Waiting for the World

by Carol Ward

July 1, 2002

I have readers asking why I haven't updated my web page in a month. Well, I'm waiting for the world to catch up with my writings. Smug? As always -- yes. When the world press catches up, I'll have something else to say.

For now, websites such as http://www.antiwar.com and the Euro press are getting yesterday's message out to demographics ill disposed to explore my pages. Much of this 6/26/02 piece by antiwar.com's Justin Raimondo could have been written on 10/01/02. All I can do is wait for events and commentary to catch up, and hope that others awaken to the reality that anti-Semitism - speech that questions the methods and motives of Jews, specifically with regard to the Middle East - has become a moral imperative in our lifetime.

If we are to save ourselves from the Jewish war on Islam, Americans will need to identify and question Jewish control of our government foreign policy. More American journalists will have to question their harness. They will have to revolt. So far, only the few, the brave, here and in Canada, have risked their careers, to write about and rebel against the Jewish bias that poisons the information business.

We are a nation in lockdown. I've said it. More than once. Nothing has changed. The appetites of well-placed Jews, and with ever-higher stakes, are directing events that might end the world as we know it. Any writer who questions this arrangement will be tagged, extruded, and dumped into a history bin marked DANGER - DO NOT EMPLOY.

Americans are going to die if we continue to participate in the genocide of Palestinians and Iraqis. We pay for their death. Americans underwrite the occupation, the subjugation, and exploitation of Arab populations. Jews in the information business successfully redefined Arab anger as hostility toward 'freedom' and 'democracy,' even as Jews restrict any debate on this proclamation. They own the venues, so they also define the information flow. There are few dissenting voices in the American press. The majority has been blacklisted into submission.

This, while our Israeli "allies" wait in eager anticipation, for new, desperate acts of her victims - this time, aimed at Americans. When more gentiles perish at the hands of Muslims, Israel will be redeemed

Our president warns the fenced-in Palis -- RESISTANCE IS FUTILE -- forget your dead -- do not fight back -- you cannot win -- some day, if you are good, Jews will let you have your own government, operated by Jews.

And so America waits for that floater named Mohammed with the pouch of Ebola and a "Death To America" t-shirt. Perhaps dead Seattleites will pump a little blood into the "we hate Islam" corner? The Mossad will choose carefully, with special attention given to splitting the anti-war left into factions. Where will it happen? I pick Seattle. But dead San Diegoans would garner Hispanic AND some libertarian support for a war on Islam as well.

The Northeast is onboard. The Falwells have delivered the imagination of fly-over Evangelicals. Who's next? -- Latinos and the powerful Northwestern Libertarian Establishment. Let's watch.

That said, there is still a long-term downside for this Jewish strategy, but not before they cost us a fortune, and get more of our sons and daughters killed for their war.

Jews don't die in the wars they cause, in anywhere near the proportions they claim. But they do a hell of a job manufacturing the perceptions that nudge others to sign up and die.

The stats on the under representation of dead Jewish soldiers in WWII and Vietnam are damning. But so long as Jews control the venues and future job prospects for journalists willing to plumb the subject, America will remain in an information lockdown.

I have cautious optimism that there is enough anti-war sentiment on the left to mount a decent resistance to the Ameri/Israeli apocalyptic suicide pact. And I still think Jews are the ultimate losers now that they have been forced to turn over too many cards, revealing the sinister underbelly of their enterprise.

The unreported story is that Jews control the agenda and media, as they hurl the world into an anti-Islamic frenzy and WWIII. These are not the wild-eyed claims of pasty-faced, goose-stepping demons.

Yet there are glimmers of hope. Jews can't seem to keep control of the discussion overseas and on Internet news. Jews ARE the subjects. And I don't think Jonah Goldberg and Fred Barnes and Norm Podhoretz are going to put that unpleasant reality back into the bottle. Average Americans are beginning to question the paranoid ravings of Jews who equate worldwide revulsion for Israel with religious bigotry.

Jews have few friends because they are not friendly to their friends. Abe Foxman describes Euro Anti-Israel feelings as "repressed hostility." Where did you first read this? Maybe Abe is reading Carolontheweb as well - I actually referred to it as passive aggression.

Norwegians post signs on goods from Israel, to warn consumers who don't want to support Israel. In this case, YES, I agree with Abe. It's repressed hostility, and passive aggression. Why not? Jews organize boycotts all the time. They ruin the careers of critics and whole populations.

Hysterical columnists like Suzanne Fields decry Norwegian activism as a precursor to yellow stars and extermination camps. Yet, Jews blacklist people and products, with nary a condemnation, because they allow no dissent. They control the venue, the demonization, and the outcome. That, Abe, is what causes repressed hostility in those who are subject to the double standard.

