The New Feminism

by J.R. Colson

March 2002

Feminism is considered by many people to be hairy-broad ideology: man-hating senselessness pushed by dumpy lesbians unacquainted with razors who often work at vegetarian restaurants in California, or at used bookstores in any large city.

You've probably seen some of the women who spout feminist claptrap -- they don't wear make-up, they have butch hairstyles, and they appear to be males under dim light.

That hairy-broad feminism is still around, but it has been largely replaced by a slicker, less-severe type of feminism, a type that I like to call "Corporate Feminism."

Corporate Feminism is still, at its core, another Jewish-invented adversary movement, pitting one segment of traditional society against another to destabilize that society, just like regular feminism. But C.F. appears benign and not unwholesome, therefore easy for idiots in suburbia to swallow. C.F. does not "seem like feminism." The stamp of the Jewish-by-race women who invented and led feminism -- Bella Abzug, Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem, Shulamith Firestone, Andrea Dworkin, et al. -- is not visible in C.F. Corporate Feminism is friendly, not antagonistic and overtly anti-male like the older version of feminism.1

Gentile (non-Jewish) Americans encounter Corporate Feminism daily. Simply look out a window in any big city, and see the female doctors, accountants, bank managers, brokers and realtors hustling off to work in large buildings, on their way to play rough with the boys, or, at least, to play rough with the boys until one of them says something "sexist"; then those same females burst into tears and file lawsuits. These professional women do not seem like feminists -- or fembots, as I often call them. They merely seem to be "regular working women." But they most certainly are feminists. They may not hate men, and they may not belong to N.O.W. (National Organization for Jewish Women), but they are feminists just the same. Slick, sophisticated ones. As proof, just suggest that women are not completely equal to men in the presence of one of these C.F.s, and see what happens. Wear a cup when you do it.

Indeed, are these C.F.s staying at home to take care of their kids like regular women? Ha! Will they bake something for their husbands for dinner? Fat chance, sweetheart. They will make reservations at a restaurant instead, and will probably pick up the tab. These women are "equal," see. They are just like men, but without penises or whiskers. Many C.F.s have the higher testosterone levels of the hairy type of fembots, but they wear lipstick and high heels instead.

How did these women become C.F.s, you might wonder? They were trained -- slowly -- to become C.F.s. And who trained them? Jewish-dominated Hollywood and the Jewish-dominated media, entities that constantly send White women the message that being a homemaker is too "old-fashioned" and retrograde. Women are not fulfilled unless they are out having a career, our Yiddish pop-culture firmly suggests.

Further, some of these women do not have children because they are delaying motherhood to pursue a career, often waiting until it becomes too late for them to safely bear a child. This putting-off of pregnancy is a big part of C.F., of course. The permanent delaying of motherhood is one of the reasons that White birthrates are so low. Pat Buchanan rightly observed that White women are not having enough children to keep the White population afloat vs. racial minorities. More Jewish poison for our culture.

When you see a woman in a suit and skirt going off to work at 8 a.m., you should feel sick and nauseous. The very idea of the "modern professional woman" is not natural, not good, and not traditionally gentile. It is instead Jewish. Feminism was invented by Jews to be an assault upon traditional gentile culture, to make it less cohesive and functional. Such a less-functional society provides Jews with safety from ongoing "anti-Semitism." Anti-Semitism historically thrives in stable, male-dominated, largely-White cultures, and Jews know this all too well. A few Jewish authors, such as Rothman and Lichter, admit that America's adversary culture, or counterculture, was created and led by Jews, just as it was in Germany before Hitler's reign.2

Whether feminists are angry man-haters with hairy legs, or sophisticated lawyers wearing earrings and high heels, they are still feminists. They are a serious problem. These women are greatly harming America and the West by failing to acknowledge their traditional female roles as child-bearers and family nurturers. These Corporate Feminists are a result of what happens when a gentile culture becomes dominated by Jews.



1. Jewish author Dr. Joshua Halberstam notes that feminism was and is led by Jews, listing feminist leaders' names from different eras as being Jewish. His book Schmoozing (Perigee,1997) contains surprising admissions about Jews.

2. See Roots of Radicalism, by Stanley Rothman/S. R. Lichter, 1982/1996, Transaction Publishers.

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