Legos and Laughter: Tools to Defeat the Jew

by Karl Kammler

Remember when some high school students were ejected from a movie theater for "inappropriate laughter" during a screening of Steven Spielberg's "Schindler's List"? Apparently, the Jews know that laughter is the best medicine and a good antidote to their propaganda as well. Whites must not, above all else, laugh. It breaks the obligatory solemn train of tears and guilt, in which Whites are subjected to the eternal, whimpering din of "Holocaust survivors."

The Jewish Museum of New York is opening an exhibit March 17 titled "Mirroring Evil: Nazi Imagery/Recent Art," intended to question the "commercialization" of the Holocaust. The display features a concentration camp built of Lego blocks, and shows pictures of poison gas canisters with designer logos emblazoned upon them. If this garish set-up isn't hideously funny enough, perhaps this is: a warning sign will be placed on the display stating: "Some Holocaust survivors have been disturbed by these works." One can almost picture a panel of Jewish medical doctors under the aegis of the AMA darkly intoning that such "art" is worse than cigarettes. You'd think "survivors" of such an ordeal would have developed a thicker skin.

Menachem Rosensaft, a founder of the International Network of Children of Holocaust Survivors, objects to the display and considers the placement of the warning sign an inadequate gesture. There is no doubt that when Rosensaft's group is one day succeeded by the International Network of Great-Great-Grandchildren of Holocaust Survivors, the slogan to which they rally will not be "Never Again" (or "Never Forget," or whatever it is these days), but "Never Enough."

It is a pity that Rosensaft does not see the humor in Holocaust Legos and poison gas logos. Were he and his ilk less sensitive, they might be a little less easy for the likes of me to criticize, because they would project an air of confidence and success. The political fortunes of the Jews might then be a little more secure. Infotainment con(ned)serva(n)tive Rush Limbaugh famously remarked that liberals had no sense of humor. As usual, he was inaccurate and only provided part of the story. The Jews are much drearier, and there is a definite political strategy behind their lack of humor.

William Sargent points out in Battle for the Mind: A Physiology of Conversion and Brainwashing (Cambridge, Mass.; Malor Books; 1957/1997) that the animal conditioning techniques developed by the Russian scientist Pavlov are applicable to human religious and political manipulation and conversion. This book is an interesting one, and might be a very productive place to begin searching for the source of Izzy's practiced frown.

In a nutshell, Sargent suggests that the unrelenting application of a stressor such as fear, anger, or excitement wears down a subject, leading to heightened suggestibility. Part of this process of creating tension in a subject includes inducing guilt and a conflict of loyalties. Once the subject has "broken down," it is possible to re-shape his basic belief system by providing a possibility of salvation from the building tension, or an "escape route." Sargent describes how preachers and even police interrogators use pressure techniques to "crack" a subject and gain a conversion or confession. Sargent doesn't mention this, but the Jews also use the technique. The Jews cultivate guilt over the Holocaust, and they "charge" terms like "racist" and "bigot" with fear and shame, and then affix these labels to their opponents.

It is possible to resist these pressure techniques. Sargent recommends mentally concentrating on something other than what the preacher or interrogator want you to. You should ignore the interrogator, and not co-operate or participate in any fashion. Some in our Movement have recommended this strategy as "the Five Words:" "I have nothing to say."

Finally, you can rely on the deep power of humor. Sargent writes, "The safety of the free world lie in a cultivation not only of courage, moral virtue and logic, but of humour: humour which produces the well-balanced state in which emotional excess is laughed at as ugly and wasteful." This is why the laughing teen was ejected from the theater during "Schindler's List," and why the Rosensafts of the world object to absurd Holocaust displays. This is one of the secrets to defeating Jewish power: laugh at it. Refuse to participate in the massive guilt trip Yehudi lays on society. Laugh off Jewish attempts to scare you with words like "bigot" and "racist." You'll help further the cause of White Nationalism, and have a lot of fun along the way as well.


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