Save Now Buy Later

by Kevin Hannan

Now that I am 40, I realize that my father was one of the wisest people I ever knew. He was of Irish stock; my grandmother came from Cork and my grandfather was from New York. My grandfather's family came here much earlier however, sometime in the 17th century. They were Irish also, but were descendents of Norman invaders who settled in Ireland in the 12th century. They were a seafaring bunch and became one of the richest families in America. They owned Clipper ships and steam ferries that transported people up and down the Hudson. Consequently my father started out life as a rather privileged and pampered youth. Something went wrong however and my grandmother and grandfather were either divorced or just went their separate ways. My grandmother remarried another Irishman of much more modest means. My father's life went from luxury and security to being thankful for his next meal. When my father became a young man the country was in the Great Depression. He had to go on the road in search of work in order that he might eat. He rode the rails and stole chickens for dinner, and sometimes relied upon the kindness of strangers. He knew real poverty and hunger and the hardship that comes with it. He did any kind of dirty work he could find. He was very good with anything mechanical, and eventually landed a job at Dupont, got married to a blond-haired green-eyed German girl and raised four sons. I was the fourth of those sons.

One thing I remember most about my dad was that he had profound racial beliefs. He discussed with me at length the innate inferiority of the Negro. Most important, he understood the nature of the Jew. He told me that Jews stuck together like glue and that they were not really European like we were. He told that they considered us to be Cattle or Swine and that this was written in their holy book the Talmud. He thought Adolf Hitler was a great man and that the White world would have been better off if Germany had won the war. He said it was a shame he did not succeed in ridding us of the Jewish infestation. He told me the destruction of our country in the late '60s and '70s was a result of that Jewish infestation. He may not have conducted his life very well in many ways, but in one regard I believe he was exemplary. He never once in his life spent money he did not have. He would save his money, and every four or five years he would buy a car. He never bought a house because he refused to become a debt slave to the bankers. He told me he saw too many families forced out on the street during the Depression, their houses taken away from them. He shunned credit cards and urged my brothers and I to do the same. He thought all financing in America was nothing more than Jewish usury and he was right.

So here is my advice to all young White patriots just starting out in life: heed the words of my father and Dr. Pierce. Don't borrow money for anything unless it is absolutely necessary. Don't ever open a credit card account that allows you to carry revolving debt. Don't finance a car. Don't strap yourself with a big mortgage on a house. You can never really own your house anyway, with today's confiscatory property taxes you are at best renting your property from the government. You are already paying 40% of your income to a Jewish government that is using the money to destroy you, don't pay the rest of what you earn to a bunch of greasy Shylocks. Try to keep your living expenses as low as possible and put money away.

There are some very compelling reasons for employing this strategy. For one thing being free of debt is a great feeling. It makes it easier to manage your money and to put money away. Be your own banker -- when you need a car borrow from yourself and then put the money back. Besides the fact that you are not letting the Shylocks get their hooks into you there are some even more important reasons for keeping your pound of flesh. In the new Amerika of today White males cannot count on keeping their jobs. The economy is too easily manipulated by Jew crooks on Wall Street and our hooked nosed Khazar at the Federal Reserve. The economy is always going boom or bust. Mr. Greenspan does not want to see his cattle doing too well, he is always trying to put people out of work. Just remember our Jewish masters at the Federal Reserve can create billions of dollars out of thin air through fractional reserve banking. All he has to do is write a check that is as worthless as the fiat money you buy milk with. He can suck billions out of the economy with the same stroke of a pen. Today, as Mr Linder puts it, we European-Americans are third-class citizens. When it comes time to have those massive layoffs and your gutless White boss has a choice to lay off you or that fat, biscuit-lipped, lazy, stupid, Negress, who do you think is going down the road?...RIGHT, YOU ARE! Or worse yet, your boss is that fat, biscuit-lipped, lazy, stupid, Negress! So do not count on that level of income that allows you to pay your $1500 a month mortgage, your $500 in car payments and $200 monthly credit card debt.

I believe young people today can accomplish being debt free. I often see young people in their early to mid-twenties just out of college moving in with their parents for a year or so, staying just long enough to save that 20% down payment on a house. Why not stay five years and save the whole amount? Work on the weekends and turn your parents' basement into an apartment for yourselves. I'm sure many parents if not most would be happy to do this for you. If you do take out a mortgage do whatever you can to make it 15 or 10 years, but for God's sake not 30. Drive your cars until they have 200,000 miles on them, and don't buy a brand new car, get one a year or two old with low miles -- it has already done the majority of its depreciating. Don't get caught up in keeping up with the Joneses, (or today is it called keeping up with the Patels or the Onehunglows); bigger is not always better.

As more and more third world sewage pollutes our land, Whites will be hard pressed to do well economically. A curry-packing turd-colored Indian just off the boat is going to get preference over you for that computer programming job. More and more White men will find their jobs at the mercy of some fat, stupid, missionary-eating she-ape named Dorinda or Shequanda. So prepare for the worst because it is going happen, and take heart because the worse it gets for us, the weaker the Jews will become.


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