where you'll meet people. Buy a fuzzy, affectionate pet cat. Pick up the phone and call someone -- like your Dad if he has redeeming qualities. He's probably lonely, too.

Now that your motivation problem is solved and you've gotten some sunshine, physical exercise, and civil social contact with other Whites, let's address some of the specifics:

1) Dump the Retard. She's your biggest problem. There's no future there; only living death.

2) Masturbation is a bodily function, like eating, drinking, urinating, bathing, and reading intellectually stimulating material. It gets boring? Poor baby! Get over it, Buddy. Maybe if you had a better imagination and more social contacts with semi-intelligent women, the activity would get a lot more interesting. Here's what I find really bizarre in what you said: "I should be having sex with a woman, not having sex with myself." You're imagining things. Don't be so melodramatic. When you look down on the bed, do you see your own face? Are you fudge-packing yourself? Don't be ridiculous! You're not "having sex with yourself." You're just jerking off. It's fun, healthful, and relaxing, too, like eating a healthy dinner. When done, you concentrate a lot more clearly!! Of course male friends are going to laugh and say it's "pathetic," even though they do it every day themselves. They're self-conscious and fake. Lose the Puritanism: Kill your Tel-Aviv-ision, Cancel the Cable. Jew Sitcom, Inc., snickers at jerking-off, just as it snickers at urination, motherhood, and patriotism. Even when you're married, your wife isn't going to be a telepathic mind-reader who waits on you to satisfy your every whim. You'll still be jerking off a lot, especially if you're young and healthy.

3) Most pornography is pretty bad, but some isn't. Read romance novels to get insight into what real women want. Get the cheap K-mart ones for $3 a pop. Internet porn tends to show increasingly bizarre/repulsive material, out of a poverty/bankruptcy of true excitement, which can only come from being in love (or simulating context through romantic storyline). They try to excite through shocking you: anal sex, urine-drinking, old man bones tight teen virgin, nigger rapes blond, gang-bang in the SUV, obese woman stuffing beer can up her twat. It's intriguing for a few seconds, then you feel nothing again.

4) Smoking and Drinking: God, you are a Puritan! Were you raised in a Jesus-freak colony? I didn't say do it excessively or regularly -- just a beer once or twice a week to help you sleep, cheer you up, and give you a little shot of Vitamin B and anti-oxidants. Drugs are useful. All food is a drug.

5) Dancing: Puritan! You've got problems with dancing, too! There's plenty of places besides deafening hip-hop -- especially in San Francisco -- TONS of swing-dancing 1940's retro dives there for yuppies. You need to look around more. Or drive away from the city to a cowboy-western bar. Those are great.

So, "Unhappy," off to the Sanatorium! Get out of your gloomy mental library. When you're cured, give me a call. I need a husband.

Your friend,

Elizabeth Bennett

[If you are vexed by a nettlesome question, forward it to: arlmr@cableone.net, and perchance E. Bennett will essay an answer in an upcoming column.]

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