America's National Extroversion Proves Lethal

by Karl Kammler

July 10, 2002

El Presidente Bush recently signed an executive order making citizens out of 15,000 permanent alien residents so that they can join the military, according to The Houston Chronicle. There are already 31,000 foreign citizens serving in the military. Additionally, the Army also runs a program to recruit more Hispanic immigrants by offering them English language courses prior to basic training. The purpose of this language program is to foster more "diversity" in the armed forces, since Hispanics are apparently underrepresented in the military in comparison to their numbers in the general population of the country. Reliance on foreign troops is precisely how Imperial Rome fell. Admittedly, the comparison to Rome is rather clichéd, but it needs to be repeatedly emphasized for the public. The decline and fall of America is rapidly occurring, and this declaration is not hyperbole.

At the same time, the State Department is having difficulty staffing diplomatic hardship posts, which are embassy locations in the worst parts of the Third World. According to, the State Department says, "diplomatic readiness could be at risk at hardship posts, many of them of significant importance to the United States." Of course, those who define these unlikely locations as being of "significant importance" clearly run afoul of Frederick the Great's maxim that "to attempt to defend everything is to defend nothing."

Even the diplomats themselves do not want to go to these foreign backwaters. This is a significant development, since these diplomats likely consider themselves all-important experts in their field and presumably support the globalist concepts underpinning the New World Order as well. After all, they were screened and selected for these jobs. Therefore, it cannot be a hopeful sign for the current ZOG regime that its key Foreign Service personnel have lost their zeal. It is, however, a good omen for White Nationalists who look forward to the death of this corrupt System so that a new, healthy, and racially clean society can be built from the ashes of the old.

These twin news developments underscore the alarming fact that America is being simultaneously hijacked and hollowed out. Her founding White population is dwindling from reproductive attrition and ideological enervation while aliens replace the citizenry, even assuming core tasks like military defense. America quietly passes into terminal senescence.

Yet, the average American fails to recognize the serious import of these news items. Taken one at a time, these kinds of stories seem almost trivial to many readers. Add them together, though, and they create a disturbing portrait of America's decline and impending death. Indeed, the level of ignorance and apathy of the American people is no coincidence, but has been carefully cultivated by those in command of academia as well as the mass media. True, the masses have never historically been marked by a high degree of leadership traits, independent thought, historical knowledge, or spirit of inquiry and involvement, but the docility and depravity of the modern American plumbs new lows that are clearly artificially induced.

Modern Americans too often take the short-term view, and their present-boundedness narrowly restricts itself to concerns about what's best for their own wallet or what's fashionable in the eyes of their peers. These people are unlikely to look at the larger picture or understand where these trends will lead.

Those readers with the talent and the sense of responsibility to see the handwriting on the national wall will identify, expose, and condemn the groups and forces that encourage destructive tendencies in this country. The cosmopolitanism and taste for the exotic that drives the flawed policies described above have their source in Organized Jewry (a rootless people with its hooks in many influential sectors of society) and in the political cover and support provided to it by unorganized Jews living in this country.

Those perceptive readers will also join the National Alliance, a premier pro-White organization, and do what they can to hasten the process of delegitimizing the current Establishment and fostering regime change. We have the objective facts to point to, in the form of the news items above, and we have a coherent, brute-reality-based philosophy to organize that information according to the time-tested, life-giving values of our own race. We also have the spirit, courage, and determination to name all the relevant scoundrels standing in our way, no matter how un-PC the mainstream regards such finger pointing. Join us!


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