It's pretty simple. A + B = C - Abe.

Arabs don't have enough defenders to manipulate public opinion against the Israelis. Jews do quite well for themselves in that regard. My guess is that Jews have and will continue to overplay their hand. AND without a LARGE refresher course in terrorism -- brought to some city -- selected for the maximum impact on the anti-war left -- America will continue her passive resistance to enlarging the war.

Let's watch -- and pray that Israeli Art Students and Urban Moving companies are under increased surveillance, or out of commission. We have a lot of forests, reservoirs, railways, pipelines and streams that cannot be protected from the Mossad. And Americans are woefully ill-prepared to identify the real enemies in their midst.

Israel needs allies. Her American cousins are working feverishly to deliver some. We need to speak up publicly about the occupation of our nation and presidency. Justin Raimondo is spot on. Ditto for Taki. And Robert Fisk. And Pat Buchanan.

Washington is enemy-occupied territory. Ditto for the Wall street Journal. Watch the Weekly Standard demean and undercut their own president, goading him into subservience before the real gods - the self-chosen. If Bush does not deliver Iraq and Syria, the Jewish enemy within will cut his legs from under him. George - George - George - IF YOU EAT BESIDE THE DEVIL AND FROM THE SAME POT - YOU NEED A LONGER SPOON.

The Honest Brokers

If we want honest commentary about War & Jews - we must now look to the Nation, PBS, The London Observer, and Guardian. Only the left is resisting the apocalyptic dreams of Jews.

Fox News is occupied territory, preening over their coup in Tel Aviv since Ted Turner dared to speak for Palis. The Republican Party is lost to gentiles, until the evangelical right recognizes the error of their sleeping and eating arrangements.

I called America Sobibor West. Only Libertarians and the American Left remain on the front lines, fighting the occupation. Until 'mainstream' journalists muster the starch to write the story behind the story, we are doomed to bid for our Jewish Masters.

The good news is that Anti-Semitism is becoming a moral imperative. In each society, and in every culture, for thousands of years, Jews have made themselves so morally repulsive and dangerous to the cultural and economic well being of their neighbors, that 80 years is their limit before mass expulsion - or worse.

They have had a good run in America. They milked their holocaust claims for advantage, positioning themselves as moral arbiters, here and in much of Europe. But as I cautioned before, the Jew has been forced to turn over too many cards since 9/11.

Americans will continue to be terrorized in print to keep us agitated. We will beg for more chains to protect us from the desperate acts of enemies we didn't choose. But one by one, victims of Jews are finding ears to hear, and a voice apart from the Jewish press.

I think there is something to the claim that the Jew is condemned to walk alone. Incapable of reciprocity or honest fellowship toward the non-Jew, he racks up new enemies in each succeeding generation.

I've said all of this before. When things change, I'll be back to say some more. In the mean time, speak up, speak out, and don't be afraid to resist the Jew. He cannot be allowed his appetites, or the civilized world will be diminished by his guardianship. Look at the ethnicity of those who challenge our pledge of allegiance. Heterosexual marriage. The word "God" on our dollar. These are the acts of Jews, hostile to Christian culture, yet unidentified as Jews in press reports.

And lastly, readers should write a note of thanks to any Middle Eastern paper. Thank you Islam, for your supreme sacrifice. It is the Muslim that finally said ENOUGH. Life is not worth living if it is to be lived under the Jewish boot.

Thank you Mohammed. Only through the conviction and self-sacrifice of your followers, will our generation be freed of the self-evident evil named Jew.

And now I'm off - to islands. I have places to be and have people to see, before they hate me for my passport.


What the Mills affair reveals about the PM, Aspers


Tuesday, June 18, 2002 - Page A17

Freedom of the press has just suffered a terrible blow in Canada from a combination of Prime Minister Jean Chrétien's personal furies and the lickspittle owners of CanWest Global Communications Corp.

That blow illustrates the potential perils of media concentration and a de facto one-party state, both of which are so evident in this country.

The victim of the latest blow was Russell Mills, a respected member of the Ottawa community and publisher of The Ottawa Citizen. The day after Mr. Mills received a deserved honorary degree from Carleton University for his service to journalism and worthy causes in Ottawa, the Aspers, who own CanWest, rode into town and fired him.

Then, yesterday morning, they marched into the offices of Scott Anderson, the newspaper's editor, and reamed him out for the same reason they fired Mr. Mills -- for being too tough on their hero, Mr. Chrétien, whose recent fundraising dinner in Winnipeg was partly organized by a member of the Asper family.

