And The Answer Is...

by Victor Gerhard

From: Nancy Winter [name changed, VJG]
To: Vic Gerhard,
Sent: Monday, March 11, 2002
Re: Read about your site on-line

First, I feel that as a white American I am discriminated against. I feel that I cannot voice an opinion that is of negative connotation against any race, without severe repercussions. Further, I feel that we as individuals should be allowed to have a website, a group affiliation in support of "our" causes. It appears that every other group has "rights" but the white Americans have to fear everything they do and say.

I do however, have concerns that "causes" and "white" rights should not be violent, nor should they demean other individuals, but more simply, defending our rights to work, preventing discrimination and fighting for our causes in a civil manner.

If there is an organization that supports the rights of white Americans that is non-violent -- I would be interested in joining.


To: Nancy Winter
From: Vic Gerhard

Dear Nancy,

I recognized your letter as an almost perfect statement of White thinking and behavior, and certainly understand your feeling of discrimination and concerns about non-violence and non-supremacy. These feelings are those of a great many people - a great many White people to be more accurate.

It is both the strength and weakness of Whites to have concerns for abstractions like Justice and Fairness, often overriding their own interests or the interests of their race. For example, environmentalism is completely a White concern. No other race shows much interest in the idea of preserving nature for nature's sake; despite the propaganda, any meeting of an environmental group anywhere in the world will be almost completely White. Other races get involved only to the degree their specific country or race is being affected by a damaged environment; that is, wholly out of self-interest. Often they learn the words and phrases that Whites want to hear and then repeat them to great applause, but once they get their interests satisfied, by Whites, they are gone.

Similarly, non-Whites learn the political terms that Whites like to hear, Democracy or Freedom or Equality, and thereby get money and aid from Whites, often to be used against other Whites, such as in South Africa. Nelson Mandela was caught transporting a huge supply of explosives and weapons intended to slaughter thousands of Whites but used the correct words so well that he won a Nobel Prize and became President of South Africa. He has now turned the Presidency over to his protégé, a man who never bothered to learn those White words. When the new President talks he quite clearly states that Whites are now completely under black control and must be quiet as the last of their land and wealth are taken from them.

Whites in Zimbabwe and South Africa Disappear...

The President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, also learned the White words so well that Whites gave him money to kill other Whites. Mugabe established a dictatorship and rules by threat of execution. He has taken all remaining land from the few Whites left; of course, those few Whites produced most of the food in the country. Now Zimbabwe, once one of the richest nations in the world, is begging the West for food because there will soon be nation-wide starvation. In both these African nations the blacks learned to talk about Equality to appeal to Whites, but once in charge showed how they felt all along - might is right; blacks now have the might, and will do as they wish.

South Africa just 15 years ago was one of the richest and most successful nations in the world. Black Africans often traveled a thousand miles from their black-ruled nations just for a chance to sneak across the borders of South Africa as illegal immigrants. No blacks ever left South Africa, except for terrorist training in the Soviet Union or to hold anti-Apartheid fundraisers in American and Europe. The highest black standard of living on the continent of Africa was in South Africa. Now South Africa has the highest murder rate in the world, its economy is devastated and Whites are being attacked, tortured and murdered in astonishing numbers. SA also has the highest rape rate in the world; an amazing number of the rape victims are two years old or even younger. It is believed by Africans that if they rape a baby their AIDS will be cured. Of course, none of this is reported in Western newspapers. It might cause Whites to wonder about the wisdom of allowing themselves to become minorities in their countries.

Only Whites Care About the Problems of Others...

Whites are the only race that has a philosophy and concern for the rights of minorities, racial or otherwise. Other races rule based on one principle - racial self-interest. India is controlled by Hindus; China by Chinese; Japan by Japanese; Mexico by Mexicans. Not one of these countries allows immigration. Let me repeat that...these countries together, in the past several decades, have had zero immigrants. When refugees fleeing the Guatemalan civil war tried to cross the border into Mexico, the Mexican Army drove them back with bayonets and bullets. Only citizens of White countries are forced against their will to allow in millions of immigrants every year. If a referendum were ever allowed in America the voters would vote to end immigration; polls show exactly that fact time after time. The same is true in Europe.

However, Whites are never allowed to vote on such matters and are never allowed to show any signs of racial self-interest. Racial self-interest in Whites is called "Nazism, racism, bigotry, genocide" and other such terms. Conversely, a black who did NOT show racial self-interest is demeaned as an "Uncle Tom, Oreo, Aunt Jemimah" and so on.

Non-Violence Means You Must Surrender...

Your desire for non-violence makes your decision in these matters very easy. The laws, the media, the universities, and our entire ruling Establishment have decided that White Americans have NO rights, are forbidden to show self-interest, and must surrender property, jobs, educational opportunities -- their entire country as a matter of fact -- to people who are non-White. Opposition to this agenda is treated as a "hate-crime," using "hate-speech." This "hate speech," since it is about White self-interest, is not considered protected First-Amendment speech, but is actually about to be declared by the courts to be the same as actual, physical violence against non-Whites.

Those who despise Whites know very well that Whites respect authority and are against "violence." This Achilles heel has been the particular target of the Jewish race, which considers our parents, children and brothers and sisters to be mere disposable obstacles in the Jewish quest for world domination. Therefore, they know that they simply need to have a few laws and a few judges say that Whites are going to become a minority in their countries and that any opposition is illegal. That has happened in America and Europe. Recently, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development held hearings, as required by law, about building a housing project in a specific suburban neighborhood in California. Several Whites showed up and voiced concerns about the effect of the project on their neighborhood. HUD listened very carefully to their concerns and took down their names and addresses. HUD then sued each of them for violating the civil rights of the minorities due to live in the project.

