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July 2002

Mossad Helps Mugabe

According to well-placed Zimbabwean government officials, Mr Mugabe authorised $450,000 as payment for Mr Ben-Menashe for his work in recording the video and for agreeing to be the state's key witness in the case against Mr Tsvangirai. Cut into any abscess, jew-pus squirts out. Here a prisoner returns from Russia after sixty years. Monkeys going ape in Nigeria. What Chevron can do short of IQ injections for natives is hard to see.

Spy on Your Neighbor: Stasi Comes to AmeriKwa

The Bush Administration aims to recruit millions of United States citizens as domestic informants in a program likely to alarm civil liberties groups. The Terrorism Information and Prevention System, or TIPS, means the US will have a higher percentage of citizen informants than the former East Germany through the infamous Stasi secret police. The program would use a minimum of 4 per cent of Americans to report "suspicious activity".

Watch Out, China!

Don't think you can out-swindle the swindlers.

Dump the Monkey

Cartoon realism...

Stock Danger

Making it hard on people, the disappearance of imaginary money's...

Nigger Violence, the Gift of the Jews

It was far less of a problem under segregation. But Jewish lawyers destroyed segregation. They knew that by destroying segregation, they would destroy White communities and White political control. Now itz time for Whites to destroy Jews.

Why Johnny Can't Read

The public school system is pure jewish poison.

The Future of European Nationalism

Europe is seeking a way back to Fredrik Haerne

M. Adams on "Achieving Power": A Study in Suckpoopery Par Excellence

On making the Gerald Morris

Pull Your Kids Out of Izzy's Schools

Jewish brainwashing is the problem; home-schooling is the solution.

Crazy Monkey Threatens to Seize British Assets

Shit and bananas are flying everywhere these days... Time for the pet sematary, Harangutan. Here Buckle. More here.

Buchanan, Taki, McConnell Launch New Mag

Their unstated mission is to recapture conservatism from Jews. Because these rich boys will never put it like that, their mission will fail, though their magazine may succeed. The truth is that none of these three is racist, and only racism can triumph. There is no way out but through the Jew, and that means naming and fighting him openly, and in the name of the White race. Here the jews at TNR spout about the new mag. Jew Foer is spitting in the wind. The Republican/Christian Zionist "support" for Israel is purely a product of Jewish media and political control. The minute most of these folks heard the truth direct, they'd stick the pizzawitz in the oven where they belong. The jews are in the most dangerous position they've been in in their multi-thousand year history. The truth about them is known. Effective ways of fighting them are lying there. Men are stopping to be afraid of using them. ITZ COMING. As Norman Podhoretz triumphantly declared in The New York Times in 2000, "The time has come to drop the prefix and simply call ourselves conservatives." This presents a huge problem for the Buchananites: There's no constituency on the right--not evangelicals, not gun nuts, not libertarians--who wants to send the neocons back to City College or who even remembers they came from there. It's a fact McConnell seems to acknowledge when he lumps together National Review, FOX NEWS, and George W. Bush as the "neoconservative orthodoxy." There's barely anyone left on the right to embrace TAC. That's quite right. As we at VNN have said all along, the only basis from which Jews can successfully be opposed is racial. Whites vs. Jews -- those are in fact the terms of the real struggle. Buchanan, Taki and McConnell are excellent writers, but all three of them lack the courage to do what it takes. Why should they find it? They know the System's wrong, but with safe resistance, they can have their whine and drink it too.

Jews Are the Real Haters

Judaism is the original hate group. The whole thing is nothing but a crime syndicate and race-cult that has caused untold misery to every other race itz come in contact with. There's one solution to the world's Jewish Problem: No Jews. Just Right. Here Steve Sailer on "importing anti-Semitism." Not even Sailer will mention that none of these "anti-Semitic" Muslims or Mexicans would be here without the 1965 Immigration Act. Here Francis on Speedy Gonzales affair. ...the reason Hispanics like Speedy Gonzales is not that they dislike the Political Correctness that probably took him off the air but they very opposite, that he has become a symbol of ethnic power -- over whites. There's no particular reason to infer that Sylvester and Daffy Duck and other characters are necessarily white, but apparently that's how Hispanics themselves normally perceive the natural enemies of the mouse with whom they identify. Here on Jew Kaus coming around on immigration. Itz less good for jews than it used to be, and that's all that matters. Here on diversity visas. Seems segregation and Hymie Crow are just fine in Israel.

Dead White Women? Blame the Jews Who Sicced Niggers on 'Em

First, there's Christina Neal. Then "Deb" McCarty. Then there's girls unknown raped by Lebanese gang shit in Australia -- and covered up by the buttlickers in the Jew-owned Australian media. More here -- note the way FR gives the story wide play as a way to shore up anti-Arab sentiment, whereas articles about sex slavery in Israel aren't allowed to be posted. Note the way generalizations about Muslims -- against the supposed rules FR is run by -- and slurs and smears are tolerated, approved, actively sought by Jew buttboy Jim Nob. This is how you are manipulated, white conservative fools. Never ask who demanded the immigration policy that let in the gang rapists. Hint: it wasn't Arabs themselves. Hint: it was the same gang that presses for multicultural immigration policies everywhere but Israel, where strictest racism is the unyielding rule. Reading this thread, you can really understand why Hymie calls us cattle. The bull-killer's standing right there waving the flag, and the dumb cow never sees him -- never!

Wogs Out of Whitewald

Here, there and in New Zealand, we don't need coloreds. Or the Jews that sponsored them. Here mulatto Felton chooses judge trial. Here on imvasion. Ineffectual article because it ignores the jewish cause of our immigration "problem." Review of "The Fatal Embrace" here. More here. Everybody hates niggers. Everybody.


The Jewish headline: "Youths beat festival patrons." The reality: Nigger gang goes wilding on peaceful Whites. Jewish control of the media is real. Until Jews are destroyed -- not dialogued with, not put behind bars, not op-eded against -- DESTROYED -- nothing will change. Nigger wilding on Whites is the symptom, JEW IS THE DISEASE. Niggers are apes, only vaguely human. Read this and know Jefferson's Truth yet again: THE TWO RACES, EQUALLY FREE, CANNOT LIVE IN THE SAME GOVERNMENT.

Lincoln, Pre-ZOG Potentate

On feds dumping nuclear waste wherever they want. Here against vouchers, which represent a subtler form of federal intrusion. Here a good Reese article on paying attention. Truly looking, truly listening. Very, very good advice for middle-age White male conservatives, who chortle and eat, can't imagine themselves getting fooled by jews. You hear me Rush Limbaughs? The hardest thing to do is to get rid of the ego. So many people are so full of themselves, so enamored of their own thoughts, so mindful of their own feelings, so conscious of their place in the scheme of things that they can spare barely a glance or a cursory listen to anyone else. Absolutely true, and the jews use this against us -- by persuading us self-infatuated whites that diversity and "civil rights" and open borders were what our forefathers "really" meant.

Mexico Aids Invaders

This country is at war with us. Meanwhile the Jews who opened our borders to it have White boys fighting way off in the corner of Asia. This is how nations die. No. This is how jews wreck nations. "Good for Jews" -- bad for Whites.

The Jew As Criminal

Translation... Jews are unpopular everywhere. To know Hymie is to hate him. Learn about ties between Israel and your state here. Here good cartoon on what this war on "anybody jews tell us to" is turning into.


Whites group against niggers in a nice town now infected with everts. A nigger with a bunch of money is just a pig with a bonnet. The debate keeps on at Jew Pogrebissky's... Here on the rally today.

She-Apes Want Them Tasty White Men


Let Jews War on Iraq

Let Jews die for Jews -- not Whites. Israel is our enemy, not our ally. All it does is steal our money.

Boycott Izzy, Say Euro Academics

The boycott has been condemned by Jewish groups, such as the Anti-Defamation League and the Simon Wiesenthal Center, and petitions denouncing it have sprouted on the Internet. One, based at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, says it has 13,000 signatures. Another, set up in the United States and signed by more than 1,000 academics, calls the boycott an "alarming and nonconstructive development." Freeple comments here.

The Revolution of 1935

By Gregory Bresiger, a guy who has written sympathetically about Germans in the past on, which probably scared Looie to no end! A second American revolution occurred almost 70 years ago. On August 14, 1935, after very little public or congressional debate, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act into law on. Many of his allies were disappointed because they wanted more than the act provided; FDR assured them much more was coming....

Kill the Fed

What if the Federal Reserve didn't exist? It'z the same as asking what if kikes didn't exist! The Fed is a way for ZOG Jews to steal money from Whites. That's why it exists.

