Asian Political Correctness Rash Afflicts America

by Karl Kammler

July 3, 2002

Mainstream sources often call Asians a "model minority" in the United States. The Asian stereotype casts them as hard workers who are committed to education and who mind their own business. This stereotype, like most, is largely true. The Asians do not act like Jews -- they have traditionally refrained from attempting to change the larger European-oriented culture of the United States. Unfortunately, this is changing as their relative numbers increase. The Asians now stake their claim as one more demanding, unstable minority that we have to deal with.

In just these past couple weeks, two stories appeared in the press highlighting a new Asian drive to stifle Whites in this country. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported the Thai government's displeasure with an ad placed by Saint Jack's Restaurant in Philadelphia. The restaurant adopted a Thai theme and drew up an ad in which Thailand's ruler, King Bhumibol Adulyadej, dons funny glasses and has lines shaved into his head-imitating the "hip" styles one sees on American streets these days. Bhumibol is seen in Thai culture as a living god, so Thai diplomats threatened the proprietor of the restaurant with repercussions as their government contacted the White House and Defense Department. The Thai Consul General even wrote letters of protest to Pennsylvania Governor Mark Schweiker and Philadelphia mayor John Street.

The skillet-faced plenipotentiaries rang up every government official in the States they could find, only to hit that glorious bulwark of freedom known as the First Amendment. The Thais were told that nothing could be done about the ads since they are protected speech under the Constitution. Unfortunately, the proprietor of the restaurant eventually apologized for the ads, despite the fact they were made in good fun. The Asians were always inscrutable, but now they expect us Westerners to be the silent ones.

Call it Yellow Cultural Imperialism, but make sure you don't use the word "Oriental" in reference to the imperialists. The Seattle Times reports that the State of Washington passed a bill prohibiting legislators from using the term "Oriental" to describe Asians in any official correspondence, codes, or legislation. The term may still be used to describe food and rugs, but not people. State Senator Paul Shin, predictably a Democrat, introduced the bill to banish this word that he finds offensive. Shin told the paper that he got his inspiration from Martin Luther King, Jr., who waged war on the word "Negro."

If you live outside Washington, don't think you're safe. U.S. Representative Michael Honda (D-CA) plans to introduce similar legislation at the federal level to toss the word "Oriental" down the Orwellian Memory Hole. Asians across the nation just joined the Great Word Game of political correctness.

Adherents of political correctness know the power of names. They never let you call a thing by its real name. PCers know the power of words written and spoken, and seek to counter that power by setting all words equal to one another, and equally soft, so that all men will become soft and equal. PCers seek the liberation and celebration of flotsam, setting the lunatics equal to the sane as they storm the intellectual Bastille.

The PCers seek to deny the Right power by rendering words obsolete, short-circuiting their charge and manipulating their energy. PC controls, limits, and neuters words in order to castrate the power of Western Man, as part of the Leftist drive to sanitize and pathologize reality, truth, and human nature.

The remedy to this PC assault on free speech is clear: let's push the Left back and take them on at their own game. If the Thais ran into a First Amendment brick wall when they called on the government to censor the restaurant ad, surely we could successfully make a First Amendment issue out of the Washington State law and Honda's proposed federal initiative. We Occidentals must never fail to call an Oriental by his true name.


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