www.whitesearch.net - A Search Engine and Home Page for White People

by Victor Gerhard

On March 1, 2002, Heartland News, the website of Ward Kendall (author of the new pro-White science-fiction book "Hold Back This Day") became the first website on the first pro-White search engine on the World Wide Web. The next day, despite the lack of any advertising or notice whatsoever, another eight sites signed up. On March 3rd another ten sites were submitted from across the U.S. and the UK.

That search engine -- http://www.whitesearch.net -- is up and operating as of March 1st, and urgently needs site submissions of all kinds. And it needs to become your new home page today! Whites Only! Everyone else save up for that boat, you'll need it soon.

In the last few years the market for big search engines has been consolidating and winnowing out the weaker competitors. Many search engines have become merely different doors to the same pool of data, mainly controlled by the cryptic, satanic anti-White LookSmart network. Most of the biggest engines also now charge between 200-300 dollars for submission of a commercial site; the submission fee and the acceptance or denial of a site are directly controlled by LookSmart. LookSmart will not accept pro-White sites but abounds in anti-White sites that glorify the killing of Whites, such as rap music sites, JDO and "chicano" sites. This means White activists are cut off from the 75% of Internet content LookSmart claims to control. Could it be more clear? -- At the heart of LookSmart is a conniving maggot-white pack of Jews.

As the biggest sites colluded or merged and began operating with secretive, monopoly-like powers, a new type of search engine emerged - the "niche" search engine. Recognizing that the vastness of the Internet makes searching one specialized topic difficult, a niche search engine is one that specializes in a specific topic only. There are search engines that specialize in ultra-light planes or sailboats, and ones for all kinds of highly technical topics. In my many battles with Internet companies over "hate," (which they have yet to define), I realized that we needed a search engine by, about and in the interests of Whites. Or, to put it another way, a search engine for the endangered aboriginal peoples of the Western Eurasian landmass.

And not only a search engine, but a HOME PAGE, so we can stop being consumers of AOL, MSN and Yahoo products and advertising and tune in to our own network, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. This is about freeing our minds and our money from ZOG control.

Never again will people ask how they can be sure they are buying from a White company. This is a chance for all of us to buy White and to get customers because we are pro-White. This is a chance for sellers with pro-White products or ordinary products and services to make sales to people who prefer to buy White - a perfect market. Being White will again be a marketing plus instead of a minus.

There are now more pro-White ISPs than ever before, and I have heard there is even a pro-White dial-up service in California (submit site, guys). Our movement is highly talented in computer use, website design, programming and the like. We should be using other White companies and consultants as much as possible and this directory will allow us to find them when needed. No more calling all over the country to find someone who will make pro-White t-shirts - hopefully you will be able to pick from several companies.

And there will finally be a fairly complete directory of all pro-White groups, publications, and information sites. We don't have to go to the ADL or SPLC sites to find a group near us anymore. One huge shopping mall dedicated to the Great Race.

In using Whitesearch, you can perform a key word search ONLY among the sites that have been submitted by movement members and approved by the Webmaster (me), by using "WhiteSearch" in the search engine box. Every site that comes up is a pro-White site, or a regular website by a White person on our side.

As far as approving sites, the only ones I won't accept are those contrary to the interests of Whites. In the other direction, the sky is the limit. Feel free to let us know what you really think. Whitesearch is about freedom, real freedom, finally and at last.

Of course if you choose, you can also do a search in the Google, NorthernLight, AlltheWeb, About.Com, Lycos, Open Directory, Go To, Altavista, Excite, or Yahoo databases right from Whitesearch.

There is also free e-mail; right now I have 100 addresses, and will get more if needed. And right near the top of the site, you can go to CNN for the headlines, VNN for the truth, and follow it up with New Nation News and (below) The Truth on Line.

But first we need site submissions to make this whole thing work. Commercial sites (primarily for profit) must pay a one-time fee of $25.00 - basically funding the search engine for the foreseeable future; a small fee for the perfect market. You can pay right on the front page, or wait for the link that comes with acknowledgement of your submission (remember to put your site address under "company" when paying). All other sites of whatever type can be submitted for free. Pick the closest category you can, but remember you will submit key words (no commas) and your site can be found by a key word search. (You should of course submit your site with every search engine you can for as much traffic as you can get.)

If you are interested in advertising, in the future I plan on charging $25 per month for the big banners and $10 per month for the small.

I hope other people will take advantage of this opportunity and devise auction sites, open commentary sites, product sites and whatever else that wouldn't be feasible elsewhere.

There are many improvements that can and will be made (and please make suggestions for improvements), but I could only wait for so long. I had to learn html, ftp, and shell out a few thousand dollars, but if it works, it was worth it; heck, even if it doesn't work, sending out my press release to all the companies that screwed me over will be worth it. And there will be a press campaign. What reporter could resist a story on the Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse -- The Hate Machine! It will soon be nation-wide news, along with everyone who gets on board.

So submit all your sites and make Whitesearch your home page. It is our equivalent of the Bush "Bunker Government." We are creating an alternative society, a better society, built on race and honor, and we will pull in more and more Whites as that other decaying society crumbles. Can you see the tiny crack in the side of the Leviathan?


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