PC Games: Securing a Beachhead

by Jasa Petrovic Slovjanski

July 1, 2002

Ever since the dawn of the modern White Nationalist movement, there has been much talk about retaking the media. Any National Alliance members reading this know that one of NA's main goals is to gain a media foothold so as to reach as many white people as possible. Regardless of group affiliation, nearly every White Nationalist knows that this will not be an easy task. To produce a movie that is even remotely respectable is a financially demanding affair. Setting up a TV network would be next to impossible, and obtaining a commercial radio station is not likely to be much easier. These are only the most obvious problems obstructing our path onto the shores of the media. Smaller limitations abound that nobody ever mentions.

Imagine, if you will, that several international WN organizations pool their money and create a movie studio up to par with those of Hollywood. Keeping the studio safe from saboteurs would be the first problem. Then there is also the poor rate of return for our investment. Our pictures would not be seen in most theatres, nor would they make it to pay-per-view. We would be spending almost as much as Spielberg for every movie, yet we would probably be lucky just to break even. Then there is the problem of casting. Sure, who wouldn't want to see The Turner Diaries on the silver screen? Just one problem; where do you plan to get all the barbaric negro or Mestizo rioters? I doubt that Denzel Washington will be accepting a role in such a movie, don't you? And if we were to make up a bunch of our own people in blackface like some Vaudeville minstrel show, the movie would be a comedy. Not that there is anything wrong with a pro-white comedy. Who wouldn't be rolling in the aisles with laughter at the first viewing of "Schindler's List: The Musical"!? But comedies can still be just as expensive. Thus three quandaries arise: How can we spend much less money? What medium can we use that enables us to create whatever story we want? How should we promote our message?

The answer to the first and second question can be summed up in two words: Computer gaming. It has been reported that in order to create a game for the Playstation 2 console system, one must first pay a $25,000 license fee. This is nothing new; Nintendo utilized a similar protocol in order to establish exclusive contracts with third-party programmers back in the '80s. Still, $25,000 as your first expense is no way to go. By contrast, PC gaming requires absolutely no license fees. It is a very open market as well. While Japan still maintains a stranglehold on arcade and console games, the PC game industry is a very American field. Virtually every popular title for the PC(such as Doom, Quake, Half-Life, Starcraft, etc.) is made by an American company. Now European countries, Slavic nations in particular, are showing the world that they too can produce advanced computer games utilizing cutting-edge technology.

Because of the high standards set in the PC game industry, the days of six guys in a basement programming a top-selling, legendary title are over. However, modern advanced PC games can still be created in a relatively small company. Another thing most people don't realize is that the tools for creating stunning CGI graphics(including those in movies) are not out of their reach. A small company can create the game, and then sell it to a major publisher such as Activision or GT Interactive.

Now at this point many readers may still think that video games are for kids. Some would say they are partly responsible for the mess we are in now. But today they can be the key to getting us out of that mess. Thanks to modern CGI graphics and increased computer performance, PC games can now rival the quality of a movie depending on how much time is devoted to writing a good plot. And because of features like strategy, interaction, and technique, they are destined to be superior to movies. The age range of the game all depends on the time devoted to developing not only a mature plot, but a challenging system requiring strategy as much as coordination. This brings us to the third and most complicated question: How do we promote a white message in PC games?

In answering this question, let me say right off the bat that I do not approve of the Ethnic Cleansing game that is sold on http://www.Resistance.com. Thanks to this game, any "hate-expert" can take the media spotlight and show the lemmings how we are training young people to kill blacks, Jews, and other minorities. We need to take some advice from our enemies and utilize the art of subtlety. For example, a role-playing game could feature a plot heavily based on Aryan mythology. The Final Fantasy series has spawned ten sequels so far with no end in sight. Although it is made and written by Japanese, the Final Fantasy games have always been found to contain numerous references to European mythology such as Odin, Ragnarok, and the Caladbolg (a legendary sword from Irish mythology). A real-time strategy game could feature historical white civilizations similar to Age of Empires. In an adventure game or first-person shooter, the plot can feature non-white villains. The player could even face Israeli Mossad agents and soldiers; so long as you refer to them as Israeli most gamers will never raise a fuss. Villains don't have to be non-white either. One could cast a Serb or Russian as a hero fighting against a German or American NATO general. Another successful plot for a first-person shooter could cast the player as a Waffen SS soldier. This would lead to some educational experiences as the player fights house-to-house in Arnhem or Stalingrad. Even a game that lets the player choose his side can advance our cause if it presents an accurate portrayal of history . For example, the game could depict the brutality of the Soviet Commissar, and these Commissars can be rendered to reflect their historical ethnicity (take a guess what I am referring to here). I am not saying we should never make a Turner Diaries PC game, but the above ideas ensure that our games would find space on the shelves of major software retailers.

Can a small WN software company compete in a rapidly advancing PC game market? Yes! Gamers are getting sick of titles that overuse colored lighting effects to show off graphic capabilities. They are sick of games that constantly miss ship dates while the company responsible for the title continues to hype their vaporware product. Worse still are games that are shipped months before they are completely done, requiring the user to download a 70 meg patch just to keep the program from crashing to the desktop every seven minutes. White Nationalist programmers should use advanced graphics without overusing a particular feature such as colored lighting. They should concentrate on creating a sound, intriguing story that entices the player to keep advancing the plot. Our games should never get anymore hype than they can live up to, and they need to make their ship date. Most importantly, they need to work. One of the reasons why many PC gamers are moving over to console systems now (myself included), is that consoles allow the player to operate the game right out of the box, whereas many of the latest and most-hyped PC games today are notorious for frequent crashing. Innovation and originality can create a gaming legend. The real-time strategy game Starcraft became one of the highest-selling (over 1 million copies) games simply because it had an excellent plot, an easy to use interface, and a balanced gameplay system that made both multiplayer and single player action a highly tactical affair.

In conclusion, it may seem odd to discuss video games in relation to white survival. But because of their superiority over movies and TV, they represent a valuable medium. Even better is the fact that the industry is a very open-minded, apolitical realm. Jews do not have a stranglehold on the PC game industry, and it is doubtful that they ever will. With their Hollywood and Madison Avenue they scoff at video games. Perhaps our games might be pushed by Jewish advertising, or sold in Jewish franchises. Such is the power of subtle messages. If we put time and interest into developing this type of media, we can establish a beachhead on the shores of the Jewish media empire. Imagine the day when a white teenager is so engrossed with a PC game filled with pro-European messages that he misses Total Request Live on MTV. And because internet multiplayer support increases the replay value of a game infinitely, months later the same teen would rather play online than watch the old idiot box. When he is not in school, at work, or playing our game, he is busy reading up on various European themes that are alluded to frequently in the plot of our title. This is just a small example, but a very realistic one. Let's outflank the Jew by conquering cyberspace. This medium can prove far more effective simply because it forces the subject to think, reason, and deduce. As we all know, these are three skills that every white person desperately needs to improve.



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