Nation Of The Apes

by Frank Shell

July 10, 2002

There must be a leader, soon, or else America will perish. I mean become a living hell every hour, every day. The already ubiquitous anthropoid supremacy that our besieged Constitutional Republic and its denizens are affronted with is reaching proportions that tickle our foreign (and internal) enemies pink. We need a leader, a rare White male with testicles, who believes in the libertarian principles of our constitution and loudly reiterates the inherent truth that the United States of America was always intended to be a primarily White nation. A leader who will not apologize for the truth, who will say dead-on that the anthropoids our forefathers purchased from other anthropoids were firstly intended to be only temporary laborers and, secondly that our forefathers were ripped off.

Short of living in Appalachia or another "new" White enclave there is no physical escape from the culture of the murdering, raping Anthropoid-American. Following South Africa's suicidal path most American Whites are marching towards the cliff that overlooks America's jagged destination. Yes, when the final vestiges of the world's once greatest country have voluntarily plunged themselves and all clinger-ons into the crack-watermelon-maltliquor-friedchicken-rapefestival of the afro-abyss the United States will only be recognizable from the air. It certainly won't be safe from the ground. What will one see within the brilliant technological cities built by our fathers? Who (or what) will rule these lawless lost-cities strewn with weeds and garbage?

The "White" suburbs will be the Mexican and Asian suburbs where anthropoids will scavenge for Whites to rape, rob, torture and kill. For among the new America will be a White populous declining much faster than today. These third class citizens will be suffering torture of every conceivable type. Ironically many of the elderly will have been the very chumps who were party to the black plague and will deserve the daily invectives, beatings and terror delivered by the ruling apes (the "black people" whose "rights" they once fought for). Unfortunately, among the persecuted will be innocent kids and young adults.

Exactly how far off is this? Been to Chicago, D.C., Detroit, California, Congo, Haiti, St. Louis lately?

How about a major airport staffed with surly apes to roughly and lewdly screen Crackers? When will you nitwits face the obvious fact that your eyes and ears are telling you the truth? the term "black people" is an oxymoron.

We have a ringside seat to hell right now. How we got here is a long story but lets look at the base of the system, the masses. The majority of Whites began to turn into Barney Rubble-like idiots throughout the latter half of the 20th century. They took to White Flight abandoning their homes and communities and watched the simian invaders rape, pillage, plunder and murder with greater and greater impunity. The image of Barney comes to mind: Uhhh, gee, uh things aren't that bad. I still got my job. huh huh huh.

Without the masses of complacent Whites hooked on blinding consumerism America's demise would not be possible. Eager to be flattered and entertained (dumbed down) they're easy cattle to herd. The more TV you give them the more stupid (and brainwashed) they become.

Listen up, pay close attention: The nail in the coffin is the disease of liberalism. Only Whites suffer from this bizarre pride-robbing illness. Being cured of this is akin to kicking opiates. No matter how "conservative" a White person is there is a 99% chance he is completely delusional about anthropoids, much like the co-dependent of an alcoholic. The smartest among us, the most talented and charismatic, are as paralyzed as the Barney Rubbles, not by Rubble-esque stupidity but by a perversion of intellect and emotional distortions -- yet amazingly, only on the subject of this essay: anthropoids. You see, in almost all other matters intelligent Whites are clear-headed and without manacles of White guilt.

Please, Please, anything you want, Please...just don't call me a racist. I'm educated and educated people don't believe their eyes and ears; only ignorant bucktoothed hill-dwellers would think black people are the missing link... And I AM NOT one of those -- I assure you. And oh the applause, the fawning, when the half-breed anthropoid with articulate speech and tempered blackness takes the stage. Attire, camera angles and lighting perfect... yes! good monkey, good monkey! There, you see!

In reality, it would be hard to argue that canines don't outshine anthropoids in mental acuity. Yet we routinely put thousands of dogs to death in the name of humaneness. We don't usually wail in collective sadness over this. It's just an unpleasant resolution to a choiceless problem.

Anthropoids living in the U.S. should be given a simple choice. Repatriate to the African jungles from whence their simian adversaries sold their ancestors to European slave-traders or be castrated and remain in the U.S. as slaves to White Americans as reparations. The "great emancipator" Abraham Lincoln (R-Ill.) chose the former for these creatures. Unfortunately Abe was assassinated by a New Yorker shortly after the War of Northern Aggression and only managed to repatriate less than 100,000 yard apes.

Without a leader it can't happen.


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