Mr. Deeds

by Mark Rivers

June 29, 2002

Jew Robert Riskin, the writer of "Mr. Deeds Goes to Town" (1936), was a screenwriter for Frank Capra back in the day, and there was no love lost between them. Riskin is exalted amongst his tribesmen for practically inventing every concept of homespun decency that is characteristic of Capra's most endearing films. According to the Yids, it is only the specter of anti-Semitism in Hollywood (giggle) that has robbed Riskin of the proper credit through the years.

Jew Adam Sandler executive produces and stars in "Mr. Deeds," loosely based on Capra's original. Sandler's version, chock full o' fecal and sexual crudity, is directed by Jew Steven Brill, and also stars Jew Winona Ryder (real name: Winona Horowitz) and Jew Allen Covert. The story is about Longfellow Deeds (Sandler), a small-town simpleton who inherits a fortune from an uncle he never knew he had. Chuck Cedar (Peter Gallagher), the conniving (White) CEO of the conglomerate, plans to buy out Deeds and dissolve the company, putting thousands of people out of work.

Meanwhile, a tabloid TV show, hosted by Englishman "Mac" McGrath (Jared Harris) conspires to get some dirt on Deeds to boost ratings. Mac assigns Babe Bennett (Ryder) to the story. She goes undercover to ensnare Deeds, assisted by Marty (Covert), her blond-maned, ruthless cad of a co-worker. Bennett falls in love with Deeds, however, and spends much of the movie mimicking Jennifer Jason Leigh in "The Hudsucker Proxy" (another "Mr. Deeds" clone, made by the Coen brothers -- sigh). One might even say that Ryder "shoplifted" Leigh's performance (rimshot).

To illustrate what a nice guy Deeds is, the movie shows him being kind to the boolies; he carries an elderly negro across the street, saves a fat negress and her cats from a burning building and has a "black history month" card displayed prominently on the wall of his homemade greeting cards. Later in the movie, Deeds, disheartened and defeated, tells Cedar he doesn't want the forty billion-dollar buyout; that they can just give it all to charity. He asks for a suggestion of a worthy cause, and Cedar's right-hand man, the only kind-hearted fellow in the company (dot-head Nari Avari), suggests The United Negro College Fund. In the next scene, we see a negro at a UNCF desk opening his mail. When he sees the check for forty billion dollars, he clutches his chest and falls over with shock. Lawdy Lawd, that'll buy a whole lot o' Hennessy!

There are rich negroes (and other token non-Whites) among the society snobs and money-grubbing stockholders, but they are few, far between and sitting quietly in the background. They are not nearly as unlikable as the White villains (by the way, Jew characters are non-existent in this film, most of which takes place in New York City). In a scene in a fancy restaurant, Deeds confronts and beats up a trio of White antagonists who taunt him. In another scene, a White (Southerner) football player is beaten up by Deeds for having a bad attitude and a foul mouth. The football player's blue-collar father calls Deeds to thank him, then beats his son with a belt. John McEnroe makes a cameo as himself; he and Deeds spend an evening throwing eggs at cars and making drunken fools of themselves.

In a final scene, in which Deeds must convince the racially diverse stockholders to vote against dissolving the company, the White males who speak up consist of a fat Texan who runs a slaughterhouse and a pasty geek who runs a porn site. The White males in Deeds's hometown are not much more appealing; they seem to be made up mostly of cross-eyed freaks and semi-literate goons. Deeds's ultra-sneaky, foot-fetishist manservant (John Turturro), the rightful heir to the fortune (as we discover at the end), is the son of the dead billionaire and his hideous Spanish maid (yes, Spanish -- they made that very clear). When he finds out that he owns the company, he fires Cedar and cancels the dissolution of the company. It is never explained what happens to the now-invalid forty-billion-dollar donation to the UNCF. I guess the Cadillacs and watermelon patches all get repossessed.

"Mr. Deeds" is rated PG-13, but for some reason, soccer moms around the country still think that an Adam Sandler movie with that rating looks "cute and harmless" enough to take their kids to see. There were at least fifty children (under thirteen) seeing this film with their mothers. At least one kid gave his mom the finger after seeing Allen Covert and John Turturro perform the maneuver in the movie.

These kids not only see the racial overtones, but the sex-and-feces content so common to the Jew film trade. Then Mom takes the kids home and plops them down in front of MTV (where they can learn about race-mixing) or Nickelodeon (where they can learn about faggotry). The Jews are pressing on with their program of destruction, and it is up to us to stop them.

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