SPLC's "War on Women"

by Angry White Female

It is with profound indignation that I am forced to inform you that the Southern Poverty Law Center is accelerating its War on Women in the movement. You see, each quarter, the center writes all about what it fears, and women share the top of the list this quarter, along with alleged pro-White wanna-be al-Qaida jihadders. We women are, according to many reports, "the glue that holds racist groups together." In many ways we are more dangerous than crazed, suicidal kamikazes who ram airliners into Jewish-owned AND -leased towers housing Americans who count Jewish money for a living. It is not violence, really, that bothers our enemies. It is the idea that someday we will have a political voice. We will not be marginalized and dehumanized. They want us to remain the 'White Palestinians." Hence, women are being targeted for annihilation by the enemy in their ongoing effort to prevent our softer approach from winning more converts to our noble and necessary cause. Anti-White activists are finally standing up and taking notice of us. They are alarmed by the prominent role we play in the movement, though they attempt to downplay it and present a false image of us to prevent other women from joining up to preserve our race and heritage.

After reading a rather ridiculous and insultingly sexist interview in the SPLC's latest Intelligence Report, I am more convinced than ever of the need to recruit more women. The SPLC and its ilk really, really have a deep-seated fear of us and our ability to expand the pro-White movement. Currently, they enjoy exploiting the divisions amongst us, but they fear (and rightly so) that the more active pro-White women become, the more effort will be directed toward filling those voids that in the past have created a stagnation in our numbers and growth. In truth, it is the enemy that seeks to chain us to the kitchen sink and confine our movement role to cooking, cleaning and having babies. We are hell outside of the kitchen and they know it. It's really quite a powerful feeling, being able to smell their fear. Nonetheless, I am a bit peeved because I frown on this kind of veiled sexism.

Some pretty unfounded and defamatory allegations were made in an article titled "The Other Half," by a person calling herself Kathleen Blee. The offending article can be found at http://www.splcenter.org/intelligenceproject/ip-index.html Ms. Blee (ethnicity in serious question) is a leftist sociology professor presented to Intelligence Report readers as "probably the leading expert on the role of women in white supremacist groups." I have contacted several movement women and not one has heard of Ms. Blee. But apparently, she is the author of an unknown book titled Inside Organized Racism: Women in the Hate Movement. She is making money selling a factually inaccurate book supposedly full of inside knowledge of why we join the struggle, what the struggle is about and what our deepest feelings about Aryan men are. Her laughable "facts" are based on alleged interviews of 34 unidentified "members" of pro-White groups. Of course, we cannot contact these women to verify who they are or if they exist. I believe Ms. Blee forgot to take her medication and interviewed the voices in her head rather than movement women. The portrayal of women in this article sounds more like what the folks at the Southern Poverty Law Center want to project in their desperate attempt to halt the rapid growth of women within our ranks. They understand women's involvement is vital if the movement is to succeed and are determined to do whatever they can to prevent it.

Ditzy, Weak, Battered and Dumb

The Blee interview leaves one with the impression that movement women are weak, battered, shallow, and do not mean (or understand) what we feel or say. The author claims that she is more knowledgeable about racialism than movement women, and that we could not give her a one-paragraph reply to the question of what our groups stood for. Read her words:

But committed doesn't always mean knowledgeable. One thing that always surprised me was that my knowledge of their groups was typically much deeper than theirs - I had a much better sense of what the groups stood for than these people did. People who had given their whole lives to these groups couldn't even tell me a paragraph about what their groups stood for.

In other words, we are wishy-washy with "one foot in and one out" of the movement, to use her words. We are unknowledgeable airheads. We are too intellectually challenged to articulate our views. Besides, we don't know what we want because we are fickle and indecisive due to being females. But don't worry! There is hope for us. The article implies we can be tempted away from White activist circles by a friend's or relative's disapproval of our views. Here is Blee's opinion on how we can be manipulated and pressured to turn against our race:

Almost every woman that I interviewed had a significant tie to somebody on the outside, and often that was a tie that she kept secret from others in the group, even her boyfriend or husband. Typically, that tie might be to a sister or a friend, including people who found the women's racist attitudes horrible.

Here, she implies that we have family members our controlling, tyrannical men will not allow us to associate with. But we have "secret allies," wink wink. She apparently believes we are shallow enough to ignore our understanding of the collective effect the rapidly growing and increasingly violent minority population has on our people. We are supposed to forget that historically, our people have fought to the death to prevent displacement by alien peoples. We are supposed to ignore the fact that this time, it is our genetic existence that is at stake as well. We are expected, as women, to put pressure on White men to keep quiet about all of this for fear of being shunned by the neighbors. Blee implies we are indeed so shallow and fearful of what the sheeple think that we'll drop our opposition to leaving our children a third-world country hostile to all that is White -- all based on fear of lemming disapproval. Right, hon.

Racial Men are Wife Beaters?

SPLC probably didn't intend to offend women with their very offensive portrayal of us. After all, they merely want to use us as a battering ram against our men. They want to manipulate us into believing that White men are more dangerous than minorities. But all who have viewed racial crime stats know this to be bogus. Kathleen Blee here casts our men in the role of wife-beating sexist pigs. Get a load of this wild statement:

Domestic violence is quite widespread in the groups, although it's impossible to say statistically how widespread.

Convenient, and impossible to verify. What if I said child molestation is widespread in the day care center at the university Blee works at. Could I get away with offering no means of verification if I just said it's impossible to tell you how widespread it is?

She continues:

In any case, the consequences are more severe on women in racist groups. Unlike other women, they have almost no recourse. They can't go to the police.