So much for the Aspers' declarations of their newspapers' editorial independence and journalistic integrity. Their promises in those areas are as worthless as some of the ones they give the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission for their television licences.

The publicly given reason for Mr. Mills's downfall was a form of corporate insubordination; the real reason was the Aspers' craven attitude toward Mr. Chrétien.

They had already fired Southam columnist Lawrence Martin because they and the Prime Minister disliked his writing about Mr. Chrétien's attempts to get government money to bail out a hotel next to a golf course in which he had an interest. They dumped the publisher of the Montreal Gazette, Michael Goldbloom, for allowing tiny bits of criticism of Israel in his paper.

Then they imposed badly written and drearily argued "national" editorials on their Southam papers, including one that showered praise on the beleaguered Prime Minister.

Not surprisingly, fear and loathing about the Aspers now permeate the entire Southam chain of newspapers, except among corporate flunkies afraid for their jobs and pensions. (I know a whole bunch of Southam journalists across Canada, and not one has a good thing to say privately about the Aspers.) And now, the cashiering of a courageous publisher and the dressing down of a fine editor ostensibly because they didn't check with head office in Winnipeg before lambasting the chap at 24 Sussex Dr.

Little did any of us expect when the Aspers bought Southam from Conrad Black how creepy would be their journalistic standards. It almost makes you pine for Lord Black, although he didn't exactly give his editors free rein, either.

The Mills affair is just one among many that illustrates what can happen in a de facto one-party state. Cronyism becomes rampant. Abuses of power proliferate. Arrogance goes unchecked. People with federal government interests know who's buttering the bread.

The great and the mighty -- at least in their own minds -- want to curry favour with those who wield political power, and especially with the man who holds so much power in our system of government, the Prime Minister.

And all these perils of a one-party state with such a concentration of power become magnified with an extremely vengeful and increasingly paranoid Prime Minister and his friends who will get you if you cross them.

Other Southam editorials had harshly criticized the Prime Minister. But Mr. Chrétien doesn't read the papers in Western Canada the way he and his people read the Citizen each morning.

In firing Mr. Mills, the Aspers rid themselves of someone universally respected in the Ottawa community. Mr. Mills had supported a wide variety of charitable and artistic institutions, often turning over free advertising to these groups.

Mr. Mills had been honoured with various civic awards, including one for his paper's work in promoting literacy and the public library. He was considered the ultimate survivor as a newspaper publisher, having faithfully served various owners whose commercial and journalistic approaches he publicly supported. The paper had remained solidly profitable under his leadership.

But economics had nothing to do with his dismissal. The Aspers tried to make Mr. Mills sign a letter of resignation accompanied by an agreement to remain silent about the circumstances of his departure. He refused, saying he had been too long in journalism to sign something untrue. He was being fired, and he wanted people to know it and the reasons why. The quintessential company man couldn't stomach it, and that speaks volumes about his treatment and those who administered it.

A five-paragraph story appeared in the Citizen on Monday morning announcing his departure, but the story said nothing about the circumstances. A CanWest spokesman said only that it was an internal company affair, which it would have been but for the motives, the political angle, and the chilling effect it must have on other Southam editors and publishers.

They had already been put on notice that all local editorials must generally toe the line of the "national" editorials and memorandums emanating from Winnipeg.

They will now know that firings and reprimands will loom if they deviate from that policy.


Firing ignites community's outrage


Tuesday, June 18, 2002 - Print Edition, Page A4

OTTAWA -- The firing of Ottawa Citizen publisher Russell Mills by absentee owners ignited a storm of protest yesterday in the paper's newsroom and among civic leaders.

"Russ Mills wasn't just a good journalist. He was the unofficial deputy mayor of Ottawa," Mayor Robert Chiarelli said.

Through his volunteer work for charities and fundraising activities for local organizations, ranging from a children's hospital to the public library, Mr. Mills won the loyalty and friendship of many politicians and civic leaders who had often felt the lash of a sharply worded Citizen editorial.

Mr. Chiarelli and other community leaders said the firing of Mr. Mills by Winnipeg's Asper family -- the owners of the Southam newspaper chain, which includes the Citizen -- raises disturbing questions about the independence of local newspapers.

Residents of Ottawa deserve better than to "have someone in Winnipeg controlling the editorial policy of The Ottawa Citizen," Mr. Chiarelli said. "As long as it's called The Ottawa Citizen there should be a lot more Ottawa in it than Winnipeg."

Sources at the Citizen say the switchboard was flooded with calls from readers wanting to cancel subscriptions or otherwise express their anger at the sacking.

The editorial department was in turmoil with reporters, columnists and other journalists worrying that the paper's political coverage will face close corporate scrutiny, thus eroding the independence of local editors.