Danes Resist No-Jew-Criticism Law

One of the Government's most vociferous critics in the immigration debate, Socialist People's Party MP Pernille Frahm, is now refusing to back an EU proposal to combat racism and xenophobia, a top-level issue for the Government during the EU Presidency. Under the EU proposal, 'holocaust denial' should be a punishable offence throughout the EU, as it is today in Germany and Austria - which according to Frahm is going too far.

Sex Slavery -- Thanks, Jews

Italy blamed, Israel ignored. Here on Russian prostitutes in Lebanon. Here on gang rape of Whites in Australia.

There Will Always Be an England

Not with miscegenation there won't. One less jew to worry about. Here's a good one on the sorry state Britain has fallen to, courtesy of Jew Shamir: This nursery rhyme came to my mind as the great nations of Europe, "whose step once shook the earth, who endeavoured revolutions of great magnitude, populated new continents, conceived and inspired faiths and religions", tremble in fear like schoolchildren in front of their strict teacher. Once, England ruled the waves, English Tommies climbed the Khyber pass, marched into Cairo and stormed the Atlantic Wall. A Prime Minister of England could decide the fate of millions. Now, he can't apologise fast enough for a faux-pas of his wife, who dared to doubt the divine right of Jews to murder Palestinian children as they find fit. Wogs have made Britain the crime capital of the West.

Flow of Shitskins Won't End by Itself

New report from Mexico makes it clear that the brown stubby factories will continue at full steam indefinitely.... Here on invasion of Denmark through Sweden. Who let Muslim terrorists into AmeriKwa? The Jews that redid the immigration laws in 1965. Don't like terror? Blame Jews. They and they alone are responsible. America gets negative benefits from its association with tiny, sick, vicious Israel. Nearly 1/5 kids has a parent born outside the U.S. Thankz, jews. More here on illegals. Thanks, jewz. Here on slovenly, diseased Hisps. Thanks, thanks, thanks, kikes.

"Migrants' Rights"

Another sick joke, but a prop for the Jews' New World Order. Here IQ researchers feel vindicated by Supreme Court ruling. Why anybody would feel vindicated by what a bunch of appointed ignoramuses in dirty robes think is beyond me. People don't trust themselves to think. Here some of the Arabs the Jews let in.

Blaming Germans for What Jews Withheld on 9/11

It seems likeliest that both Israel and the U.S. knew, and that there was a mutual agreement to let 9/11 happen to stir up the dopes in flyover country. Here military intelligence is stolen in Hawaii. Mossad?

Ass Sucks

Ollie North in super-suck mode... It cannot be over-repeated: Israel was established by the terror than it now cries about. Here Flint, Mich., to be turned over to jew. Here JDO cranks up the agitprop machine against Dr Steven Hatfill, trying to take the heat off of the jew Philip Zack. Bushy yields to jew pressure. Here the Father of all Suckpoops sez Palestinians don't exist!

Leghound & Lapin

A minstrel show for the ages...

U.K. Street Robberies Up 1/3

More nogs = more crime = more diversity lies. No nogs in Hitler's Europe. Good thing "we" won the war. Here Gorbachev says he fears Bush and Blair. Florida has problems too.

Sesame Street Gets AIDS Muppet, Blotchy

In some parts of South Africa, 40 percent of women of child-bearing age are infected with HIV, and in 2000, about 40 percent of adult deaths in South Africa were attributed to AIDS, according to the U.S. State Department. Here National Geographic on vanishing cultures. Here on a jig promoter, just bein' a jig. Here on parents suing schools when jr's too dumb to graduate.

Chink-Parrot Story

Magically delicious! Here on Monitor turret brought up.

Jamaican Jigs Jumpin' in Cincy

Further proof that "the two races, equally free, cannot live under the same government."

White Art: Marlowe

Memorial. Here Jew "Poe" on EU-ization of Greece, destroying all that is different, unusual, tied to place and history. Thanks to Jews like him. Here Weber on the Jewish lobby again. Hannibal was no nigger. This thing might have been. Here on Vikings.

Media: Distortion

Jew Stossel report... Here car loaded with guns and ammo tries CBS lot, gets denied. Here USA Today is hacked. Free tv could come to end. Here on the history of television; invented by White man, perverted by jew. Here jew mogul Goussinsky throws in towel. Free men make the FBI nervous. Their jew-handlers have taught them that free speech = hate. Here on a new Jewish channel, Chai TV, to be broadcast in Europe and U.S.. A group of French Jewish investors is in the process of creating a new TV station which will broadcast Jewish and Israeli related content in French and English to viewers throughout Europe and the US, Edouard Cukierman, chairman of investment house Cukierman & Co., which is raising the money for the project, told The Jerusalem Post. The new station, Chai TV, is expected to start broadcasting as soon as November, and be fully operational by 2003. Organizers estimate they will reach some 400,000 households in Europe in the first stage. Cukierman said some wealthy individuals have already invested close $1m. in the project, enough to cover initial expanses, and has received commitment for further investments. He said the group intends to raise some $7m.-$8m. in the next three months, which will allow them to start broadcasting right away. Total investment in the project is expected to reach $20m. Here on prankster Skaggs. Here on the Christian-hating jews at National "Public" Radio, which represents the public about as well as a yeshiva newsletter. Here a Catholic bishop compares U.S. media to Hitler.

Music Industry

Why has it gone downhill, they ask...

Ring of Conservative Sites

Conservatism: thoughtless, jew-safe, brightly colored, sterile mass-feeding-corporation tv dinner. Here on words as political frames. Here on worst televitz shows ever. Here on Hollywitz tworks adopting mulatittoes, niggolitos and sundry featherless bipeds from the uncivilized portion of Borneo. Under ZOG, free speech is "terrorism" or maybe a "drug" -- something to be declared war on, anyway. Rights come from guns, not gods. Keep that in mind.

Seattle Toads Want to Tax Coffee

Some of the most fucked up shitheads in America live in Seattle. Why that is, I really couldn't tell you. Here on militia guy in New Mexico. Here on rising cig taxes.

Niggers Wilding on Whites in Milwaukee

Always niggers, always niggers attacking Whites. Don't wait for a pussy like John Grisham to write a book on it. Don't wait for Hyman Moscowitz to make a televitz movie out of it. If you want something different, become White. Here's what the Milwaukee police chief says: Jones said he didn't think the victims were attacked because of their color; on the contrary, the incidents appeared to be random. "We have no reason to believe that it was in any way gang related," Jones said. Yeah -- attacks on random WHITES. Then, under the subtitle "Racially motivated?" is this: One of the victims, Justin Mooney, described his plight as "wrong place, wrong time, wrong color."Mooney, 17, said a group of eight to 12 young men attacked him and his friend, Scott Riddle, as they walked with Riddle's mother, Diane, along E. Michigan St., near N. Jefferson St. Riddle said she noticed the group of young men as she and the two boys walked along Michigan St. toward their car. One member of the group shouted at them, "What are you looking at, white boy?' " Diane Riddle said. She, Mooney and her son continued to walk, but the young men attacked moments later. Mooney, who lives in Vernon Hills, a Chicago suburb, said the attackers punched him from behind numerous times. His face was swollen, his left ear was bleeding and his head was spotted with bumps after the attack. "It was shocking to me," Mooney said. "You're talking 10 guys left and right, and finally Diane tried to cover me." Riddle said her son, Scott, also 17, jumped over a low wall to escape as three of the young men started punching him. She screamed at the assailants to stop and pushed into the crowd and covered Mooney to protect him from the blows. In words stronger than the other witnesses', Riddle described the attack as racially motivated. "I just think this unprovoked assault was a hate crime against a white kid, and everybody's afraid to say that," Riddle said. Of course it was, and of course the media and the cops are pretending it wasn't. The jews who run the media and indoctrinate the cops are committing genocide against the White race. Itz time to return the favor. Niggers wilding is the symptom. Jews is the disease. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. is the solution.

Canada: G8 and "Hate"

Anything anti-NWO is eventually "linked" to "hate." Media are nothing but a big labeling carousel.

Diversity Working Great in Australia

Gook gangs laugh while gook brothers drown in river. Do Whites do this? Here's where these killer gooks hang out.

Opposition to Our Agenda is Hate, Say Jews

"The prerogative to offend," says Sobran. Jews set up their taboos, knock down yours, call it 'hate' if anybody resists. I got a funny feeling in my ass. It tells me that if every jew were to disappear from America overnight, we'd be a lot better off. Don't you feel the same way? Is AmeriKwa a police state? Jews are the most hypocritical race in the world. For every other nation they urge racial dissolution and destruction. For themselves, they preserve completely restrictive blood-based immigration laws. THE JEW IS YOUR ENEMY, WHITE MAN. He aims to destroy your race while preserving his. That's what "diversity" means: White genocide.

