M. Adams on "Achieving Power": A Study in Suckpoopery Par Excellence

by Gerald Morris

July 13, 2002

M. Adams wrote a masterful essay "On Achieving Power" through opportunism 7/3/02. While he makes some accurate observations about "the movement" and even some tactical suggestions of some merit, on the whole, it betrays his own racial treason.

His essay begins with examples of ancient Roman powermongers who were initially well placed and who sought nothing more than advancement of their own careers. Yes, they "achieved power" but what was the consequence? Corrupt monarchy with secure positions for jewish moneylenders! A worthy study to be assured!

There is nothing wrong per se with his next platitude: "There are multiple ways to achieve power. The difference between incompetence and competence is how adaptable one is to the fluctuating opportunities. It can happen any way, any time, and in stages or all at once. It also depends on how good one is at exploiting situations." True true, but are we talking about individuals or organizations? This is easy enough for individuals but when one has a revolutionary organization to answer to, one has responsibilities to it. When the "one" is taking power on behalf of his race, the responsibility is for that race and nothing less.

Adams then uses the example of Hitler's rise to power well enough but screws up on the assessment of what followed. "Hitler just barely got in (by a nose hair), and the timing and events for this were beautiful for takeover. When he got in he MAXIMIZED his presence and acted quickly to liquidate the enemy." Hitler did NOT "MAXIMIZE" his presence nor act quickly to liquidate the enemy. Oh, the Nazi government jailed some commies and outlawed them, but there were plenty of kikes left roaming at large. The Nazi government would prosecute Germans for crimes against jews all throughout its reign. They would take hard currency in exchange for letting jews leave Germany alive for Palestine. There were still plenty of kikes alive IN GERMANY when the Allied Pig Armies stormed, burned, raped and looted their way into Germany. Why was this so? Hitler "worked within the system" and wanted to "keep up appearances," to be "respectable" within the eyes of the bourgeiosie which used him alright but despised him in general, the adoring Friedrich Krupp notwithstanding. All of these mistakes arose from the very same opportunism which Adams preaches. Hitler didn't live to pay for these sins of omission but Germany today toils for the zionist kike which Heydrich was willing to take money from. The lesson here is clear: WORKING WITHIN THE SYSTEM IS NO WAY TO CARRY OFF A REVOLUTION!

Adams then points out something that makes a good rule for any ruler to follow. "Hitler had some good men around him too, and I mean REAL thinkers, not the least of which were Goebbels and Himmler/Heydrich, who made things run much smoother." Yes, Hitler did assemble some bright and capable lieutenants, Dr. Goebbels being the best and most loyal of them. Himmler did good work with his creation of the S.S. and even created the Thule Society as a suitable "secret society" for those sort of mischievous overgrown boys who are apt to join these kind of circle jerks. He did so to make a suitably Aryan alternative to freemasonry available to his men. Himmler in the end was loyal only to Himmler though, and like Goering, betrayed his Fueher in the end. Unlike Goering, he didn't redeem himself at Nuremburg. Both Goering and Himmler used Hitler during the Night of Long Knives to achieve their own petty vendettas. Had Hitler actually bought the loyalty of the Army with this, it would have been worth it. As it was, the Army never gave more than lukewarm support to the Reich government. Adams neglected to mention Hjalmar Horace Greeley Schacht among those "REAL thinkers." An oversight perhaps? Probably not. Here is what David Irving writes of Schacht in his "Nuremburg: The Last Battle, C-17: Schacht Saved on the Square, p 225:"

Even more irritating for Jackson was that Schacht was overheard in the cells confidently predicting that he would be acquitted. Irritating rumours circulated that the prosecution of Schacht was not in earnest. Letter-writers taunted Jackson that he would never succeed in convicting a big banker whether friend or foe, they were the new Untouchables.

He soon became aware that the Nazi banker did indeed have friends in the most unlikely places and influence everywhere. One day one of his team, the eminent New York international lawyer Ralph Albrecht, reported to him that the British assistant prosecutor Colonel Harry J. Phillimore -- later a lord justice of appeal in London* -- had accosted him in the hall outside the courtroom and urged the Americans to relax their remorseless pressure on the banker. When Albrecht, perplexed, asked Why?, Phillimore uneasily explained that certain representations had been made by Sir Montagu Norman, governor of the Bank of England from 1920 to 1944. It would be most unfortunate, murmured the British colonel, if anything were to happen to Schacht. 712 In fact Schacht had been an informer of Sir Montagu, secretly apprising him of the political and financial decisions taken at the highest level in Berlin for sixteen years before the war.713"

In the footnotes Irving explains why this peculiar encounter on behalf of Schacht occurred.

