Hoora!: The Lords of Discipline (1983)

by N.B. Forrest

Directed by: Franc Roddam
Produced by: A Couple o' Hebes Whose Names I Can't Remember

"The Lords of Discipline" is a film adaptation of Pat Conroy's novel of the same title. Conroy went to the Citadel and was none too pleased with the rough treatment he received there as a plebe, so he decided to attack the academy with his book. But forget that because the focus of this movie is -- wait for it -- EVIL SOUTHERN RACISTS! Who'd a thunk it, eh? I mean, it's such a rare theme for a movie shat out by those wunnerful Hollywood Chews, right?

The story takes place at the fictional Carolina Military Institute in non-fictional South Carolina. Our Hero is a senior cadet named Will McLean (David Keith). Will is rather a "square peg"; he only went to the institute to please his dying father. The year is 1964, and they've just had Pearce (Mark Breland, muhfugga), their first coon plebe, foisted on them. For some bizarre reason, the White cadets are slightly less than overjoyed at having niggy tossed into their midst. Consequently, tough-talkin', cigar-chompin' Colonel Bear (JEW Robert Prosky) charges Will with the task of wetnursing the tar baby and making sure the disgruntled White boys play nice.

But there's a secret organization at work within the institute called The Ten, and they have other plans. Smelling the burnt toast, they decide to scrape it off. Thus begins a campaign to convince Pearce that, well, maybe this jes' ain't the place for him after all. A series of subtle hints ensues: a burning picaninny doll hanging from the ceiling of his dorm room; carving sweet nothings into his back with a razor; little things like that. As the movie rolls on, Will gradually becomes a rather enthusiastic champion of the nigra (there is no creature on earth as insufferably preachy & self-righteous as a White Liberal Southerner - none so pure as the purified). At one point, he whines to Colonel Bear "You always tell us to obey the rules, but when Pearce does and succeeds, you change them!" The most important rule of all, numbnuts, is NO NIGGERS ALLOWED.

When the noble, dignified Pearce nobly bears all this racist brutality and nobly refuses to leave, The Ten drag his black ass to the basement of a country mansion, employing electrodes, matches and gasoline to help negotiations along. But don't worry -- Good Ol' Will and a few righteous buddies crash the barbeque & save the day. Later he breaks into the commandant's house to snoop around and finds The Ten's membership list going back to the beginning. I won't tell you what he does with it -- wouldn't want to spoil the ending of such a classic for you, oh no.

"The Lords of Discipline" is just a typical bag of guilt-inducing kosher filth the kikes love to fling into the faces of Southrons and Whites in general: Confederate flags in nearly every scene; laughable "Hollywood Southern" accents by the bushel; the "brave" handful of reassuringly down-home "whites" who go against the vast majority to buck the Oppressive Racist System, blah, blah, fuckin' blah. You've seen it all a thousand times before, from "To Kill a Mockingbird" to "Roots" to "Mississppi Burning."

Don't pay good money to rent this steaming cinematic turd -- watch it for free on AMC like I did.


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