Is the Fed Dead?

Is the Jewish fraud-finanz System going down with the stock market? Bad times ahead for ZOG, good times ahead for honest Whites. I can feel it. The kikistocracy is cracking.

Diversity Leaders

Hint: may want to, uh, stay away from...! Diversity ain't no strength, and if it were, they wouldn't yelp it all the time and squelch dissent.

Boycott Israel

We don't need this shitty little country -- it needs us!


As mulattos well know, race-mixing is a bad idea.

Professional Groid

What's a groid with millions of dollars? A groid. Nothing changes. Money has nothing to do with it, that's just a Jewish Big Lie. Here Amtrak loses another billion.

Austria Demands Invaders Learn German

Here a story on Romania under communism. Uninvited Muslims get real pushy in Britain. Here that Nigerian scam works.

Not Out of Africa

More proof that that wacky theory is an interested jewish lie.

Third-World Dictatorships and Backyard Gardens

Small farming leads the way back to racial Andrei Kievsky

Papa's Got a Brand New File

Write a letter to the editor and you too could end up with an FBI file full of non-facts. Yet another reason that, inevitably, itz Marc Moran

Nation of the Apes

Whites need a leader, because the apes are taking over the Frank Shell

America's National Extroversion Proves Lethal

Taken together, the small changes we read daily in the news add up to one big, ugly picture: America is entering terminal senescence. But Whites are poised to take Karl Kammler

Kievsky seeks booklet print bids here.

The Best Minds Are Baffled

Here, eggheads earnestly peer at charts, arrange pennies on grids to try to discover why clean, quiet, industrious Whites don't want to live with dirty, noisy, thieving niggers. "That sand and other inanimate things behave in this way is interesting, even striking. That human societies might display similar patterns, however, is weird. People are (generally) intelligent creatures who act deliberately. Yet their cities, for example, sort themselves out in a mathematically regular fashion....individual preferences lead to a collective outcome indistinguishable from thoroughgoing racism..." Gosh, whatever could it be? A complete mystery to academia. It's enough to make you cry.

Blacks Have Guts to Take on Jews

Cynthia McKinney wraps substantial charges in leftist nuttery, but there should indeed be an investigation of 9/11. By the media. But there won't be, because the media and government are staffed by same-thinkers who both have vested interested in the success of the sheeny state. Here letter on White affair with Shriver in Montgomery County, Maryland. Here on a Catholic going against Jew Levin in Michigan. Here the kike crybabies are working on a Congressional resolution against Jew-criticism in Europe. Here Cantrell on the Pledge dispute. I don't know if this Newdow pressing the lawsuit is a Jew. I suspect he is not. The way these things usually work, the Jews that are the real cause of suits like this because they produce the conditions in which these cases grow and bear fruit, usually prefer a goy frontman. Someone to shift the blame onto if things go too far wrong -- if the cattle moo especially loud. The "outrageous and heretofore unthinkable decision" is rendered. Jews look around to see if anybody's buying it, to gauge reaction. There's a clamor, but deal-with-able. Their funnymen mock the outrage. Sure it's "technically" not legal to have God on coins, but hey, what an asshole to sue about it! The furor dies down. The Jews have their way. The sphere of Christian rights is reduced. The Christian keep up their mewling about Judeo-Christian America. The jews wait a time and prepare their next successful outrage.

New Biff Article!

Like Royko, Cantrell has the touch. Unlike Royko, he's educated enough to have something worth writing about. Somebody needs to get this guy a copy of Culture of Critique, pronto. He will blame jews, but he still puts the lion's share on decayed WASP, Jew Gottfried style. But I don't think he has read CoC to grasp the depth and thought-out-edness of Jewish infiltrations and alterings. But he points out that "conservative" Frontpagemag is advancing liberalism by telling blacks to toe the line when it comes to support for Israel, otherwise the black-Jew coalition will break down, and without jewish support, negroes are nowhere. Of course, what Cantrell won't say or doesn't get, is that this has nothing to do with liberalism and everything to do with "Jewish interests." Granted, they're one and the same, but itz better to name the Jew, since so few do. Horowitz's site is geared to protect and advance Jewish interests at the expense of all else, including White American bodies and monies.

Fat Is Good for You

On the Atkins diet, and the idea that the problem is not -- as the government has lied all these decades -- fat, but carbohydrates. Quite right. Red meat is healthy for you -- it doesn't matter what anybody says. This sitcom-promoted idea that eating meat leads to heart attacks is ridiculous, and in keeping with the Semitically Correct government-approved dietary bullshit. If you eat meat and your neighbor eats pasta, you will outlive him. Pasta and salads are ok in moderation, but they are not the stuff that good nutrition is based on. Hitler's vegetarianism was one of the worst claims anybody could make against him and probably contributed in no small way to the lack of mental agility he displayed toward the end. I don't have the evidence, but I've always assumed that if you dug into this stuff and studied it, at the bottom of the "food pyramid" nonsense the fedgov spreads you'd find some kike tikkuning away with no other end in mind than hatred of Normal America as it existed in the fifties. The urge to smear shit on walls is innate to the jewish soul. They dress it up with bilge about "fixing the world" and being "God's partners," but they are nothing but a biological pest that needs spraying. There is no major problem in America that was not CAUSED by jews. Not a single one.


Be very careful you know who you're associating with these days. As always, keeping your mouth shut repays itself many times over. You can be convicted for what you didn't say, but itz a trifle more difficult. Here ACLU sues for WCOTC being denied library speaking time, or forced to pay excessive security fees. Here on mysterious White supremacists supposedly showing around Chicago July 4. Here on the studying Adams did prep to writing the Constitution. He did a decent job, but the next Constitution will need to take biological truths into account.


INS can't be bothered to round up tens of thousands of invaders. Here a kooky dothead says he can bring peace to the world for the modest price of $1 billion. This dothead needs imported, pronto! Monkeys just like these range free in the U.S., thanks to the jews who determined our immigration policy. Here on shitskin invaders screwing up our deserts. Here NYT on invasion in Ireland. These invasions of White countries by coloreds are always presented as fait accomplis that come out of nowhere, like some sort of tornado that one can't head off but must deal with. No attention is ever given to the jews behind the scenes creating them. With only 3.6 million residents, the country drew more asylum seekers as a percentage of its population last year than any other European country except Austria and Belgium. Most of the new arrivals have gravitated to an already overwhelmed Dublin, forcing the government to scramble for places to put them. Some interesting "discussion" about race here, the site of the link to the Swain NPR interview on her new book on White Nationalism. Note the "tolerance" of most of the interlocutors. And note what we mean when we say "there is no intelligent opposition to White Nationalism." The facts, the Truth, are on our side. The other side grasps feebly, counters with dubious anecdotes, sucks thumb, cries for censor. Here on Christians doing the lord's work in the Arizona desert, feeding and watering Mexican lawbreakers. Separation of church and state only applies when Christian practices conflict with izzy's agenda.

Vidal Interview

Some good points... Here radical skepticism concerning 9/11. Here on the economy. More here on 9/11. Here some of the details surrounding the Holo-Swindle. Here Jew Prager speaks about acknowledging Arab hate. Gee, Jew Denny, never see that acknowledged. What a bold move, your acknowleding it. Has any Jew, anywhere, ever, been accused of "hate"? Only "self-hate," as far as I've seen. Itz funny: on one hand you have this people that never, ever, anywhere, anytimes hates anybody...and then on the other hand, you have all these human bombs going off to take these non-haters out. Can anybody square this circle? I still haven't seen one columnist explain how all these Muslims got into America. I have no problem telling you that there were none of them here until the Jews got the 1965 Immigration Law passed. Jews are responsible for Arab terror coming to America, thanks to the immigration laws they insisted on, and the hundreds of billions of White taxpayer dollars they siphoned for Israel. Why does the world hate you, Izzy? No mirrors in Israel, eh? NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. That's the the solution to earth's Jew Problem. More jewpule here from the latest jew employed by Suckpoop Joe. Jewry supplies an endless string of third-rate agitprop artist, and they all repeat the same incestuous lies, infect virtually every site on the web that "reports" "news." But not VNN. Every word that appears in Suckpoop Joe's rag is Jew-approved before you read it. No jew has edited, overseen, commented on or in any way touched these words you're reading here. That's probably true of literally nothing else you will read, hear, or view today.


Part one of an essay on Freemasonry as a Jew-linked problem in America and elsewhere.