Why can't movement women go to the police, Kathleen? Are our racial views illegal? We have no "recourse?" No family? No 'vacate the premises'? No 'great equalizer'? They should know by now that the vast, vast majority of us are trained in the operation of firearms. I can hit a picture of Ariel Sharon right between the eyes at 100 yards (and probably much farther) with a .308 or a Nazi Mauzer. Can she? Or would she be the one without recourse since she is likely to be a prominent woman in her community?

And more:

They're supposed to take the violence without complaint.

This is true of doctor's wives, pastor's wives, cops' wives -- any woman, especially powerful women or those who have husbands who are pillars of their communities.

I am not naive or in denial. There are certainly men in the movement who beat their wives or girlfriends and generally view women as bat guano. These types of men can be found in any group. I agree with just one of Blee's statements. Skinheads are the most violent segment. As are any younger/juvenile males of any race, or species for that matter. But they do not represent men in the movement as a whole, and thinking people know this.

Racialism Is A Gold Mine?

What's actually kind of laughable is the "expert" presentation of racialist men as being involved in the movement partly for financial reasons. Yes, financial reasons.

Sez Kathleen: "Men are more insular. They have more to gain from these groups - the possibility of fame, money, bravado. There's more payoff for men who hold to the party line."

All I have to say is...money?? Fame? Most activists keep low profiles for fear of being fired for their pro-White views. I can name only half a dozen people who make any money in the racial movement. And most make far less than they would have made if they had continued working in the establishment, such as Dr. William Pierce (physicist) or Michael Hoffman (former AP Reporter). I know of dozens who use their own money to keep their web sites and newsletters going. But Blee says here that "the men" are involved in the movement (not for conviction) but for money! Fame and money!! Morris Dees and his ilk have made millions peddling anti-White hatred and they have the NERVE to print that pro-White men, many who have lost their jobs for their beliefs, are in it for money? IF THERE WAS MONEY TO BE MADE IN THE MOVEMENT, MORRIS DEES WOULD BE OUR F-C-ING LAWYER!

More insults from Blee:

I don't think they have one foot out the door the way women do.

Yeah. We have "one foot out the door." Must be due to our fickle and constantly changing feminine convictions! Gosh, we better go over to the other side, ladies. Look how much the enemy respects us in contrast to White men!

Women's Reasons For Avoiding Blacks

Here is Ms. Blee's take on women's reasons for becoming pro-White:

When I talked to people about their racism, I would say, "Tell me what you have against African Americans." And every person would come up with a story from their personal life - but often an extremely trivial story, along the lines of, "When I was in third grade, I sat on the bus next to this overweight African-American girl and she always took up more than her seat. That's how I knew that African Americans were bad.

Yes, ladies. Ms. Blee has written a book claiming that our reasons for becoming racial are as trivial as disliking fat people who take up too much room on the bus seat, and because that one person was black, we decided that all black people were bad!

Racial Women Don't Know About Jews?

Here are her wildly inaccurate claims explaining our feelings toward Jews:

But when you ask them what they have against Jews, there's nothing. In fact, few of them could even name a single person, including any public or historical figure, who was Jewish. Often, the closest they came was a poor approximation of the name of [Federal Reserve Board Chairman] Alan Greenspan. There wasn't any personal reference in their lives for anti-Semitism. It's more a conspiracy theory learned in the groups. And like all conspiracy theories, it's completely circular - having no evidence only confirms the theory.

Whaaat? "In fact, MOST of us" cannot name a living or historical Jew besides Alan Greenspan?!?! And our utterance of His name is a "poor approximation"? Is your mouth wide open at this point or are you falling down laughing? Having "no evidence whatsoever" confirms our "conspiracy" theories? Perhaps I am too emotional to understand the cold logic in that statement. Either that, or this woman's mind is like a steel trap. Go to any one of our web sites and it is hard to avoid finding supporting evidence that our assertions about organized Jewry are indeed FACT, not theory. Most of us walk around with information overload because the supporting data is so extensive and spans so many centuries it is a gargantuan task to keep current and have a thorough historical context as well. For instance, one can visit http://www.jeffsarchive.com and be totally overwhelmed with the information. But even despite these facts, SPLC is propagating Blee's false theory that racial women can't even name a single important Jew!

Bitch Brigade: Prepare For Battle!

Now are you convinced, shield maidens, that we need to increase our activism in order to create an alternative voice that can counter this defamatory bullshit? Without alternative media, people like this Blee woman can make any sort of unsubstantiated, wild allegations they want without having to worry about their opponents being permitted to respond. Literally, their ilk creates false arguments designed intentionally to mislead the public about who we are and what we stand for because they KNOW our arguments have merit. To them, it is not about facts, it's about framing their enemy's debate and ensuring his free speech is expensive. It's about taking cheap shots at him from a place where he cannot shoot back. It's about suckerpunching him when his hands are tied behind his back.

If our views could not hold up to scrutiny, there would be no SPLC, hostile Jewish media, anti-White Hollywood movies or ditzy leftist sociologists devoting enormous energy to discrediting us and working to prevent us from being heard by our people. If we women were as retarded and shallow as Ms. Blee and SPLC imply, we'd be sending THEM money!! We'd be getting beat up at home by anti-racist skins and trying to help women like the former Mrs. Dees cope with the alleged (we have copies of the divorce papers) molestation of her son by the millionaire who runs the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Before I end this too-long rant, I'd like to fire one last shot. I have come across men in the movement with views of women which I would classify as unchivalrous and disrespectful, even sexist. But NEVER have I been insulted like this. Their propagation of this type of malicious and demonstrably false GROUP DEFAMATION is the reason Morris Dees needs to carry a handgun.

P.S. Make sure you visit SPLC's web site (http://www.splcenter.org/intelligenceproject) and read the kinds of things they are saying about us this time, such as their attempted linkage of pro-Whites and Islamic terrorists. Can you f-c-ing BELIEVE this??


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