Intimidation One

by Andrei Kievsky

I went to an interview at the Boston Globe on March 6th at 4:00 p.m., at their Metrowest office at 111 Speen St., Framingham, Massachusetts. They said they wanted to interview me with regard to my appearances at various anti-White public events such as the Framingham Human Relations Commission meetings and a lecture by "hate watchdog" Jack Levin at a synagogue.

I brought my daughter along with me because I had no babysitter for that time period.

When we arrived, Jen Abelson, a reporter for the Boston Globe, was waiting in the lobby. She said that she locked her keys in her car and she was waiting for AAA. Then she ran out into the parking lot. I later realized that she probably ran out and got my license plate number and ran it through DMV to get my identity, though I suspect she already had a pretty good idea about who I am.

Another person was there who didn't say what organization he represented, and in retrospect, I should have asked because I think he was an ADL/Mossad agent. He definitely looked the part.

In retrospect, it wasn't a bona fide newspaper interview, but rather an interrogation and an attempt to intimidate me. They let me know that they knew my name, where I lived, and my wife's name. They told me that they would publish my real name and my photograph and my address in the newspaper, and asked me if I feared for my safety, for my job security, and for my social acceptability. I said I didn't care, things have gotten so bad that it doesn't hardly matter anymore. They then quickly switched the subject to why I bother going to the Framingham Human Relations Commission meetings, why don't I rent my own hall, etc. They never came out and put the two together, but in retrospect, I realized that they were probably looking to cut a deal with me, and the deal would have been this -- I agree not to go to anymore HRC meetings, and they won't "out" me.

So that was the point of the interview -- to intimidate me from speaking out in public. The next day, Jen called my trade school digging for information. Our director of student affairs refused to give her any information, and then called me in and asked me why the Boston Globe was calling my school and asking for info about me. I explained about the HRC meetings, and how I believe that America is stumbling and bumbling into the slaughter of another World War, a World War III against the enemies of the Jews that is not in the interest of ordinary Americans, and that the Boston Globe/ADL is attempting to intimidate me from speaking out at the next HRC meeting. The director of student affairs was not accustomed to being in the middle of such a thing and seemed a bit surprised, but her instincts were to protect her students and that was that.

Why the great effort now? I believe that there is a concerted drive to involve America in a World War in the Middle East. The Jews got us into World War I and World War II speech/fs956b.html and we have to warn Americans to try and prevent them from repeating history. World War III, if it happens, will be an incredibly destructive war, lots of White people will die, the Bushes and their Jewish friends will make a lot of money, America will get a new source of oil and spread our empire (so the plan goes) and Jews will make movies and falsify history.

The Jew media campaign ramping up to war has even reached the "Barbie doll" magazine. The February 2002 edition of "Barbie Bazaar" has Barbie in Battle Dress Uniform and dog tags on the cover, and on the back cover, "Air Force Barbie Bomber Jacket," "Desert Storm Army Barbie and Ken," "United States Marine Barbie and Ken" and "United States Navy Barbie." As if White birthrates are not already low enough, the Jews want to send the remaining White women off to die in their Jew-instigated war.

It behooves me to elaborate on the oil interests that also want this war. America consumes 25% of the world's oil and only has 3% of the world's oil reserves. Most of our oil consumption comes from the personal car. It is my personal opinion that we could drastically cut down our use of automobiles by providing more bicycle paths and bicycle lanes, especially along major highways. Many people object that a bicycle path would take away too much space from automobiles, but there would be far fewer autos on the road if people were able to make the choice to ride a bicycle to work and to errands. There are car-free towns already in Europe, and there is a whole movement based on liberating cities from autos The only reason I don't ride a bicycle everywhere is because of the danger from motor traffic. In Boston, morning traffic jams keep the commuter's average speed at about the pace of a bicycle anyway, and I could easily ride 30 or even 40 miles to work on a recumbent bicycle or utility trike The utility trikes can haul 200 pounds, and two passengers in addition to the pedaler, and they can be outfitted with electric motors to supplement human power. They can also be outfitted with fairings to keep out the inclement weather, and all-weather tires for light snow. They might not work in heavy snow, but bicycle paths can have heating elements built into them to melt the snow, and this will still be far less energy than is used to power automobiles. Obesity, high blood pressure and heart disease are at epidemic levels in America, and setting aside road and highway space for bicycles will make for a healthier, more productive nation. Obesity is also a principal cause of a race-mixing, and healthier, happier, thinner White girls will be far less likely to date outside their race.

Another major source of oil consumption is food production. Agribusiness uses petroleum based fertilizers, gas guzzling machinery, long haul trucking, and illegal immigrant labor. Also, organic tomatoes are flown in from Israel! If we had a responsible policy for our food supply, as much food as possible would be supplied by smaller scale, local farmers. I know for a fact that organic farmers can yield 10,000 pounds per acre. Wendell Berry and Gene Logsdon are "old time farmers" and agricultural writers who use draft animals instead of tractors, and they say that it's reasonable for a full time farmer to farm 50 acres and no more. This is a half million pounds of food per farm.

What about Jews and the oil industry? The Boston Globe has a columnist, Jeff Jacoby, who is both a rabid Zionist and rabidly committed to unlimited consumption of fossil fuels. I used to write angry letters to the editor of the Boston Globe regarding Jacoby's defense of gas guzzling SUVs, because I was aware of the technologies for reducing oil consumption, as well as the possibilities for bicycle paths as I wrote of above. But now it all makes sense -- Jacoby wants massive oil consumption because U.S.-Arab oil wars are GOOD FOR THE JEWS! That's the key to Jacoby's notorious advocacy of unlimited oil consumption, and I'm surprised it took me this long to connect the dots.

It's time to reduce our oil consumption, reduce Jewish influence over our government and over our society, and make peace with the Arabs. A war in the Middle East is not in American interests, it's only in Jewish interests. Americans died in Jew War I and Jew War II. Let's not let them fool us a third time, because this will be the last time. With the weapons of mass destruction out there, America won't survive a Third Jew War.

One thing I said to the ADL/Mossad guy was, "Jews will destroy themselves no matter what. Jews are incompetent at maintaining civilization -- look at the early and very Jewish Soviet Union -- they quickly self destructed. Look at the mess of Israel. Look at Jew York City, it's a mess that wouldn't be sustainable without a lot of White men to arrest the criminals and put out the fires and manage the systems. Jews can't run a society, but they arrogantly think they can, and they always screw it up, and it will happen again. My purpose is to keep Americans from letting themselves get dragged down in the eternal cycle of Jewish self-destruction." And I believe that. The fall of Jewry is inevitable; it's the salvation of the White man that is our proper concern. and that depends on unfastening the Jew from our necks. So speak out against Jew War III, go to and download and throw flyers pertaining to the Middle East situation, and if you can make it to Framingham Town Hall (Memorial Building) at 6:00 p.m. on March 14th, I hope you'll be there to speak out against the impending Jew War III.

The reporter carrying out the stalking and intimidation campaign against me is:

Jen Abelson
Reporter, Globe West

The Boston Globe
111 Speen Street
Framingham, MA 01701

Tel. 508.820.4233
Fax. 508.820.4258



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