On Achieving Power

by M. Adams

July 3, 2002

An example of a "dictator" taking over the system is the Caesars of ancient Rome. Marcus Crassus named himself head of Rome after he was elected dictator, but soon thereafter died on the plains of Parthia. Augustus made the Roman Senate beg him to come back, but only on the condition he be granted full dictatorial powers (afterward he killed all his enemies). Julius Caesar tried, arrogantly, the "dictator for life" tactic and ended up dead. Cornelius Sulla got pissed off and marched on Rome (no Roman commander was allowed to have his army within a certain distance from the city walls) and proscribed his extensive enemies, took their property, installed more (ahem) friendly Senators, and he and Crassus became rich men this way.

There are multiple ways to achieve power. The difference between incompetence and competence is how adaptable one is to the fluctuating opportunities. It can happen any way, any time, and in stages or all at once. It also depends on how good one is at exploiting situations.

Hitler just barely got in (by a nose hair), and the timing and events for this were beautiful for takeover. When he got in he MAXIMIZED his presence and acted quickly to liquidate the enemy. Hitler had some good men around him too, and I mean REAL thinkers, not the least of which were Goebbels and Himmler/Heydrich, who made things run much smoother.

Hitler had a lot of powerful people backing him and he DID work within the system. Why the fuck did he go to Industrial Club meetings and the like? To clean their toilets? I don't think so. Hitler was hobnobbing with the rich and powerful telling them WHAT THEY WANTED TO HEAR. He wasn't trying to appeal to their sense of "justice" or racial awareness. Those vultures could give a shit about that. They wanted to know two things: 1) Are my monies safe?; 2) What do we get out of it? Defense contracts, exclusive deals, etc. (at least that is what you would "promise" them) We will fail so long as we are on the outside looking in instead of on the inside looking out.

If anyone ever posed a serious threat, let's take Dr. Pierce (who would come the closest at this point as far as an identifiable target is concerned), and "they" were concerned, he would end up with a bullet to the head or everything he built up liquidated almost overnight (forget "Justice" when you have the trigger of power). Very easily done. It is possible a Turner Diaries scenario could happen but very unlikely. What is more likely is a semblance of that and "da rich folks" worried about their wealth (mestizos and niggers wanted to expropriate their property) and looking for a "savior" (re: Augustus Caesar in a breaking down Rome). It is extremely naive to think that it can only happen one way. I find only Christians are usually that fucking stupid.

The truly clever would be getting the niggers and Mexcrement stirred up (implanting in their heads that the 'governmint' owes them slavery reparations, the southwest JewSA is actually Aztlan, etc.) whilst trying to evangelize to our white brethren. Look how the communists do it. They are the absolute best at exploiting situations and opportunities. I've been to their meetings and find their tactics interesting. I think I should mention this while I'm at it: Hitler, Trotsky, Stalin and Lenin were all spies for the "federal government" of the time. I'm not making an opinion on it, I'm just letting you know these facts.

I'm going out on the limb here, but I suggest those of you who can and can show a little foresight join the Freemasons, as an example. Forget the "they be pro-Jew" shit you hear. I know over ten masons and they could give a fuck about Jews and half of which detest them, the others are indifferent. A lot of the shit you hear is regurgitated slop from people who have no knowledge about them other than some pathetic pamphlet stating that Lucifer is their headmaster waiting to take over the world and Christ...blah, blah, blah... in otherwords a Christian slant and an extremely distorted one at that, tantamount to lies. The masons have both money and connections and everyone I've talked to is concerned about immigration and everything else. Yes, I know Hitler was against masons but that has nothing to do with our situation at all. Another suggestion is to encourage as many as possible to become involved in law enforcement. Get my drift? NOT to be part of the "system" in the end but to facilitate in either destroying it or morphing it to our own purposes.

I swear the "movement" does its best to implant into people's heads that ZOG is all knowing and seeing and nothing could be further from the truth. ZOG is nothing but a big dumb monster and we are its ticks and fleas. Now, just IMAGINE if we encouraged and TRAINED people to "become" part of it and other organizations. Just IMAGINE if we had little Europes and from childhood to early adult they were instilled with our thinking and then encouraged to join that which is most effective for us and for them. Yep, just imagine...

With that said, enough friendlies within the "system," then one can either make "oops, silly me" mistakes (like conveniently shredding/misplacing a file) or actively help those in need. Besides, we've all become shells in the office environment or within institutions. You know, talking crap at the water cooler or inter-office politics. No one REALLY knows the other and thus they don't know your motivations and everyone has masks he projects anyway. One can project an illusion (we do all the time regardless) and really maximize on it. First, however, coordination must be achieved or at least should be tried to some extent. Which means a certain level of sophistication and steering away from the do-nothing waving-placards mentality or the "Alex Curtis leave snake skins on rose bushes" mindset. You wouldn't believe some of the stuff I did to help my associates in need. I was also in a position to gather information for certain individuals very easily.

I'm not into daydreaming or deceiving myself. Direct action has about a single percentile chance of achieving anything. Whereas the other routes have always been a lot more successful. To be on the outside looking in will undoubtedly lead to nothing. I can't help but mention too that Hitler encountered a lot of the small-minded types in his movement. And what I mean by that is those who are automatons in their thinking. Unadaptable and woefully ignorant about the inner-workings of the political machine. Most of what I've encountered thus far fits this category. They can lick envelopes, pay "dues" but aside from that accomplish nothing aside from whining. Many have figured out the "meeting" methods don't work, and then others have tried the asinine "lone wolf" [my gawd, I've never seen anything quite so ridiculous in all my life] method. Their only hope is a road-warrior scenario and I would have to say they would make good shock troops if that time ever came, however, it won't so long as those with the grey matter THINK like them. They are muscle, not intellect.

Ahh finally, the 'movement' is nothing more than a heat collector and a sideshow that allows a few to beat their chests and flap their gums ad infinitum. If it continues that route then better hope for Mad Max to come down the highway, if not, then better GROW UP and see things how they really are and act accordingly! I'm not into playing cowboys and indians with my offspring's future.


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