We Were Soldiers

by R.C. Leather

"We Were Warriors" is based on the U.S. build-up of troops in Vietnam in 1964. The movie disgusted me from the very beginning. The voice of leading man Mel Gibson dedicates the film to BOTH the American victims AND the Vietnamese victims.

Vietnam certainly was a fucked-up war that cost a lot of White men their lives and destabilized the United States. It should never have taken place, but the gooks should NEVER be honored! There is NOTHING honorable about them. They killed White men. That doesn't bother Jew-Hollywood a bit, though.

Next there is a re-enactment of a massacre of French (White) troops by a Vietnamese commander in 1954. The French troops are overrun. A gook footsoldier asks the Vietnamese commander if he should take prisoners. The Commander says "No, kill them all, and they will send no more men." All surviving and wounded French soldiers are shot in the head. The movie excuses this slaughter.

Then we see the training of the air-cavalry under command of a U.S. Army Colonel Moore played by Mel Gibson. The American commander trains his multicultural troops and prays to God. He tells a troubled first lieutenant, played by pop-culture heartthrob Chris Klein (this guy's GOT to be a Jew), that no one knows why God put them in their situation but they have to fight in His service. (More "Christian Soldier" propaganda for the masses.)

An absurd promotion of multiculturalism is the colonel's big "going to Vietnam" speech. He says he can't promise to bring everyone home. He explains that the great thing about "Air-Cav" is it's made up of all races. He knows that some races in the U.S. are horribly discriminated against, but not in his unit. He explains that going to Vietnam to die is BETTER than being in the U.S.A. because of the multiculturalism in the unit! He says, "We're going to what home should be." (Unbelievable!)

The army wives' support group has one nigger member. They've all gathered to talk about life on the base, where to go shopping, etc. One White army wife says she saw a laundry outside the base, but it is strange because only "White" clothes are allowed to be washed there. "What's a girl to do with her colors?" All the other White wives look down in shame, and the nigger wife says, "The sign that says 'Whites Only' means White PEOPLE only." The dumb White wife is ashamed of herself as she expresses her outrage at how such a think could exist when the black husband was going off "to fight for the country." (As if she would never have seen or understood a sign like that in Georgia in 1964!)

The indignant nigger wife says, "Never-you-mind, I know what my husband is fighting for." Oh so noble and brave...yeah, RIGHT!

The first lieutenant played by Chris Klein dies trying to save a wounded nigger. (That action warrants a Silver Medal for STUPIDITY.) The Vietnamese commander is presented as a tactical genius. The Americans win in the end after being shot, torn apart by mortars, stabbed and burned alive. They wipe out the Vietnamese force...then leave! The gook commander lives to fight and kill more White people some other day.

Colonel Moore spends a total of 265 days in 'Nam, then comes home to surprise his wife (because he's alive). The final scene shows the colonel as an old man at the Washington, D.C., Vietnam Veterans Memorial looking at the names of the men he got killed. Then we see names of men who died in battle in 1964.

The only good thing about the movie was the realistic war scenes. The scenes are so disgusting and horrifying that MAYBE one or two smarter White kids who see the movie WILL NOT run off and join the army! I didn't see much of a plot to this movie. "We Were Soldiers" is another piece of garbage churned out by Jew-Hollywood to coincide with the current "War on Terror."

Maybe the Jew moviemakers know something we don't know yet about the course this "War on Terror" will be taking in a few months. I don't know about that. What I do know is you'll be angry if you waste your money on this subversive movie called "We Were Soldiers."


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