*Twenty-five years later Phillimore was one of the three judges who heard this author's appeal in the landmark Convoy PQ.17 libel action, Cassell & Co. v. Broome. Phillimore, Schacht, Montagu Norman, and Sir Norman Birkett, one of the British judges who held out for Schacht s acquittal in 1946, were all freemasons. Jackson was also a leading mason; his diary entry for June 16, 1945 records a conversation in which Truman, Grand Master of the Masons of Missouri, showed him his gavel (Library of Congress, Manuscript Division, R H Jackson papers, box 95)."

There you have it. Hitler hired Schacht to build the Reich economy and this he did. How did Schacht repay the Fuehrer's trust? By spying on him, betraying his country to his masonic "brothers" in England. Such are the fruits of "working within the system." NEVER trust a freemason, White Man!

Adams then wrote: " Hitler had a lot of powerful people backing him and he DID work within the system. ... Hitler was hobnobbing with the rich and powerful telling them WHAT THEY WANTED TO HEAR. He wasn't trying to appeal to their sense of "justice" or racial awareness. Those vultures could give a shit about that. They wanted to know two things: 1) Are my monies safe?; 2) What do we get out of it? Defense contracts, exclusive deals, etc. (at least that is what you would "promise" them)."

The Party only got "respectable" later. One of Hitler's first Big Bourgeois backers was none other than Henry Ford. Ford liked Hitler for his courageous stance on jews and such. This was during the period of Ford's life when he was agitating through his newspaper, the Dearborn Independent. A LOT of Ford's and Hitler's weltanschaaung was formed by the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Ford believed them to be authentic. I don't. Hitler's first and for a long time only Big Money German supporter was Carl Duisberg of I.G. Farben, who was looking for "a strong man" in 1925. Hitler didn't really get much backing until the Party dropped its plans for nationalizing German industry in 1931, when Fritz Thyssen joined. They would have been better off to have quietly executed the lot of the unreliable Schlotbaronen after consolidating power. These buzzards only cared about their profits, sold the German people a lot of second-rate equipment, wouldn't coordinate their activites -- all to the detriment of the Cause. Stalin's government suffered from none of the maladies that plagued the Nazi regime because Stalin was truly ruthless and knew that business bean counters and army oaficers are worth a dime a dozen. Stalin enjoyed a completely unified command, and Hitler envied it as well he should.

"We will fail so long as we are on the outside looking in instead of on the inside looking out."

Platitudes, platitudes! How many masonic platitudes can you puke M. Adams? Bullshit! We will fail so long as we adopt the craven policy you preach. Fuck that! Take it to your bro' Freddy Reed and shove it up his ass! Then, he can do you. We need to piss gasoline from Outside to In and have the torches ready. THAT will get the compliance we need.

Adams then makes some perfectly cogent observations:

If anyone ever posed a serious threat, let's take Dr. Pierce (who would come the closest at this point as far as an identifiable target is concerned), and "they" were concerned, he would end up with a bullet to the head or everything he built up liquidated almost overnight (forget "Justice" when you have the trigger of power). Very easily done.

Yep! Disappeared! Carcass found in bitty bits in a cow pasture. This is why we should pack heat at all times possible. Make it expensive for "them" to pop your ass. We must organize to the point where we can retaliate in like fashion. That's the sort of language the pigs understand. Of course, one could take the "bullet to the head" remark as a none-too-veiled threat as well as an observation.

"It is possible a Turner Diaries scenario could happen but very unlikely." Agreed. The point is not to tail events and wait for something to happen but to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN! A small, well-disciplined revolutionary organization can do just that. It won't be easy, but we are fighting for our lives and the lives of our posterity. We have no choice but victory or surrender.

"What is more likely is a semblance of that and "da rich folks" worried about their wealth (mestizos and niggers wanted to expropriate their property) and looking for a "savior" (re: Augustus Caesar in a breaking down Rome)."