Our Laws Now Require White Non-Violence and Extinction...

Although many Americans are not yet aware, the laws that require Whites to give up their country and in fact become extinct as a race have already been passed. They are under many names "Civil Rights, Fair Housing, Affirmative Action, Voting Laws" but all together they mean that Whites as a race will not exist at the end of the century. The entire world will become like South Africa is today. Let's not deceive ourselves - Whites created and ordered the modern world; without Whites, without people who can consider the rights of others as well as themselves, without the race that invented 98% of everything of worth on earth, there will be a new Dark Age, one that probably will never end. To oppose this is considered by the Establishment to be violence.

So better to "eat, drink and be merry." No need to save pictures and mementoes about your ancestors, or put away college money for grandchildren...spend it now. A race is actually our largest extended family. Our family will end, completely, in a very short time. You should be glad you were born this generation, and not the next, or God forbid, the one after. Those last few years will probably be a living nightmare. I guess many Whites will commit suicide, with all hope gone and nothing left to live for.

We Sacrifice for Races Who Do Not Care...

Whites have an incredible ability to delude themselves, to live a lie. It will only be at the very end, just like in South Africa, when all Whites realize what they have done - sacrificed themselves for reasons that the surviving races do not understand, appreciate or care about. Our concern for the poor and oppressed was our strength when we lived in an all-White society, but in a multiracial society it is our death sentence. We sacrifice ourselves for people who hate us, but who are able to mouth the few phrases that make us feel so self-righteous and martyr-like.

You want to save your race, but you don't want to be violent, or to demean other races. The reason your race is going to perish is that it puts the interests of other races above its own; no other race feels that way, or could even comprehend feeling that way. The existence of your race is less important than non-violence, even if that violence is self-defense against those who are trying to kill you and your family. The existence of your race is less important than not demeaning others, even if the "demeaning" is calling those who wish to murder you "murderers." You claim to be in fear of uttering the wrong word, but then declare that opposition to such tyranny must be "civil." Thus, you yourself place the same restraints to which you object on Whites who would fight that tyranny.

Whites Have the Ability, But Lack the Will...

Whites are the greatest race that ever lived or will ever live. We have the ability to immediately turn our death-sentence around; send other races back to their homelands; reward White births; exile those who want us to become extinct; encourage White other words, do essentially what every other race does to further its racial interests. The present death spiral of the White race could be reversed in a matter of months, if not weeks or days...but non-Whites, because of what they have been taught by Whites, would consider such actions violent and demeaning, although they themselves would do the same for their race it they had the power - but with real, bloody, horrendous violence.

Just consider; you are a White woman, in the country that your race created, in a world that depends for its survival entirely on the inventions and efforts of your race. Your race is still a majority of the population in your country, which is called a democracy. You are not a "racist" and probably know very few people who are. You never voted for the present anti-White program of the Government, nor was there even a vote on the matter whatsoever. Nor was an anti-White Government even an issue in an election. Nor was there any discussion in Congress about such a program. You can't imagine who would vote for such a thing.

And yet, you say, "I feel that as a white American I am discriminated against. I feel that I cannot voice an opinion that is of negative connotation against any race, without severe repercussions... It appears that every other group has 'rights' but the white Americans have to fear everything they do and say." You have been dispossessed of your country and your race has been slated for extinction, without a vote, without discussion.

Our Country Was Non-Violently Stolen...?

Only Whites could consider the theft of their country against their will and without their consent to be an act of "non-violence," which can only be opposed by "non-violence." As your letter makes clear, Whites must fear "severe repercussions" for opposing the Establishment and its anti-White program. Behind every law and every Establishment demand lies the iron fist of violence. If an employer ignored a government "Employment Civil Rights" law and hired whom he wanted, the government would fine him. If he didn't pay the fine, they would imprison him. If he resisted going to prison, they would kill him. This is violence, as, say, blacks would surely recognize, but for some reason for Whites it is not violence at all.

But in the face of this violence, this threat to you and your family and your race, you are first and foremost concerned that you be non-violent, and non-demeaning, which ensure that your efforts will fail, just as the Establishment planned. If you had the power to pass any law you wished, and the people that your laws affected, no matter how severe the effect, had sworn not to use violence, you would have complete power over them and could rule as a dictator. If you hated the people you ruled, or at least one "non-violent" group of them, you could eliminate that group. Since they also swore not to "demean," they wouldn't even complain.

Whites Would Fight Harder to Save Any Other Race...

Well, I hope I have achieved my goal, which is to save you a lot of time and trouble worrying about the fate of the White race. We are already as good as dead, as your own letter makes clear. Whites as a group today fight harder for and are more concerned about the survival of every race but their own. Probably you should pick another race to spend your efforts on, one that would fight for its existence. Marry your sons and daughters to members of this race. Yes, this means your grandchildren may pick up the unfortunate "violence" or "demean" gene, but at least they will be part of a race, a family, that has a future.

I would suggest the Japanese, but even if your own children are not bigoted racists, the Japanese have the admirable trait of believing in the superiority of their race, and despise race mixing, which is their right as non-Whites. Perhaps the Chinese would admit your children...they must learn a new language and customs, since we Whites must assimilate to others.

Perhaps it is best if you stop complaining about the plight of Whites; the Government monitors all communications and these things could be held against you in the future. Most people of other races would consider a letter like yours, when written by a White person, to be uncivil and demeaning, and it is their standards which matter, correct? So do your final and ultimate duty as a White person and die quietly.

Well, we had one heck of a good 100,000 years.

Goodbye and Good Luck...

Yours truly,


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