An Intro to the Jewish Question

by Angry White Female

Many of you, like me, are nodding your heads in agreement with the recently released "secret" Nixon tapes where he and Reverend Billy Graham discuss the undue power that the Jews, a 3% minority, have over this nation. Graham actually said of the Jews controlling the media: "This stranglehold has to be broken or the country's going down the drain." Haldeman, a Nixon bigwig, told Graham that since he was meeting with the Jewish editors of Time, he better "take your Jewish beanie." Nixon, who is dismissed as "paranoid," (even though they really were after him) discussed the Jewish domination of all facets of government as well as the media. Many of our past presidents have, but since the Jews have tightened their stranglehold on our nation's power centers, few have dared to say it out loud.

Many of the men we regard as founding fathers looked upon Jews as an entity with extreme suspicion, as did their ancestors in the old country. To reveal these statements all at once from all of these men would be political suicide for the Jews, and gentile historians don't want the feel the Jews' wrath. Our founding fathers were enlightened, brilliant, individualistic, God-fearing and fair-minded men. What would cause them to view an entire race/religion with such fear and loathing? They understood the Jews' pattern of destruction, and as time goes on, it becomes more and more evident to free-thinking individuals that they were right.

The average American allots about one minute of thinking time (independent of the Jewish-controlled media) to the issue of Jews, although in the Jews' hands is the future of this nation, and probably the world. It is a demonstrable fact that a huge percentage of the world's economy (such as banks we all owe money to) is in Jewish hands, as well as anything which forms opinions, such as Hollywood and the mass media. Or the American government, whose pandering to Jews is so blatant it's embarrassing. Americans tend to mindlessly believe that Jews were persecuted for no reason at all or because of religious bigotry. That is what the Jewish-controlled media and Jewish-controlled Hollywood claim. And yes, both are Jewish controlled by their own admission (when it suits them).

I used to believe the Jews were eternally innocent of all wrongdoing and that my own people were the devil race incarnate. That was an acceptable belief, but to question the Jews, even as they killed Palestine's youth, was "anti-Semitic." I found, through independent research, that the so-called anti-Semites were correct. Perhaps some are crude about it, but their points about Jewish control of this country are documented facts -- there for anyone to find. But most people lack the courage to go down that road. Their silence may end up costing us our right to free speech. The power the Jews wield is downright scary. Their financial power is so entrenched and absolute they could bust our economy overnight. They own about 75% of the nation's media, and certainly the media that get the most circulation. They control not only our money and our government through AIPAC, ADL, etc., they control our very minds. They decide most of what we hear and see although they are less than 1% of the world's population, and only about 3% of the United States'. Yet our foreign and domestic policy is based on what is good for the Jews.

My education on the Jews is limited, but what I do know could easily fill a book. That is how deep this question goes. Understanding Jewish domination of this decaying society is literally vital to the survival of our people and civilization, as well as to the Arab world. We must all learn and speak out before our right to speak the truth is outlawed.

Where to Start

In general, people do not wish to learn about Jews when they are presented solely as a caricature with a hooked nose and a sack of rubies. Judaeo-Christians (a recent invention) believe it is blasphemy to entertain the thought that Jews are hostile to Christianity. That is not my issue, but I would ask those who are Christians to visit for information regarding how the Jews really feel about Christians and other gentiles.

To me, the issue is not Christianity at all. I learned that people of European descent are less than 10% of the world's population and its child-bearing age (and younger) women are less than 2% and dropping fast. I wanted to know who pushed the policies which said we should stop having kids and pursue careers instead, while cutting White immigration (also heavily influenced by Jews) to 5% of the total. I wanted to know who was promoting music that called for raping White women and killing White cops. Who was pushing anti-White counter culture and urging White girls to have sex with blacks? I wanted to know why Whites were profiled in the media as haters, even though we are 90% of interracial crime victims. I wanted to know who was funding art exhibits which showed things like a man pissing on Christ and a rotting cow carcass. Who degenerated western art? How can something as serious as a deliberate Israeli attack on a U.S. Navy ship go down the memory hole within a week? How can Jewish mobsters get away with calling themselves "Russian" or "Italian?" Jews magically become WASPs when they do bad deeds, such as killing the Czar of Russia along with his wife and kids, creating communism and Bolshevism, killing tens of millions in the gulags. Stalin may have been in charge for part of the time, but the commissars were Jews, as were many people we recognize as "Russians." Forget about bringing Jewish "Russians" to justice for operating these death camps! Now that people are beginning to wonder why no one ever mentions Stalin as the worst mass murderer of the century, the Jews now claim Stalin was anti-Semitic and persecuted them. Stalin turned on them after they demanded (after killing millions of Christians) the exclusive right to worship and to have a separate racial identity. They wanted a strong Zionist movement and Stalin didn't buy it. Never mind the 60-plus million who perished in the gulags or even the loss of so many in WW2. The Jews care only about their race and how they can use gentiles to achieve their own ends. All the while, they devote enormous energy to denying Whites the right to their own identity and nations, while even the most liberal Jews support genocide and ethnic cleansing in Israel again non-Jews. They do not care that 3,000 Americans died on September 11th because of their having commandeered our nation's government and used it as a weapon against their enemies in the Middle East. They do not say thank you for the 5 billion a year and etc...etc.., they demand more. More of our money and more of our blood. Jews always do what is in the Jews' interest and shape the world to their needs and wants. They want Whites flooded out and bred out so no one competent is left to oppose their supremacist, genocidal agenda. What I have just said would be college reading material had the subject been Whites, therefore I have NO SHAME in saying it.

Though I cannot cover the Jewish question in one article, I strongly recommend that everyone reading this visit one of the best educational sites on our side. is run by a National Alliance member and has not only print articles in its library, but tons of audio files. Literally, you can find the answers to all of the above questions (and then some). Any naive soul who wishes to learn what White nationalism is really about should not make a judgment until he/she has spent some time there. You can also go directly to the Jewish section here Also, listen to Dr. William Pierce's weekly American Dissident Voices (ADV) broadcasts at for his intelligent perspectives each Saturday. has an excellent discussion board for anyone with further questions.

I thought I would always avoid the Jewish question aside from their brutal occupation of Semitic land. Somehow I believed it would be less controversial and my audience wider if I adhered to Jewish taboos. But their power gets more entrenched the more we remain silent, addressing the symptoms of the problem rather than the cause. Billy Graham's silence ("for fear of the Jews," according to scripture) all these years and brownnosing all the way from the White House to Tel Aviv has convinced me to speak out a little louder. Won't you?


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