Yes, the bourgeoisie will be feeling uncomfortable. We can't afford to completely write them off. I suggest we emulate Hitler in one regard - get some foreign backing for the nonce. (Ford) We can use domestic cash too, but certain principles of sound organization must be adhered to. Better to have organizational/ideological integrity than easy cash today. Build the organization first and instill it with the right ideas. The money will come. Even then, beware of who wants to buy you.

"It is extremely naive to think that it can only happen one way. I find only Christians are usually that fucking stupid."

Amen, amen. We must have many plans and be able to act on them. The consequences of any action must be well thought out. Kowtowing to the shitty status quo is NOT an option though. Fuck that!

Adams shows some real understanding of "what is to be done" in this next bit.

The truly clever would be getting the niggers and Mexcrement stirred up (implanting in their heads that the 'governmint' owes them slavery reparations, the southwest JewSA is actually Aztlan, etc.) whilst trying to evangelize to our white brethren. Look how the communists do it. They are the absolute best at exploiting situations and opportunities. I've been to their meetings and find their tactics interesting.

I too have been to communist meetings. I was a member of the CPUSA. Some of their shit is useful. Goebbels won the battle for Berlin by a well-studied pitch to the proles there. There are plenty of activists out there just itching to fight the Establishment, and the commies have been better at getting them into THEIR organizations, toeing THEIR line and doing work for THEIR masters, the kikes, than nationalists have been in many countries, including this one. The best way to fight communist and other jew-spawned ideologies is with a strong racial appeal combined with the call for in-group altruism ergo National Socialism. Stirring up the darkies by appealing to their own sense of national identity and stampeding more of our White relatives into our arms also smacks of a good strategic sense. Likewise, it helps break the kind of sickening interracial "solidarity" the jew-communist miscegenationist seeks to forge. Of course, the kikes could be using various racial tensions to stampede the herd into supporting an ever more repressive regime favoring them -- and they DO control the government/media.

Adams then shits with his keyboard: "I think I should mention this while I'm at it: Hitler, Trotsky, Stalin and Lenin were all spies for the "federal government" of the time. I'm not making an opinion on it, I'm just letting you know these facts."

His presentation of these "facts" grossly misleads the reader, if ignorant of the truth of the matter. Here it is. Hitler DID join Anton Drexler's German Workers Party under orders from the Army. He decided that he liked the Party better than the lickspittle Weimar government. The rest is history. Bronstein (Trotsky) certainly ran an errand as bag boy from Jew York's own Jacob Schiff of Kuhn, Loeb and Co., bringing much-needed cash to Ulyanov (Lenin) in 1917 at a crucial time. This hardly can be equated with collaboration with the Czar's government, though it might be supposed that the Jew S. government of Woodrow Wilson knew of it. Ulyanov (Lenin) himself was in exile in Switzerland for most of Russia's war and only returned with the connivance of the Kaiser's government in a sealed train car in March 1917, shortly after the "February Revolution." There is no evidence that Lenin collaborated with the Czar's regime though, ever. The accusation that Djuggashvili (Stalin) collaborated with the Okhrana, the Czarist secret police, came from Bronstein after the scribbling little kike was booted out of Russia by Stalin. It is conceivable that the Reds did snitch off some anarchists from time to time, just as the Blacks (anarchists) have been accused of so doing by the Reds. The burden of proof lies on Adams to substantiate his "factual" ex-cathedra claim. Don't hold your breath waiting.

Before laying the matter of Lenin and Leninism to rest, let's consider some of Lenin's methods and principles. I certainly agree with Adams as far as adopting communist tactics goes. Lenin led a tight little organization of just a few thousand members to absolute power over a large empire. Let's start with collaborators and opportunists. Here is a nice passage from "What is to be Done," his seminal work on how to organize and discipline a revolutionary organization.