Groids + Time = Detroit

Niggers create ruins. Always. Everywhere. No exceptions. We must destroy the jews who set rules criminalizing the recognition of that truth. Here a satire of Horowitz' valiant stand "against" reparations for negroes. Racial slurs A-Ok at Free Republic. You can't sign up as "kike hater." You can sign up as "white trash redneck." How does that jewish shit taste, Jim Nob?

Abo Attack

Not one word about "hate" crime when a native grubeater attacks a White.

Anne Franke's "Betrayer"

Oy! Find it we must! In her name, Anne Fwhanky's relatives loot and murder on our dime. Here a review of Richard Earley's "War, Money and American Memory: Myths of Virtue, Valor and Patriotism." Here a screw-up leads to a White giving birth to twin gibbons. The blunder could have been caused by the clinic using a black man's sperm to fertilise the white woman's egg, or by the clinic implanting a black couple's fertilised egg into the white woman.

Jew Supports Murder of Arafat

Here a good example of patsy hypocrisy: this "you worry me" would never be applied to the jews who milk us dry for Israel -- and let in the "you worry me" folks too. When do the jews come in for blame for what they've done? How come Annie Coulter hasn't written a column about reforming our immigration laws, pointing out that it was the jews behind the '65 act that allowed these Muslim terrorists to get in here in the first place. Here on new imperialism.

Rapin' Rabbi

Plenty of these out there, their media b'nai keep the focus off them. Israel's not so much fun anymore, ha. Here on a new sex guide. In my opinion, Martha Stewart ought to branch out into this direction. Her clipped perfection -- not soulless like most such -- would be fascinating applied to bedroom technique. Here on marriage. Here on Ted Williams, who nearly achieved his desire to be the best hitter who ever lived. In a world of people who aspire no higher than a livable pension, there's something to learn from his example. Baseball is meant to be a game of skill. There is huge skill in it today, but it was more interesting when even the professionals were skinny or normal-sized men. Here on World Cup. Here on the "laws" of online game design, for any of you Whites pursuing that angle. And here on where online gaming is headed.

Nigs Jes' Bein' Nigs -- Somehow, Whitey's to Blame

Quote: "It was truly murder, truly senseless," said 16th Circuit Assistant Solicitor Phil Smith. In other words, truly negroid.... O, the baneful bonobo . . . what will we do with them? Monkey see, monkey do. REMEMBER: MURDEROUS MONKEYS ARE ONLY A SYMPTOM, JEW IS THE DISEASE Here the 'nobs want $10 billion to fight their screw diseases. Here on cops getting sued for developing a list of nog-bonics terms to try to interpret the grunts and hoots issuing from the urban jungle.

Still More Negro Hijinks

Here spook slays elderly silverbacks, buys crack with proceeds. Another hard day's work for the mighty coon.... Here Michael Jackson attacks music industry in general, Sony chairman Tommy Mottola in particular, as racist. Which is kind of funny since he himself is known to consider niggers animals. Here on problems in Zimbabwe, from Free Republic. See, the problem is Mugabe is a commie! Yeah, that's it! Winnie faces 85 charges. (Registration)


Review of new book about Spanish dictator... Here on a book about Mussolini. Here review of Jew Epstein book about snobbery. Here on Peter the Great. Here on science fiction writer John Norman.

Nascar Reaches Out to Moogs & Bonobs

More hatred of Whites, as always, Jew-media approved... And we gotta have more apes behind the scalpel, too. Don't get sick in Tennessee! Pay your taxes, Freekins need grubfare. Here on moon cricket AIDS rates. It's not the IQ. Here on uncertified bonobs "teaching" in Chicago. Here on nigger-greaser battles for the right to extort construction contracts.

Groids Groiding Groids

(With sketch of one cross-eyed specimen of diversity...) Here on diversity class at a "college." Here on groids bein' groids at Berkley hip-hop party, as they describe a pickaninny hoedown.

Der Antisemit

Auf Deutsch on the new book raising a stir... Here a laughable story of the resurgence of anti-Semitism. "The Green Party wishes a rich Jewish life in Germany. We do not consider anti-Semitism part of freedom of speech in Germany. Here a couple Izzies are fired in Britain and the whole world is crying, the Jewish press informs us. We remain strangely unmoved. Here on supposed deluge of "hate" crimes after 9/11.


Title link to story about organic farming in Midwest. Here on very cheap computer coming out of India, a sort of dooga Palm. Here on a way to hide messages in pictures. Here on screwed-up ICANN, which claims the right to decide domain disputes.

As of 4 July 2002, the Museum of Jewish Crimes (MJC) is officially open to the public. View exhibit 1(a), taken from the hallowed pages of John Claverley Cartney's Bionomicon series, here.

Exhibit 1(b) of the Museum of Jewish Crimes, now open for business here. Worth more than a four-year education at Harvard -- and given to you, by VNN, for free.

Minority Report on 'Minority Report'

The film does make sense, and can be taken as pro-White, if the viewer Victor Wolzek

New promo here.

Homosexuality: Tolerate It As Long As It Stays In The Closet

A response to both Westphal and Michael Coss

Come to Ireland

Natives pay your way while you sleep, eat and accuse them of Peter in Ireland

Israel: A Legend In Itz Own Mind

Street reality = Tweezer Mann. Criticize Izrael? To the non-imaginary gas chambers with you! Here on Iraq-attack plans. Here Leghound Bauer, tail wagging madly, reproductive organ at the ready, submits a petition to his master Sharon. Good fetching, boy, says Death Angel Sharoni, patting his head and rewarding the little feller with a Scooby snack.

ADL-Qaeda: Jewish Terrorists in America

Here on the peripatetic Jewish whore Schwartz. He's a leftist! a Jew! a Muslim! a rightist!... Just another Chaimeleon.

Einstein: Jew Commie and Scientific Plagiarist

Einstein was a member, sponsor, or affiliated with thirty-four communist fronts between 1937-1954. He also served as honorary chairman for three communist organizations.

Buchanan Smears Racists

A letter from two years ago. Anybody who has any doubts that this guy is embarrassed to be White, read up. He's not on our side, never was, never will be. He's a man who commands few followers and who picked a black running mate when he had the chance. Pat Buchanan misconceives the problems facing America and would do his best to destroy those pursuing the one path that can lead us back to sanity. Pat Buchanan is not our friend, Pat Buchanan is our enemy. Here on racists in the Reform Party.

Ludovici on the Jews in England

Here on France and the Jews causing it problems. Here on the Pope's mother being a jew, which would make him a jew. Solzhenitsyn criticized here.

The Invasion

Even a chink invader dislikes Mexicans. Here Vdare chides open borders jews at Wall Street Journal.

Swain on White Nationalism

"My book is a wake up call," said Swain, who is now a professor of law and political science at Vanderbilt. "We're at a point in history where we have an opportunity to avert disaster. I believe that unless we take action today, weĠre headed for unprecedented levels of racial and ethnic conflict." More here.

Fighting Females

Here a gressa five-fingers a charity. Here Marine drug bust snares mainly niggers. Here on the coordinated izzy attack on the Ala. negro.


Jews like Chrissy Hitchens love what Lenin and Stalin did to Whites. THE JEW IS YOUR ENEMY, WHITE MAN. Likewise, Amis' own youthful circle was left or far-left, and he recalls a conversation in which the young Hitchens (who, considering he's Amis' best friend and has been slowly making his own rightward turn, gets treated pretty roughly here) described the genocidal state-enforced famines in the USSR as "shortages." This, if you want to be blunt about it, is not radically dissimilar from calling the Holocaust "a detail of history" à la Jean-Marie Le Pen. The difference being that those who denied the Soviet reality have not seen their reputations suffer for it. Hello? Jew. Can anybody say 'jew'? Anybody? ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR THE REST OF US.

How Many Nukes do Izzies Have?

Four hundred? Six hundred? More?

AmeriKwan Culture

White guy lets nigger rape wife to satisfy gambling debt.

Liberty and DIVERSITY For All

CA Governor Gray Davis claims July 4th is all about "liberty, security and diversity" for all.... Hmmm. Didn't it use to be "liberty and justice" for all? "That it happened on the day on which we honor what America stands for -- liberty, security and diversity -- makes this particularly more tragic." Ah, but it's diversity ONLY for whites, guv'nor. The noble Yahoodin need not share its joys. In fact, only in white European countries and in formerly white AmeriKwa is diversity mandatory. The apartheid state of Israel has a national "Law of Return," which only allows Jews into its country; non-Jews are refused citizenship... Yet, it has been Jews who have forced diversity down our throats. Funny, that... ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER FOR EVERYONE ELSE.

