Closing the Gap Between Conservatives and Nationalists, Part Two

by J.R. Colson

In my first essay about bringing political "conservatives" and White nationalists closer together, I stressed the idea that conservatives do not understand that big capitalism works against their racial, i.e., White interests most of the time.

In this follow-up essay, I cover new ground as I describe a quiet, but dangerous, ethnic revolution that is impacting conservatives all over the West, especially in America. This revolution is sort of unique, because it is hardly noticeable to most people, and, it is actually occurring inside the "conservative" political/social realm.

Question: what do these differing "right-wing" entities have in common: National Review magazine, the NRA, the American Legion, and most "conservative" newspapers, such as the Washington Times?

They were once (circa 1960s) very "traditional" entities, and were extremely conservative politically. More importantly, they were exclusively White; they did not hire or feature minorities, Jews, or women. You might say that they were "hard-core," kind of like your redneck grandpa was -- the grandpa who always complained about "darkies" and "queers." Granted, these outfits may not have displayed such views in public, but they, like many other traditionalist organizations were, by default, pro-White and not at all "progressive."

But, in recent years, there has been a sea-change in all "conservative" organizations in the West. They are no longer the hard-core outfits that they once were. Most now have quite a few Blacks, Hispanics and other minorities within their ranks. Political Correctness has become standard in most of these entities; today, none of them would dream of excluding a certain person from their ranks based on race or gender.

So, what happended, you wonder? Why are these formerly very conservative and traditional groups now so leftist? So multicultural? So PC? So feminist? The answer is surprisingly simple: Jews -- as a race, not simply as a religion.

Jews have slowly risen to the top ranks of these conservative outfits, just as Jews have risen to high positions in all areas of Western life. Anti-Semitism is almost non-existent today, giving Jews an open door onto any political avenue they choose. Jews are no longer considered to be "aliens" in the modern West, thanks to years of careful Jewish activism -- for example, their clever push to have "Jewish" listed as a religion only, not as a race. This makes Jews seem "almost like you and me."

Jews, when they enter formerly non-Jewish, conservative domains, quickly work to make those domains less "redneck," less "hard-core," more liberal, and so less prone to any historic "anti-Semitism," so that Jews as a group can continue their upward climb in all areas of Western life. The political right-wing in the West was the last public realm that was basically closed to Jews. It was a White ethnic neighborhood, surrounded by a high wall that they could not breach.

But no longer. Jews have successfully penetrated that high wall around the right-wing world, with stunning success. They now heavily populate many right-wing magazines, newspapers, and organizations that 35 years ago were almost completely non-Jewish.

Jews are now "helping to steer the conservative ship." They might not have huge numbers aboard that ship just yet, but they have a great impact upon which direction that ship is going. That ship is going in a leftward, PC, multicultural direction, to keep that ship ever so Jew-friendly. The "cultural dinosaurs" who dislike Jews are being tossed overboard, at the insistence guessed it, the new co-captains: the Jews.

Is this a plot by Jews to eventually "take over the world," as some uninformed people have claimed? Nope. Is it a conspiracy, with Jews meeting in dark, smoke-filled rooms to discuss how "the plan" is coming along? No. Jews do this automatically as a race. They have done so for many centuries, due to them being kicked out of every country in the world many different times. This is an inborn feature, a "master mental program" that they themselves seem unable to control -- in fact, they may not even be aware of it.

Dr. Kevin MacDonald, author of three well-researched books about Jewish history, calls this strange ethnic feature "group evolutionary strategy." Jews were oppressed in country after country, century after century, due to their horrifying traits. The weak Jews died off. The strong ones thrived, a la Darwin's theory, and developed that powerful, always-present G.E.S. feature that now serves them all over the world. MacDonald stresses that Jews may not even be aware of that G.E.S., that it is at least partly subconscious in origin.

Perhaps more ominously, Dr. MacDonald explains that one Jew is worth many non-Jews to an ethnic agenda such as theirs, meaning that since Jews are smarter and more cunning than non-Jews, there need not be as many of them to subvert an entire political or social organization. An organization featuring 4 Jews among 8 top employee positions can accurately be described as "Jewish-controlled." Their "people skills" and their ability to out-maneuver their gentile counterparts prevail every time. And, if a gentile employee notices and mentions this feature, he will be labeled an "anti-Semite" and will eventually be fired.

Here, then, is the lesson for conservatives: Jews cannot be counted on to be 100% loyal to the "White, gentile" cause, and also, somewhat similarly, to the "right-wing/traditionalist" cause. 1 Their master program, G.E.S., overrides any temporary social conditioning that the "right-wing/traditionalist" movement may instill within them.

Indeed, wherever Jews have lived, they have been strangers, outsiders looking in, living among, but not with, gentiles. That they resembled many non-Jews in a certain host country, that they had "white" skin and spoke the native language, mattered not at all. Physical appearance alone has little to due with a person's mental and psychological traits, irrespective of true human racial differences. Jews are unique, an oddity, a race that does not fit, that never has and never will fit, and that is also aware of its ethnic incompatibility with gentiles.

White conservatives must abandon their simplistic belief that "Jews are just like us." Because Jews aren't at all "just like you," and can never be "like you," because they are a special race with a very long history of unique behavior and unique desires. They are, in a nutshell, ethnic aliens, and must be treated as such. This means that Jews should not be allowed into any "conservative/right-wing/traditionalist" organization in the West. No exceptions.



1. Note that there is a difference between "ethnic" or "White" movements (nationalism) and solely "political" movements (right-wing or conservative). The two topics are not the same, although most nationalists are also, by default, by psychological circuitry, "right-wing/traditionalist" in the modern West.

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