We are walking in a small, tight group along a steep and difficult path, firmly joining hands. We are surrounded by enemies, and must continue almost always under their fire. We have freely and consciously decided to unite to fight the enemy and not stumble into the neighboring marsh, where dwell those who from the beginning have reproached us for separating into a special group and choosing the path of struggle, and not the path of compromise. And now some of us are beginning to cry: "Let's go into the marsh!" And when we start to shame them, they object: "What a backward people you are! And aren't you ashamed to deny us the freedom to call you to a better way? Oh yes, gentlemen, you are free not only to call us, but to go anywhere you like, even if it's into the marsh. We even consider the marsh to be the right place for you, and are ready to assist you as best we can to move you there. But just let go of our hands -- don't clutch at us and soil the great word "freedom," because we too are "free" to go where we like -- free to fight with the marsh and with those who turn to the marsh."

Adams advocates the marsh. To the marsh with him!

His biggest marsh-gas fart erupts thus: "I'm going out on the limb here, but I suggest those of you who can and can show a little foresight join the Freemasons, as an example. Forget the "they be pro-Jew" shit you hear. I know over ten masons and they could give a fuck about Jews and half of which detest them, the others are indifferent."

Well, just as Adam's previous "facts" have been shown to be misdirection tantamount to lies, so too is his assertion that freemasons aren't up to their eyeballs in jew jism. I have provided plenty of linkage and references to jew infestation of freemasonry in my article; all Adams can provide is an ex cathedra bullshit assertion to the contrary. I have been acquainted with several dozen freemasons in my lifetime and all but two have been overt semen-bespattered judeophile catamites. But let's not take my word for anything. You have the facts at your fingertips.

The matter of joining a masonic lodge is no trifle. They will have checked you out to the best of their ability. If you are deemed acceptable to them, then they have good reason to suspect you will in truth wholly devote yourself to them. Napoleon Bonaparte sent his brother Joseph and other male relatives into the lodges with the intent of controlling them. Freemasonry played a decisive role in the French Revolution, and Napoleon, a consummate opportunist, sought to control freemasonry in a fashion very similar to what Adams advocates. There is a dubious assertion that Napoleon himself joined a lodge. I'll deal with that in more detail in my next installment. The point here is that Bonaparte was as much used by the masonic movement as he used them. Some assert that they betrayed him through giving him faulty intelligence in Russia. This merits further research.

Adams then set up a straw man to knock down. "A lot of the shit you hear is regurgitated slop from people who have no knowledge about them other than some pathetic pamphlet stating that Lucifer is their headmaster waiting to take over the world and Christ...blah, blah, blah... in otherwords, a Christian slant and an extremely distorted one at that, tantamount to lies."

While true enough in itself, the implication is that ANY criticism of freemasonry is "tantamount to lies." Adams waves this red herring to distract attention from real jewish connections to his bros. I credited Adams with setting up this straw man but in truth, he merely used it. A far more capable freemason who called himself Leo Taxil set up the "Luciferian" connection through a massive hoax in the late 19th century. Go to http://www.atheists.org/Atheism/roots/enlightenment/ for a full account of it. Here is the kernel of the matter.

"The ubiquitous paranoia about Freemasonry, along with the voracious gullability of Catholics, proved fertile ground for one of the greatest literary hoaxes of all time, designed by an Atheist-satirist known as Leo Taxil. Born Gabriel Antoine Jogand-Pages (1854-1907), he was educated by the Jesuits, but soon became a militant Atheist and anti-clerical propagandist....

All of this was set against the background of "the most comical episode of his (Taxil's) strange career," a supposed return to the fold of the church. While writing a book on the life of Joan of Arc, designed to incite animosity amongst the clergy, Taxil was (so the story goes) overwhelmed by returned sentiments of religiosity. "I burst into sobs," revealed Taxil in his comical Confession. "Pardon me, oh God!," I cried out in a voice choked with tears. "Pardon my many blasphemies! Pardon all the evil I have wrought!" I passed the night in prayer, and resolved on the next day to seek absolution for my sins.... "45 Taxil immediately withdrew from public Atheistic activities, resigning at a meeting of the Anti-Clerical League. Accounts suggest that few of his Atheist cohorts believed in Taxil's born-again religiosity, "yet every one was puzzled to understand the strategic purpose of this retrograde movement...." Some cried "Ha! You can't fool us! You've been paid by the Vatican! How much, eh?"

Taxil immediately set to work in writing the first segment of his sham-exposé, his Complete Revelations, overflowing with imaginary and gruesome tales of devil worship, debauchery and sacrilegious rites. ...

