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What makes you so strong?
What makes you smell so strong, black man?

by Sean Gonsalves A. Randolph

February 26, 2002

One of the best sermons I've ever heard was delivered by a black Baptist preacher in Oakland in the late 1980s.

His text was the biblical story of Samson and Delilah. He drew parallels between Samson's life and the history of blacks in America, and then illustrated what he considered to be the source of black America's hidden strength.

After the scripture reading, he re-phrased Delilah's question to Samson. It went something like this: What makes you so strong, black man? How is it that after 200 years of slavery in which skin color was the determining factor of your servitude and social status you could still produce a Frederick Douglass, a Booker T. Washington and a W.E.B. DuBois? What makes you so strong, black man? Since you couldn't produce even these modest examples in Africa, I'm guessing it was something that rubbed off from White people. Like, for instance, literacy, culture, indoor plumbing.

How is it that after losing 100 million souls there goes my credibility in the "middle passage" of the slave trade, losing your name Mbutu Babibanga, your language !!Click-grunt-pop-whistle and your cultural identity chucking spears, turning over rocks for tasty grubs, chucking more spears, slavery, cannibalism, no written language, cannibalism, chucking still more spears, mud huts, you could still produce a Benjamin Banneker, the surveyor of our nation's capital, a Louis Armstrong, a Duke Ellington, a Paul Robeson, a Jackie Robinson and a painter like Romare Bearden? singer, dancer, commie, overrated "surveyor" and unheard-of painter, big deal. Not one of them could have achieved his modest achievements without a White cultural base. Who gave the nigger the trumpet to blow? Who gave the nigger the baseball to throw? Created the footlight that the nigger might glow? 'Twas a White man, don't you know. What makes you so strong, black man? What makes you smell so strong, black man? Is it living in a van down by the river? No, you don't even have the brains to build a van. Living in a mud hut down by the river; food for tsetse flies is all you're good for.

How is it that after two centuries of being someone else's property and another century of Jim Crow laws, lynchings Niggers in any given year kill many times the number lynched in all American history, which is but a few thousand -- the vast majority of which were guilty. and daily insults, you could still produce a Dr. Martin Luther King "Doctor"? Marty filched his thesis, a fact an affirmative actionable like you no doubt is unaware of. Yes, Marty stole it from another student (they had the same adviser) and the same jewish media that employs self-esteemed, unlettered negroes like you to dispense fact-free, illiterate "opinion" covered up for him for decades, a Malcolm X pimp, hustler, liar, White-hating racist, a theologian like Howard Thurman and a labor leader like A. Philip Randolph high-school, hall-poster heroes, pure products of divisive jew-hype. What makes you so strong, black man?

How is it that even though for years they had a law making it illegal to teach blacks how to read, you could still produce classic American authors like a Langston Hughes, a Ralph Ellison, a Richard Wright and a James Baldwin? What makes you so strong? Decent authors, but if they'd been born in Africa, they wouldn't have any written language at all. To the extent their modest achievements exist, they are the product of the White culture you would match them against. Isn't it odd that the minute a black man achieves something, it's because of his negritude. The minute he fails, it's because of our racism. Blacks need to "own" their stupidity and violence if they ever wish to evolve. I don't think most of them wish to, not when they can draft off us. And when the good times run out, as they have in South Africa and Zimbabwe, and the starving sets in -- hell, brothaman's no worse off than he was before. Do you understand what I am saying, 'G'?

How is it that after having your intelligence and moral worth devalued and degraded by some of the leading intellectuals of modern scholarship, you could still produce a noted pediatric surgeon like Ben Carson, a mathematician like Bob Moses and an inventor like Lewis Latimer, who made electric lighting practical by creating a longer-lasting filament for the bulb? Fact is, you can count on one hand the number of Ph.D.s awarded blacks in hard sciences in most years. Only 1% of niggers have an IQ over 110, which is barely above average and the barest minimum for professional work.