Jews Murdered Americans -- And It Was Covered Up

Interview with Liberty survivor...

NR Writer with Germanophilia?

Is the world coming to an end? I was never much of a linguist, but I caught some of his enthusiasm, and left school fairly convinced that, in spite of having blotted their copybook from 1933 to 1945, the Germans have probably done more to advance human knowledge than any other nation. His book is about the mathematician Bernhard Riemann.

I Was Wrong

A Shakespeare scholar admits...

Taki on German Tank Commanders

The noblest fighters...

Asian Political Correctness Rash Afflicts America

Now Asians are crying, demanding the right to be spoken of in officially approved ways, using officially designated terms. Freedom, let us remember this independence day, is as Whites-only as train station restroom in 1950 Karl Kammler

On Achieving Power

Neither meetings nor lone-wolfism will work. Infiltrate, stay flexible, stay adaptable, look for opportunities, exploit M. Adams

Fourth of July

Our nation is again imperiled. Who will rise in its defense? Marc Moran

Stop the Hate!

Slurs and screams don't produce a revolution; discipline and self-control Jasa Petrovic Slovjanski

Itz Coming

Black prof has a new book on White Nationalism, hear her interviewed from title link.

The Kikistocracy Is Optional

On what America was and has become. Here on what Israel never wasn't. Here WCOTC on the prowl in Assachusetts, where the queer-pride rallies are government approved! This report gives more space to the views of the WCOTC minister than most, which is becoming a trend, if you've noticed. Although the report does conclude with an untruth, since shooter Smith was not a member of the Church when he went on his rampage. That makes the reporter's words libelous.

Those Evil Warmongering Jews

Itz like a bad sitcom, this jewish control we suffer under. The klickstein brigade has no regard for any but itz potty selves, and it is willing to sacrifice every last lb of unclean meat ($0.39/lb) that its lusts be sated. Don't let them wave your flag in your face, and use the Old Words with their crafty New Meanings. There's one symbol that never changes, White man: the hooknose. If itz got a hooknose, itz not your friend. When he's not producing war, he's producing this sort of interracial porno shit. THE JEW IS YOUR ENEMY, WHITE MAN.

Raped by Jew-Led Bolsheviks

What Jews did to Eastern Europe is THE story of the 20th century. It remains untold because the descendants of the rapists and atrocity-mongers are the people who write the laws and control the newspapers in both Russia and America today. Here listen to Duke on absurd relation between Jews and their Christian slobber-dogs in AmeriKwa today. Here jews conspire globally to quash any criticism of any jew anywhere. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. Here on a major child-porn bust. Any jews in this abscess? But of course. Gentiles are unclean meat, and if a jew can turn a profit torturing them and filming it, why, nothing wrong with that, says the Jewish tradition. Police also contacted 62 Internet service providers, telling them to remove material related to the ring from 244 sites. ... Hynds said the group had about 100 members, including 23 "systems administrators" who ran the ring's Web site and "monitored bulletin boards and chat rooms ensuring people were using proper security measures and excluded people from the site if they weren't." Note the security measures taken by the members of this ring.

Shitskins Everywhere

This country is falling apart. America the Idea is a failure. America the Proposition is a Jewish Big Lie. Jews murdererd America by turning it into AmeriKwa. They did it with malice aforethought. Let's turn the tables on 'em. Here Christian assholes, wrecking nations like the jews they suckpoop, feed and water invaders. Anybody who thinks Christianity is more than a sickness these days, read this article. And note that anytime the christies do something against the jew agenda we hear about separation of church and state. Now that they want to destroy America by aiding invading shitskins, it's totally kosher.

Jews Against Niggers

Go, niggers, go. Here a chick beats the crap out of a raghead. Kind of funny. In fear of his life, Aram ran to Coley's car and grabbed her keys, locking her out. Coley continued to beat Aram, who did not fight back. Coley bit Aram's left hand, breaking the skin, and scratched his hands and chest, drawing blood. She then kicked Aram twice in the groin.

Jew Ovitz Blames "Gay Mafia" for Downfall

A small glimpse into the incestuous world of corrupt paranoid jews and faggots that is Hymiewood... In a stunning on-the-record diatribe in the new issue of Vanity Fair, Ovitz lashed out at what he called Hollywood's "gay Mafia" for stabbing him in the back and secretly wrecking his deals. Here, a list of books on film financing and distribution, for those who wish to understand how the industry technically works, and where the bottlenecks are that jews have their greasy thumbs wrapped around. Here on the author's "Film Industry Reform Movement." Includes comments on the biases of Hollywood without exactly attributing them to jews. Here Tom Cruise moves his kids out of America, calls the place "terrifying." One or both of his kids is a niglet, so he's doing the new country no favor. You may remember the pic of Nicole Kidman a couple months back, niglet in tow, watching giant apes perform in the Colosseum. America is screwed up because of people like your kids and your bosses, guys. You've swallowed their lie-lines and your genetic line will die out because of it. Here on Tom Green getting drunk on Leno show. Here a porn distributor flees to Thailand. His name? Seth Warshavsky, and check out his photo. Here "Bumfights" video has grossed nearly $5 million. Fag pride good, White pride bad. We live in an era in which the average mayor happily marches in the homo parade but would shit himself if he got within a country mile of a White gathering. We like to laugh at our ancestors for chasing witches. You know what the truth is? They were both braver and more intelligent than we are.

Australia Jew Pollution Increases

Disgusting. Don't let them in, Australians. Jews are a virus in human form. "The common enemy of humanity," the Romans called them.

Radio on Whites in Utah

Interview with "Detective Izzy Tausinga."


Who wants it? In AmeriKwa more women use meth just to ease their tax- slavery. Peruvians dislike female cops.

See the Nigger Who Hotted Tots to Death

This dumb booliessa did her hair while her 3-year-old and baby asphyxiated. "The two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government."

Know Your ADL

We're making a list, checking it twice, gonna "fact find" on all dirty kikes. Shlomo-caust is coming to town!

Swindlers Swindled!

A heart-warming tale of echt yewish perfidy...

Jews Support Pollard

Your "fellow" Jew is no American, White man. He's no German, no Englishman, no Frenchman, no South African either. He's a jew. That's all you need to know about him. As this article demonstrates, Jews only care about whatz "good for jews" -- jewz like Pollard. It was good for jews to tear down America's borders and tear down civilized Whites' protections against dirty negroes. Jews, to put it simply and accurately, murdered America. Let me say that again: Jews murdered America. JEWS MURDERED AMERICA. Now it's time for we who remain to return the favor. Wherever they go, jews spread misery. Here the jew-controlled media cover up the facts about invaders. Here on Bilderbergers. Here on revolt against USA-Patriot act.

Bushy's Words Written in Jerusalem

No substantial difference, complete substantial sameness.

McKinney Calls for Liberty Investigation

What a story. This is something that reveals the utter corruption and cowardice of the U.S. elite White political class: too scared to do what even a dumb-ass bush nigger isn't: fight back against evil Jews. White men in Congress: You are not only traitors, you are gutless traitors.

New COINTELPRO: ARA Linked to Feebs

Transcript of intercepted IMs apparently between ARA clown and female infiltrator. Here on Bill White-TNT/Mark Shriver battle. Shriver did say from the podium that he had the "courage" to fight against me. It doesn't take a lot of courage for someone with $2 million dollars to fight against a grassroots organizations. If Shriver wanted to, he could buy a local cable channel and run anti- Bill White programming all day long. All I could do is talk to people and distribute some fliers against him. And yet, somehow, I think Shriver knows, that he could take all of his cable televisions and advertising and political influence, put it up against me, my organizers, our honesty, and our real work in the real community to protect and defend real working people, and still lose. And that terrified him.

Jews Wreck Nations

The unfortunate aspect of this Jewish Syndicate is that they have been working for some time to undermine Western civilization, Christian values....moral values of any sort really. The Jews have learned, through a sort of collective psychological tacit understanding, that to survive, they must divide the host in which they live, demoralize them, desensitize them, and throw them into moral and social chaos and anarchy. Here Jew Horowitz raises money for Israel. It always comes back to that for the jews. A thousand barkers, a million shells -- all proceeds falling into one big kikepot.

Thanks for the Jerk Job, Ann

Coulter's out with a new book, filled with brilliantine like this: "Liberals and white supremacists are the only people left in America who are neurotically obsessed with race." What about Zimbabweans, Annie? What about "white flight"-ers? Why can't they see that blacks are just dusky individuals? Fake Opposition, thy name is Coulter. Not a Jew in site. No whys, please -- we're conservatives! Here on Aztlan. Note the remark about Jew-bashing. Anybody who criticizes a jew is a basher. Jews are special people...with glass jaws, and tiny little hearts that quickly o'erflow with tears. They need to be cosseted and protected from criticism. Here on Cornell and Carreon.

