Off-White Like Me: Those Who Don't Learn From Past Mistakes Of Black Nationalists Are Doomed To Become Future White History

by Miss Ann Thrope

First of all, I would like to thank Alex for letting me contribute occasionally to a site that shreds sacred kike cows into non-kosher tube steak. When I first started looking under slimy rocks to find out why this country pimps its own citizens like feudal serfs on a NWO plantation overseen by White Slavery Zionist Pimp Daddies at a UN-sponsored Playas Ball, I was under the impression that most WN were nothing more than a bunch of bathtub crank-sniffing, muppet-fucking inbreds who blamed everyone but themselves for the sorry state of their own lives. Ok, enough of the shameless ass-kissing, and down to the so unpretty nitty gritty.

I used to ask: how in the hell could Mighty Whitey, with all of his intelligence, allow a raggle-taggle band of garlic-flavored Dead Sea Pedestrian kikes to wrap their kugel-powered Kegel muscles around the country's media, religion, politicians, academia, and WASP culture tighter than a gook hooker's kung-fu pussy grip around GI Joe's dick? I knew that Whites were getting sick of the blue-gummer niggeration integration of the nation, as were many solid Black folks. Only a few in whichever camp, ivory tower, or in the sights of the gun tower, had the sense to observe jew-subsidized niggerology, and its subsequent effects on Black/White racial tensions in post-sixties America.

Why did White folks allow themselves to be treated collectively like a torn, wet food stamp by street-smart Jews who transformed pre-'60s Americana Apple Pie into one steaming, tapeworm-infested, half-baked dingleberry cobbler with a heaping scoop of anti-viral-resistant Hepatitis à la mode? And worse, why did they not only do nothing about it, but then roll over and expose their soft, fish-white underbellies to their new masters and beg for a Scooby snack while the Western world is being turned into a flophouse for third worlders, goat-herders, river-jumpers, and deadly cootie-infected African booty scratchers?

That was until I stumbled upon this site, and found out that not all WN are booger-eatin', sister-humpin', snake-handlin' Deliverance rejects whose highest expectations seemed to be getting their 15 minutes of fame on Jerry Springer's Trailer Cam. I now realize that there is a formidable underground of WN intellectuals who are starting to assert themselves as a force to be reckoned with. However, I am starting to see many parallels between the failure of the Black Nationalists, and the future of this resurgence of White Pride and White Separatism. If ya'll don't use your genetic gifts of intelligence and foresight to connect the dots, your descendants are gonna be high-yellow wigga-niggas bitching about the Blue-Eyed Devils' blood polluting their veins, wearing bow ties, sellin' bean pies, and hawking Final Call on the streets of the inner shitties.

Unfortunately for any Black who doesn't speak Ebonics as a first language, has never had a jherri curl ( the niggie version of the mullet ), or who suspects that free gub'ment cheese is a trap for rabid, ravenous, tail-chasing ghetto hoodrats, the pickin's are pretty slim with regard to contemporary so-called Black leaders, whose ass-showing antics have earned them well- deserved lampooning as cake-cutter-caricatured, clenched-fisted, wicker-chair-throned laughingstocks on Mad TV.

Gone are the days of carefree, pygmy African oompa-loompas, eating grubs and trading cowrie shells with Chaka Zulu, who left behind an impressive legacy as one of the first African warrior kings who attempted to unite all the tribes of Africa, and resist the Euro colonization; the consequences of which are now biting the increasingly pissed-off descendants on the ass like a swarm of DEET resistant starving Ethiopian tse-tse flies, rightly or wrongly. Like Nature in Her infinite wisdom ever gave a flying fuck about morality or the lack thereof, but hey, why split hairs? As to the question regarding why your White forefathers opted for Mandingo-ized cheap labor over the unheeded early patriot warnings of misery it would bring upon their future descendants, well, Miss Cleo I ain't, so I can't hep ya'll with that one. Those of you who haven't been 'Mau-Maued' out of your natural-born (White) wits will have to consult the wise counsel of the Ouija board on that. Or perhaps ole Beelzebub himseslf, because if you follow the paper trail of the root of all evil, it probably leads to a Judeo-Xtian pact from a tribe of Hook-nosed, beady-eyed Devils, with the fine print of a quill dipped in invisible ink. Whatever the whys and wherefores of Euro-dominating Manifest Destiny, a hell of a lot of good it does to break out the tire-patch kit after the goddamned condom has already busted.

So long, Marcus Garvey, we hardly knew ya -- and if you were alive to witness the present sub-Saharan Africa, now a pestilence-producing, primordial petri dish of your grand and noble vision for Afro-American repatriation, perhaps you might've settled for a partitioned Harlem Renaissance. With no slimy, smirky, sheenie slumlords whoring the tenants out for Section-8 housing in the projects, or leeching off of Black entertainers' performance contracts at The Apollo Theater. If you could see the number of poverty-pimping knee-grows who've sold out the right to live as respected Black family men (believe me, they did exist prior to the mid-'60's, and loooong before the Cosby Show) for a Soul On Ice paradise as snow-bunny-fur-burger- hunting, gold-tooth-flashing, on-the-down-low-life-worshipping coons, you'd vote for a white sheet in every 'hood. And dat's real, yo!

I have heard it said that the best of the Blacks suffer at the hands of the worst niggers. In my next article, I will drag all of the jigaboo puppets who have sold out the Black Race (of which I am a proud, if furious member, even if some niggas resent my Euro-Indian admixture; and hate worse that I don't act like niggerfied tragic mulattoes do, trying to prove how "ghetto" they are, desperately overcompensating for the strain of Euro blood, looking all retarded, like off-White wiggers or something!) to do the jew boogaloo (for thirty pieces of silver and a 40-ounce of Olde English Brew), out behind the woodshed for a good old-fashioned country ass-whoopin' with a peach-tree switch. Blacks in this country were well on the way to assimilating and realizing the American Dream in our own communities, as everyone over 40 tells me, until we signed such a bitch-made deal with the double-crossed-fingered jew, and blamed the inevitably catastrophic results on the "blue-eyed devils." Unfortunately, the few Blacks who are awake would rather roll over and hit the snooze button than face the Nightmare of the Living Dead, and expose the political cannibalism of puppet black demagogues who would happily exchange Blacks' independence for a pot of smoked turkey neck bones, and a ghetto hamster pat on the head from pimp mack daddy Sir-ZOG-a-lot. BEE-YOTCH!


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