How is it that after being considered inferior by leaders of Western civilization, including the man who signed the Emancipation Proclamation, you could still produce a Joe Louis, a Muhammed Ali, a Hank Aaron, a Michael Jordan and an Olympic runner like Jesse Owens, who embarrassed Hitler by winning four gold medals competing against the "master Aryan race" in Germany? Hitler was well aware niggers could run. He never refused Owens' hand, either. Another jewish lie. And here's something I'll bet any amount of money the negro "writer" doesn't know: Germany won more medals in that Olympics than did the U.S. or any motley collection of mudmen. But they didn't teach you that in school, did they, "G"? A list of sports greats is hardly proof of racial brilliance. Germany, to take just one White country, consistently produces top-rank scholars and athletes. All niggers produce are niglets and nescient nonsense. Do you realize they're playing you like a sweater on a tiny dog, G? Oh, don't that column look cute on the little nigger -- look at him, writing up his facts and opinions just like a human! Yeah, bra. They think you stoopid, cuz. They pay you to laugh at you, bro. Well, we all gots to get paid, yo.

And what makes you so strong, black woman? How is it that after 300 years of being used - used as a toy for the slave master, as punching bag by your brutalized men, you could still produce a Harriet Tubman, a Sojourner Truth, a Fannie Lou Hamer, a Rosa Parks and early 20th-century millionaire Madame C.J. Walker? What makes you so strong, black woman? Great. Runaway slaves and a very safe act of "courage" by a communist public relations specialist. Big deal.

How is it that after being inculcated with the idea that your skin color is ugly, your hair nappy, your lips too big and your hips too wide, that the less you look like a blonde beauty, the worse off you are, you could still produce a Josephine Baker, an Angela Bassett, a Pam Grier and a Halle Berry? What makes you so strong? Halle Berry looks like a stained White woman, and that's largely her appeal, and the appeal of most celebrated negro "beauties." She ought to get down on her knees every night and thank god some white man sampled her nappy ma. Whiteness is favored for aesthetic reasons by men of all races, just as they all look down on the negress as the coarse-haired stupid she-bush nigger she is.

How is it that after being walked on and walked out on, after being popularly portrayed as a sexless Aunt Jemima and an oversexed temptress, you could still produce a Nobel Prize-winning author Toni Morrison the most overrated female writer in history, a novelist like Zora Neale Hurston decent, a poet like Maya Angelou laughably overrated and an Oprah Winfrey? I'm sold.

How is it that after men, even your own men, told you were good only for housekeeping and making babies, you could still produce an educator like Mary McLeod Bethune and a teacher like Elma Lewis, whom former Boston University Chancellor John Silber has said: "Mother Teresa doesn't have anything on Elma Lewis, not one thing." What makes you so strong, black woman?

How is it that after being cast as lazy welfare queens, after even sociologists identified you as the primary source of social pathology behind the "breakdown of the black family," you could still produce a sculptor like Meta Warrick Fuller and a Dr. Jane Cooke Wright, whose pioneering cancer research led to treating cancer patients with chemotherapy and who later became the first black woman to be named associate dean of a medical school in America?

What is the source of this incredible human strength and resilience?

Samson was a fool to tell Delilah his secret, and I'd be a fool to try and name it in this column. Suffice it to say that the strength lies within all of us - black, white, yellow, red and brown people. And when its power is harnessed, victims are transformed into victors.

Thank you, black people, for the many marvelous things you have contributed to this wonderful world of ours. And for reminding us of the paradoxical power of the powerless.

Sean Gonsalves is a Cape Cod Times staff writer and syndicated columinist. He can be reached via email:

This is so deeply pitiful I don't even have the heart to laugh at it. We're beyond that point, and that's the real tragedy. To call this guy a monkey, to mock him -- hell. Whatever's easier than shooting fish in a barrel, that's what that would be. I can only point to the fact that this sort of thing is PAID journalism these days as characteristic of our times, where we celebrate all sorts of freedoms and virtues that were lost a long time ago or never existed in the first place. This article is an unwitting summary of all that we have lost, and an ugly portent of multicult World Government to come.


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