Admit Zimbabwe Whites

If we can take in every shitskin from here to the isthmus, then we can damn sure take in 50,000 Zimbabwean Whites. Here anti-Euros use Hitler in ad campaign, accepting illogical jewish demonology as they shouldn't.

Jews Push Thought Crimes Law

Even by the ridiculous standards of "hate" crime counting there are under 10,000 crimes a year. Set that against 1.5 million interracial crimes, the vast majority of which are nigger on White. All those nigger-on-White attacks don't matter, but the handful of White-on-black attacks do. Here on prison camps built in U.S.

ABBA Star Tormented for Nazi Dad

Thousands of kids in Scandinavia were mistreated because of their German fathers.

Izzy, Uncle Shmuel Links Tighten

We don't need these folks. Here's a little mental gadget for thinking about something, evaluating itz true merits. If the question is is izzy good? our friend? desirable? Ask yourself this: would we be better off if there were two of them? Makes it pretty obvious, doesn't it? Itz a sick, vicious, tiny little nation that occupies all our waking hours with itz myriad whines 'n' cries 'n' demands. Itz a squalling cribrat that never shuts up, never grows up. Let's invoke the holy powers of SIDS on sick, vicious, tiny brat Israel.

Emigration Party

A number of good ideas... Here Mexico plans for more than 1m consular IDs.

Wonderful World o' Coons

They don't live long!...enjoy them while you can!

Spare the Rebbe, Save the Child

Oy! Rabbiing is a hands-on business! Diamonds im tuchus, false papers im breast-pocket, sprout dandling am knee... Great geysers of imaginary blood, there were! Oy! Gassed eight times, I was! Shut up, pizzawitz. We're sick of listening to your unhinged yap.


Once again kikes yap about who the Catholics canonize. Here the repellant moshies celebrate their great victory in Alabama. Here they claim vandalism in Czech Republic.

Media: Vivendi Having Problems

Watch for Viacom, with ready cash, to eat most of it eventually.

Movie Review: 'Savior'

One of very few movies that treats the Serbs Jasa Petrovic Slovjanski

New Wolzek-produced radio spot for Von Bluvens show (Monday 10 p.m. -- Hal Turner Network) here. Itz coming!

Neat graphic here, NA life rune and "don't tread" flag here. Don't forget -- NA rally in two weeks.

Waiting for the World

Americans will continue to be terrorized in print to keep us agitated. We will beg for more chains to protect us from the desperate acts of enemies we didn't choose. But one by one, victims of Jews are finding ears to hear, and a voice apart from the Jewish Carol Ward

PC Games: Securing a Beachhead

Thoughts on building White PC games as a way to take mindshare from Murray's Jasa Petrovic Slovjanski


It is tough to get the average lemming to believe the Chosen can be as bad as they usually are. ... My baptism came when one of them called my then-7-year-old daughter and threatened her. This, because I had the temerity to represent someone they didn't like. A singularly Chosen method of intimidation, I have since learned. Edgar J. Steele

Discriminating Against Pale Apes in South Africa

Here on a seal acting mighty White. Naughty niggers! No dessert until you finish your evolution. Here on black females marrying white males. Here Sailer on genes and human history. Here on nigger-hating mulatto Felton up in Boston.

Israel Afraid of Farrakhan

The truth is not "good for jews." Here the claim U.S. troops are in Iraq. Here on bushy, Sharon's "bitch."

Irving Tour

Harassment in Canada by traditional enemies of the truth. Nice folks we are up against, Duncan Campbell's friends in the Pacific North-West, an' all. It is only two or three years ago that the accolytes of the Board of Deputies of British Jews dumped a quantity of horse manure on our front doorstep in Duke Street half an hour before we held a reception there; previously, they had confined the use of such substances to the pages of their "history" books. jews are Shit People. Here on Irving enemy Evans trying to publish. Here Derbyshire comments on nazis, among other things. ...we are used to believing that the Nazis were thugs, opportunists, and low-lifes. So most of them were; but it is salutary to be reminded that among their ranks were some extremely intelligent people, who were acting from sincere conviction in the truth of Hitler's horrible doctrines. Brown-Derbyshire's employers' ideas are the horrible ones. They're afraid even to allow him to lay out and examine Hitler's ideas! Here on banning 'hunchback' in British performance. Don't want to offend jews who declare what feebs think.

Women Without Men

On effects of feminism on women. Feminism attempts to make men redundant. It coerces heterosexual women to behave as though they were the same as men. As I have said, the elite uses the media, foundations and education to foster this essentially lesbian movement. The purpose is to destroy the nuclear family, decrease population, arrest personal development, and de stabilize society. The ultimate aim is a warm and fuzzy-sounding fascist world government that institutionalizes the control of private cartels, mainly banking and oil (Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan.) In many ways, this has already taken place. Feminists are the unwitting foot soldiers in this New World Order. Observation and common sense tells me that a woman's elaborate reproductive apparatus has a profound influence on her being. Each month for 35 years a woman produces an egg. Consciously and unconsciously, she is devoted to seeing that egg fertilized, giving birth and raising a child. All the while, her whole being is nourished by a man's spirit. Similarly, a woman is the fertile ground for a man's spirit to grow. His seed is his spirit from which a child grows. Men and women are mutually dependent. Men need to be lovingly received and nurtured. Women need to be possessed and cultivated. When their connection is stymied, we have the arrested development that is so widespread today. Many women become desiccated and bitter; men, detached and selfish; both, obsessed with sex. More on similar theme here. Here on the intolerance of feminism. Here on growing up, fathers.

Izzy Rica

Why maintain the facade of two separate governments? Special American weapons are given to jews to deploy against innocent people. Here on bushy, izzy's lapdog. Here on voting along racial lines, which the writer seems to think is a problem that can be solved.

Market Meltdown

A reader writes: Nearly ONE & A HALF TRILLION G-O-N-E !!!... from the goyim's pockets and pensions - to the kikes ( along with 'fees' to their shabbes accomplices). Yet this is not the end... a few hundred billion more must be sucked in the months to come until the host is totally depleted. Watch and see how many kikes there will be, compared to the goyim, that will selling pencils and standing in soup lines! Here on Canadian tax freedom day. Who said slavery is dead?

Eek Graffiti in Palm Beach

Oh the horror... Quite possible a jew was behind this. Here on the kid who killed the Dartmouth profs. Here a clown robs a gun shop with a knife. Dumbing down is real, all too real. Paglia on decline in public education here. Learning and cultivation are no longer criteria for recruitment and promotion in the humanities. And here the letter she links to on higher ed as a con. Here kids hot to death in car while mom does hair. Here on anti-boy public schooling. Cooky Canucks adopting niglets.

Subliminal man says: God is a smart man's con, and a dumb man's emotional condition.

1/3 Euros Acknowledges Jewish Stink

My own private poll shows that six out of every five Jews harbor anti-White sentiments.

"I Paid My Jews"

Not real sure what this is, but interesting. Freedom in America? What are you, a terrorist? Ron Paul on U.S. as police state.

Jews and What They Control

Radio Islam list... Here on the history behind the term 'racism.' Here on Salon going the way of the dobos. In its annual report, the Salon Group announced a deficit of $US76.6 million ($A136 million) , funded so far by shareholders. "Salonlacks significant revenues, has a history of losses, and as a result, may not be able to continue as a going concern," it said. Though Salon was a hit with readers, averaging between 3.5 and four million visitors a month, it still hasn't found a way to make Internet publishing pay.

White Art: Upton Sinclair

Hitchens article... Here on oldest known photo, taken 1826. What's odd is they don't know how the White male did it.

Cantrell to Wanniski

Bitterness is like fighting among millionaire football players or cum in a porn film: it shows they really care. And that's a good thing. Writing is not jogging, writing, like cum, is a special form of blood. Go today to a university as a Ph.D. student, even in economics, and make it clear that you believe in teaching the Great Books of Western Civilization precisely to try to instill those values into students and that you support free markets and not only refuse to damn Southern culture but know it to be the repository of many of the best traditional Western Christian values and that you oppose both Affirmative Action discrimination against white males and legalized gay marriage, and I can guarantee you that unless you meet an Affirmative Action quota or have a very powerful set of connections, you will be marginalized right out of an academic career. Your abilities will mean nothing, just as the (at least relative) lack of abilities of the black Leftist who has multiple teaching offers will mean nothing. BTW, this is probably not new to many of you, but last night I saw a t-shirt with a slogan I know some of the pinheads in the crowd will appreciate: Porn: It's not just for Southern Preachers anymore.