In fact, Taxil had fooled all Christiandom: "My colleagues were aghast and exclaimed 'You'll spoil the whole joke with your nonsense!' 'Bah', I replied, let me be and you will see!'"

Taxil promoted his Complete Revelations and The Devil until 1897, when public pressure demanded the persona of Miss Diana Vaughn, the reformed Luciferian. Taxil called a press conference on April 19; mounting the platform before the assembled reporters and observers, he confessed his ruse to a bewildered public -- "After thanking the clergy for their aid in carrying out his scheme and attributing their cooperation chiefly to ignorance and imbecility, he escaped amidst much confusion." 50

While this is all very amusing and does show up christians as idiots yet again, it doesn't excuse the "Bro's" from more serious charges; their aptitude for lying and perpetrating gigantic frauds not the least of them.

Adams then attempts to rationalize a bit. "The masons have both money and connections and everyone I've talked to is concerned about immigration and everything else."

Sure they have money and connections...to JEWS! Sure, they're "concerned about immigration and everything else." Plenty of beaners hate kikes. If we are to believe the ADL, 44% of the foreign-born spics hate the kikes. Hardly surprising. The good "Offices of Enquiry" which jew-masons refer to simply as the dreaded "Inquisition" with the same hysterical tones as the "Holocaust" did a good job of inculcating their brown sheep with a healthy dose of anti-kikery. Both Hymie and John Mason have fucked up by letting them in. Duhhh Hymie, we goofed!

Another lame excuse follows this. "Yes, I know Hitler was against masons but that has nothing to do with our situation at all." WHAT BULLSHIT! IT HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH OUR SITUATION NOW! AmeriKwa was founded by freemasons, has the world's oldest pure masonic regime, is the world's biggest supporter of Israel and this blatherskyte says "that has nothing to do with our situation at all!" You want to pull a "revolution" off here, you're going to be running smack dab into freemasonry standing against you. This animal is a collaborator! I hope it doesn't hold a NA membership card. If so, the NA has a problem.

It's next suggestion has some more merit. "Another suggestion is to encourage as many as possible to become involved in law enforcement." This has TACTICAL value. Adam's strategy though is the road to defeat. "Get my drift? NOT to be part of the 'system' in the end but to facilitate in either destroying it or morphing it to our own purposes." Taken alone, this suggestion is 50% worthwhile, the bit about destroying the system. "Morphing" it doesn't work. Adams has clearly been a part of the system far too long. It has "morphed" him into an apologist. This is the rule, not the exception. Hitler tried to build his regime on the Weimar system and inherited all the ills that came with it. TEAR IT DOWN!

He rightly points out that: "I swear the 'movement' does its best to implant into people's heads that ZOG is all knowing and seeing and nothing could be further from the truth. ZOG is nothing but a big dumb monster and we are its ticks and fleas." This is the most truthful statement Adams makes. The ZOG is quite stupid and one can dance around it and irritate it a great deal. Still, if it does set its wrathful beady eye upon you, you are in a world of shit. I've been there.

We are then treated to this unhappy bureaucrat's on the job daydreams, thus: "Now, just IMAGINE if we encouraged and TRAINED people to "become" part of it and other organizations. Just IMAGINE if we had little Europes and from childhood to early adult they were instilled with our thinking and then encouraged to join that which is most effective for us and for them. Yep, just imagine..."

This has certain tactical value but is strategically worthless. Every interest group and their dogs jockey for position in the ruling hierarchy the same way. That explains the system we have now, which M. Adams is very much a part of, bought off by jews. By all means, we should send in well-trained, indoctrinated people into positions of influence but this will NEVER change a government which Dr. Pierce has repeatedly told us was flawed from its beginning. The system will look after its own interests first and last.

The next statement shows the petty level of this flunky's intellect. "With that said, enough friendlies within the "system," then one can either make "oops, silly me" mistakes (like conveniently shredding/misplacing a file) or actively help those in need."

And THIS is the basis of M. Adams' "Grand Strategy!" It would be funny if he were puking this pabulum at our enemies. PATHETIC! How many generations of "eugenic" breeding toward perfect office stooges will it take to consummate the "revolution?" Bureaucrats of the World, Unite!

More smug bureaucratism follows: "First, however, coordination must be achieved or at least should be tried to some extent."

"Tried to some extent" MY ASS! Coordination MUST be PERFECTED among all revolutionary operations.