Many reporters and photographers plan to withdraw their bylines for a week to protest the firing, said Tony Cote, a spokesman for the Newspaper Guild, a union representing journalists at the paper.

Journalists and employees in other departments met in the early afternoon and decided they want to place a paid ad in their own paper protesting the firing, Mr. Cote said.

It was unclear whether the paper would carry the ad.

Former Citizen publisher Clark Davey and Chris Dornan, the head of the journalism department at Carleton University, hastily organized a protest rally outside the Citizen's suburban office yesterday afternoon that attracted about 200.

Mr. Mills, who joined the paper 31 years ago as a copy editor and moved quickly to the top of the masthead as editor and then publisher, was awarded an honorary doctoral degree by Carleton University on Saturday for his service to journalism and to the community.

Journalism professor Lois Sweet, who wrote the university's tribute to Mr. Mills, predicted yesterday that there will be a political uproar over the firing.

If the Asper family felt getting rid of a critic of the federal government will help their friend, Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, they underestimate the backlash that this move will create, she said.

Mr. Mills is to be the guest of honour at a dinner Thursday night to raise money for the Ottawa School of Dance.

Merrilee Hodgins, the school's director, said she was shocked because Mr. Mills is such a prominent figure in the community.

Dance is an art that encourages freedom of expression, and "I thought journalism was, too. But this smacks of censorship," Ms. Hodgins said.

Jean Pigott, who was a frequent target of Citizen editorials when she was chairwoman of the National Capital Commission, said she and Mr. Mills had become friends working together to promote literacy.

"I'm indignant . . . We are the fourth-largest community in Canada and someone from the West does this to us," Ms. Pigott said. "You just don't do this to a community leader like Russell Mills."

Ms. Pigott said that when she first heard the news yesterday, her first thought was that the firing is like the way the Nazis stifled the free press Germany in the 1930s. "And then democracy disappeared."


Tuesday, June 18, 2002
Grits deny PM ordered firing


OTTAWA -- The Liberals denied yesterday that Prime Minister Jean Chretien had a hand in firing longtime Ottawa Citizen publisher Russell Mills.

Liberal MP John O'Reilly went to bat for the PM, denying opposition accusations Chretien met with Southam newspaper owner Izzy Asper and ordered Mills fired after a Citizen story on the Shawinigate controversy, followed by an editorial calling for the PM to resign. That meeting allegedly happened June 1 in Ottawa -- the same day the Citizen ran the Shawinigate story.

"No one here is responsible for the firing of any newspaper editor," O'Reilly said.

Mills said yesterday he had been fired because the Citizen published articles that clashed with the editorial policies of CanWest Global, the Aspers' media conglomerate, which owns the Southam newspaper chain.

"I was given the option of retiring ... but it would have required signing a confidentiality agreement and just putting out a short statement that I had retired," said Mills, 57. "In my view, I couldn't do that after so many years in journalism, to put out a statement that was inaccurate."

CanWest Global spokesman Geoffrey Elliott refused comment.

Tory Leader Joe Clark suggested the PM had a direct influence over Mills' firing. "These are questions that go to the root of ... democracy," Clark said.


It's the story behind the story....

What these news items DON'T tell you is that the SUBJECT that started this row was Israel. These stories were carefully crafted to mask the evolution of the conflict by sleight of wordÉ This didn't start with coverage of Chrétien.

The theory, [and when you think about the effort that is going into diverting your attention from the REAL subject] is that if Jews reveal the nature of the editorial conflict, that revelation will fuel anti-Semitism. We are told NOTHING of the conflict over what Canadians read about Israel and Islam. That debate has been raging since 9/11.

Do your own google search. Canadian newsies have been feuding over the Jewish Asper family and their draconian editorial dictates for some time. There have been walkouts, censorship of letters to the editor, and some damaging leaks to American journalists who enjoy more insidious lockdown.

Journalists are under siege in every newsroom in America to toe the Israeli line. There can be no leaks to the grass-eaters that they are being lied to...that they are being manipulated to serve Jewish foreign policy.


I've been harping on this subject since my own awakening more than a few decades ago, when I realized that one Jew could be a fine and civil member of my community. Two Jews will conspire against any single gentile. And three Jews begin to plot how to expand their influence and subjugate their neighbors.

Evil - thy name is Jew.

Their control in America is 57 years old and counting. My money says they self-destruct before their 80th birthday.

Now I'm off to the islands... Venezuela is still a little too scary for me to risk my grown daughters... so Angel Falls will have to wait. It serves no one for me to dance to the beat of this one-note samba until the world catches up... When events and perceptions change, I'll have something more to say.


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