New promo by Raina here.

New personal here. If you are a racially aware Chicago female, this could be your chance!

The Racial World-view Of H.P. Lovecraft

More A. Trumbo

"Mein Kampf," Review for 2002

It wouldn't be suppressed if it didn't contain powerful D.W.

Tolerate Homosexuals? NEVER!

The Jasa Petrovic Slovjanski

Earl Hilliard, Targeted by Hate Hebrews

He lost an election, as the izzy boys paid for his opponent, all the way down in Alabama. Can't have any opposition to the Kikemonster anywhere, ever.

Inside Russia

Skinhead analysis...

Diversity Doesn't Work

Not in Moscow... Yet the kikistocracy steals billions of our dollars to subsidize it.

Kinsey and the Sex Ed Cult

What a sicko. But as sick as he was, he would have got nowhere without Jew-media amplification. All across the country. Simultaneously. Do you think Jew Reisman writes about that? Do you think she explains that corrupting sexual mores of a host country is good evolutionary strategy for the hate group called Jews?



Goad Wisdom

Lots of gems in here. Review of Redneck Manifesto here. Here NY Press on Goad. Goad says that black inmates preferred to be around the openly racist white ones, because at least they knew where they were coming from. "One black inmate after the next told me that the only whites they respected were the Nazis. Initially I was totally shocked seeing these guys with White on one triceps and Pride on the other sitting at tables playing cards with the blackest of the black inmates. But the truth is, in prison non-racists don't get respect from anybody. They're considered nerds or weaklings. It's considered a virtue to have esteem for your heritage in prison.

Media: Jew Sanders Criticizes Concentration

The Jew accuses Viacom and the rest of right-wing bias, no kidding: The essential problem with television is not just a right-wing bias in news and programming,... Here on Rolling Stone sucking. Note this: The Moonie-owned Washington Times, ever ready to re-fight the culture wars of the '60s, painted the hiring of FHM editor Ed Needham as a potentially good thing, one that might sound a death knell to the writings of Hunter S. Thompson and his imitators: "It's probably too much to expect a change in the sort of drug-boosterism that inspires pot-friendly travel tips, non-judgmental post-mortems on overdosed rockers, and hysterical posturings against the drug wars." The Los Angeles Times was downright nasty. "Shove over, you middle-aged boys, with your Bics burning at Bruce Springsteen concerts, your thinning hair, your love of 6,000-word dispatches from Tom Wolfe and other gonzo authors," read the lead. "It's not about you anymore." Just imagine seeing "the Jew-owned Washington Post." Or, "the Jew-owned New York Times." Or, "the Jew-owned Wall Street Journal." Or, "the Jew-owned Viacom." Or... ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR THE REST OF US. Here Angie Coulter gets her cute little butt kicked by some Salonie who'll probably wish he had her job in a couple weeks.

Barrett and York

More here.

Is Zionism "The Second Beast" of Revelation?

Good rundown on the Zionist plot, tied to Biblical explanation some Joseph Sarandos

Dr. Laura, Miscegenatrix

Stay White or you'll regret it -- in very short Founders' America

Mossad and the Jewish Problem

More on the infiltration of the FBI by Mossad, including strange case of whistle-blower Sibel William Pierce, Ph.D.

My First National Alliance Meeting and the Unexpected Entertainment

I particularly remember one kid with a bongo drum (he had a drum but no rhythm), who loudly exclaimed, "Did you know this drum is from Africa?" It was hard not saying anything back, but the whole time I was biting my tongue and thinking, Yeah kid, so is the HIV virus, Ebola, and over 50% of America's crime rate! Jasa P. Slovjanski

Movie Review: 'Mr. Deeds'

Jews re-make a classic film by throwing in an assortment of sex and feces jokes; this is what they Mark Rivers

The Racial World-view Of H.P. Lovecraft

Letters from Lovecraft during A. Trumbo


What will be left of us when we are gone? Marc Moran

Me vs. Malzberg

Back and forth with a kike at Victor Gerhard

Elevators Smell Different to Midgets

A prominent Christian lawyer properly blames the Jews for the Pledge court decision. Getting nervous, Hyman? You should be. The minute a handful of Christian leaders switch positions on you murderous hypocrites, your gig is up. Put your ear to the ground, Hyman, because...ITZ COMING! Edgar J. Steele

Oy Veh for Hymiewood!

It's time for White men to build their own movie Gregory J. Krupey

Homosexuality and White Nationalism: Two Arguments for Tolerance

A response to Westphal's "Homosexuality Ain't Cool" argues that queer-bashing is Semitically Correct, in a deeper F.C.I. Clarke

The Multicriminal Society

Nogs are as crime-prone at the pole as at the equator. Big Fredrik Haerne

Bring It On

Recruiting grows easier as ZOG actions and Kikemedia front pages reveal a rottener system Marc Moran

The European Union - A Threat to Nationalism

Jews and socialist bureaucrats benefit from destroying homogenous White Fredrik Haerne

WWII: The Second War to End the White Man

We murdered the Jews' enemies in Germany, then they stuck the knife in us back here at home. It's time for all-out White war on the Porter Reed

Wogs Cry About Racism

Nobody wants them. They show up and demand things be altered to suit them. Jews want nukes, but don't want their neighbors to. ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR THE REST OF US.

Zimboolie and the Racist Farmers

Long as the 'tang has food, screw everybody else.

Gloria Steinem, CIA Tool

Interesting. The guy stays away from Jews, claims feminism is an NWO plot.

Swedish Nationalism

Interview with Vavra Suk of the National Democrats. What he says of Sweden could be said of America: Sweden was once one of the richest countries in the world. Today it has slipped behind most of the industrialised nations. This is however not the worst thing that has hit Sweden. The number of violent crimes has sky rocketed over the past few decades and people feel afraid when they are outdoors after dark. In the fifties, people didn't lock their homes; today they have built walls with guards around their houses to feel at least a little safe. Most of the crimes are committed by third world immigrants against Swedish victims. In only 30 years, Sweden has become a multi-cultural country. In the fifties, prime minister Per-Albin Hansson said that Sweden is a very lucky country, because it is ethnically homogeneous. Today, there is over a million immigrants on a total population of 9 millions. This has caused the solidarity in the society to vanish, and instead "gang-solidarity" or individualism rules. People see this and are aware of the causes. Especially older people, who can compare how it was when they were young, see the change in the population and the results it has caused. Younger people, especially students in the schools, often have no comparison and they only know a Sweden with a lot of ethicalities and no solidarity among the people. But they also desperately want a change. They are harassed every day by foreign racist gangs. They get robbed and young girls get gang raped. The increasing number and brutality in crimes is a political question that all the other parties tries to deal with as well, but they cannot offer a solution since they are alien to the ethnical dimension. To the contrary, they give immigrants advantages, which make the Swedish population even more angry. The key is to realize that we Whites have a collective racial interests in opposition to the jews who are responsible for this unwanted, unneeded Third-World invasion.

Grovelin' Graham

Nobody bows and scrapes like pro Christians. The other day I saw in his column that racism is a moral evil, and always wrong, in any situation. A few decades ago his boys were saying the exact opposite. Christianity is neither reliable nor honorable. If it were, would it reguarly produce molesters and grovelers and televitz weepers as leaders? Objective reality is the only spiritual leader you need, White man.


A syphilis outbreak in Atlanta from niggers, white trash having group sex... Watch for this on MTV News with 85-year-old Kurt Loder.

What Gets Better By Adding Mexicans?

They chain their daughter to a bed to prevent her seeing a married man. Actually, I approve of this action. More fathers need to guard their daughters. Ideally you teach them young so you don't have to chain 'em up later.

Arabs Boycott New York Post

Some Arab-American newsstand vendors are boycotting the newspaper because they say the daily paper is publishing false information about Muslims, and turning American society against them. If spreading lies about Whites were the standard, there wouldn't be a single unboycotted paper in America! "Think about it," Abdullah explains, "a customer reads in the paper that the vendor is a murderer and illiterate. I don't think he'll come back to me after reading something like that. The sad fact seems to be that there is more honor in the Arab community these days than among Whites, who are mostly Semitically Correct calculators. Of course, none of these Arabs would be in the country except for Jews like the crybabies at the NYP rewriting our immigration laws. That's what Jew are: a plague on whatever land they occupy, just like grasshoppers. Here the jews pump in money to defeat a black representative critical of throwing money down their favorite ratzhole. Joos -- you can only shake your head. That's one big difference bewteen them and us, though -- complete inability to feel embarrassed. Oy! The anti-semitism's so horrible "increasing numbers" of kikes are moving to Germany. Do they get free money? How come that's not mentioned?