"Which means a certain level of sophistication and steering away from the do-nothing waving-placards mentality or the 'Alex Curtis leave snake skins on rose bushes' mindset."

All of these "unsophisticated" methods do more to EDUCATE THE PUBLIC than any bullshit "behind the scenes paper shredding" tactic which Adams is so enamoured of. We have to draw attention and HOLD IT!

"You wouldn't believe some of the stuff I did to help my associates in need."

OH YES I WOULD, given what you and your "associates" are....

"I was also in a position to gather information for certain individuals very easily."

No doubt. Certain individuals like Abe Foxman perhaps?

"I'm not into daydreaming or deceiving myself." No, you are really quite comfy in your petty oafishul position and have no real illusions about your own revolutionary potential, which is nil. But you have peddled your soporific dreams to the wrong folks this time, snitch.

"Direct action has about a single percentile chance of achieving anything." This never deterred real revolutionaries, but you don't know anything about that now do you? Hitler didn't sit on his ass in some cushy little office in Weimar, Germany. He risked getting his head blown off in 1923. Goering DID get his balls blown off. You, M Adams don't have any balls so I guess the example is lost on you. It won't be on other VNN readers.

"Whereas the other routes have always been a lot more successful." For petty little wannabe powermongers YES! The current regime is looking for JUST YOUR SORT! Unscrupulous, dull-witted induhviJEWals of your sort are WELCOME in the Jew S. government today. Corrupt regimes have always welcomed opportunists of your ilk. Well, a government full of myopic cowards like you is one ripe for overturning. ITZ COMING!

"To be on the outside looking in will undoubtedly lead to nothing." Another common masonic platitude! To be on the outside BATTERING THE ROTTEN INSIDE DOWN will lead to victory! Having a Trojan Horse or two will help but without support from outside, without the bulk of Akhaeans poised and ready at the gate, the Trojan Horse will fail, or worse yet, accept a job in "The Coroporation." We must have both outside and inside forces and they must think in terms of WINNING, not compromise or cynical platitudes. Adams writes like a cop. Cops are useful but one soldier is worth 1,000 cops. We need the Army, or at least a significant fraction of it. The Girondists had their share of French nobility but it was the Jacobins who drew the French masses into initially supporting their revolution. The bloody fervor in Le Marseilles is Jacobin, Outsider, relative to le Ancien Regime that "lost its head." Among the French masses were plenty of soldiers, including a certain Corsican cadet. Hitler got the Army but only by using his own, the SA, as a threat and a bargaining chip. In hindsight, he sold out his army to the status quo for a cheap price, given the trouble he had afterwards. Trotsky got his army by the power of his pen, and both Hitler and Trotsky were indeed OUTSIDERS relative to the regimes they toppled. Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin did a better job too, because they EXTERMINATED their enemies! No compromises, no "working within the system" bullshit for the Reds. I hope no VNN readers took your little defeatist homily for anything other than what I've called it. Those who do should go to Worldnet Deli.

Adams then projects his own ugly little psyche so: "I can't help but mention too that Hitler encountered a lot of the small-minded types in his movement." Hitler encountered many more pinheads of Adam's calibre in the Weimar government.

Here Adams is trying to sell himself as some sort of BIG FUCKING SOOOOOPHISTICATE. "And what I mean by that is those who are automatons in their thinking. Unadaptable and woefully ignorant about the inner-workings of the political machine. Most of what I've encountered thus far fits this category."

I too have been "inside." Most government types are a bunch of oversocialized little rats who get off sniffing each others arses, eating each others shit and puking it back on demand. Sure, they love to wheel and deal. It's not what you know but WHO YOU BLOW AND I KNOOOOOW WHO YOU BLOW ADAMS.

His contempt for the loyal stalwarts who form the backbone of any organization, including the NA, emerges here: "They can lick envelopes, pay "dues," but aside from that accomplish nothing aside from whining." What these fine folks need is LEADERSHIP and that you don't offer Monsieur Padded-assed Bureaucrat.

Here is another bit of half truth: "Many have figured out the "meeting" methods don't work, and then others have tried the asinine "lone wolf" [my gawd, I've never seen anything quite so ridiculous in all my life] method."

