by Edgar J. Steele

July 1, 2002

I figured I would have to buy a wig and wear one of those Groucho Marx nose/mustache/glasses combos in order to get around, once I released my latest, "Elevators Smell Different to Midgets." If you haven't yet read it, I clearly pin the tail on the Jew this time for all those obnoxious lawsuits that have been chewing up the Bill of Rights, Christmas and Christianity in general. (

Especially, coming on the heels of "Equality at Last!" which appears to be pretty racist (but isn't really, if you read it closely).


Must have been due to the high I was on following the reception I received at last week's national conference of the Council of Conservative Citizens, back in Atlanta. They honored me with an award for representing the politically incorrect and then suffered one of my extended in-person rants...they even said they all liked it. Can you imagine?

Great group, the CofCC. Paleoconservatives, they call themselves, to differentiate the so-called neoconservatives like Michael Savage, nee Wiener (Viet Nam era liberals turned let's-kill-all-of-Israel's-enemies "patriots," and, yes, it is enough to make me want to puke).

Much to my surprise, there was scarcely any flack following my recent essays and only one (1!) of the Chosen responding with the same old tired ad-hominem attacks, capped off with accusing me of being anti-Semitic ("So what? Do you really blame me?" was my response). That, from a list that now numbers close to 5,500 souls, many of whom send my rants on to others who are too PC to dare risk signing on personally to the list. Actually got a couple of "attaboys" from Jews who are aware of what is going on and where it leads to for them.

By the way, near as I can tell, the only true definition of anti-Semite is: someone that Jews hate.

And the compliments! Wow. Never have I had such an outpouring of support. I do appreciate it, believe me.

It surprised me. In the past, when I have dared to castigate the Chosen (always via euphemism, of course, the politically correct form of politically-incorrect expression these days), I always came in for a thumping at the hands of both the Zionists and the fundamentalist Christians. Guess my defense of Harry Potter a few months ago scared off most of the Christian Zionists.

And maybe the Zionist whack jobs simply have too much to do to worry themselves with little ol' me these days (heaven knows, they have plenty to do, just papering over all the dead Palestinian women and children).

Or, maybe the tide finally is turning and the modern American lemming is getting wise to the man behind the curtain.'re right....hope springs eternal, though.

It is tough to get the average lemming to believe the Chosen can be as bad as they usually are. Generally, it seems to me that you have to be manhandled by one or more of them in that uniquely talmudic way, before you get the idea and are then willing to sit still for the full message.

My baptism came when one of them called my then-7-year-old daughter and threatened her. This, because I had the temerity to represent someone they didn't like. A singularly Chosen method of intimidation, I have since learned. My little girl had nightmares for weeks after that. With that single stroke, they made a serious enemy of me, but what I have learned in the time since then makes that singular event pale by comparison.

Hear what that woman said to my little girl - just click here:

And they have threatened to kill me more times than I can possibly remember. Sometimes, right out in the open, a la Mark Wiles, Irv Rubin's Jewish Defense League henchman. Click here and listen to the message he left for me one day:

It is because of this overreaching and outlandish behavior that Palestinians strap on sticks of dynamite and play "let's go to market" with the Israelis.

It is also why the Chosen have been thrown out of every country in which they have taken control in the past.

Didn't mean for this to turn into a rant about Jews, but it is so easy to go down that path these days.

I got a little heat for not advising list members that I would be speaking in Atlanta last week, so thought I would let you know that I will be traveling to northwest Arkansas next week to do the same thing. At FreedomFest (see for information). I'm scheduled to speak sometime midafternoon on the Fourth, just after Pokerface finishes its set. I'll hang around for the next couple of days, too, and see some of that hill country about which I have heard so much, as well as stop in on FreedomFest both Friday and Saturday, since it will still be going strong. Do they really have moonshine stills out there?

I have extolled the virtues of Pokerface, house band of the second American revolution, before. See their web page at . Click on the icon for "The Patriot" to hear my favorite cut from their many albums, set to scenes from the Mel Gibson movie. Awesome. First time that I will see them in person and I am really looking forward to it.

Week after next, I will spend Tuesday evening with a group called "The Watchmen on the Wall," in Kamiah, Idaho. They, too, are misguided enough to be honoring me and will just have to suffer one of my interminable rants, as a result. Not sure if they allow nonmembers, but it wouldn't hurt to ask if you are nearby and interested. Email me and I will put you in touch with their leaders.

No upcoming interviews to tell you about, though Dateline NBC still is preparing its in-depth examination of the Christine case for broadcast this fall, they say. Court TV hasn't told me yet when they intend to air the Christine trial we finished in Oregon a month ago.

That "Hate on Film" documentary being prepared for the History Channel, for which they flew me down to a Hollywood studio to film an extended interview, has been cancelled altogether. I like to think it was because I convinced them that their thesis (that Hollywood's depiction of racial events over the past hundred years has served to ease racial tension in America) was complete tripe.

In fact, I can't think of anything that has fueled racial hatred in America more than Hollywood (other than the sheer, overwhelming reality of black-on-white crime, of course, which in itself is partially a product of the Hollywood myth of white racism being responsible for all the ills of the Black American).

I'll issue a major press release this coming Tuesday, concerning the Christines and their trial now scheduled for July 9 in Grants Pass.


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