Your Average Republican

Can't say it any better than this guy, read the post... And here "Representing Arizona for the last time as she approaches the end of her term in office, Gov. Jane Hull reiterated the need for guest workers but also went further, noting she'd like to see the formal border disappear within two decades. More here on Reps, the beanbag-playing pretenders. Jews are the Real Enemy. Republicans, conservatives are the Fake Opposition. Here Justice Department, corruption itself, messes with ordinary Americans.

Lest We Forget

VNN's writers remember things for longer than five minutes. This is often inconvenient for Jews, niggers, other dirt. Here, a reminder from the World Church of the Creator about the disgusting circumstances at the incompetent-nigger-run Tri-State Crematory -- a story which has now "dropped off the radar screen." The horror continues in Noble, Georgia -- funeral industry sources say that "On June 20th, more than 80 attorneys and their experts involved in the Tri-State Crematory case convened for an inspection of the property in Noble, Georgia...more bones were discovered in various locations on the property. The Walker County sheriff's department re-sealed the property...'We found several hundred human remains, small bone pieces, some large ones just lying around on the ground.' They collected two sacks with more than 100 human bone pieces and there are several hundred more lying around in different spots."

Animals Hate Niggers...Spics Too!

"I saw a pig looking in the window," resident Edwin Aundrea said. "It spotted me when I tried to chase him away and it chased me in the house." Soooo....eeeeet!!! You go, porkers. Route the coons. Route the spics. Route spican and freekin alike, in the velvety Florida night. Here Bill Gates says bonob-jobs will stop AIDS. Africans are monkeys. There is no solution to freekin deficits. NO SOLUTION BUT NOG EVOLUTION.

Nothing Lasts Forever, and Kikistan's One Big Fraud

"Three things keep the great fraud of the Global Economy going. Endless U.S. taxpayer bailouts of bankrupt regimes through the IMF and World Bank, a $480 billion U.S. merchandise trade deficit that sells off America's manufacturing base to pay for consumer and capital goods not made in the U.S.A., and foreign aid forever." Rule by Jew isn't pretty, and that's what we have, though good Catholic Buchanan knows not to say it.

Bushy and Kikemedia Lied about Al-Qaeda Numbers

Never more than 200-300.

Evans and Irving

Here on Irving's travels of late. So, as many have already suspected, the new anti-terrorism laws are just being used as a device by the Left in the U.K., as in other countries, to clamp down on free speech. Unable to stop this mild-mannered Canadian, the officers finally allowed him in. In England, the lunatics have hijacked the asylum, without having had a boxcutter between them.

Whiteness Studies

The very solidity of language, of clear-cut and well-understood categories and definitions of who was black and who was white, has given way to the widely accepted notion that race is not a biological category or a trans-historically fixed phenomenon, but is itself socially constructed. Indeed, one is hard-pressed to find credible humanists or social scientists who would claim otherwise. (The few who attempt to resuscitate the old concept of race as biologically or genetically based, like Richard J. Herrnstein and Charles Murray in The Bell Curve, find their spurious arguments immediately demolished by a small army of critics.) In the course of a year, that's about the most untrue set of statements you're going to find. The truth is exactly the reverse.

Jew As Criminal

Check out chapter six for a different take on the Judeo-bolshies' murder of the Romanovs.

White History: The Kensington Runestone

Commemorates the deaths of ten Scandinavians in Minnesota in 1362. How about that? More here, pdf.

U.S. Bankrupts Itself Warmongering for Jews

We're just about to go $6 trillion into debt. Uh-oh! No need to worry. The government, or the jews who control the government, the papers, televitz, radio and the fed, can simply roll the presses and print six spiffy trillion dollar notes! That simple, itz! Vomit your Jews, America. You'll feel much better.

Jewish Tears, Swindled from Crocodiles

Check out the Christian anti-Semitic timeline! Why are Jews filled with hate? Why is there not one brochure, book, filmlet, training video to help young yahoodis surmount their anti-Christian legacy? How will young jews learn that "Even the best of the goyim should be killed" is wrong? The fact is, we only use "slurs" for variety: the Jewish race has made its own name dreck. Reviled throughout the world, the jew makes its lying, swindling, nation-wrecking way. "Why does the world hate me so?", it pretends to ask, laughing up it's sleeve, waiting in line at the bank to cash its Polocaust, by Ralph Lauren, check. Most recently, a controversial letter by Socialist Party adviser Paul Boniface exposed what many Jews fear is France's new political reality: politicians are wooing Arab Muslims who outnumber France's 600,000 Jews 10 to 1. Limber up your toothbrushes, kike bitches. We've got sidewalks that need scrubbing. Since Sept. 11, there's also more blatant discrimination against Jews. "It's no longer politically incorrect to be openly anti-Semitic," says Edith Bismuth, communications director of Marseille's Council of Jewish Communities (CRIF), an umbrella organization for secular French Jewish groups. Even subtracting for standard jewish lying/exaggeration, it is clear things in France are headed in the right direction -- with regard to les juifs. And check this out: Turned away at a beauty parlor she had frequented for years, one young woman was told, "We don't want to take care of you people anymore." When confronted, the owner retorted, "Yes, I'm anti-Semitic and what are you going to do about it?" The young woman filed a complaint under the Gayssot law of 1990. That law punishes those who incite racial hatred, support Holocaust revisionism or slander with racist or anti-Semitic insults. I'm trying to get across to you, if you're a new reader, the way that the jew truly honestly really believes he is God's partner and beyond criticism. He thinks it perfectly ok that there is a "special" law protecting him from criticism by you, while he is free to slur you any ol' which way. Do you get that, White man. The jew does not think the way you and I do. He is not like us. He is not us. He is our enemy. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT.

America Hates Freedom

Freedom means disagreement. If you disagree, you're disagreeable. Disagreeable people aren't nice. Here disgusting Jew Walters does special coverup of izzy spy scandal. You can't mention god in your valedictory speech -- it's not good for "jews"; but you can give it in Spanish. Because that IS good for jews. You know what's "good for White"? NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. I knew you did. That weren't no guess!... Here Belgian court close to deciding on Rose of Sharon.

Fuck the NOW Lesbian Kikesses

Uh, that's metaphorical, of course... Here on a new campaign to clean up S.F. sodomites. Here multi-millionaire muffgrinder makes some valid points about values, American and Czech. Here's an attractive gal, looking for love in all the wrong places.

The Imvasion

The shitskins are getting uppity. And killing Whites, even when they don't intend to. Go back to Mexico, shits. We don't want you hear any more than Fox does.

Zimbabwe Bans White Farming

Inevitable result of pretending blacks are fit for civilization. White farmers resist ape orders.

Attitudes Toward Germans

Here on Germans feeling unloved. Note they came in ahead of the British on the popularity poll. In Britain, German-bashing is considered to be politically correct and is part of mainstream advertising. Playing to that World War II chord, a beer known as "Spitfire" calls itself "the bottle of Britain" in advertisements. The Kent-based brewery also once ran a slogan saying: "Downed all over Kent, just like the Luftwaffe." Another campaign poster for the beer read: "Goering, Goering, gone." But remember that these campaigns are no doubt created by Jewish advertising firms like the one that put Megrims in power, and appear in Jewish papers. Here's a fact every proud Briton should consider: There wouldn't be any nogs in Britain if Hitler had won the war. And note this: "First, obviously there is the historical aspect of the two world wars. Second, because we are such a politically correct society, people often take great delight in prejudices that they view as sanctioned by society. "Prejudice against Germans has been socially sanctioned because of the heritage of the two world wars," Billig added. "There is no taboo against it." It's not sanctioned by society, it's sanction by the Jews 'adjusting,' manipulating and, in time, creating public opinion. It's "good for Jews" to have Britain at war with Germany. It's bad for British and Germans. Just try to imagine an article filled with negatives about any other race on the planet. Imagine such an article written about Jews. One stray comment about "shitty little country" gets reported around the world. It is time to destroy the Jews destroying us... And contrast here with remarks about jews potentially leading to jail. You can't criticize God's partners! Who do you think you are! Someone who smells you judie, and believe me, you stink. More of us are onto you every day. Time for a pizza, kikes! Say hello to my little fren' Tweezer Man! He's like jerry seinfeld, except funny! A special K-pal remake of Lionel Ritchie's Dancing on the Ceiling...which will now have to be cleaned and sterilized. You get...NOTHING!

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