When "meetings" are infiltrated by poisonous slugs of Adam's sort, they are indeed dull and pointless. The better sort of people then go alone if they can find nothing better. No revolution has ever been accomplished by lone wolves, true enough, but NO REVOLUTION HAS BEEN ACCOMPLISHED BY TOY POODLES LIKE M. ADAMS EITHER! The NA has the potential of gathering lone wolves into a formidible pack but only if it can keep out sneaking jew lapdogs of the Adams sub-species.

The poodle yips out the following conceit: "Their only hope is a road-warrior scenario and I would have to say they would make good shock troops if that time ever came, however, it won't so long as those with the grey matter THINK like them. They are muscle, not intellect."

An organized, determined force can create whatever scenario it deems most fitting to its purpose. Our hope lies in organizing AND in instilling that determination, The New Hardness, into our people. Spoiled lapdogs think themselves "smart" so long as their masters stand by to protect them while they yip, piss and shit. Just remember poodle, your masters are getting as stupid and decrepit as you are and we WILL easily crush you in our jaws after we finish your precious jews off. Adams, you are one pathetic fool. You have been bred for your retardation no doubt and have no concept of anything beyond your precious jew-masonic status quo. Go shuffle your papers. We will cremate you in a pyre of them!

The poodle suffers from terminal glaucoma as well as myopia as we see in its smug little conclusion: "Ahh finally, the 'movement' is nothing more than a heat collector and a sideshow that allows a few to beat their chests and flap their gums ad infinitum." It clearly doesn't think too highly of us now does it? It sees us as nothing more than a nuisance, troubling it as it fattens on our tax dollars. Its final advice is nothing less than an ultimatum demanding our surrender: "If it continues that route then better hope for Mad Max to come down the highway, if not, then better GROW UP and see things how they really are and act accordingly!" Admas clearly "acts accordingly" as its jew owners butt fuck it daily. No doubt this painted catamite moans with womanish pleasure as Hymie pokes his 3" kosher pickle up his bunghole. Well, I suppose it is "GROWN UP" for low-born, gutless gutter fags of this sort to find powerful jew patrons and to turn tricks for them. I for one and I hope I speak for the vast majority of VNN readers, do not suffer from M. Adams' gross birth defects.

In summary, I would first like to point out that I have deliberately minimized ideological content in this essay in order to demonstrate that there are certain sound principles that anyone seeking to overturn a regime should adhere to. These are:

  1. A revolution is only accomplished by a well-organized, uncompromising Outside force.

  2. Any revolutionary organization CAN NOT tolerate self-seeking, opportunist individuals.

  3. A revolutionary organization can not tolerate defeatism.

  4. A revolutionary organization can not, does not wait for events but plans them.

  5. A revolutionary organization does not despise its people but seeks to educate them.

  6. Cops and other petty functionaries make piss-poor revolutionaries but good spies for the status quo regime.

  7. Only the most proven revolutionary individuals can be trusted with the task of infiltrating the status quo system.

  8. Revolutions are NEVER waged nor won by joining the enemy regime and lending strength to it.

  9. There are many paths to revolution. Surrender isn't one of them.

  10. Revolutionary organizations must instill revolutionary ideology into their members.

Given that the only "ideology" M. Adams has given has been defeatist suckpoopery, I see little need to preach to the choir on these matters. The ZOG, while senile, is still mortally opposed to us. If you have any remaining doubts about who butters M. Adam's ass, then consider his closing line: "I'm not into playing cowboys and indians with my offspring's future." Meaning, it won't stick its scrawny neck out to save ONE member of Our Race. It wags its tail, gets its doggy biscuit from Hymie, and Hymie has perhaps permitted it to breed more little docile shitting poodles. This thing is an opportunist through and through and always was. It took a cushy job working for the Man, joined "the right club" sucks the right dick and tells us that if we don't surrender then it will yip in alarm to its masters. It has spawn to feed and won't overexert itself at any honest job to get that food.

Creatures of this sort are born to suck up to tyrants. We have no use for it save as fertilizer. It has lied outrageously, puked its contempt for us and finally announced in no uncertain terms that it WILL sell your ass and mine to the ZOG in a heartbeat. We will encounter plenty more of its ilk but if we plug our ears when it begins to sing its tune and strangle it to death, WE WILL WIN!


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