Third-World Dictatorships and Backyard Gardens

by Andrei Kievsky

July 10, 2002

I live just outside of Boston, in a high-population-density area. This is the sort of place one goes to acquire the specialized education or skills one needs before fleeing to the normal, White countryside to settle down and live a normal life.

It's quite alarming to live here and see the Brazilianization of America. Step outside the door and it's all there: apartment buildings full of Haitian refugees; crack dealers beating up their white crack whores on the sidewalk; working-class white girls who have not yet been destroyed flirting with space monkeys and acting as though multiracialism is normal.

This is probably been the single biggest factor driving my public activism - disgust at what I see every day and wanting to go yell at some public figures who actually advocate Brazilianization.

Some double-digit unemployment, as I think is coming, is going to bring out more people who want to go protest Brazilianization. We have to get people to lose their fear of saying "mean things," and teach them how to express White racialism in the context of a normal conversation.

While gardening, I got into a conversation with a mestizo neighbor. He is from Guatemala, and he brought the conversation around to politics by saying that America needs to abolish the Constitution and get rid of due process for people suspected of a crime. He said that it's much more efficient in Guatemala where suspects are simply jailed for life or get executed.

It was a friendly conversation, so he was surprised when I turned this line of reasoning against him. I argued that crime wasn't really much of a problem when America was an all-White society, and that I don't want a flood of foreigners like him who want to abolish the Constitution and turn America into a Third-World dictatorship like the place he came from. I am aware that White race traitors did a nasty job on Guatemala through the "United Fruit" scandal, but the crux of my own worldview is that the United Fruit problem and the problem of mestizo immigration are both tied to the fact that the White man won't pick his own lettuce, and that he continues to acquiesce in industrial slave agriculture.

A small farm is the natural business of the small entrepreneur. We want a world of small, nationalist, entrepreneurial organic farmers who care about their land and care about their borders and care about their race and raise many White children.

We have to realize that the exploitation of mud labor for agriculture is racially destructive in the long run.

American agricultural historians and farmers such as Gene Logsdon and Wendell Berry have proven and documented the fact that agriculture using draft horses on small farms is both economically and materially feasible. They found that the maximum a farmer can really do without diminishing returns is 50 acres.

The small farmer produces a variety of things, from livestock to corn to vegetables to honey to hard cider. What he produces or makes money from is limited only by his imagination. He can board horses and grow herbs and raise koi and llamas. He opens up multiple streams of income, and fine tunes to what is most profitable and what is stable income.

The knowledge gathered into the field of what is called Permaculture teaches how to keep the farm enviromentally healthy and producing more with far less effort and fewer inputs.

Acres USA: "The more you understand, the more you can put nature to work for you, the less you need."

Mollison: "That's right. You should be thinking of getting out of work in six years time. You should be moving to where you don't have to move, you're just running around on the farm and admiring the ways the trees are working for you. This mate of mine... he's got a great big sign up on his farm, and it says: 'Employed on this farm are one stockman, one irrigation man and 50 billion worms. That's all.'"

So it can be done. We can be free of dysgenic industrial slave agriculture. And many of us would simply be happier being small farmers than a directors of marketing or managers of a retail store or cable TV installers or lawyers.

So back to the Guatemalan. He was taken aback at my frank comments about Third-World immigration leading to Third-World dictatorship. So he made a comment about White racism. I explained that White racism was because Whites don't want their future generations to be mixed with non-whites, and I pointed to my daughter, who was watering the garden, and I said, "I will raise her to marry only a White man. That's the only way Whites will survive. If we mix with non-whites, then we are gone. The whole world will be a Third-World dictatorship, and the achievements of Whites will be tossed on the ash heap of history. Only Whites could create America, and only Whites can sustain it -- not mixed-breed people."

He tried to say I was violating the rights of my children by dictating the race of their future spouses, but I pointed out that this has been perfectly normal for most of human history, and also that until very recently, there was a such thing as White living spaces where there simply was no option to marry a non-white, unless you ventured to some Third-World country. This was a good thing, this is what made America strong and prosperous, and what made White people what they are -- reproductive isolation for tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of years. Whites are a fragile gene pool, and require reproductive isolation to survive.

He just shook his head and repeated the things he heard from the TV about "everybody doing his own thing."

Then a light bulb went on in his head, and he grew animated. He smiled and shook his finger at me and said, "Most Americans aren't like you. They won't grow their own garden, so they take people from Central America to come and do their work for them. Then we stay, and soon we will be most of America. Then the Whites will marry us anyway. What can you do about it? You are fighting a losing battle. At least I respect that you are honest, but you won't win."

I answered, "It's a good point you make, but I am willing to do whatever it takes to save the White race. We'll put those lazy and selfish Whites in line when the time comes. Temporary White dictatorship is preferable to permanent non-White dictatorship."

That is pretty much how the conversation ended, and it never became hostile. I simply explained the White position.

We must advocate our position as though it is the most normal thing in the world, as though anybody would agree with us. It is my experience that people are simply forced to accept you for what and who you are, so long as it's not an employment situation.

I also think White nationalists should incorporate the environmental sustainability and small-farming idea into the White-Nationalist position, because, as I hope I demonstrated above, it fits perfectly with it. Non-white agricultural labor is the source of our racial problems. Also, the Urban Jew hates the independent-minded, rural White farmers, and killed millions of them in Ukraine in the 1930s, and used his banks to bankrupt millions of small farmers in America.


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